Nationalist Front To Host White Lives Matter Rally In Middle Tennessee

The League of the South and its Nationalist Front allies will be hosting a White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, TN on October 28th.

The purpose of this rally will be to protest the ongoing problem of refugee resettlement in Middle Tennessee and to draw attention to the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch and the way this explosive story has been buried by the national media. The tragic events in Antioch, which was retaliation for the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, illustrated that the national media only cares about pushing its false narrative of White racism and black victimhood.

We also want to express our anger at the Trump administration which recently took Sudan off the travel ban list the day of the Antioch church shooting. It also followed up by announcing an “America First Refugee Program” which means dumping 45,000 refugees a year in places like Middle Tennessee while not saying a word when a Sudanese refugee who failed to assimilate goes on a rampage. The Trump administration has also failed to build the border wall and is working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to pass a new version of the DREAM Act amnesty.

While politicians congratulate themselves for being “humane” and “responsible,” we have witnessed an escalation of hideous attacks all over the world. In Chattanooga, the jihadist Mohammad Abdulazeez launched a terrorist attack on two US military installations in 2015. In St. Cloud, MN, the Somali refugee Dahir Adan attacked nine people with a knife at a mall. Two months later, the Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Arta attacked eleven people with a car and a knife on the campus of Ohio State University. We’ve seen acid attacks in the UK and France, a Somali refugee launch a car attack in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, two women stabbed to death with a butcher knife in Marseille, France and even a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

In 2013, the League of the South came to Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, TN to warn the public about the consequences of refugee resettlement, mass immigration, multiculturalism, political correctness and terrorism and how this curse would haunt the region. It is worth reflecting on the ocean of blood that has been spilled all over the world since then by refugees and immigrants who have failed to assimilate. In fact, we were already planning to return to Middle Tennessee to hold a rally about this before Emanuel Samson launched his attack on the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ.

This Nationalist Front event in Middle Tennessee will include:

– A public rally for everyone who wants to attend who supports our message that White Lives Matter and that the national media has neglected the Emanuel Samson church shooting.

– A private event closed to the public where nationalists can get to know each other better. The location will be announced either the day of the event or the day before.

There are also more events and activities in the works which we aren’t in a position to announce at this time. Mark your calendars for October 28. We hope to see you in Tennessee.

Note: If you would like to speak at this event or your group is interested in participating, send me an email at

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  1. When HW says he is going to do something he means it. He is a man of his word. The same goes for Dr. Hill. Central TN is a great location for a pro-White/ pro-South rally. I feel optimistic about the success of this event.

      • No, because that would be intellectually dishonest.

        “I think, therefore I am racist”.
        – Justin Timberlake

        • All that are for this rally we’re not gonna have that shit I’m a beautiful black woman thinks all this white power all the shit is stupid than hell period you all are mixed with something stupid 99 percent of the crime is white people killing so did mis my people with that shit the new generation ain’t going bitches

    • Y’all been killing blacks for years, hanging and raping and selling our black women and men and children,y’all Need to stay the hell out of Shelbyville we all mixed here now. And look at some of your ancestors some of them were part black and Indian so go sit down some damn where

      • Basicly it’s ok for BLM or ANTIFA to hold a protest but not any other groups? I think you all are stupid! Quit bitchen about everyone else and make yourselves useful citizens!

        • Y’all a dumb peice of shit.yall gone get dealt with we not scared of y’all white ass no more even the white people in this town hate y’all ass

  2. If white lives mattered so much to yall; then shouldn’t yall be protesting the Las Vegas massacre as well as the TN church shooting, but keep on criticizing BLM for not protesting black-on-black violence…

    • We will probably never know the truth about Las Vegas, but unless a Muslim connection is established (not likely) it is most likely a random White guy with plenty of money who just went over the edge over a period of time just long enough for him to put together his plan and his equipment. The thing with Blacks and other imported shit birds is a long term systematic process.

      As for BLM not criticizing black on black violence, who really cares as long as the crossfire is confined to the hood?

      • >most likely a random White guy with plenty of money who just went over the edge
        nice try FBI shill

        “Real life detective here.

