Optics and Tactics

There has been a seemingly endless debate about optics.

My view is that the importance of optics has been wildly exaggerated. In my experience, it doesn’t matter which flags we use. The important thing is that we are stigmatized as “racists.” The enemy doesn’t oppose us because of the clothes we wear. They oppose us because we are “immoral.” It’s all that they know. We’re racists, bigots, white supremacists, Nazis, anti-Semites, xenophobes. If we all wore suits and ties and talked with clipped English accents and had courtly manners, we would still be perceived as immoral.

Just to be crystal clear, I’m not saying that optics is unimportant. I’m saying it is not as important as ethics. It is our sense of right and wrong, not our sense of aesthetics that really drives our behavior. If we are cowed into submission, we will remain marginalized. The ancients knew that courage was the most important virtue. It was the virtue that made all other virtues possible. A culture that is based on a sense of honor won’t breed men who are content to be degraded and live in shame.

As I said in Let’s Remain Southern Nationalists, Southerners have an identity, heritage and tradition to fall back on. We used to have a culture which was based on honor, not guilt like mainstream American culture, which is derived from the tradition of New England. It was this culture of honor that caused the South to secede from the United States and to fight to the death to preserve the Southern way of life.

William L. Harris of Mississippi put it this way:

“Our fathers made this a government for the white man, rejecting the negro, as an ignorant, inferior, barbarian race, incapable of self-government, and not, therefore, entitled to be associated with the white man upon terms of civil, political, or social equality.

This new administration comes into power, under the solemn pledge to overturn and strike down this great feature of our Union, without which it would never have been formed, and to substitute in its stead their new theory of the universal equality of the black and white races. …

Mississippi indulges the most confident expectation and belief, founded on sources of information she cannot doubt, as well as on the existence of causes, operating upon them, alike as upon her, that every other Gulf State will stand by her side in defence of the position she is about to assume; and she would reproach herself, and every Georgia son within her limits, would swell with indignation, if she hesitated to believe that Georgia too, would blend her fate with her natural friends; her sons and daughters — her neighboring sisters in the impending struggle.

Whatever may be the result of your deliberations, I beg to assure her from my intimate knowledge of the spirit and affections of our people, that no enemy to her constitutional rights, may consider his victory won, while a Mississippian lives to prolong the contest. Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, the part of Mississippi is chosen, she will never submit to the principles and policy of this Black Republican Administration.

She had rather see the last of her race, men, women and children, immolated in one common funeral pile [pyre], than see them subjected to the degradation of civil, political and social equality with the negro race.”

We have lost this sense of ourselves.

The War Between the States was caused by the sense that we were being disrespected within the United States. It was ignited over the highly abstract question of whether Southerners could bring their slaves into the Western territories which the Supreme Court had ruled was legal by striking down the Missouri Compromise. It didn’t matter that plantation slavery had no future in the Southwest or Great Plains. It didn’t matter that Fort Sumter was relatively worthless. The thing that mattered is that it was a point of honor and our ancestors felt like they were being trampled on.

The point here is that our ancestors didn’t talk about or care about optics. They cared a great deal about their sense of honor. They were motivated by ethics. We don’t live in their time though. Everything has changed and now we are a marginalized subculture within the United States. So the question is what is the path to greater acceptance and the role of optics in persuasion.

In terms of cultural change, the optic that seems to matter the most is numbers. We want to change our culture. The tipping point is reaching 10 percent of the population:

“Scientists at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have found that when just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society. The scientists, who are members of the Social Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC) at Rensselaer, used computational and analytical methods to discover the tipping point where a minority belief becomes the majority opinion. The finding has implications for the study and influence of societal interactions ranging from the spread of innovations to the movement of political ideals.

“When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

The best evidence we have post-Charlottesville is that anywhere from 6% to 10% of the American population identifies with the Alt-Right. The average of three separate polls is 8%. We also see that labels aren’t very important. Whether the public is polled about the Alt-Right, White Nationalism or Neo-Nazism, the result is roughly the same because this stratum of the population is Disaffected Racially Conscious Whites (DRCWs). The difference between the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazism is the intensity of the opposition or no opinion. More people say they strongly oppose Neo-Nazism.

The upshot of the polling data is that labels aren’t really that important. We’re mainly perceived as “racists” no matter what the label. It’s also clear that we aren’t a “fringe group,” but have the support of roughly 26 million Americans. These are also the people who say they support or somewhat support us and in light of the strength of the taboo on White racial consciousness it is likely the true level of support is higher still. There are shy supporters who are going to lie to pollsters.

