Trump’s Neocon UN Speech

It reminded me of George W. Bush’s Axis of Evil speech.

Trump wants to finish off Iran and North Korea. He might even attack Venezuela. The “America First” foreign policy has been reduced to nothing more than a few dog whistles in a speech Marco Rubio could have given. The Washington Post has the inside story on how Rex Tillerson and “Mad Dog” Mattis took Trump to the Pentagon to school him in globalism.

Bibi Netanyahu, Bill Kristol, Elliot Abrams and the cucks are giving it two thumbs up:

If you voted for Donald Trump like I did because you thought we were going to have a different foreign policy, you were duped. Instead, Trump has picked up where George W. Bush left off due to surrounding himself with generals and CEOs in this horrible Cabinet.

Note: Here’s the transcript of the speech.

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  1. You know what, HW? I hope the jews and the liberals continue their “investigation” into Trump’s monstrous conspiracy to collude with Russia and win the election. Trump is ZOG’s president, not mine.

  2. As much as I despise the Globalists and all of their lies, death and destruction, they are correct to surmise that bringing more nuclear weapons into play and placing them in the hands of countries like N. Korea and Iran is nothing short of global suicide. I have no love for US warmongering, Globalism and crony Capitalism, just as I have no love for an Islamic Theocracy or a Communist-styled dictatorship gaining access to a nuclear arsenal.

    • fuck off. NK and Iran have noticed that nations that lack nuclear weapons are prone to violent visitations from Uncle Schmuel. Only two rogue states threaten the world with nuclear annihilation: Israhell and its ‘Murkan puppet.

      • Iran and NK have seen what happens to enemies of the Empire when without such defenses.

        I am no more alarmed by Iran having nukes than by Israel’s 175-400 warheads. There have been Knesset members who have issued threats of nuclear annihilation to Israel’s enemies.

      • How about you go fuck off instead? The reason White Nationalism of the past was so ineffective and impotent to affect any real change is because it always approached everything as a black and white option, where even the slightest deviation from dogma was considered apostasy. Just because your supposed pro-White views are centered on Jewry doesn’t mean you have to support everything that you consider to be the opposite of Jewry. If you’re actually worried about Israel having nuclear weapons, then you should most definitely be worried about Iran or N. Korea having them, because the likelihood of them actually being used goes up exponentially.

        I don’t support the proliferation of nuclear weapons. PERIOD. If there was a way to magically take away Israel’s illegal nuclear stockpile, I’d do it in a heartbeat. But as it stands today, we don’t have that option. But we do have the option of keeping other nations from bringing about a new nuclear arms race that will put not thousands or even tens of thousands of nuclear weapons and related material into play, but possibly hundreds of thousands. No rational and sane man would find this acceptable when one considers the potential threat posed by even 1 or 2 “accidents” happening that could cause a global chain reaction.

    • Well, go read “From Major Jordan’s Diaries” by George Racey Jordan and find out for yourself that it was servants of Satan within the US Government that sent the Soviet Union the plans and the uranium to build their first bomb. If I remember correctly they had problems enriching it so we also sent them plutonium. It was done under the cover of the Soviet Lend-Lease program. That was the first and God know who else they gave them to. There were clips of Jordan testifying before members of Congress/Senate on YT but I think those actuals clips have been removed. Antony Sutton also told us about the technology transfer from US to SU. Can you imagine what’s been done since?

      Our greatest enemies live in our house to this day.

      www (dot) whale (dot) to/c/Maj_Geo_Racey_Jordan-FROM_MAJOR_JORDANS_DIARIES (dot) pdf

      • On a very small and limited scale it might. But it doesn’t work as you add more complexity and add a multitude of conflicting personalities. Does the Death Penalty keep people from killing someone in cold blood? Does the assurance of 100% death stop someone from strapping a bomb to their chest and blowing up people in a cafe? Maybe some rogue entity gets ahold of a few nuclear weapons and decides that Armageddon isn’t coming fast enough. MAD is based on a theoretical principle where it is assumed that one entity values life as much as the other and has the same level of rationality. It’s a gamble when you have to make these assumptions with just a few nations. It’s nothing short of global suicide when you have to rely on these assumptions when it comes to dozens of countries.

