US Fragmentation and Southern Identity

As we all know by now, the NFL is experiencing a self-inflicted decimation after enraging much of their fan base. They made the dubious decision to embrace their concussion-addled players’ vaguely defined protests against police brutality, white supremacy, the American flag, the national anthem, and systemic racism, or something like that, whatever, AMERICA IS BAD, LOOK AT ME!

Nobody cares less about sports than I do, but the importance of this episode to the national psyche cannot be denied. Like Hollywood, which once provided pleasant diversions from the demands of life but has become unbearably hostile to its audience, sports have also placed “social justice” above entertainment, and no longer provide viewers an enjoyable refuge from political conflict.

In one way this is disappointing, but it may also be beneficial, because now “normies” are being forced to deal with ugly facts they were once able to ignore.

The problems in the nation are innumerable, but the bottom line is this: America is not United. This has long been true, but it’s been possible for most people to gloss over the fact until recently. Now, we cannot even unite for recreation, the flag, or the anthem. The different views of our national history held by black and white people have, like it or not, become a subject of public discussion.

More people are beginning to question whether the American flag represents people of all races. Some black celebrities and publications are claiming that the American flag only represents white people, prompting some white nationalists to suggest that this provides an opportunity to reclaim the symbols of Americana explicitly for whites. I’ve seen proposals of new flags featuring images & colors that draw from traditional American symbolism that are meant to be icons for the new movement.

As a Southerner, I continue to appreciate the advantages we have over most other American whites. It seems that many of the non-Southern alt-righters, separated by generations from meaningful, cohesive White culture, are going through the process of deciding who they are, and who they mean to be. Do they draw on traditional Americana, or European identity? Which European identity, and from which era? Are they Christian or Pagan?

Southerners for the most part, are not grappling with this. We have a culture. We have a distinctive cuisine, music, and way of speaking. We share a history. We have a connection to the land we inhabit that has persisted for generations. Our ancestors’ bones are beneath the soil, and reminders of their trials and accomplishments are found in buildings, monuments, and the names of our streets and cities. Some of us still drive by, or even live on, fields plowed by our great-great grandparents, and we regularly see landmarks that evoke treasured family stories.

And we have a flag. It’s been stigmatized, sometimes unfairly, and remains one of the most controversial symbols in the country. But it is unmistakably ours.

Unlike most Americans, we have a real historical foundation upon which to build a future, and a living population to do the work that is needed. This is a gift we must not squander.



  1. Yes, we have a culture and history. It’s not Nazi, it’s Confederate ! THAT is how you’ll unite whites. Go with CONFEDERATE and achieve your goals.

    • Do you seriously believe we can restart, revive, or rebirth based what you see out in the world?? The Confederacy is dead and the proof is in all of these white cucks,yankees moved South, foreigners, media, Hollywood, and radio all around us! If they are “ok” with putting this stuff in museums (which they don’t go to) and not studying the scriptures which is the authority of culture, then what makes us think it’s slightly possible? People, it’s over for that page of history and we are living in different times. Especially since the enemy has conquered all the symbols and textbooks of that period.

      I admit this article is correct in it’s proposition that we have a unique identity, but it’s only going to be an afterthought of what we join together to create today. I do believe that a Confederacy is a “good” form of government, along with a republic, a constitutional form, a monarchy, national socialist, fascist, etc. We need to understand what makes a government good is the culture/spiritual state of the men in power.

      The problem is communism. What government does communism allow you to transition to?

      • I will reinforce my comment by saying I am a southerner and I can’t help but notice that my own people are often worse off in most areas than these other “unenlightened” groups. My people are heavily addicted to substances, marry foreign people’s (or sleep with), don’t read the scriptures, trade land for urbanite existence, are obese, don’t work hard, trade work for recreational hobbies, etc.

    • I don’t know, Nazis had cool jet planes and rockets and the Confederates just had a bunch of dindus and goober peas. I think we would have Mars colonies now if the Germans had won the war. Generation Z thinks the Nazis are bad-ass and the agrarian plantation south doesn’t seem so cool.

      • Lebensraum would push people out of the cities and create an industrial/agrarian society. I am personally a N.S. and an agrarian at heart, but recognize the need for industry in a modern world.