8 percent of the population is 26 million people. Assuming these supporters are non-Hispanic Whites, that is roughly 13 percent of White America. That’s likely an even higher share of adults and Republican primary voters. The polls also show that the number of Americans who identify as Alt-Right, White Nationalists or Neo-Nazis is smaller than the number who support our issues:

– 31% strongly or somewhat agreed that the country needs to “protect and preserve its White European heritage.”

– 39% of respondents strongly or somewhat agreed with the statement that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”

– 16% agreed with the statement that “marriage should only be allowed between two people of the same race.” An additional 14% neither agreed nor disagreed with the statement, while 4% said they didn’t know. In total, about a third failed to express tolerance of interracial marriage.

– 14% of all respondents both agreed that white people are under attack and disagreed with the statement that nonwhites are under attack.

– 57% said that Confederate monuments should remain in public spaces, while a quarter, 26%, said they should be removed.

– Among whites, 17% agreed that marriage should be restricted to the same race, with 15% neither agreeing nor disagreeing. This was slightly higher than nonwhites (15% agreed, 12% neither agreed nor disagreed).

Look at it this way: around 3% of Americans strongly support the Alt-Right/White Nationalism/Neo-Nazism (the hardcore vanguard), 4% somewhat support the Alt-Right/White Nationalism/Neo-Nazism (soft supporters) and around 18% neither support or oppose. 10% neither support or oppose Neo-Nazism which is a lower number but not much of a drop.

Drill down to the specific issues: political correctness is a threat (35% strongly agree, 25% somewhat agree), America must protect and preserve its White European heritage (16% strongly agree, 15% somewhat agree), all races are equal (4% strongly disagree, 3% somewhat disagree), White people are under attack in this country (19% agree, 20% somewhat agree). The question that most tracks our level of support in the polls is “all races are equal.”

In other words, the hardcore vanguard (3% of Americans), the somewhat supporters (4% percent of Americans), the sympathizers (40% of Americans) of which 10% to 18% say they neither support to oppose. We need to get to the 10% tipping point which is within reach.

Where can we find another 4%? Couldn’t we appeal to the 16% of Americans which includes 17% of Whites who are hardcore enough to reject interracial marriage? We’re not going after people who think we look good. We need 10% of who have an unshakable belief which means those who have a clear sense of right and wrong and who aren’t going to crack under pressure.

So, what are the implications of this for optics and tactics?

– First, if this true and the cultural tipping point is 10% and were are at like 8%, it means that pandering to normies is a waste of time this early in the game. As Dr. Pierce said, the normies are lemmings and need to feel like they have permission to change their beliefs.

– Second, in order to get to the 10% tipping point, we need to be recruiting true believers, which is to say, a hardcore cultural vanguard with unshakable beliefs. The lemmings will jump on the bandwagon as they always do when our ideas hit a critical mass, but not before then.

From my tweetstorm:

This is from Pew’s typologies: Hard Pressed Skeptics (13% of population, 61% White), Young Outsiders (13% of the population, 73% White), Business Conservatives (10% of the population), Steadfast Conservatives (12% of the population, 87% White). It shows the illusion of the relative size of the conservative base to us.

The three groups are the Young Outsiders, Business Conservatives and Steadfast Conservatives. Of the Steadfast Conservatives though, 28% object to interracial marriage (!)

We’re the Hard Pressed Skeptics in the Pew surveys.

These people are the Business Conservatives.

Former Congressman Tim Huelskamp of Kansas:

Sen. Ben Sasse:

It is hopeless until you cross the 10% tipping point threshold. Human nature is to conform and you aren’t going to change the culture by winning over conformists with rational arguments.

Trump won over the disaffected in his insurgent candidacy. Then he won over other stratums of the Right.

Antifa are our best argument to normies.

Now that this is all on the table, we can discuss optics and tactics. Ethics are more important than optics. We need 10% of the population to hold an unshakable belief to change the culture. We’re close to the cultural tipping point, which is why the whole political, corporate and media establishment is fighting us so hard after Cville, but we’re not quite there. We have plenty of room to grow and haven’t reached our ceiling in spite of the fact that some people have been gaslighted into believing all is lost.

