Auburn University Student Sodomized and Raped on Shuttle Bus by Two ‘Tiger Transit’ Drivers

I told you so.

Back in April, I attended Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn University. The Montgomery Advertiser captured me arguing with these two geniuses outside Foy Hall:

The SPLC has been kind enough to use that image of me as their photograph in their “extremist files”:

It was a heated exchange about race realism.

We were arguing about black-on-white crime. I was telling them on Periscope about the Lauren Burk case. I urged them to Google her name. I kept asking them if they had ever heard about what happened to Lauren Burk at Auburn University. Neither of them had ever heard of Lauren Burk. Meanwhile, a guy dressed like a carrot danced around and made light of the situation.

How funny is it now?

Note: If the victim had listened to Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississipp, she wouldn’t have gotten on that bus.

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  1. Lauren was abducted (and killed) late at night from what is reportedly a dangerous parking lot.

    A blonde blue eyed white (slavic-sounding name but anglo-looking) young woman whose name I have to look up was killed and had her trailer set afire in the same general area, yet pro-whites bandy half-jewish Lauren’s name around while ignoring the white woman deliberately targeted.

    I will not be silent!

    • Onceler, thanks for pointing out that Lauren Burk was a mischling. Brad, I know Southerners have a thing for Jews, but let’s stick to advocating for actual White women, okay?

      • And thank you for your frequent support on here, GG. I get a lot of shit for merely defending our people and especially women!

    • the ‘groid who killed her did not know she was a Jew. From time to time, the Negroes – who the Jews are formatting as a 50,000,000-strong anti-White Einsatzgruppe – do get off off-target a little and have to be re-directed. This also happened awhile back when NYC nigs cold-decked a few old Jewesses in Brooklyn, and the Jew York Times got upset about it and, almost literally, reminded the nigs that the “Polar Bear Game” was about hammering Whites not Jews.

      • I’m half Jewish, female, and utterly disgusted with what Jews have done to this country. Also a USMC veteran’s. So please cut your crap about Jewish women in this context. I stopped buying the narrative about blacks being “just like us” years ago.

          • Piss off. Aren’t we supposed to be discussing the high rates of black on white rapes. Also, I’m only first generation American–+ so who is the inbred here. As they say in the old country, “Du bist ein gross oshlict”.

          • All Southrons take note, a half jew is calling us inbreds because we – the anglocelts and northwestern europeans generally – founded the US.

            Like I said, get lost. No one invited you, GTFO. Semites aren’t white wannabe.

          • You don’t come to this site and attack Southrons you idiot!

            The Jews are the most inbred people on the planet. Always deflecting their own queer anomalies – all 6,000,000 – onto those they are envious of. Those Khazarian ghettos were hives for pedophilia and incest. Your rabbis suck on the weenies of newborn boys with permission from the parents. Outright sanctioned pedophilia but claiming it’s a religious ritual. Only Jews have the gall! Then there’s the images of the curlicues simulating copulation of the Wailing Wall. Ah, the details:

            “The Wailing Wall is the seat of a Satanic ritual outlined by the 13th Century Jewish occult system known as the Kabbalah as expounded in the Zohar and expanded upon by the 18th Century Hasidic Movement. This so-called ‘Divine Presence’ at the Wailing Wall is actually the Kabbalistic feminine emanation of their false god, the “Shekinah.” Watch closely how the rabbis thrust their pelvises and penises back and forth in a prescribed prayer movement called “davening” in which the Jew copulates with the ‘Shekinah’ in order to give birth to an erotic union with the ‘Ein Soph,’ the Kabbalistic masculine emanation of their false god.”

            No wonder it’s wailing! You’re all insane. Satan’s Chosen. That’s what you are. You’ve fucked up Europe, too. You are nothing but destroyers of civilization. Go make peace with the monkeys you’ve empowered to assist you in the destruction of everything white.

            “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” ~ Kike Robert Oppenheimer

            Isn’t Oppenheimer the one who also wanted to build a bomb that would kill people but not harm infrastructure? Yes, he was. A demon among a cult of demons that have infested mankind.

          • I will never understood why some people feel the need to hate non Whites and Jews if they are not hating us. Why not choose to accept this woman’s comment and be glad for a new ally? We don’t have to hate non Whites to love our race.

          • Who hates non-whites? I am not one of the commenters here who expresses such hatred. I don’t have any and find it alienating, frankly, to some degree.

            Anyone who thinks they can defend whites while tolerating Judaism or Jews, OTOH, is woefully ignorant.

        • Oh neat, a female Jew who’s a USMC vet. Likely a POG who’s never left the wire, sucked miles of dick for her chevrons, yet was the first in line when it came time to file a VA claim.