        I think it’s time we throw off the stigma of National Socialism. Other forms of government allow too much personal free will to redeem us from Communist clutches. As good as it may be, you will not get men in this society to deny themselves and join in a Confederacy. N.S. forces people to check back in to life and join a cause.

        • Excellent! If you feel qualified to do so, you should write more on the subject. There is definitely a lack of good, concise material on NS out there.

  2. Emily – I hate sports more than you do. I only like golf (it’s genetic) ice hockey (they move so fast on that ice, and back in the Good Old Days of the Broad Street Bullies you’d get the marvelous spectacle of great big men going after each other, with hockey sticks, on ICE SKATES! Wonderful! Not to poetic idyll of the Zamboni Machine smoothing out the sparkling surface between battles), and curling (i’s really WEIRD!)

    I hate sports more than you do. I am THRILLED that all these adult MORONS are getting their racial cherries burst by their Nigger Thug Heroes. Panic mode had set in with the pundits, and the owner’s must be starting to sweat………’s AWESOME! The Nigs remain to innately STUPID to appreciate that they are destroying themselves in the eyes of the I am Not a Racist Ticket Buying Crowd.

    I am so happy. This is the ONLY time I’ve ever enjoyed Nigger ball. It’s not going to come back, either. It’s gonna be just like baseball! Stick a fork in it!

    We should start a female curling team.

    • What would Confederates know about Curling? This Hoosier “normie” is forced into a reassessment of ideologies after reading this article. I suppose that is what the attraction is to this site for me. It forces me to think. But y’all down in Dixie best think twice before y’all tangle with the North concerning Curling! You’ve been warned… 😉

  3. Yep, they screw up everything they touch, including the Negro Felon League. I NEVER gave a damn about sports, other than shooting, hockey and soccer. Watching some oversized beasts chasing a ball NEVER did a thing for me. Especially when they’re non-white. I’m moving it how they are finally alienating normies enough to swing them over to white nationalism.

  4. To touch on the real theme of this post – get over yourself – other parts of the country have distinct White cultural traditions. You simply never hear about it as much, because Jews haven’t honed in on other parts of the White USA. They really hate you guys, because they are deeply embedded in the south, and have been Jewing you from the beginning. So they make a lot of movies etc about y’all.

    Anyway – I watch Tucker Carlson on a nightly basis. He mouths a lot of non-racist platitudes, but he focuses on racial issues all the time. He takes the official stance of “Can’t We All Just Get Along and Be Murkins”? but his truculent and deranged Orc guests reveal why We Don’t Want Anything to do With The Other, after all. The Orcs, dear, are Not Our Kind – just like racist old Granny and Grandpa always said – wow!

    The “responsible, decent” media Elite and Punditry are pretty much BEGGING for “normalcy” – sweeping the intractable and increasingly undeniable racial incompatibility and mayhem under the PC rug. Except the Racial Monster has grown too big and ugly now, to stay under anything, let alone a rug. No one would be having these types of conversations if things weren’t already too far gone.

    The White population is decreasing. We are all going into our on ethnic enclaves. The White population is at the point where we literally cannot afford to support the burgeoning Orc population – whilst they are DEMANDING MORE MORE MORE! And even the most apolitical Normie White is beginning to notice that we are being blamed for things we’ve never done……….

    The meltdown and break up of the JewSA is on auto-pilot now. Be ready for anything. And don’t forget to blame the JEWS – cuz it is their fault. 110 and never ever ever EVER again!

  5. If you choose to watch NFL now, this is what you’ll be bombarded with- black millionaire rapists pushing their agenda. Think you’re going to a game to escape politics and reality, think again…’re walking right into it.


    “The logical progression of any entity seeking maximum autonomy is its anti-entity…

    So NFL –> anti-NFL…

    There is nothing to be done other than not throw your money towards this redistribution scheme…


    America football IS A PREMIER GAME in and of itself THAT ORIGINATED in the idea of white men with exceptional athletic talents having a civilized manner in which to display this athleticism. There is simply no single game where one not only matches such extremes skill sets and body comps against each other BUT does so in multiples at one time. The logistics and specialization of America football are not surpassed by any other team sport. The controlled violence is nearly unmatched.

    AND SO IT IS A LOGICAL TARGET for destruction by the anti-white Supremacist…

    And it’s no coincidence that politizing the player was step one…

    In other words, if you want the anti-NFL, make all the players modern blacks.

