Patriots Cucked By Black Lives Matter At MOAR

I wasn’t surprised by it.

In my experience, these Patriot groups are always talking about “unity” and counter-signaling the “racism” of the Alt-Right. The vast majority of them refused to support us in Charlottesville. At the same time, they are always fawning on the police who are attacked by Black Lives Matter.

The Alt-Right is always poking fun at groups like the Oathcucks. In Houston, the Patriots clashed with Azzmador and Vanguard America and had an illegal alien remove William Fears from the This Is Texas rally. Joseph Offutt has cleverly taken advantage of their White guilt.

So, MOAR turned out to be the Mother Of All Cuck Rallies … they banned the Confederate flag and Richard Spencer, denounced the Alt-Right, but then gave Black Lives Matter a platform which taunted the crowd right up until the moment they were embraced on stage.

Here is a livestream of the cucking of MOAR from Black Lives Matter’s perspective:

It was f***ing cringe.

Many in the Patriot movement are understandably pissed off about it. While Jack Posobiec and other Patriots were embracing Black Lives Matter on stage on MOAR in DC, their counterparts in St. Louis were rioting and attacking police officers for three straight nights in a row. They have disinvited people like Augustus Invictus from their rallies for being “too controversial,” but embraced the leader of Black Lives Matter New York who was there leading the violence in Charlottesville.

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  1. This is dangerous, because these idiots have guns and know how to use them. They’ll enforce the cuckery even if everything collapses.

    • they’ll enforce nothing. When the Jewbuck dies, the urban niggers and spics will do up each other, and then liquidate the urban White cosmics, patriotards, Oathcuckers, Jews, and all the rest. Non-urban hardRights will then go into the cities and clean up whatever crud is left.

        • I am ensconced here in Philly…own a business and a house here..not big on white flight. And yes this is a major port city. I am on the front lines everyday against these faggot communists. I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

          • Emily Youcis had to literally flee from Niggerdelphia because her life was threatened by jews, niggers and communists. She was the “Pistachio Girl” at Citizen’s Bank Park.

        • This is a really great comment. I had not extended the idea of “Gated Communities” to its logical extension, in that on their way down, individual cities would break off, choose a leader and try to protect their own (including surrounding farmland). This is what communities have down throughout history when the larger governmental level becomes either corrupt or collapses (Rome for instance) with mixed results. The Oathcucks sucking up to the BLM negros is the equivalent of small groups of former Roman Centurions embracing the representatives of the Vandals or the Visigoths.

          White Homeland! Northwest Front!

  2. It was said that no one ever woke up from the dark ages.

    stop at a convenience store the clerk, couln’t tell whether a paki or indian from india. Upon paying for the item, he says to me,just a day in paradise.
    Transitioning cause by politicians and institutions that profit from it and speeds it up .

      • Damn, that’s ugly. It deliberately, purposefully made itself that ugly. Why would anybody do that?

        I noticed this walking around the campus of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. The girls were mostly beautiful, but the ones who weren’t, worked at being ugly. And they were the leftists, always.

      • Denise, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Our weakest links are morphing into something very vile and scary. The greatest horror movies in our future will occur with a simple walk toward the closest college campus.

      • @Celtic Oven Mistress: This is why I am a strong proponent of eugenics and mandatory sterilization for the un-fit.

      • Monica may be a Manica. S/he’s definitely a Juggalo and says so in the meltdown video.

        I actually have comes to grips with the 54,000,000 US population by 2025 estimate. It makes perfect sense.

  3. If there was any possibility of uniting the alt-light and alt-right, it was killed for good when BLM took the stage. This is even bigger faggotry than NRO and McCain and Graham are capable of. These cucks are every bit as much of an enemy to white Americans as antifa or BLM.

  4. Hunter, I think it’s time to revive the term ‘patriotard.’

    Good God, allowing BL-fucking-M to take the stage? These people are either 100% clueless or 100% gutless.

  5. The die has been cast & the situation is clear: conservative “anti-racists” & other “cucks” (a now popular term) on the right & center who somehow imagine America & western civilization can continue as ‘business as usual’ under a non-white majority are the immediate thorn in our side which needs obliterating.

    Republican Trump voters now face a choice: become a White Nationalist, or fall in the future non-white USA, i.e. via a delusional missionary mindset which perceives immigrants as “pets” who can be domesticated into goodie little Americans who embrace “muh freedomz” & market forces, conservatives are destroying themselves. The non-whites will continue embracing identity politics & vote accordingly once they’re a majority, at which point the lunatics who pushed a raceless “individualism” to the detriment of their own white identity will be fubar. It’s a matter of basic maths.

    Bottom line, when an anti-racist ‘right-winger’ attempts to gatecrash our side of the political spectrum, chase them out the freaking building.

  6. Me wonders why David Duke and Jason Kessler were no shows? Yeah, I’ll throw Spencer, and his sidecar/sidekick Damigo, in there, too. This was going to be HUGE!

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