        Wanna know what happened?

        It was an arms deal gone bad. The stooge who was found dead in the room was clearly an undercover arms dealer running guns to domestic terrorist groups so the FBI, or CIA, almost certainly the FBI with how sloppy this was, could track/leverage/incriminate whatever the hell they want to do with that specific buyer.

        It was probably Mossad, or potentially ISIS, representatives who got wind of the setup [from what we see it’s sooner say the massacre itself was premeditated not an on-the-spot fabrication]. It turned sour and the undercover man was killed. The reason for the shooting was the same reason the guns were there; The only way they were walking out of that hotel without being dragged into a van, or without entering into a firefight themselves, was if they made it appear to be a lone wolf mass shooting. Because the FBI would have no problem entering into a firefight with them, but they’d sure have a difficult time explaining why 13 armed agents stormed the lone wolf crazed gunman’s hotel room 5 minutes after he started shooting.

        The potential for the real shooters to shoot back in their escape from the building would be enough to incriminate the FBI as having been involved.

        So they had to let them walk, and pin it on the undercover agent.

        There. Mystery solved. “- anon

        Also you had an LVMPD anon officer saying the FBI was determined to seal this up because it would come out that they’re dealing arms to Mossad/ISIS in the country but they have footage of this entrapment asset/undercover patsy running gun deals back to 2015. The gun deal was being filmed, FBI has the footage.

        “Reminder: it was Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence who “found” the ISIS social media taking credit for the shootings. Katz is not only Jewish, but her dad was killed by the Bathe regime in Iraq for being Mossad. Her father has two statues in honor in Israel. Katz always claims to have “access” to Islamic radical social media. She’s the one who “found” the bin Laden recordings and audio after 9/11. She was getting paid by neocons the entire time. I even read her dumbass book Terrorist Hunter.

        ISIS is a facade. Anything can be blamed on them anywhere for any purpose. I suspect Paddock’s GF has connections to this. Paddock may have been dealing arms to deep cover, or even awaiting a middleman. He may have had half-knowledge and got [murdered].

        I also read Paddock may have reserved a room in Sept during a concert. But point being, don’t believe ISIS ever takes credit for things. It’s always Rita Katz. Bookmark her Twitter. It’s insane. She gives alphabets plausible deniability.

        • Interesting that you’re choosing to believe an anonymous source from 4chan instead of thinking about how ridiculous it is that the FBI would meet ISIS for an arms deal in a luxury penthouse in Las Vegas, or acknowledging that police body cam footage from the event contradicts the idea that there was anyone in the hotel room besides Paddock.

    • @El (((chappoberstein))) Hey nigger – we say what we want to say. Run along and give your bubby her bath. She’ll cut off your shekels is you don’t.

    • The suspicion is that shooter might be a believer in the multicultural and Multiracial society you fetishize.

  3. The utterly useless and worthless elites of every Western nation on earth always want to attack the symptoms of something, never the cause. If a Somalian refugee is raping women then don’t deport him…..teach him that in our culture we don’t do that sort of thing…
    Also-gun control, limiting free speech and civil liberties-usually ours- and holding terror suspects for longer periods- none of this will achieve a fucking thing. The West will still have terror attacks and racial strife in five years….but Japan won’t.
    Removing third world immigrants-legal and illegal, sorting out the JQ, and forced removals of blacks back to Africa will solve 95% of the problems.
    In Australia, there was a huge crackdown on gun control after Port Arthur. Predictably, only honest gun owners handed their weaponry in. The crims remained armed up.

  4. “While politicians congratulate themselves for being “humane” and “responsible,” we have witnessed an escalation of hideous attacks all over the world. In Chattanooga, the jihadist Mohammad Abdulazeez launched a terrorist attack on two US military installations in 2015. In St. Cloud, MN, the Somali refugee Dahir Adan attacked nine people with a knife at a mall. Two months later, the Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Arta attacked eleven people with a car and a knife on the campus of Ohio State University. We’ve seen acid attacks in the UK and France, a Somali refugee launch a car attack in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, two women stabbed to death with a butcher knife in Marseille, France and even a suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.”