I’m not of the view that we should appeal to the normies until the bandwagon effect kicks in. We should go after alienated and disaffected people who are persuadable. This is especially true of those who are sympathizers and who already share our most hardcore views. How do you do that though? What kind of optics and tactics appeal to this hypothetical angry, alienated, disaffected audience?

We live in a country where 72% of the public feels lonely and 31% experience loneliness once a week. We live in a country where only around 20% of the public trusts the mainstream media. Most mainstream institutions have lost their legitimacy. We know from the polls that large number of Whites are disaffected, alienated and feel under siege. We know that many are economically stressed and socially anxious and growing angrier every year. Large numbers of Whites have been uprooted and don’t feel like they have a meaningful sense of identity or community in America.

The easiest way to turn someone from a convert to a committed supporter of your cause … is to give them activities to participate in. It’s really that simple. That’s why you give them a revolutionary fantasy of social change and channel their anger into public spaces. While this is decried as LARPing by internet shitposters, it satisfies basic human needs like having a sense of identity and connection to others in the real world which are impossible satisfy in the context of pixels in cyberspace. This is why churches developed meaningful rituals which are the bedrock of cultures.

It starts a fire which attracts other disaffected, alienated people to the cause. The movement begins to grow in both size and dedication. When it hits the tipping point, it becomes unstoppable.

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    This is a good article. However, I think the true number of people who are against miscegenation and against immigration, for example, is even higher.

    We see these low numbers in the polls because most people are AFRAID. The Jewish controlled liberal media has so brainwashed the public that if they speak up against blacks, Judaists, immigration or race-mixing, they are immediately bulled and abused by being called racist, etc.

    I know that from personal experience. People at work were often afraid to speak out.

    The whole of liberalism is based on lies and buzzwords.

    So we have to stay the course and keep attacking the lib-barbarians and take the HIGHER MORAL GROUND. Eg. We have to say that banning immigration is the more civilized, moral and ethical thing to do than letting in all the 3rd world garbage.

    Eg. We have to denigrate the lib-barbarians as backward gutter people for importing 3rd world filth, tolerating miscegenation and negrophilia, etc.

    • This is a good idea that I’ve thought about. Buy tickets to Sunday Football and look at what English hooligans do to other team’s players, we should do that to all black players who kneel.

  2. Where the hell are all the creative people in the alt-right? The 60’s social/communist revolution went smoothly because it was entertaining. We need art and entertainment to grow our numbers, not hundreds of pages of Amren racial data.

    • Creativity requires a certain amount of freedom, trust, patience, lateral thinking, and it must allow room for error. These are not qualities that are in abundance within the pro-White sphere. The pro-White movement here in America is, and always has been, far too dogmatic and rigid in its application of principles and problem solving. The staunch ideologue and socially awkward misfit are usually preferred over the people asking questions and trying to look at problems from a different angle. The former will read off any script you give him, because his newly found sense of identity is tied directly to how forcefully and pitch perfect he proves to be while reciting the script given to him. The latter tends to ask questions and offer alternatives, because he values truth and principled & practical solutions more than just reading off scripts to placate the group.

      Look at most of the people and groups calling themselves Alt-Right/White Nationalist and you will see people claiming to have all the answers. Everything has pretty much already been figured out by our pro-White luminaries. Your job is to just regurgitate the platitudes and mantras that have been laid out before you. Everyone reads from the script. Nobody really adds to the script or alters the script unless it’s a more forceful interpretation of what they were already expected/allowed to say.

      This kind of atmosphere is not where creativity is born, nurtured and encouraged. This is where creativity goes to die.

      • What a pompous boring stupid delusional article.
        “Optics” not important?
        How these idiots are even allowed to think let alone write down with runs through their empty brains?

    • You’re right, and since I do have some skill as an artist, I think I will start trying my hand at political cartoons. I’ve thought of a few already.

    • @Mr. Frosty: I agree with you that the boring, tedious Amren / Lord Jared crap is getting us nowhere. But there is a great deal of creative and crazy energy flowing through the alt-right. You should go to gab.ai, where I am my fellow shitposters are making the jews plotz. You should also listen to McFeels and Halberstram on Fash the Nation, along with the Daily Shoah and Mike Enoch’s already legendary interviews with Chris Cantwell from Charlottesville jail.

    • 2016 saw a fair amount of Alt-Right creativity arise. If anything our content was the new hotness.