        • Nuclear bombs getting into the wrong hands is the least of my worries right now. I’m a lot more concerned about what’s going with Jim Carey’s career.

  3. 200,000 Israelis expected in “Kurdistan” once independence is declared

    According to the magazine Israel-Kurd based in Erbil, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and Massoud Barzani, the self-appointed President of the future independent Kurdistan, have reached a secret agreement.

    Tel-Aviv is committed to installing 200 000 Israelis of Kurdish origin in Kurdistan.

  4. Jeez, just when it looks as if the war will soon end in victory, the specter of a larger conflict appears. I guess I should have realized that (((The Empire))) would not accept an intact Syria not under its control no matter what.

    I knew that Israel wants part of Syria and whatever Israel wants the US gets for it. But this should really piss off Turkey and bring them closer to Russia and allies.

  5. I was not duped. Midway through the Republican primary I knew he was full of it when he kept saying that we didn’t take the oil in Iraq (like that was a bad thing) and he attacked Obama for leaving Iraq. He flipped flopped on both libya and Iraq. If you didn’t switch the comment system away from disqus it would be quite obvious that I was onto this.

    BUT. I voted for Trump because he makes America less credible. Face it. Trump comes off as a Buffoon. That’s what I want. I don’t want America to look credible. He was the lesser of two evils. You want the leader of the “free world” to act like a moron.

  6. I don’t think Trump was a decades-long fraud on foreign policy.

    I think (((The Empire))) has its own goals and policies which elections cannot and will not change.

  7. Public Burning a novel by Robert Coover indicates that a literal Uncle Sam raped every President who gets elected. Now we know it’s Onkle Schmuel.

  8. I’m very sad to say that voting for President Trump, if nothing else, has only proven that voting will not work anymore.

    • Yes, voting is a waste of time.

      What Trump’s campaign and election did accomplish, however, was drawing the attention of tens of millions to how corrupt, dishonest, lawless and vile the Empire and its systems are.

  9. Here is an obviously well-respected orthopedic surgeon’s opinion on the Obamacare repeal – again it’s all bullshit from the fags and pedos. I am sure some of you remember (or regularly watch) Greg Hunter at USA Watchdog (was a CNN journalist in the when Turner still controlled it). He is a good guy and a patriot. Especially for those who dismiss conspiracies, they discuss a little bit on how deep it runs:

    usawatchdog (dot) com/our-enemy-is-truly-evil-dr-dave-janda/

  10. President Trump spoke the truth about the great dangers facing our world–PM of Palestine.

    What does that means by “our world” Globalist NY Federal Reserve traders of Japan and Western Europe cash cow and are energy dependent;Department of Defense/offense delivers a big fee.

    Israel is just an outpost gets what it wants, destabilize region, weakens their opposition.Bushes regime change .

  11. latimes,

    Public favors talks with Iran but wants Congress involved, polls find … By contrast, 29% said the threat was one that “requires military action …

  12. How weird and discouraging would it be to vote for and get Trump instead of ¡Jeb! or Rubio and wind up with an amnesty for illegals and a major war with Iran? I now expect both.

  13. You’ll notice there wasn’t a word said about Russia. Neocon central wouldn’t be too happy about that.

    It’s just obvious that N. Korea’s behavior would be considered provocative and would have to be challenged.

    Trump’s wrong about the Iran deal being so horrific, but he was saying that well before he was elected.

    He hardly threatened to invade Venezuela.

    Trump basically disavowed spreading democracy, which is obvious break with the neocon past.

    How can you not like what he said about the problems and unfairness of “uncontrolled migration”?

    You’re making way too much of this.

    • The formerly-famous CIA creep Valerie Plame tweeted this link. It’s been giving her headaches all day. She might set a record for number of apologies for anti-Semitism in one day.

  14. North Korea regime proxy of China is putting pressure on South Korea regime to give up relation with withdraw their bases. In other words,China guarantee south Korea regime autonomous,Hong Hong.When ground war breaks out all bets are off.

  15. Bibi gave Little Trumpie, his lapdog, a big pat on the head and a great big milk bone for being so good. Trumpie rolled right over to have his tum-tum rubbed.

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