    You left out the 68 IQ Somali cop who shot to death an unarmed Australian new age Libtard White woman dressed in a night gown (Klan robes) in Lake Woe-Be-Gone, Minnesota.

  5. I will point out something that people need to know about the Churches of Christ, I being a life long member of them. They are among the most conservative of churches, but don’t generally do public protests of any kind. Each congregation is lead by its own elders, and there is no greater church hierarchy controlling anything for all churches. They are intensely anti-abortion, but do not do public protests for instance. The reasons for this go back to the Civil War in places like Kentucky where congregations had both Northern supporters, and southern supporters in the same congregations. To prevent outright infighting in church they did not involve themselves in political matters much. Its stayed that way ever since. It will be interesting to see their reaction to this. They will agree with you, but might not say much publicly about it. It will be interesting for me, especially to see how they think about this. The back story does get around the other congergations eventually.

    • Also grew up COC and agree with your statement. Not a loud bunch, and a bit shellshocked at how much they are in decline from their heights in the fifties, in which they were the fastest growing Christian group.

      • The COC are in decline because they’re a bunch of cowards.

        Doesn’t one of the Duck Dynasty families have an adopted nigger kid, too, like all the other Christards in the Current Year?

        • Is it possible for your to support your race without hating non Whites? Please try, even if you have to pretend. You will have more success if you can support Whites without being so obviously hateful to non Whites. Disagree with adopting Black kids, fine, but why use the N word?

          • By the way,we’re never going to get mainstream support for any idea that is intended to create a positive effect for White people,even in so far as simply making sure they are not physically exterminated.Because that’s exactly what our opponents want to do and people in the middle are either far too retarded to grasp that idea or so cowardly that they will pretend they don’t while passively allowing it to happen.The whole time going “What White Genocide?I don’t see what you’re talking about!”Our movement is,by definition,revolutionary.The majority will agree with us when we do what the forces we are fighting did to get the majority to “agree” on the issue of integrated schools from within the halls of power.That is the only way the White race sees the next century.


    Good luck to the rally organizers.

    I think most people do not want all this African scum brought into the US, but the Judaists have been bribing the politicians.


    Because the Judaists are a gutter people, of a gutter religion, and they hope that you will TOLERATE the African scum so much, and so you will tolerate the most gutter people–the Judaists.

    I had hoped that these Jewish barbarians would be civilized by now, given our scientific advances, but they continue to wallow in negrophilia and coprophilia.

    Most great writers have been revulsed by the Judaists. Eg.

    Voltaire on the Jews: ”You have surpassed all nations in impertinent fables, in bad conduct and in barbarism. You deserve to be punished, for this is your destiny.”

    “The Jews are the most hateful and the most shameful of the small nations.” (Voltaire, God and His Men)

  7. Duck Dynasty Guys are the most political members of this denomination I ever saw, and they only by accident, more or less. Like I said, it will be interesting to me what their reaction is.

    • We (League of the South) did very well in our protests against Tyson Foods dumping low wage worker, Somalian Muslim bantus in Middle Tennessee a few years back (Time Flies). The Locals were very supportive.

      I would like to assist with press and public relations on this protest.

      I recommend paid media and earned media.

      Last time I took out a huge billboard on the roadside and did a full page advert in a local Conservative newspaper.

    • Richard Spencer, the crypto-Jewish faggot miscegenation-promoter.

      Exhibit A why I cannot stand the Alt-Kike.

      • You are revealing the Confederate/Nazi split here. You are certainly not the only one that feels this way. There is something basically culturally different about people in the south and those that live in snow half the year. Roy Moore has very little appeal even to white nationalists outside the south but most were happy to see him elected over the establishment cuck he ran against. Spencer probably would have been a University professor if that were not closed to him. He comes across well to Europeans I think also. Anyway, I think there needs to be a truce here and an understanding that there are two camps involved with roughly the same goals.