      Late 2016 / 2017 saw it systematically banned, and driven from social media

      Some are still plugging away, but it must be discouraging.

  3. I can’t even read most of this. I continue to be confounded by how obtuse HW is.

    The Golden Dawn and Nordic Resistance absolutely champion ‘equality’ and ‘liberty.’ Great optics spring from sound, inspiring ideals.

    How on earth anyone thinks they’re going to galvanize an actual movement to overthrow elites by vaunting that elitism is just beyond me.


    And men call women irrational.

    The worst is, we americans have the guns, the idea of rights and resistance coded into our national id and in the South the Rebel heritage.

    But somehow, some way, someone still manages to screw things up.

    • Well, if equality is the main principle, then on what grounds does one resist demographic replacement by hordes of foreign-born people of other races? They’re all EQUAL to White Americans, so why shouldn’t they have the same right to live here as we do? Bring in another billion Somalians!

      • Equality of opportunity is what the anti-whites claim they’re establishing, but if that were so, they wouldn’t give AA to all the non-white hordes, and other racial preferences and privileges. Without those, the hordes wouldn’t be stampeding in. Many would leave on their own.

        That’s what most whites would rally for and did during Trump’s campaign. The working/middle class whites don’t want to listen to elitist BS that offers nothing to them.

        Spare me.

  4. I can’t read it, either. Totally obtuse and useless. The South is in much worse condition than the rest of the country and you would THINK someone would put together a Golden Dawn-style social relief program (or something like CasaPound in Italy), but no, let’s just turn things over to highly questionable morons like Richard Spencer, write turgid prose about ‘optics’ incessantly, and ruin whatever momentum we have. Fantastic plan!

    • 1.) I have a background in political science. I apologize if some of you are unable to follow along. This discussion does get somewhat academic!

      2.) The South is not in worse condition than the rest of the country. Whites here are by far more tribal, disaffected and authoritarian than elsewhere in the country. It is why all the action has been here.

      3.) Greece isn’t the United States. We don’t have anywhere close to the resources to compete with the American welfare state.

      4.) The point of this article was that the importance of the optics debate is exaggerated. Most of the population are conformists and won’t change their views until our ideas hit a critical mass.

      5.) Insofar as there is any momentum, it is due to what we have been building. You can shit post online until the end of time and it won’t change anything because closeted people will never be taken seriously.

      • LOL. Narcissistic, are we, Mr. Griffin?! Come on, give us a break, Brad! You have a B.A. in polisci – big deal, no one cares. Some of us on here (like myself) have or are working towards Ph.Ds, yet you don’t see us (unlike yourself, apparently) tooting our own horns about how our ‘academic’ writing supposedly is above that of our Stupid Readers.

        Dumb move, Brad.

        • Hunter is one of the most original political commenters in America for the last 40 years.

        • I will also add that the South has been targeted for demographic destruction for MUCH LONGER than every other region. It will be majority non-white MUCH FASTER than the rest of the country. You are kidding yourself when you say the South isn’t worse off than the rest of the country. I love the South more than ANYTHING (I did my undergrad in Virginia) and have both lived in Alabama and seen the plight of extended family in Kentucky.

          I guess there isn’t much that can be done at this point except pray to whatever White God exists. I still love this site. Hail Victory!

          • Sure it is.

            Whites in other parts of the United States are less racially conscious, less tribal, less authoritarian, less cohesive. They vote for Democrats who are making matters worse and pulling the country to the Left. There is an enormous cultural difference between, say, Vermont and Tennessee.

          • You can never seem to break out of that prison – ‘Right’ versus ‘Left.’ As if they aren’t two sides of the same oligarchy. Jews and anti-whites control both and manipulate the white (and other) masses through this ruse.

            This is part of what I mean by obtuse.

          • In response to HW’s “{t}hey vote for Democrats who are making matters worse and pulling the country to the Left”:

            Are ALL Southerners this easily manipulated? I hope not! Both parties are two sides of the same kosher shekel, for God’s sake. Electing more Christian Zionist slaves is USELESS. USELESS. USELESS.

            Moreover, one could legitimately argue that the South’s culturally entrenched pastimes (hardcore Jew-worship and nigger-worship via Christian Zionism and football) are much more harmful than those of their regional neighbors.

      • Whites absolutely can and must ‘compete with the welfare state.’

        This is where cultivated ignorance comes in. It’s as if you want to remain out of touch.

