California Dems & GOP Agree on Limiting WN First Amendment Rights

A majority of California Democrats and nearly half of Republicans would like to limit the constitutional rights of White Nationalists to free speech and public assembly, according to a recent UC Berkeley poll. Those who identify as “liberal” are the least supportive of First Amendment rights (58% are against free speech) while those who identify as “very conservative” are the most supportive (40% oppose free speech). Blacks and Asians are the least supportive among racial groups while Whites are the most. The Sacramento Bee reports:

Has America gone too far in allowing white nationalist groups to hold public demonstrations?

More than half of the state’s registered Democrats say that’s the case, according to a new survey by UC Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies. Another 39 percent said their protest rights should be unrestricted under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Half of Republicans said the rights of white nationalists to organize in the street should be protected, compared with 42 percent who say demonstrations that can lead to racial tensions and violence should be limited.

The poll reveals that there is little public support for the rights of White Nationalists, with 40% of even those who identify as “very conservative” supportive of shutting down their constitutional rights. Freedom (for those who hold politically-incorrect ideas) is not very popular in the “land of the free.”

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  1. Thankfully, the 1st Amendment has been pre-empted by the
    Federal Government and states cannot provide less freedom of speech than allowed under Federal jurisprudence. The states can provide more freedom of speech than under the 1st Amendment, but not less.

    California is ruled by Jews, Marxists and Mexicans.

      • Yes I think there is. In Oklahoma faults have been loosened by fracking. If we were to frack all along the fault I think it would let loose. I believe that the small quakes in areas around Oklahoma are actually a blessing as they are much better than a large massive quake. I had an idea that we could frack the San Andreas fault a little at a time so that the big one would only be a lot of small ones but if all along the fault it’s fracked at once…look out.

  2. HATE speech legislation will be enacted by the next Congress and signed into Law by the Democratic President that will defeat Trump in 2020.
    We’re nowhere near rock bottom, but it’s coming.

  3. Come on, that stupid poll was conducted by UC Berkeley, so of course it’s going to be heavily biased against White nationalists.


    It is possible to see the whole war in the culture, presently, not only in terms of Corporatist-Globalism vs. Nationalism, but, also those in the Blue States, who wish to begin with a totally new Constitution, and those in The Red States who wish to stick with the present one, or return to an earlier version.

    The cacophony shall continue to crescendo, until we get secession or a resurrected States’ Rights within The Union.

    If a house divided cannot stand, let it also be said that a house forcibly united, in the face of antithetical values, cannot live with itself.

  5. First they came for the white nationalists and I said nothing because I wasn’t a white nationalist…..lastly they came for white shitlib purple haired faggots, for even we were on the diversity chopping block.

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