Hurricane Party

As Hurricane Irma bears down upon Dixie and our relatives and friends from the coast come inland to higher ground a question comes to mind: can someone actually be Southern and have never hosted or been a guest at a hurricane party?

A hurricane party is a social event held by people in the coastal United States who live in hurricane alley between Maine and Texas and is common in the Southeast. The event is held during a hurricane. However the guests are typically allowed to stay with the host for 3–5 days (weather permitting) and guests, in return, bring hurricane supplies such as radios, first aid supplies, food, etc.

For everyone out there in harm’s way, God bless. And for the rest of y’all smoking cigars and drinking and feasting with family and friends – hope y’all have a great time and that Irma goes easy on your property.

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  1. Hosted many & been to a few.

    Watching the videos on Zuckbook of ferals looting shoe stores etc, wondering how long before they get scrubbed. Not that the MSM would ever broadcast that.

  2. I remember this movie about a hurricane party during Camille. I think it was in Panama City or there abouts. They had footage of Camille hitting and two tornadoes going down the coast at the same time.

    “…Camille is one of only three U.S. cyclones to be a Category 5 storm at landfall and it had the fastest recorded winds ashore, 190 miles per hour…”

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