        Whites don’t historically like to be dependent, unlike most of the non-white masses. Generation X especially still remembers a time when strength and self reliance were white american ideals.

        It is bizarre that you facilely and superciliously dismiss the most obvious tool at our disposal (and a public organizing mode that is mostly immune to PR sabotage). Whites could devise ways to help their own while working to empower the most challenged.

        An example: a single white female living in NJ faces all sorts of economic challenges a non-white doesn’t. She has to pay rents that are way higher to avoid the dangers she faces in more urbanized areas. She then has to pay far higher prices for things like car maintenance than the hispanic or black woman who has tons of low cost options available to her. I once told two hispanic guys in an urban center how much it cost in the best deal mechanic shop in the nearest middle class suburb and they were shocked ‘my’ men charged me like $600-700 more than they would to have my timing belts replaced. Yet the white guys I hired gave me the best deal available and went out of their way at times to help me, a single working class white woman, along. Our rents and cost of living are just that high. The ‘ghetto’ is full of deals for the ‘oppressed.’

        The welfare state doesn’t like whites. Most offices in the northeast are administered by blacks and hispanics. The entire schema of benefits is shrouded so that the average white applicant has no way to compare how they’re being treated, and no way to hold the system accountable even as the white middle class is funding the welfare state. From every possible angle the hispanics and blacks game the system. It is designed to privilege them at every level and to exploit whites.

        The notion that white advocates can’t improvise ways to help the more vulnerable in a manner that strengthens the social and economic fabric for all of us is pure BS.

        Take my car again. It was a 17 year old Honda in good shape with great service history for the engine and transmission, both of which were humming along fine when the exhaust system just rusted out on me. I donated it to some charity to get rid of it, but it could have been rebuilt and given to some young white kid who needed a cheap car. Someone could donate their time to teaching youth interested in auto mechanics and help find the parts for cost. That way, disaffected youth learn skills and resourcefulness and get a nice starter car in the process. And, maybe get some help avoiding the socio-economic blight that drags so many down into alienation, addiction and despair.

        That’s a more involved scenario but it’s one the browns especially act out every day in their communities. We could start with simpler plans that achieve similar goals.

        You just don’t like the idea for whatever reasons.

        • I expect it is more narcissistically gratifying for the man-boy Bolsheviks of the Alt-Kike to plan useless rally after useless rally – as opposed to strategically planning long-term solutions to help their beleaguered people. But then, who really cares about the drug-addicted hoi polloi? Richard Spencer (a BLOOD JEW) certainly doesn’t! He’s got a non-white wife, kids, the whole shebang!

    • The difference between Greece and the US is that the Corn Syrup Cornucopia is part of what they’re using to destroy our people… therefore it hardly makes sense to use our (very limited) budgets on adding to the pile of corn products already available to poor whites.

  5. Mr. Wallace, I started taking an interest in your movement because I grew sick of the ‘optics’ and the ‘tactics’ of groups like Black Lives Matter, and the Far Left; as well as the 8 years of apologies by a president, and his constant biased response every time an incident occurred that could be twisted to promote his worldview. After reading this, I am asking how the Alt-Right is any different? Seems to me your ‘optics’ and ‘tactics’ are taken from the same playbook- label and demean anyone who doesn’t fit neatly into your worldview, then marginalize them with names like ‘Normies’ and then ‘super-normies’.
    Well, this self-proclaimed Super-Normie is beginning to think that WE are the ones with all the power to promogate a narrative, instead of your movement! While your words are thought out, your insistence of isolation from others of your own race, and the apparent disdain and dismissive behavior you show for anyone outside of your circle unfortunately may have the result of forever marginalizing your cause, and banish you to the fringe of society forever.
    I can fully understand your concerns with ‘optics’ and ‘tactics’ after reading this mess…

    • Rondo,

      1.) Black Lives Matter has the support of 32% of the population now. It crossed the 10% tipping point years ago.

      2.) Antifa and Black Lives Matter believe in violence. We don’t. That’s just the start of our differences. The discussion is about real world activism and persuasion.

      3.) Different people have different levels of intelligence and personality types. I have an extremely rare personality type which makes me a non-conformist.

      4.) The vast bulk of the population are born conformists. These are the people we call normies. We call them normies because of their innate instinct to conform. We know from social science that conformists change their views when new ideas garner a critical mass of support.

