Charlottesville: The Police Were Told “Not To Intercede”

We know what happened in Charlottesville.

The Patriot groups who were there saw it. The media saw it. The Alt-Right saw it. The opposition saw it. The reason that #UniteTheRight went off the rails was because of the strange behavior of the police who effectively stood down and allowed the violence to escalate.


For some reason, I am unable to embed the video. The commander of the New York Lightfoot Militia was in Charlottesville. He repeatedly asked the police why they weren’t intervening and allowing a dangerous situation to escalate. The police told him their orders were not intercede and that in twenty minutes #UniteTheRight would be declared an unlawful assembly.


Christian Yingling of the Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia was also in Charlottesville. He saw the same thing we did. The police stood down and allowed a riot to happen.

Compare to American Warrior Revolution’s account:

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    By standing down when they had a legal duty to prevent crime, they, in essence, aided and abetted violent crimes by the Antifa thugs.

    So the police and those who ordered them to stand need to be sued for civil rights violations and even criminally prosecuted.

    Welcome to criminal state USA–where the police and the mayors are the real criminals!

  2. The JEW Mayor Michael Signer, Governor McAuliffe and the Clintons did this. The Cops would have done their job had they been ordered to do so. The proof of this is that the VIRGINIA STATE POLICE didn’t even step in in C-Ville. Michael Signer murdered Heather Heyer by creating a riot, yet the Left will never blame him for a single eyelash.

  3. [Dan and The Comedian, in the midst of a riot]
    Dan Dreiberg: But the country’s disintegrating. What’s happened to America? What’s happened to the American dream?
    The Comedian: [brandishing tear gas grenade launcher] It came true. You’re lookin’ at it. Now c’mon… let’s really put these jokers through some changes.

  4. Quit trying to make excuses. Who the fuck cares? So, the cops didn’t do anything, big deal. Quit apologizing because some fat, commie whale got run over.

    I’m disgusted by everyone cucking out. Do the nig nogs ever apologize when one of theirs slaughters a white family for sport?

    Do the spics ever apologize when one of theirs gets drunk and kills an entire white family when they run a stop sign?

    NO! They DON’T! So quit backpedaling and trying to make excuses. If you’re not prepared to fight commies and deal with the kike media propaganda, then don’t even bother. Does anyone really think the kike will ever admit the truth?

  5. You’re all so amazed that you were set up. I’ve been telling you since day one that was the case. Wait until you see the ‘justice’ Cantwell gets. You boys need some older men to tell you what’s going on. “The mayor needs to be criminally prosecuted!” Welcome to the real world, there are big powers out there that run things and you either get serious or you go home.

  6. You right-wing cucks had better realize that the pigs are not your….Oh never mind. You are all friggin’ hopeless.

  7. Assange recently praised the Alt Right, including OccDissent (though not by name):

    “the vigor that has evolved over the last few years, which is what I refer to. Nearly the entire libertarian to alt-right spectrum is antiwar”

    His mistake is in thinking this is recent. We all opposed the Iraq War. We opposed the Serbian War. We oppose every war. We always do, but we’re always ignored.

    Nick Griffin helped keep the UK out of Syria. Does anyone praise him? No. Because no one wishes to ever acknowledge positives among the real deplorables.

    If Assange remains so honest, he’s going to lose his entire following, except for those of us who aren’t Baizuo. Rule 1. Never be honest about the Far Right.

    He could also mention how right-wing whites dislike no group more than left-wing (Baizuo) whites. And Baizuo feel the same.

    Currently it’s trendy to blame Jews again on the Alt Right, but there are also many Baizuo deserving of blame. We can blame democracy, capitalism, the managerial elite, bankers: Plenty of focal points. You don’t see such depth in the Left.

    Assange is really going to end up right-wing if he continues down the “rabbit hole”. He’ll discover that many on the Right are not only brilliant but very moral people, not moral as a marketing scheme but legitimately so.

    He’s right about “crypto-identitarians”. Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, etc. It’s rather suspicious when one’s single-issue is immigration 🙂 Trump received significant early support from these groups.

  8. So what happens when Sessions continues to sit on his thumbs and refuses to prosecute McAuliffe, Signer and Co.?

    Will Trump even acknowledge the terrorist organization that openly plans assaults on his most devoted followers? Much less actually do something about it?

    What happens when there is no justice to be had by those who presume to rule over us but will not follow their own laws?

    • Update for the Trump-hysteria:

      Antifa has been declared a *terrorist group*. It is officially listed as one.

      Trump has just announced building up Japan / S. Korea militaries. This is step one of the US removal from the region. He’s also reducing the bad trade deals, another important step.

      Trump has now made DACA Congress’s business, which it rightfully is. Others have correctly noted that Trump will be blamed no matter what. But he’s wanting to get away from being blamed for immigration.

      *We can fight Congress* We kept Congress from passing amnesty under Obama, though it wanted to pass amnesty. We forced Obama to pass amnesty by breaking the law. We can win again.

      Trump might well end NAFTA. Canada lately has been considered existing.

      These are huge potential wins. I don’t understand the recent hysteria unless the strategy is to support Glorious Leader while pretending not to (because we’re uber-deplorable).

      And then if someone dares defend Glorious Leader he must have “cucked”. Ridiculous. Watch the results. Trump just gave us the option to pester Congress over DACA. It’s now our duty to do so. Deplorables of the world, unite!

    • NumbersUSA is the leading immigration-reduction organisation. So, I recommend people look there for guidance if needed.

      Spelling correction above: I meant “Canada lately has been considering exiting [NAFTA]” I can link to details of what I’m referring to if wanted.

      And trade *does matter*. It’s just a little late in the game. Trade mattered more in the 00s and 90s when demographics looked better. Trade and foreign policy do tie in with immigration policy.

    • Israel has been training American law enforcement for years. Israel does a lot of things for the U.S. and none of them are beneficial for U.S. citizens.

      • Still better to dump money in Israel than support this wasteful, counterproductive foreign policy.

        My idea to get the US out of foreign affairs was to double up the tribute money to Roman Israel. If they then spend it all on lobbying the US, wonderful. Israel could also be given the OK to expel the Palestinians, fully steal their homes. The Palestinians could be given villas in Syria or elsewhere. Bribe everyone until the warring stops, then pull out entirely. And build a monument declaring that the US will never again get involved in foreign affairs.

        We should be entirely out of foreign affairs.

    • Every police officer isn’t training there, and this sort of thing can backfire. If whites see how Israel treats Palestinians, they’ll realise how Israel is more extreme than apartheid SA and segregation US South.

      Many in the US worship Jews… Soros funds open-borders churches. There’s lots to be outraged over. Cops tend to be stupid, but there are different sorts of intelligence. They won’t all fall into worshiping Jews, which is a major heresy today.

  9. I know some drone operators after a few beers they drop the killing the bad guys schtick and admit it’s so Israel doesn’t get their hands dirty.

  10. Up coming event Ocean city Maryland bike week 100,000 or more. relative 1600cc Harley with a group of dozens attending.Imagine having that many at a rally. The police,mayor and governor whose side they’d be on.

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