Trump Signs Charlottesville Condemnation

There isn’t much left to say about this.

In 2016, we thought we were voting for this strong leader who was going to be tough on immigration, restore law and order and bring back jobs from overseas. We thought that foreign wars were going to wind down. We thought we were going to get all of these great deals and that the establishment had been overthrown and that “populist nationalism” was going to be ascendant in Washington.

No, it turns out we got Arnold Schwarzneggar

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  1. It’s just symbolic. Like Russians have a patriotic day on the anniversary of the Oct 1917 Revolution. Sure it sucks but it’s just symbolic.

    When something like this happens just repeat to yourself:

    Jeff Sessions Attorney General not Loretta Lynch, not Eric My People Holder.

    Supreme Court Justice appointee was fine – not a Jewish Lesbian Harvard Law alum.

    It could be worse, could be raining.

    • Not “just symbolic”.

      The alt-right is now going to get the full FBI treatment just like the Klan and clueless Muslims.

      Try organizing a movement when every 5th person you meet is an FBI agent or an FBI informer.

      Its not symbolic. Its a government declaration of war on us.

  2. Schwarzenigger owes his entire career to the kikes, so of course he’s going to kiss their tuchas. The same can be said of Donald CHUMP.

  3. It’s probably time to look beyond the Trump farce (i.e. at this juncture one could assume he’s literally provoking his supporters with his recent behavior aka laughing in their face) & actually start questioning all the so-called leaders of the WN, Alt-Right & entire ‘nationalistic’ sphere who shoved Trump firstism down our throats for breakfast, lunch & dinner over the past year (insofar as racial nationalists actually donated money to the GOP).

    Point being: we knew Trump’s allegiance towards Israel & the tribe was evident, i.e. it was never a secret either before, during or after the presidential campaign. Anyone with pretenses at ‘speaking’ for white racial nationalism could never honestly reconcile a pro-white position with Trump’s kosher color blind credentials – i.e. like mixing milk with gasoline – whilst from the moment Goldman Sachs cronies were appointed in his administration, the proverbial cat was entirely out of the bag.

    So why should we ever pay any attention to Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Alex Linder or David Duke in the future considering their calamitous advice over the past 12 months? (some of the most prominent #MAGA fanbois) A rhetorical question. This isn’t even a issue of trustworthiness but merely a realistic assessment of their grave failing via steering the racialist sphere towards a massive cul-de-sac.

    That is all.

    • The system was forced to condemn White Nationalism. It’s now in the record. If there’s a crash in the economy in a couple years as China overtakes the US we will have a fully fascist leader ready to lead within a few years.

      • Europe should serve as a cautionary tale, i.e. Germany – followed by everyone else in the ensuing post-war decades – features a system which condemned white nationalism (essentially anything deemed pro-white) 70 years ago… yet in & of itself this state repression didn’t fuel nationalist growth via a rebellious attitude from the population, no, people merely cowered & accepted further anti-white diktats without flinching.

        Are white American right-wingers capable of embarking upon an ideological seismic shift & stepping over into the realm of the condemned ‘evil white racists’? Wait & see.

        This much is known: the worsening demographic situation (made exponentially worse via the recent promise of amnesty for illegals) ensures the White House will be owned by anti-whites even in the event white Americans become ‘awoken’ in the near future, i.e. the maths are bad. Under these circumstances getting a ‘fascist leader’ for the entire country will be nigh impossible through official channels.

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