      5.) By super normie, I mean an individualist, materialist and conformist whose relative wealth and social status insulates him from reality and makes him particularly hard to persuade because of the bubble he inhabits.

      • This is the problem. That study that finds 10% is the tipping point… that means, not just 10% support, or sympathy, it means 10% holds a firm, unalterable view. Committed people. It also necessarily requires that there is not another 10% (or 32%) who hold an equally unalterable, opposing view.

        We’re still deep in “age-of-the-universe” territory.

      • Well then Mr. Wallace, I suppose you can classify me as ‘super-normie’. My point was that when you make statements claiming that people in Vermont can’t be compared to people in Tennessee, you dismiss many people in Vermont who would potentially lend support to your cause! How can you expect to grow your movement by alienating your own people?
        Another item; I’ve posted here a few times now. My email must be disclosed. Yet not once have I been solicited for financial support! I don’t question your ability to use words. However, your tactics appear to be one dimensional and weak. You may discover the very people you marginalize into groups and dismiss, are the very ones who could most assist in providing financial support in growing your movement. Good luck, sir.

        • Vermont is unusual in lots of ways.
          The ‘free state’ project, Vermont style,
          was hatched by intellectuals from the east
          coast who saw the possibility of taking over
          a state with a small population… which has
          2 US senators. Over a decade later, they had
          Bernie Sanders as mayor of the state’s biggest
          city, Burlington. Less than 3 decades later, the
          whole state is so blue it’s black.


          It is still the only state that has a VERMONT-STYLE
          2nd amendment – that is, no govt agency that has
          forms to fill out to own a gun. All the other ‘free 2nd
          amendment states’ all have the option to fill out gun
          registration forms and they’re available at any state
          govt office. Just because you don’t have to fill them

          Some time in the future, if things change, it can all
          change in a heartbeat. Just like the ‘patriot act’,
          which was already written, was just waiting for the
          ‘new Pearl Harbor’… I believe Gore-suck, our supreme
          court savior, was one of the authors.

      • “I have an extremely rare personality type which makes me a non-conformist.”

        Is this a joke? The Alt Right sounds like a cult.

        • This site is not the entirety of the Alt-Right.

          Additionally, what is the sheer amount of hate and fury raised in this thread by Hunter saying that optics aren’t the most important thing at the moment? While it’s certainly fine to disagree with that, the sheer venom and rage of the responses is a bit baffling.

  6. Onceler and GGoddess are correct.

    You’re a natural academic, without the Piled High and Deep -and Tenure: but nevertheless, you are missing the elephant in the room, HW.

    All of your academic quotations and analyses are phenomenal, but the point of the matter is what happened in this last two weeks-a bunch of niggers decided not to stand for our national anthem, and the President called them out on it. He again today said, ” they better stand up, or they are considered disrespectful of our flag.”

    The “normies” didn’t give a shit about your analysis, about C’ville, the Juden, faggot fornication, etc., until their “fuball teams” smacked them upside Bubba’s head, with their (Uppity Niggers) hatred of white America! Certainly, we have fans burning jerseys and other sports paraphernalia, comparable to the book burnings of the Nazis in the 1930s!

    We’ve been demeaning the “bread and circuses” historical reality, while it was staring us in the face!

    While the NASCAR folks may have grasped this to some degree, they were a very small minority of “organized sports” -unlike football, which (as you probably know) is a second religion in the South.

    So now we are having a bunch of proles willing and able to join our movement, and you don’t understand that the most they can ingest in their HFCS/ADHD brains, is that muh flag and muh constitution are being dissed, in the person of a multimillion dollar pigskin thrower of foreign ethnicity, coupled with most white folks’ envy of their power and money, while barely tolerating their genetics.

    Until and unless we can dumb it (WN)!down to their level, the alt right will never succeed.

    • Have to agree. The level of replacement outside of the South is taking place rapidly.

      Division won’t help.

    • Fr. John,

      There are Patriot groups which wave the US flag and talk about Muh Constitution every weekend: groups like the Oathkeepers, Threepers and AWR.

      There is no reason to believe their aesthetics or rhetoric is going to attract large numbers of normies to become activists. See the MOAR rally in Washington, DC for the most recent illustration of this.

      • Those people have too much to lose and are not going to organize and storm an inner city swath of buildings that have been taken by blacks, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans etc. won’t happen. Simply won’t happen.

        Optics are nothing. It’s anger and pure hatred that wins wars.

        • On the normies, you’re 100% right.

