AfD Strong Result in German Election

Former communist youth leader, childless cat lady and open borders enthusiast Angela Merkel has won another German national election, winning a fourth term as chancellor. But her party, what passes for the center-Right in modern Germany, did worse than expected and scored it poorest result since WWII. Meanwhile, the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AfD) scored higher than expected and has globalists kvetching about the return of a pro-German nationalist party to parliament. The results are still coming in at the moment but the party won approximately 14% and will pick up perhaps 88 seats in the Bundestag. Politico reports in an extremely biased article:

Angela Merkel secured a fourth term as chancellor in Sunday’s elections, but her victory was overshadowed by a far-right surge that will put an openly racist party into the center of German politics for the first time since World War II and sent shockwaves across the European continent and beyond.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) garnered more than 13 percent of the vote, according to preliminary returns — a result that bested even its highest score in pre-election polls and put a far-right party in parliament for the first time in the country’s postwar history.

Though Merkel secured another term, her center-right bloc recorded its worst result since 1949, winning around 33 percent of the vote, down from over 41 percent in 2013.

…The AfD saw its support swell during Germany’s refugee crisis only for it to wane earlier this year. But it charged back in the final month of the campaign. The surprise finish by the populist party will reverberate across Europe, where a string of underwhelming finishes by populist parties, including in the Netherlands and France, fueled hope in the political mainstream that the AfD would also underperform.

The party appears to have benefited from a groundswell of anti-establishment sentiment amid an election campaign in which it was often difficult to distinguish the positions of the main parties. Merkel, in particular, ran a campaign that avoided controversy, focusing on issues like Germany’s strong economy instead addressing more uncomfortable topics, such as refugees and immigration.

Voter frustration was apparent in exit poll interviews, with about 60 percent of AfD voters saying they cast their ballot for the party to protest the policies of the current government.

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    • All things considered (yes, even the AfD’s civic nationalist lite credentials), it’s still somewhat positive news. Great changes could theoretically be possible in the event the Merkel regime & antifa scum continue fueling the rise of nationalism via their sheer awfulness.

      Causality must never be understated, i.e. today’s ‘normal’ (pro-Jewish German guilt) can become tomorrow’s enemy once those same Jews & system begin their character assassination of AfD politicians, thus further angering the German base.

    • I think that’s Palmetto Patriot having a little fun. 😉 The AfD will actually have more than 88 seats, according to something I just read.

      • Yeah, 94 seats from what I’ve read. Although, 88 was the earlier estimate.

        The FDP has doubled their vote to 10.5% which is interesting. Generally in Germany when someone gets in trouble for an anti-Semitic statement it’s usually an important member of the FDP. The FDP is a “free enterprise” party.


    Germany was turned into a Jewish controlled police by USA (another Jewish controlled banana republic) after WW2. Both major political parties in Germany are left-wing. In Germany, they criminally prosecute anybody speaking out against immigration, and ban conservative parties once they become popular, and so the poor Germans have a choice only between the ultra left (SPD) and the very left party of Merkel (CDU), both of whom are on a war path against the white German people.

    Somewhat like the USA–the Jewish controlled Democratic party or the Republican party controlled by the Jews.

    After WW2, USA basically took over Germany, and illegally had them pass a temporary framework called the “Basic Law” which gives all power to a “Federal Constitution Court” and installed a sham democracy.

    Even the German site below admits that theirs is a govt. under “Judicial control”.

    This Basic Law is NOT the constitution, was never ratified by the people, was temporary and has already expired. This Basic law and this “Federal Constitutional Court” are therefore unconstitutional and therefore illegal and null and void:

    Since the Basic Law is null and void, all of Angela Merkel’s decisions, such as allowing tens of thousands of 3rd world “refugees” and “migrants” to settle her country, her persecution of holocaust scholars, etc. are all ultra vires and therefore null and void.

