100th Anniversary of Russian Revolution, 50th Anniversary of Detroit Black Riots

Next month will mark the 100th year anniversary of the Russian Revolution, followed by the Bolshevik coup d’etat and the beginning of the Red Terror. This year is also the 50th anniversary of the Black riots that destroyed Detroit Michigan – formerly the Paris of the Midwest. History does tend to repeat itself and we’re experiencing lots of familiar bad things associated with Mob Communist terror in Russia such as the destruction of Confederate statues, desecration of American history. This anti White, anti European Civilization desecrations aren’t stopping with Confederate desecrations – we’re also experiencing attacks on Christopher Columbus the European discoverer of the Western Hemisphere. It was 30 years ago that I was Red Pilled about racial/immigration/cultural realities in New York City. It was only 100 years ago the Jewish Communists launched all out destruction of Western European Christian civilization in Russia and elsewhere. My grandfather was a teenager in Russia at the time and went on to fight in the White Army against these as bad as they get Communists. I’ve been fighting these same types my whole life beginning when I was 7 during the Civil War here in Chicago 1968.

Here are some of the best film presentations of what went down 100 years ago in Russia and what went very down in Detroit 50 years ago. First is pro Communist propaganda film “10 Days that Shook the World” by Jewish Communist Sergei Eisenstein. Eisenstein does some deceitful propaganda about Russian Orthodox priests supposedly blessing this Jewish atheist Revolution. But there is a lot of honesty such as Communist mobs destroying sacred statues of Russian national heroes, most beloved Czars. It’s the same thing going on now in places like Charlottesville VA. The local Michigan news does a decent job of explaining the ’67 Detroit Black riots through the eyes of a 82nd Airborne Division Vet who put down the riot – he’s honest in saying the riot was completely negative.

Link “10 Days That Shook the World”

1967 Detroit Black Riots Link


  1. We must never forget….

    Jewish Bolsheviks Murdered 66 Million in Russia. The four Jews- Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky helped to destroy the Christian Russia of the tsars and replace it with Communism in which 66 million Russian Christians were put to death in the gulags run by the Cheka and Edomite butchers. It was the Edomite Bolshevik Jews who murdered the Romanov family . We must Defeat Zionism/neo-Bolshevism in all its manifestations

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