Crush the Urbanite! (Redux)

Today in this modern globalized world, we are beholden to cities. Not only the people who inhabit cities, but the values they are beholden to. Modern cosmopolitan behaviours and social patterns can be found endemically in *Megalopolises* and their adjacent suburbs. These bourgeoise robots that inhabit the empty husks that are modern cities are the de facto “aristocrats” that dictate culture and politics. Dildopolitik, racial “justice” and materialism are the fads du jour. Yesterday, it was sodomite marriage, today it is the removal of our Confederate statues, and tomorrow God knows what it will be. The last election proved that a “Blue Archipelago” of metropolises in almost every state almost cost us an election of great magnitude, but why are urbanites and urbanization so degenerate and destructive to an authentic blood-and-soil nationalist movement?

To be clear, not all of those who inhabit cities are “urbanites”. In our ID lexicon, urbanite is interchangeable with cosmopolitan. To prove this point, we only need to look at a city like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once a flourishing hub of steel production, it became one of the many cities that became known as the “Rust Belt”. In recent years, the tech and business sectors have surpassed industry, yet that working class civic culture still exists. The denizens of Steel City pride themselves on their working class (European) immigrant background and still maintains the many civic traditions that have made the city distinct. No, the “Urbanites” we rage against are the (((cosmopolitans))) who have made each city they inhabit into a homogenized blob of consumerism, materialism and nihilism. Although the most well known group of cosmopolitans are European Jews, many many Americans and Europeans have become wandering, deracinated urbanites that hop from island to island in the Blue Archipelago in search of “career” prospects or simply searching for “a good neighborhood to raise a family in”.

This type of lifestyle only reflects the political, social and religious behavior of the urbanite. Without having a stable home, a stable community to rely on, they fill their spiritual and emotional emptiness through cheap materialism, status climbing and social signaling. The most common emotions felt by the urbanite are guilt, sadness, anxiety and anger. They feel guilt for being white, successful, educated, etc and signal to their coworkers or “friends” how much they despise racism and the politics of the lowly ruralite dweller.

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Dr. Richard M. Weaver (pbuh) noted that almost all authentic human relationships and connections are reduced down to their most utilitarian and base form in Megalopolises. He notes in his book “Ideas Have Consequences”:

“The meeting of minds, the sympathy between personalities which all cultured communities have regarded as part of the good life, demand too much sentiment for a world of machines and false egalitarianism, and one detects even a faint suspicion that friendship, because it rests upon selection, is undemocratic… To one brought up in a society spiritually fused-what I shall call the metaphysical community- the idea of a campaign to win friends must be incomprehensible.”

To Weaver, the urbanite is living the ultimate sterile life and unlike what mass media would want you to believe, urban living is not the apotheosis of civilized man, but truly his descent into utmost depravity and desperation. Even primitive ape-men probably did not act as base and degenerate as the modern cosmopolitan urbanite. As we saw with Soviet Communism and the development of “Homo Sovieticus” and his psychology, I would like to posture the development of a new type: Homo Bugmanicus, whose social pathologies are well known, and is only to inhabit hyper materialistic, deracinated portions of the Western World, sipping on Soylent and perusing shitlib rags like Vox to stay #woke.

The future of our movement is in direct contrast to the future these cretins wish for our nation. They would like to see the South, nay the entire Western World, turned into a giant homogenized mass where technocratic oligarchs rule over our lives, dictating how we should live. Make no mistake that these Urbanites have disdain for all true culture and nationalism, culture and nationalism that finds its strength in place and time.

To restore true order, freedom and tradition to our world, we must CRUSH THE URBANITE!

-By William Kilroy and originally published on Identity Dixie.

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  1. Vandals ran sacked Rome, it was the beginning of the end.Imagine a nuclear strike on major urbanites. Inevitable lead to social breakdown.

    • One thermonuclear blast 300 miles above the East and West costs will crush the urbanites, because the EMP will torch transformers, computers and any other un-hardened electrical equipment. Including smart phones and alarm systems. The brown hordes they imported will turn on them like a cornered rattlesnake within an hour or two of all the lights going out.

  2. It would be easy enough to crush the urbanite. Just stop all trucks on the Interstate from delivering food to the cities for a couple of days. Those metrosexual hipster faggots will then be literally devoured by their pet ghetto niggers. When there are no more whites or jews to snack on the coons will then eat each other. A problem that contains its own solution!

  3. Trump patriotism this is not 1940s population mobilized at the enlistment center. NYC LA vaporized from nukes, shatter the will of the governed. China can withstand blows.

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