    This illegal court*, is stuffed with Judges from the 2 main left wing parties, and these crooks then ban almost all right wing parties that are against immigration, etc. (often at the behest of the Judaists who file these cases, just like in other countries) so their left wing Jewish puppets like Angela Merkel remain in power.

    *In fact, even according to the liberal wikipedia, the appointment of Judges there is unconstitutional:

    Germany is still US occupied territory with Angela Merkel as the puppet of a sham democracy.

    Unfortunately, the gullible Germans continue to vote for this Jewish puppet. She should be ousted and tried for crimes against humanity.

    • We live in an age when everything is upside down, dear Albert. The “patriotic” idiots in my former homeland, Poland, naturally should start worrying about Poland’s becoming a colony of the US- based corporations/oligarchs, instead of blaming the Germans (and Russians, of course) for all of their problems. Alas, it is the same in all white countries; those who truly set their own nation first are banned, as the omnipotent – and omnipresent (anyway in places that count) chosenites do not tolerate whiteys who are not willing to lick their genius derrieres. What confuses many people is the fact that the “patriots”, i.e. neocons in Poland actually oppose Muslim mass immigration. Why do they do that? Definitely not because they respect the Polish (yokel) populace’s opinion.

  2. At least that creepy Marxist jew Schultz didn’t win. He is even more of a German-hating criminal than Frau Hog-face.

  3. What they achieved was achieved through discipline and staying in the bounds of what was achievable. Go to far, and you push the “Overton Window” back the other way.

    Similar to Milo et al at Berkley today. A little “w” is better than a big “L”, something this movement might want to think about.

    We need to keep notching electoral victories, and the maximum leverage we have is in the GOP Primaries.

      • Elections don’t matter, true. It’s how many people voted for what. I’d bet money that the 14% figure that they’re giving is well under AfD’s actual share. No doubt the mainstream parties engaged in a bit of vote rigging.

        • Yet, perhaps society has shifted so far towards Cultural Marxism in recent decades, we’ve now reached a point whereby merely applying meek Helmut Kohl-esque ideas now, in 2017, would be the equivalent of pouring lukewarm water on boiling hot glass, i.e. causing a fracture.

          When the establishment & entire leftist side of the political spectrum labels everyone who doesn’t want Germany to become majority black/brown a literal “Nazi”, well, even Helmut Kohl becomes a Nazi.

          It’s just something worth considering.

    • In America the ‘scandal’ is the fact the first amendment freedom of speech law renders Trump’s kowtowing to the Israeli/Jewish lobby criminals an act of gross treason considering the truth can easily be spread, whereas the AfD cannot do the same in Germany on penalty of imprisonment.

      Both situations (i.e. America versus Germany) cannot be compared because both countries require different political solutions based upon their different set of circumstances. Germany is literally under enemy military occupation, ergo in Germany when an AfD politician publicly supports Jewry & the post-war regime it can be classified as a survival mechanism, whereas in America’s it’s simply treason.

  4. I love seeing the hysteria coming from the (((usual suspects))). Some of (((them))) are calling for the banning of AfD.

    14-88 hahaha!

  5. Is Merkel a Jew? Go onto the Jewish surname database and her name is listed, but a Wiki search of her background doesn’t state that she is. In any case, she’s been utterly useless at best, and treasonous at worst. How they call themselves ‘center right’… me. They don’t do anything remotely right wing at all. Importing in hordes of incompatibles that she knows nothing about is the work of leftwing treacherous fools, not a right wing party.
    Merkel has bought forward a civil war in Germany and possibly the whole of Europe, forward by 20 years.

  6. When you look at where we are, when compared to September 2014, you really have every cause to be filled with glee.

    Things, when ogled from a historical perspective, are changing rapidly.

    Not only that, but, the speed of the change bodes very well for the year 2020 and even more so beyond.

    I am beginning to suspect that The Left might well have thrown a premature funeral party for The White Race.

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