          Look at parts of New England as an example.

          1970’s and 1980’s – Whites (mainly Italians, Irish, and Polish) fought literal race wars in some of the working class cities in Massachusetts with Blacks and Puerto Ricans.

          1980’s and 1990’s – Whites (some of whom were veterans of these battles) fled these cities to the safer and growing suburbs.

          1990’s onward – White normies in suburbs vote Leftist, push more immigration, and refuse to open their eyes.

          It’s one of those things where the normie will go along with whatever the ruling regime is – my guess is that if Nationalists ever take power, we’ll see very little resistance from these people.

  7. I have an unshakeable belief – those Nordfront guys look great. Powerful, courageous and cool as af. And I want to be part of something like that here in America.

    In my opinion, optics do matter at this point. A great deal.

    • Powerful?

      How so? Do they invoke fear?

      Let’s be perfectly honest. That is not a group that will kick out the Moslems. If you think that that group will do anything to get these people out, I got news for you, you are wrong.

      What good are Optics?

  8. HW knows his stuff, but he needs to use cartoons, memes and other amusing devices to attract and maintain the reader’s attention.

    • Not really. More attacks on pop culture figures help draw in joe Sixpack though. This is something Fake News Merchant Cernovich understands, he picks fights just to draw attention. But I don’t think Cernovich knows how to use Photoshop or make memes.

  9. Great points. Pick the low-hanging fruit first to gain numbers & resources. That gives more mainstream people permission to join in. And eventually at some point ambitious elites realize they can use the movement to cut ahead in line to power like Trump did.
    In addition to psychological factors, I would also suggest targeting converts by ethnic factors as well.
    Some whites are more universalist, cucked & conformist than others. Like the Nords & Germanics.
    They aren’t likely to join until it’s respectable. Concentrate on the more clannish & contentious whites; the Scots-Irish, the Italians, the Eastern Euros.

  10. Hunter, go on safari through the Boston or Philadelphia ghettos and take a good look at what we are up against.

    It ain’t Alabama.

  11. I hate the word optics. It gets used when “uniformity” is more preferable a word. Antifas Communists look like a crowd of individuals, we need to look organized and uniform (together). You accomplish this by being uniform and together. Hunter referenced many Americans feel alone, well we offer an organization with uniformity. If we are to March with uniforms we want to look good.

    The Confederate soldiers were uniformed and organized.

    A lesson on OPTICS (uniformity). In the first battle of the Civil War spectators watched on the sidelines to see a rowdy band of rebels get their butts whipped, but Southerners showed up in uniform and we’re organized. The spectators stopped eating their picnic lunches when the Yankee army had to flee an overwhelming attack.

    • WHO hasn’t had their Twitter account suspended, at least temporarily?

      Even basic bitch Conservatives like Milo and Robert Stacy McCain are permanently banned.

      Paul Kersey and Richard Spencer have got temporary bans, and I don’t see any instances where they break the rules.

  12. I think we need a White Flag. Not a flag of surrender, but one Flag to unite our Race. We can have one over arching design .We can make modifications; one symbol for the White Race, and then add a letter – “S” for Southern or “D” for Dixie, “Y” for Yankee, “E” for English, etc. We need to think of ourselves as a Race, first.

    • I was thinking of a flag featuring a big swazi with a grinning skull in the center of it and some SS lightning bolts on both sides. Or would that be too subtle?

  13. Hunter is trying to figure out a path, but his learning curve is in books and theory.

    In the real world things are not theoretical. As far as the South gaining independence? That would take a miracle. What is most likely to happen is that the South will be engulfed with foreigners who will out breed the natives.

    The invaders also have, in their minds, a good reason to occupy. And to them it is not theoretical. It just is. I don’t think essays such as this are productive anymore. We understand what is going on, and it doesn’t sit well with any of us. I’d like to read solutions or ridicule. Long winded essays are just views.

    If this is to be won, a strategic plan would have to be discussed. Navel gazing essays are interesting to read, but not much else. Staying on the path of explaining our situation won’t change anything.

    • Ronnie, if I could upvote your excellent comment, I would. We all know what is going on. We need STRATEGIC PLANS. No more pseudo-intellectual essays.

  14. “1.) I have a background in political science. I apologize if some of you are unable to follow along. This discussion does get somewhat academic!”

    Really? A BA in Poly Sci? as a STEM guy , I could be pardoned for eyerolling here.