        • Hans – while I do agree with you regarding the need for unity, I’ve had VERY major concerns for years about Spencer and his

          -relentless faggotry;
          -subversion of White America via the anti-White Bolshevik cult of Duginism;
          -crypto-Jewish maternal racial heritage, which he attempts to hide, minimize and downplay;
          -and finally, his now-permanent lifelong commitment to racial miscegenation, via his aggressively communist non-White wife and non-White daughter. His wife Nina, who is an aggressive Bolshevik, is not White Slavic Russian at all, but some weird Tartar (sp?) Mongol.

          And when Spencer says he talks to Bill Regnery ‘every other day’ – what is it, exactly, that they’re talking about?

          I’m the daughter of a psychoanalyst, so I’ve been exposed to the subversive pseudo-intellectual poison of critical theory (Marcuse, Adorno, Wilhelm Reich, Frankfurt School, Fabian Socialism, Edward Bernays, etc., etc., etc.) my WHOLE LIFE. As a result, I have rabbi-like Jewdar and ZERO tolerance for Spencer’s crypto subversion.

          • There’s nothing that develops the JEWDAR like having to deal with Jews, which to me are the most amoral, unpleasant, hateful, self-aggrandizing, demanding, paranoid and tyrannical sorts that can be inflicted upon others. They are like Lucifer in how their inner ugliness is often reflected in their physical ugliness.

          • She looks like a Rooski to me. One of the darker Slavic types, sure, but Tartars don’t look anything like that. They are pretty much straight Oriental.

            Note that pretty much ALL Russians have a little bit of Eastern blood in them. Check out Putin’s eyes sometime, for example.

    • Denise- how do you have so much free time to be always commenting on this site, and attending WN rallies… you better get a job before Trump takes YOUR EBT card

        • Right… since my parents (both of whom are retired math teachers) made a too much to qualify, as well as my salary as a paralegal disqualifies me as well. I would like to take a minute to thank college “niggerball” for the scholarship that helped me (and my dad) EARN my degree, get a job that I love, and make enough money to live a more fufilling life than most of yall do…. I’d rather be a nigger than a peasant…PEASANT!

          • I realize you’re trying to come across as a big-brained nibba here,but White Nationalists have actually been surveyed before and the majority of them have a higher degree than most Whites,let alone a movin’ on up Jefferson nigger such as yourself.You,a nigger who went to college,are part of a self-selected extreme minority among niggers.We,White Nationalists,are ALSO a self-selected high-achieving group.However,even those among our broader racial group who DO have problems do better than most of those in your self-selected high-achieving group.We do even better than the MOST successful among your self-selected big-brained nibba clique.The welfare thing is proof that even the smartest niggers are fucking retards.It is impossible for niggers to understand the idea that it would be statistically MONUMENTAL, almost impossible,for Whites to use less welfare overall than niggers,since there are 5 times as many Whites in the country as niggers.However,the RATE at which a member of each group is more likely to be on welfare,is like 5-8 times higher for blacks.In other words,if the current rate of welfare were maintained,with each group using it at the same rates as today,but the percentage of the overall population that niggers make up were increased by just 10% and the percentage of the population that is White lowered by the same amount,the program would be completely insolvent, as there are three niggers taking welfare for every nigger paying in.The statistic for Whites is the reverse.Although there are more poor Whites in America than the total number of niggers because there are 5 times as many Whites as niggers in the country and about a little over a quarter of Whites qualify for the program,roughly 3-4 Whites pay in for every White who takes out.

          • To the (((El Chapo))) troll – even destitute Whites with a needle in their arm are infinitely and cosmically racially superior (in mind, body and soul) to the subhuman, base-instinct orcs (kikes, niggers and bean-people).

            No one here would EVER, EVER, EVER trade places with (((Zuckerberg))) or any of their useful idiot niggerball players. We don’t care about ZOGbucks, because we’re not soulless Jews!

            Oh, and you’re picking a fight with the wrong woman – Denise is this site’s resident ‘Oven Mistress’ and lifelong enemy (as we all are) of Jack Ryan-type shabbos goys and cucks.

            You’ve been warned.

  8. Reposted from last year…

    “While white folks are out wasting money at rallies, conferences and parades, the bankers and the carpetbaggers are buying up our ancestral land at probate sales, tax sales and foreclosure sales.

