Southern Baptist Cucks vs the Alt-right

Yesterday, CNN claimed to have access to an exclusive memo circulating among some pastors of the Southern Baptist Convention urging Donald Trump to condemn the alt-right “by name,” as this movement has “escaped your disapproval.”

Asking Trump to condemn the alt-right is a courageous and highly consequential move on the part of the pastors.

Ha ha, no, just kidding! The alt-right has already been condemned by both chambers of the legislature in the wake of the Charlottesville event and does not consider Trump any more of an ally than Chuck Schumer. Besides, Trump has already issued (literally!) over four dozen denunciations of “white supremacy” and the KKK to virtually no effect. And condemning what the general public loosely thinks of as “white supremacy” takes less courage than walking through the parking lot at the mall on the “bad” side of town.

Having already disavowed the flag that represents the ancestors of most of its members, the SBC apparently now wants to distance itself the only group in the country which is honestly calling out the most dangerous threat to Christianity in the US.

A quick search for Baptists + Muslims returns results like “Baptists condemn Trump’s call for ban on Muslims entering U.S.” Baptists are assisting with “refugee” relocation and have made statements in favor of religious freedom for Muslims. They are not, as far as I can see, making a large-scale effort to convert Muslims to Christianity, or calling out the false doctrine believed by followers of Islam, or warning of the dangers its devout followers pose for Christians.

It would require real bravery to state that Muslims worship a false god. It would require bravery to say that there is no Muslim-majority country which respects religious freedom for Christians, and that bringing a large number of Muslims to America is dangerous to its Christian citizens.

It would require bravery to publicly proclaim that in Matthew 7:15-16, Jesus states, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits,” and that the so-called religion of peace is a vile heresy, and possibly an existential threat to the United States.

These pastors are ill-informed, and probably do not realize that a large contingent of alt-righters are Christians who are motivated by their desire to preserve the historic, majority-Christian, demographics of the United States. Alt-righters realize that what Americans understand as “religious freedom,” that is, worship free from government interference, is the opposite of what would exist if enough Muslims were here to install Sharia law. Does the alt-right embody ignorance and racism? No. It embodies realism, and rejects the false (and incidentally, un-Christian) doctrine of “all cultures and beliefs are equal.”

In Muslim-occupied Europe, nativity scenes are protected by armed guards, priests are beheaded during Mass, and children run down like dogs while visiting Christmas markets. But they are free from the scourge of white supremacy. Praise Allah!



    Like the crazy Pope kissing the feet of the black thug invaders, these evil Baptists are doing the bidding of the Judaists—destroying the white race.

    I repeat: please, please see the website Jesusneverexisted in the com domain.

    Pls. read one of the over 100 scholarly books that prove that Jesus is just a myth.

    It is time for whites to get out of this Middle Eastern/African cult of Christianity and look at other religious belief systems, such as Atheism, Deism, Agnosticis, and the many wonderful pre-Christian European religions such as Odinism, etc. These religions DO NOT tell you to destroy your own white race.

    • Lol goon anti-white atheist neck beards and Odinists (how’s that Sweden going for ya, Ragnar?) are the answer, of course. Most of those obnoxious atheist (F you sky dad!) cretins curl up and soil their undies at the thought of being called racist. Don’t tell you to destroy your white race? Are you serious? Most of those idiots are Randroids and anti-white-solidarity libertarians. I’d say you’re a divisive troll but they are usually more cleaver than that

      • Yes. I don’t know if “cleaver” was a typo, but it is certainly divisive…like an atheist neckbeard Randoid troll!

  2. Revoke the tax-free status of those subversive, freeloading churches and they will fall into line right away.

    • Southern Baptist have been disloyal for many decades. Always disloyal, never provided schools, hospitals, Care homes. What they have done is very little compared to the massive waste in foreign missions and bringing in non- whites.
      Their (((consultants))) are leading them down the road of self- destruction. The (((consultants))) are accomplishing two tasks at once, harming the white race and destroying a major christian denomination.


    What other religion (eg. these Southern Baptists) teaches its own white followers to destroy their white race? So Voltaire is right.

    And: The first clergyman was the first rascal who met the first fool. –Voltaire

    “The son of God is the same as the son of man; the son of man is the same as the son of God. God, the father, is the same as Christ, the son; Christ, the son, is the same as God, the father. This language may appear confused to unbelievers, but Christians will readily understand it.” –Voltaire.

  4. Maybe the bappo’s and others believe that somehow, over time, if they import millions of Muslims then they’ll over time, become less Muslim and miraculously become Christian and assimilate and fit in and be real Americans or something. Their motives have always baffled me. Maybe they think if Muslim’s are in America, breathing its air and absorbing its culture, they’ll change and blend over time. Thing is, America felt that way about blacks in the 60’s…..treat them like whites, and they’ll blend in and be less black. Did that ever happen???

  5. Born & raised Southern Baptist in a time when integration was just a decade old. I didn’t leave the Southern Baptists, they left me.

    Now I read the Scripture to my children myself. We don’t go to services becuse of the intense focus on diversity & inculsion.

    • Same. Raised “nondenominational” Christian, and gave up on my parent’s church when the idiot on the stage where we have our fat black worship leader lead the overloud modern worship service decided to talk about racism, and had the same fat black guy talk about an experience where he was stared at suspiciously while walkinrg around in a very upscale store.

      Because he was black, of course.

      Preacher then proceeded to go into about how eeeeevil racism was, etc etc.

      All I was wondering was when a white person was going to come up and talk about being told by a black person that they’d better “watch out whitey” when at a high school football game or something similar.

      Never happened. Just constant subtle undertones of only whites are racist.

    • Most , nearly all, churches are money siphoned. They return very little , if anything and cause massive harm. They flooded Socal with hordes of Asian boat- people and are behind the massive influx of latinos.

      Doing evil in the guise virtue !

  6. “These pastors are ill-informed, and probably do not realize that a large contingent of alt-righters are Christians who are motivated by their desire to preserve the historic, majority-Christian, demographics of the United States.”

    OF COURSE they’re ‘informed’, THEY JUST HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!! THEY DON’T CARE IF THE U.S. STAYS WHITE, BECAUSE CHRISTIANITY IS ANTI-WHITE. Emily, please get this through your head: 100% of the Southern Baptist ministers have been bribed and brainwashed to hate White people and Southerners. THEY ARE NOT ON OUR SIDE.

    And the problem is JUDAISM, Emily, not Islam. If I wanted stupid neocon crap, I’d read Breitbart, not OD. Read more, please…

    • What makes you think Baptista are Christian?

      They were considered heretics by the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, and the Methodists back in the day.

      They have a faulty ecclesiology, as well as a faulty trinitarianism, and the majority eschatology of the colt is dispensationalism an old heresy. Just saying.

      It’s not Christianity you’re arguing against in this instance it’s a cult.

  7. Protestantism is judaizing. Heresies have consequences. There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

  8. All established institutions, including the churches, have been judaized and communized. Avoid them.

      • It is a religion of conquest and was created by the Pope to retake Jerusalem from the Jews. Now the ever spiteful Jews are using the Popes creation to destroy Christianity.

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