    I get that you are dismissive of the concerns about Optics. We don’t share congruence on the definition of who is the Alt-Right, mine is broader than yours, though I am Alt-West and Nationalist.

    I think the main point about Optics is not to convince the normies to become Alt-Right, or move right into the harder-corners of it; rather the main point (as I caution my children) is to Not Scare the Normies! Scaring the Normies into the arms of the globalist left will make things much more difficult. To be fair, most normie people, if given a hard choice between antifa and so-called “Nazis” would come down against the smelly sissy boys in black all day long. That being said playing into the current narrative by nazi-larping isn’t making things any easier, and may in fact delay the arrival of the time when normies feel safe to “make up their minds”.

    It’s an unforced error, in other words. Try not to make active enemies of the unconvinced unless and until necessary.

    The other point you make, and where you and I really part ways: collectivism.

    The dark times are coming, and I am not going to do the dark things that need to be done: fighting against the satanic globalist/collectivist left, only to willingly slip my wrists into the shackles of a new right collectivist order of Hunter Wallace’s design. I will defer until that day arrives, though.

    I think you lay more blame on what you consider the antithesis of collectivist Utopia for the current Mess we have inherited, rather than where it belongs: almost two centuries of weaponized Marxist humanist poison coring our culture. You’re looking at the steaming human roadkill on the highway and assigning too much blame upon the make of the vehicle: truck, SUV, muscle car…rather than blaming the driver who aimed, hit, and then backed over the victim, imho.

    My key is always looking ahead:. What then are we fighting for? How the does your proposed replacement actually work? What does the actual governance of post-postmodern America(s) look like in practice. How do you harness your “collectivism” without aping Yankee Puritanism or Modern day Feudalism?

  15. We need to be fluid in are tactics with a quick strike guerrilla tactic that keeps the msm constantly putting out fires and looking ridiculous in the process. Look at what writing Trump in chalk or Pepe face on campuses did. It is hard to target an invisible force. The main message should be about white genocide.

  16. Looks are important but the largest gain in tactics we could possibly get are to change the voting laws. We should only have qualified voters. We should only have legal voters and all ballots should be guaranteed against tampering. We should have in the States a regional house or Senate chamber,(this was the way it was before the courts stepped in in most States), that is like the Senate in the Congress to protect the minority(us) and stop the cities from controlling everything in the States.They should be able to read and other qualifications could be added if necessary. If we don’t do this we will be outnumbered. These things can all be done but not without conflict with the Judiciary. They have ruled that anyone can vote but that can be changed and if necessary the Judiciary can be told what they can rule on with just a majority of votes in the House and Senate. The Legislature decides, per the Constitution, what the cases the Judges can take. The House and Senate could also decide not to accept any Representatives from districts or States with fraudulent voting, (I think they can do this).

  17. “Mr. Frosty asks:

    Where the hell are all the creative people in the alt-right? The 60’s social/communist revolution went smoothly because it was entertaining. We need art and entertainment to grow our numbers, not hundreds of pages of Amren racial data.”

    I respond:

    I agree. That’s why we have been working with the great nationalist artist Farstar to publish very funny, straight to the heart comics that present our side in a funny, straight to the gut, straight to the heart way.

    Did you see some, all of these? Please share and consider investing some time and $ in our/Farstar’s great work.



  18. 8 percent of the population is 26 million people. Assuming these supporters are non-Hispanic Whites, that is roughly 13 percent of White America.

    I’m not sure you can assume that. Go to http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/articles/new-poll-some-americans-express-troubling-racial-attitudes-even-as-majority-oppose-white-supremacists/ and download the excel datafile, where the results are disaggregated by race (and other variables).

    You’ll see, for instance, that 30% of hispanics agreed or strongly agreed that America must preserve its European heritage. Similarly, in this poll, 9% of hispanics and 6% of blacks support the alt right compared to 5% of whites. Hell, 8% of blacks supported neo-nazism (!) compared to 4% of whites.

  19. The dark times are coming, and I am not going to do the dark things that need to be done: fighting against the satanic globalist/collectivist left, only to willingly slip my wrists into the shackles of a new right collectivist order of Hunter Wallace’s design. I will defer until that day arrives, though.

    Any time I hear someone wailing about “collectivism,” I know I am dealing with cult-like levels of cluelessness.

    I take hear from the evidence that, with some effort, a complete recovery is possible.

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