Antifa Get Violent Again In Portland

The Department of Homeland Security is a fan of Occidental Dissent.

I’ve heard they read this website to keep track of Antifa violence. Did y’all see what happened yesterday in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA at the Patriot Prayer rally?

After shutting down the “Peaceful Portland Freedom March,” the action shifted across state lines as the mob followed Joey Gibson from Portland, OR to Vancouver, WA:

To recap: Joey Gibson attempted to hold another Patriot Prayer event in Portland, OR, there were no Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis or white supremacists, Antifa and hundreds of protesters came out to “no platform” the event and took out their frustrations on the media and police. Gibson moved the rally across the Columbia River to Vancouver, WA and they crossed state lines to attack him there too. Strangely, the Alt-Right is portrayed as the problem by the media when we aren’t at most of these events.

The Washington Post is getting tired of Antifa:

“Political rallies in Portland, Ore., and a neighboring town gave way to violence Sunday afternoon when black-clad antifa activists attacked police officers and far-right demonstrators, while other protesters from rival groups scuffled in the streets.

Two officers were treated for minor injuries after protesters fired slingshots and threw rocks, bottles and other projectiles at them, according to the Portland Police Bureau. At least nine people were arrested throughout the day on charges that included interfering with a police officer and disorderly conduct. …

Most people were protesting peacefully, but within minutes some antifa activists began lighting smoke bombs and hurling objects at police. One counterprotester sprayed officers with a fire extinguisher, according to Willamette Week, while others fought with some of the Patriot Prayer supporters who turned out.”

The Daily Beast is also getting tired of Antifa:

“On Sunday, Aug. 27, a “rally against hate” was scheduled in Berkeley, California, by a small group of relatively conservative Christians, led by Amber Cummings, a transgender Trump supporter and a leader of a group called Patriot Prayer, and a Japanese-American named Joey Gibson.

Their event never took place. The left-wing group known as antifa, a contraction of “anti-fascist,” showed up in large numbers. Videos shows its members pouncing on one of the rally supporters, knocking him to the ground, and preparing to beat him with sticks and rocks. The Washington Post reported …

That call to violence—somehow supposedly defensive even when the antifas initiate it—leaves little to discuss with moderate liberals like Peter Beinart, Todd Gitlin, Devin Foley, and the editors of The Washington Post. A widely circulated call to arms on the anarchist site “It’s Going Down” in December dismissed union leaders, politicians of the left, and NGOs, declaring that the only thing stopping Trump’s march to fascism was “the blockaders. The people in ski masks and in the streets. The ones on the front lines fighting with cops. The people attacking, defending, organizing, building, and growing.”

I don’t think they care about the optics.

I’m surprised Joey Gibson was able to dupe these idiots again. I figured they would have changed their tactics after all the negative publicity they got after Berkeley. How do images of a violent leftwing criminal street gang in ski masks attacking police officers help the Left?

Note: Oh, and this is interesting: Antifa nearly got run over again after surrounding and attacking a truck with American flags in Vancouver, WA. Ring any bells?

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  1. No alt-right defense shields, no alt-lite event. But the latter portray the former as being just as bad or worse than anti-fascists. That’s because alt-lite is anti-fascist too. No one is worse than a Nazi.

    • The Alt-light is right to condemn association with NS, but it is annoying to hear “conservatives” argue NS is bad bc nationalist, traditional, hierarchical, anti-capitalist. They condemn the good parts!

      Also, NS is a war machine, so it can resist a communist war machine, when necessary.

  2. Just goes to show that all Alt-Right men and women, young and young at heart, need to eat well, stay off drugs and excess booze, shape up and keep yourselves fit and strong.
    We’ll need to be fit to repell antifa at rallies, but also be fit for the upcoming civil wars. No point in having strong beliefs and convictions without the physical strength to back them up.
    Remember when we are finally forced into a war in the foreseeable future, to thank your political leaders and the left for the role they played in forcing your hand.
    We’re generally much fitter than drug addled, drunken leftards, and would have no trouble handling them one on one. Thats something to be proud of. We need to make sure we also have the numbers to deal with the threat whenever it occurs.

  3. Why do they stand in front of / behind the care? lol. That’s like the saying, don’t stand carelessly behind a horse (where he can kick you).

    It might really be true that at the bottom caste, everyone is indeed equally retarded.

    Also, someone needs to explain to me how an asocial individual who loves *the entire world* equally could really love anything at all. Real love is expanding circles, not a single global love. Crazy cult.

    • The concepts of sociopathy and of evil are relevant here. At least two generations in the Anglo-West have been trained since birth to believe that all human beings are born good and corrupted by their environment; i.e. no sinful nature. The vanguard left has always been made up of murderous psychopaths who “love” humanity in the abstract but murder by the hundreds of thousands in the flesh.

      Cognitive dissonance? Sure. But they can hardly market themselves as the new Bolshies or the new Khmer Rouge, can they?

      Slogan: “we’re murderous psychopaths and anyone who disagrees with us is the egg that must be broken to make the omelette.”

      The awakening of the white man will not be effective until the idea of evil is understood once more and knowledge of the true sinful nature of human beings is understood, and viscerally, not just intellectually.

      These are evil people, and the need to understand their evil is very much a secondary matter to the mass of whites accepting that this evil must be opposed on a daily basis.

  4. I have no fear of those fat, sickly, disgusting Antifa vermin – except the fear that they will try to infect me with one of their fag diseases using a dirty needle or a bottle of pee.

  5. These tantrums are great. I don’t think the mass Triggering that Charlottesville provoked was a bad thing or a loss.

  6. I now understand why the Czar’s mounted police force with guns, shot down the “workers marches” in 1905 Russia, in that scene from the movie, “Dr. Zhivago.” They deserved it.

    Fast forward to today… draw your own conclusions. Or your guns.

    The president (in doing nothing) even after the online petition garnering enough signatures to declare Antifa a terrorist group, is incomprehensible.

    I want to see police using water cannons, like they did against the Niggers in the South in the 1960s, or in the Watts riots. Clearly, then (as in 1865) the battle was not finished, the war has not yet been won.

    I want these anarchic animals, black AND white, to hang- White justice delayed, is Satanism legitimated.

    This is truly a racial holy war. We are fighting for our Race: before God and our ancestors for our continued existence on this planet.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God.”

    -Saint Theodosius of the Kiev caves

    ” If it were announced to you that the enemy had invaded your cities, your castles, your lands; had ravished your wives and your daughters, and profaned your temples—which among you would not fly to arms? … Will you allow the infidels to contemplate in peace the ravages they have committed on Christian people? … Fly then to arms; let a holy rage animate you in the fight, and let the Christian world resound with these words of the prophet, ‘Cursed be he who does not stain his sword with blood!'” – Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

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