          Get fucked, kiked. You belong in a Camp Pendleton chow hall oven.

      • @ Haxo

        Lauren looked obviously semitic. Her father is jewish, her mother south american although more european than native looking. Lauren simply went out at 12 o’clock at night after a fight with her boyfriend into a dangerous parking lot where her attacker was desperate for any young woman.

        What happened in a particularly jewish borough of Brooklyn was proven to be faked by the local black councilwoman, sorry to say. The jewesses had heard of some actual white women in the area making noise about attacks on anglos and decided to fake hate crimes against themselves. The jews live in constant dire fear that whites will recognize that they have directed the black anger that should go against them towards anglos, so the minute any anglo – in the northeast and NYC especially – draws attention to the fact that black on white means anglo and that jews aren’t white the screeching whines begin. And faked incidents.

        I live here. The proof is irrefutable. Don’t bother pretending you know what goes on.

          • I studied the case a few years ago. Reports had her leaving sometime after 11:30pm. It was said that parking lot was always deserted by then and considered dangerous. Her boyfriend struggled with guilt that the hadn’t accompanied her. Both were pretty pissed off at one another I guess.

          • I only comment like this when information out there indicates a discrepancy. I know you’re diligent but please double-check the time frame:

            walb (dot) com/story/7969651/preliminary-autopsy-results-lauren-burks-death-ruled-a-homicide

            oanow (dot) com/news/a-cool-march-night-lauren-burk-s-last-day-unraveled/article_5b2d5594-e4ce-5f98-9323-209110a529fa.html

          • I’ll check your links. But I should point out that it’s standard for the jewmedia to profoundly distort – or utterly fabricate – instances of black on mediterranean female violence for the purposes of keeping the northwestern europeans ignorant and divided.

            A perfect example was the recent lynching of anglo Rachelle Jarrett, which was kept so low profile I had to search Facebook for a photo of her. Or how even this blog made a huge deal of Reagan Tokes’ murder, while totally ignoring the purposeful targeting of an anglo woman in Texas during the same exact weekend, who was hunted down and shot in a car with her husband and child by a black; it took 15 articles to find any kind of picture of her. Duh, she’s white – anglo – not mediterranean. But Reagan’s face was splashed all over the place in spite of the fact that she had put her own self in harm’s way pretty wantonly.

            I remember distinctly that 11:30pm was the time Lauren Burk’s boyfriend said she’d left I guess his dorm room, and that the parking lot in Auburn was absolutely said to be very dangerous, especially later at night. It would not surprise me to find that the jewmedia is now massaging that event heavily, just as they do most black on ‘caucasian’ woman attacks. When it’s a white woman, she was ‘dating’ some black guy she in reality barely knew, or was a prostitute, or wasn’t white if you they don’t publish a photo of her. When it’s a mediterranean woman, she was the Virgin Mary martyred by black anti-white racism. Sometimes as was proven in the Brooklyn ‘knockout game’ jewess victims it’s entirely made up stuff.

          • Teachable Moment –

            Jewgle Jordan Monasmith. To find…almost nothing. She was the young pretty blonde anglo woman attacked in broad daylight outside her apartment complex in I think Seattle in 2014. A young black male ran up behind her and tackled her to the ground, then bashed her head against the pavement. She was passing out when an adrenalin rush saved her life; she managed to force his head or nose up in some injurious way and he scampered off.

            The cops allegedly washed the perp’s clothes (caught in a nearby store or something) and charges were dropped or he was found not guilty or something. Jordan went crazy for awhile, seeing her (((psychiatrist))) 2-3 times a week because her delusions had her questioning the justice system. In her diseased mind she knew she’d been targeted. The caring doctor treated her back to health.

            This occurred in 2014, right around the time those jewish women in Brooklyn were making up their knock out game stories – directly after some pro-whites were highlighting this black on anglo female violence.

            Google has almost completely scrubbed all articles on the case. I had to use duckduckgo to find her name and some links.

            Note that Andrew Anglin also uses google’s supposed evidence of white female masochism to justify his promotion of violence towards us.

            Google is owned by jews, as is the media.

            There are some here who want all anglo woman ‘treated’ like Jordan was. They need to be purged. Fence-sitters need to have their faces slapped. Hard.

  2. Do we know what color the victim is?

    Tiger Transit is supposed to safely transport students during late night hours.

    The victim was ‘incapacitated.’ I’m guessing drunk or drugged out.

    • I hope a white Leftie! Male, female, who cares? They love raping white males, too. S/He will be back participating in BLM protests the minute s/he leaves the CCU.

