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    • There were two of them. They came up to us after the Battle at the Parking Garage. Asked if we were withe police. He wouldn’t say who he worked for, just that he was from northern Virginia and was working on a propaganda piece, er, documentary. I guess he couldn’t get anything useful from us to fit his narrative.

  1. Brad, for God’s sake, anyone who has researched this at all understands that our police forces are TRAINED BY THE IDF, IN ISRAEL, and indoctrinated with their super-evil-kikey policing techniques set to invoke maximum suffering on the White Gentile populace of America. You understand this… RIGHT?

  2. Basically just have to take the beating.In defense result injure or death.Dodge plowed into rent a mob disrupted protesters of removal of monuments . Lying press made an eulogy .That’s why the Charlottesville police didn’t corral their pets. Direct order of VA governor.

  3. Wow, that footage looks like an updated version of what happened in the streets of Munich and Berlin, c. 1919-1923.

  4. So where are all the class-action lawsuits against the kike mayor of C’ville, his nigger deputy, the half-caste police chief and the scumbag governor of VA?

  5. @Mr. Griffin…

    I assume this question of yours is a rhetorical one, posed for the sake of discourse.

    I say that because you are so brilliant that I simply cannot imagine that you don’t know that, from the point of view of the New England Yankee Government occupiers of Virginia (McCauliffe, Singer, The Democrat & GOP Parties, The Mainstream Media, and the hi-tech internet domains, servers, and social media were all anxious to choreograph a day which…

    A. Created for them an opportunity to portray the Alt-Right as Satan.

    B. To scare off all future aspirants to The Alt-Right

    C. To scare off all future Alt-Right protesters from Charlottesville.

    D. To progress with the cultural cleansing of The South.

    E. To further the deWhitification of all America

    F. To frame the coming mid-terms as ‘GOP = KKK’

    G. To show how Trump’s election has created a nightmare

    H. To show how Trump’s insanity is ‘ruining’ this country.

    I. An opportunity to justify cyber deplatforming

    J. An opportunity to justify a further limiting of Free Speech.

    K. An opportunity to conduct further cyber reprisals.

    Now, this may not be a comprehensive list, Sir, but, I think it is flesht out enough to see that they had many many incentives for keep the Police from doing the duty.

    And what incentives did they have to allow the police to do their duty?

    A. It would be lawful behavior.

    B. It would keep folks from getting hurt

    Conclusion – these latter motivations, from their point of view, are vastly outweighed by the former. Moreover, lawful behavior is not of much behavior to The New England Yankee Government of The United States, nor it’s proxies, and, as well, they have no problem with anyone on The Right being hurt.

    So, as far as I can see, they had no motivations to NOT withdraw the police.

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