Cucky Ben Sasse Attacks Alt-Right Leader Richard Spencer

Nebraska US Senator Ben Sasse took to Twitter recently to attack Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, Russia and “racism.” The denunciations followed Spencer’s mocking of “goober conservatives” as the senator attacked Right-wing ideas as “un-American.” The Tweets sounded almost identical to the sort of Left-wing, anti-White rhetoric one may hear from the SPLC, ADL or NAACP. And they made Spencer’s point about the hopelessness of “goober conservatives” who have adopted Leftist egalitarian values and fail to the take their own side. Sasse has even absorbed the CNN/Democratic narrative on the Russian boogeyman. The Hill reports:

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) sent a flurry of tweets Thursday directed at Richard Spencer after the prominent white nationalist said “goober conservatives” blame Russia for “racial divisions” in the United States.

Sasse’s pushback on social media started after Spencer commented on a tweet the GOP senator sent Wednesday night.

Sasse had shared an article summing up comments from Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) that Russian internet trolls helped feed a controversy started by President Trump about whether or not NFL athletes should be able to kneel during the national anthem.

…Sasse, over the span of roughly half an hour, launched a string of tweets, including calling Spencer a “clown” and one of the “brown-shirt-pajama-boy Nazis.”

It sure seems like Spencer got under the skin of the cucky senator, exposing him for a Left-wing, anti-White goober who can’t be trusted to defend his White conservative constituents’ interests. Defeating this moron in the 2020 Republican primary should be a priority for the Alt-Right and genuine conservatives of all stripes. Big League Politics reports that Sasse’s attacks upon Trump and his efforts to cozy up to the Leftist media and Washington insiders has made him unpopular with the Republican base in Nebraska. Sasse is vulnerable.

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  1. Mr. Sasse means well, but, bright though he is, he fails to comprehend that modern Conservatism, a la William Buckley, has, lamentably, not conserved much of anything.

    Don’t pay him much mind, as, in the coming elections, he, and his kind, will be gradually marginalized and then swept completely out of the way.

    He’s attackin’ the good Mr. Spencer, ‘cuz he’s dun’ been readin’ the tea-leaves, and they got him to be fearin’.

  2. Far be it from any of these cucks to understand that the Brown Shirts were a necessary organization assembled to guarantee their speech would not be forcibly interrupted by violent communist mobs like the antifa we see today preventing our people from having their say. Instead, they label pro-White activists who are being silenced, as Brown Shirts, as though pro-White activists and White Nationalists are silencing free speech. These are the kinds of stupid “goobers” who represent us in the US government.

    • one would think that one holding a doctorate in history, albeit american history, would be cognizant of role the brown shirts played in the internecine struggles for the soul of 1930s germany.

      given sasse’s derogatory insinuations vis-a-vis richard spencer it is clear that sasse sides with jewish communists who killed millions upon millions of white christian men, women, and children in russia, and were intent upon doing the same in germany as opposed to those iconically clad patriots serving as a bulwark against the insidious aims of the comintern.


    The Judaists probably called him up and offered to double the campaign contributions and pump him in their Jewish media if he regurgitated the lies they made up for him.

    The Judaists now have a new scam–if you don’t tell the lies they promote (Russia bad, whites bad, Alt-right bad, BLM good), you are “anti-American”.

    Hey, I am an American, and Richard Spencer is not anti-me.

    Ben Sissie: Did your mother not teach not to tell Americans what is anti-American, what is not. It is for THEM to decide, not you.

  4. Spencer has been very effective at riling up the enemy base. I attribute this to spending too much time in college. He can get under their skin from an institutionally elitist angle. It is the same thing that annoys his critics on the right. Not sure he would be good at planting potatoes but he is certainly good at running circles around the establishment.


    It seems the MSM and the US Congress (which is owned and operated by the Judaists, as AIPAC and other Jewish organizations are the #1 source of legal (and much more illegal) campaign contributions to our politicians) are following this rule of the Judaists:

    Russia, whites, patriots, normals, heterosexuals, white men, Republicans, white nationalists—bad, bad, bad.
    Israel, Judaists, blacks, browns, aliens, homopaths, trannies, Democrats, Antifa thugs—good, good, good.

    Israel and Judaists—good, real good, very good!!!

    For the Judaists, right is wrong, wrong is right.
    Good is evil, evil is good.

  6. Richard Spencer, the Alt Right, and the Hard Right signals an end to the commie/pinko/cuck/degenerate/minority monopoly. I can’t wait to see all the polaroids that the Deep Dark State has on these pieces of dung. I think we aren’t go to be quite as surprised here on this site as other Americans that our politicians take quite a fancy to hanging with children. Whether it is because they’ve been “brownstoned” or whatnot, they all had a chance to take the right path or reveal the workings of the DDS network and failed to do so.

    I think the fact that McCain, despite his grim diagnosis, continues to work so fervently for the Deep Dark State is just one fine example that Satan expects his disciples to work overtime until the very end of their Earthly existence.

  7. I think McTumor wants to stay alive as long as possible, because he knows what’s waiting for him on the other side.

  8. I’ve had small but solid success contacting Virginia state (R) representatives and presenting our side of what happened in Charlottesville VA and my/our view opposing destruction of Confederate statues and Confederate graves. Have others done the same? Sure the national GOP with the exception of President Trump have all gone cuckservative – taken the ADL Antifa side. But at state and local levels things are much better.

    Please make the calls.

    Somewhere in those Southern State House of Representatives there’s some populist, nationalist hero who can take this issue and become a folk hero.

    Let’s contact Nebraska state reps and see if we can get someone to call out this worst ever “PROMISE KEEPER” cuckservative Ben Sasse.

  9. Look at the photo of this “Promise Keeper” pussy and his wholesome family.

    The Anti White, Zionist, Neo Conservative media mafia are going to be calling out this wholesome cuck for the next 40 years as the face of “Tolerance and DIVERSITY” who’s standing up against us evil, ugly WASCIST HATERS.

    We absolutely must find some way to get Black, Muslim, or Latrino gang bangers to rough this guy up and sexually insult this guy’s wife, murder and rape are too much, but having this cuck piss and poop in his pants from all the muds he’s trying to welcome in to our White communities – yeah, that’s good.

  10. We have common race, history, culture, religious heritage and values to unit us. The globalists, leftists and cucks have nothing except hate to unite them.Apparently another politician that wants to devalue and disrespect all that unites us. But he is white too. Why?

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