  3. 40,000 White ‘Murkan girls and women are raped every year by niggers. And that’s only the REPORTED rapes. How many she-boons are raped by Whites per year? So few that there is literally no FBI statistic for it.

    I can think of no better proof of WhiteRacism. In the best sense of the word.

    And Congoid inferiority.

    • There are white male rapists around but I doubt any of them have ever thought twice about attacking a coon. Their victims are almost exclusively White females.

    • NO ONE CARES ABOUT THE ETHNIC CLEANSING OF WHITE AMERICAN WOMEN FROM THE EARTH. Literally NO ONE. I didn’t know about the 40,000 statistic. I believe that would qualify as a ‘war crime’ against White Americans. Fuck the goddamn kikes, and may we oven them ALL.

        • Denise – totally agree, as usual. I recently read of a White female from Texas who sent her Congressional representative a very concerned letter following the ZOG police state crackdown on our rights post-Charlottsville. She received in return a letter about how the White male rep had ‘marched with MLK’ and was therefore ‘anti-racism’. We need to start giving these traitors helicopter rides.

      • The 40,000 statistic is an exaggeration of the number reported in the 2005 edition of The Color of Crime. (I haven’t read the 2016 edition yet, maybe that’s where the 40,000 comes from.) That report showed, I think, about 36,000 black-on-White rapes or sexual assaults. And zero White-on-black. Both numbers are estimates, so zero means “almost certainly less than ten”.

    • Statistics show that zero white men rape negresses. They thought they had one a couple of years ago, some depraved cop, but he turned out to be half Japanese.

  4. So much for living in a “free” country. In North Korea I’m sure young females can walk around without fear of being raped and murdered by niggers or Mexicans.

    • There is no ‘Negro Question’ without the Jewish Certainty.

      Jewish communist takeover of the west is almost complete. Whites should be trying to marshal forces – whichever – against their final conquest instead of fixating on identity politics.

      Remember that Trump was elected with slogans about bankers and Wall Street not hang knots and burning crosses.

      • Niggers are merely the bio-weapons Jews use in their creative arsenal of warfare. If we took care of the JQ, we could remove nigs in a moment. Remember: niggers rape the body, Jews rape the soul.

  5. It won’t matter if whites become a minority in every Western nation on earth. You still have a piece of paper called the constachewshun! That’ll look after ya. Nothing will change…

  6. If she’s white (and I bet she is) is she a race realist now? No way these niggers didn’t rape this girl and NOT denigrate her in the process verbally “take that white bitch” etc.

    This is a hate crime.

  7. Brad – the fact that the RAT KIKE JUDEO-TERRORISTS of the SPLC have a private ‘EXTREMIST’ file on you, simply for defending your homeland, and freely disseminate said ‘EXTREMIST file online without legal threat from you, is CRIMINAL. Get Kyle Bristow to do some pro bono work or something and declare LAWFARE on these Jewish terrorists. Why have Southern men been so weak and soft in the face of this terrorist enemy that is DESTROYING YOU? WAKE UP!

  8. Totally off topic but can someone please marry my 25yo daughter? My wife and I enjoy walking around our house naked occasionally and swimming in our pool with nothing on. Our daughter came home from a party early the other night as she had an argument with the host, and saw us in the loungeroom. If only she’d move out and be an adult.
    My wife and I want our fuckin house back.
    I don’t know of anyone in my area under 35 who don’t still live at home.

    • Since the Israelis have had bases in the U.S. since forever,I reckon it’s only fair.

      But it would sure be nice if they paid for it,instead of us.

      • Denise, do you know what’s going on with Stormfront? Is Don Black going to put it back up, and was it ever archived somewhere – or is it just ALL GONE now??

        • Stormfront had some of the best archived threads on black-on-White rape and murder, probably on the Internet. They may all be gone now, unless some enterprising WN took the time to back everything up.

          • @
            Goy…..sorry its me again….you’ve got to wonder why the fembats and leftards aren’t jumping on these black men who rape white women. Aren’t they pro womens rights? Oh thats right…..the perps are black and the vics are white. Fucking hypocrits!
            If I whistled at a woman in the streets, they’d jump on me like a vulture if they were there.

    • Goy Goddess,

      There’s a silver lining. Think lots of negro and muslim troops stationed there and, as usual, horny 24/7. I say make it huge!

      On another note, there’s more to this than meets the eye. Anyone read the Iran deal? There are reports, by Argentines, that Israelis have been flooding the Patagonia reason. Don’t know if it’s connected to Antarctica but it’s interesting nonetheless. Go listen to Adrian Salbuchi of Buenos Aires who talks often about their Jew problem. I enjoy his conversations.

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