    We are… NFL ——- here–> anti-NFL.

    • Ignorant American. Check out rugby or Australian rules football. American football is field hockey by comparison.

  7. Northern whites – northwestern europeans – are not so distant from this as you might think:

    “We have a culture. We have a distinctive cuisine, music, and way of speaking. We share a history. We have a connection to the land we inhabit that has persisted for generations. Our ancestors’ bones are beneath the soil, and reminders of their trials and accomplishments are found in buildings, monuments, and the names of our streets and cities. Some of us still drive by, or even live on, fields plowed by our great-great grandparents, and we regularly see landmarks that evoke treasured family stories.”

    Ours was just far more insidiously subverted and corroded by the jews.

    So that, to me, seems to be your and what I personally view as our challenge: what will keep the jews from achieving their ultimate victory?

    I don’t think Southerners can do this without interrogating their jew-infiltrated past.

    Brad Griffin is fundamentally in error claiming jews didn’t control the british slave trade. It is no coincidence that Britain had absorbed a major tide of sephardic jews in the period preceding the burgeoning of the ‘british slave trade,’ or that jews took on a far more crypto profile in the UK than, say, Germany.

  8. ” We have a culture. We have a distinctive cuisine, music, and way of speaking. We share a history. We have a connection to the land we inhabit that has persisted for generations. Our ancestors’ bones are beneath the soil, and reminders of their trials and accomplishments are found in buildings, monuments, and the names of our streets and cities.”

    You are not the only ones.

    We in the upper Midwest have a distinct dialect-“Ya sure you Betcha.”
    We have a distinctive cuisine-
    Lutefisk and Lefse, anyone? Brats and Jello salad, doncha know?
    We have a distinctive music, that is already multicultural-
    German Lutheran chorale, Norwegian Hardanger fiddle music, Scottish bagpipes, and German polkas.
    We have an oral and written literary tradition-Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon!
    That even reaches to the heights of musical ‘almost excellence’ – but our innate distrust of blowing our own horn, often keeps us from acknowledging ours racial superiority, you see…

    We may be God’s frozen chosen, and being dumb Scandinavian/German types, we actually believed the liberal bullshit for 100 years, but don’t forget-we gave the world Charles Lindbergh: whose voice in the “America first” movement, preceded the alt right by almost 100 years.

    ” This is most certainly true.” – The standard response to Luthers smaller catechism


  9. I tuned in the playing of the National Anthem at last night’s game, and instead of any gorilla kneeling, I saw them all standing with their arms interlocked with their team mates. This may have signaled the end, and normies will be able to go back to their nigger worship undeterred. We knew the jews would come up with something that would placate both the spooks and their numerous White worshippers, and they may have.

    • @John Dicarlo,
      One wouldn’t mind nignogs complaining and protesting once in a while so long as they were actually doing something for the country at the same time. What nation on earth has ever progressed or improved due to their presence?
      They’re also hypocrits, only highlighting black victims of anything. Whites are statistically about 200 times more likely to be victim’s of blacks than the other way around….but hush, hush now….we won’t talk about that. Stats are the enemy of the left or BLM.
      These black footballers are also wealthy, having been chosen over equally capable whites due maybe to affirmative action. What the HELL do they have to complain, or protest about?
      I could go on but we both know all this.

  10. At this point any White guy who is still watching ghettoball is either a closet homo or secretly fantasizes about “his” team running a train on his wife.

    Sports is marketed as the ultimate expression of masculinity, when in reality the sportsball industry is full of jews, pansies, cucks and boy-touchers. The end.

    • @Spahn,
      My wife and I watch no sport, news or crappy TV shows. We don’t listen to radio. The other day my daughter made a comment that made me laugh for hours- the radio station she’s forced to sit through at work play the same fucking songs EVERY day! Every song you hear, they played yesterday. They never play anything you haven’t heard for ten years, just the same-repetitive-crrraappp! Then the giggly presenters just talk shit all day – waffling on about the private lives of celebrities. I gave up on music radio year’s ago, and play my own collection on my USB sticks.
      My wife is a good runner, could run rings around me, whilst I’m a far better weight lifter. Most importantly, we both do something, rather than just sit there watching someone else do it. My four kids all go to the same gym.
      The media is nothing more than a farcical waste of our time.

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