    I was at three tax sales this past spring. All three sales were frequented by two rat faced kikes who bought up almost of the property. One spent at least 100K.

    So maybe some of these white men should pool their money and start showing up at tax sales, probate sales and foreclosure auctions and selling those properties to white Southeners. This is how we keep our land white.”

  9. Superb sire … SUPERB ! THIS is the kind of thing that will get you $upport and help usher in an all white south. Be careful not to “heil” anyone while demonstrating 🙂 which would be like shooting yourself in the foot.
    PLAN this carefully. CAREFULLY !!! Get all the media you can out there and ask “WHY NO MEDIA COVERAGE FOR THIS MONKEY YET NON STOP COVERAGE FOR ROOF ?”
    Be careful not to allow the city / county / sheriff to dare get away with SETTING YOU UP LIKE IN SC !!!
    Think of other ways you can get donations for this. I don’t know if the pansys at gofundme or kickstarter etc would approve a campaign but try everything.

  10. Won’t be able to make it to this event as unfortunately I can’t get off work, but I hope the rest of you have a good time out there.

    • @Solidus,
      Yes my daughter would likely be good at dealing with JW’s and Mormons! I must warn though….she’s Australian and doesn’t want to relocate…..but I’d still like her to relocate from under my feet!

        • @Spahn,
          Let us know when you arrive. She enjoys reading, fishing, cycling and bushwalking.
          Don’t come in summer though- the heat makes her cranky!

          • John – what’s bushwalking? And does it involve koalas? I would love to hear about rural Aussie life, it sounds amazing. I know so little about Oz outside of (this is very American and retarded) Steve Irwin. Post more about it, please!

      • Well then that makes it all moot, as I can’t really help you from an ocean away, hahaha. But I’m sure there is someone much closer that can be of assistance…

  11. Can you racist idiots at least try not to kill anyone this time around? Better yet, just stay home and jerk off to pictures of Hitler or whatever instead.

  12. I’d really like to attend this event, but only if madam, gg and the Cap’n are going. I hope Onceler won’t be there. Probably not, because state hospitals usually dont issue weekend passes for their inmates.

    • You place yourself in the company of the same ‘concerned’ who for a time employed Ed Fagan, the infamous Holohoax hustler from NJ and who were best friends for 20 years with a well known jewish feminist and her jewish husband from same, among a host of other jews and shabbos goys.

      Thanks for revealing your allegiances.

      For those interested, Carolyn Yeager did some excellent work this past summer forensically auditing the jews in a famous NJ hotspot, Ocean County. It is in that county that the Stasi State has been most established, to the best of my knowledge. It’s overwhelming majority working class white and one of the poorest counties in the richest communist state in the country.

      Here’s how it’s been set up so far –

      As part of the medical industrial complex, the corporation with the shittier hospital in some area (like Ocean, home of Atlantic City on the coast, that’s mostly non-urban and therefore not that densely populated) sets up a psych ward in the county seat. They make it half way palatable, with pretty cool food and decent digs. In Ocean this hospital exists not that far from one of the best in the state (and therefore the country given NJ’s standards) located north and east where the rich and pampered (like Bruce Springsteen and many jews) call home. The same corporation owns a ‘top’ hospital in northern NJ, but in Ocean its subsidiary can’t compete with the likes of Jersey Shore Medical Center.

      So it sets up a psych floor that draws cash cows from all over the county, as the local townie hospitals set up sections in their ER’s devoted to ‘psychiatric screenings.’ They’re basically holding tanks. The county seat’s hospital with the actual psych floor sends their first line commissars around to these ER’s to ‘screen’ inmates in these ER’s. They get access to the insurance information these local hospitals have already acquired from the various drunks, druggies and assorted miscreants who the cops, usually, dropped off there at the behest of whoever – family members, roommates, supposed friends, etc.

      Many of these people have union insurance plans, either for the member, spouse or adult child who under COBRA gets coverage for several years. Those pay pretty well for ‘inpatient treatment’ that requires no overhead; a psych floor will hire mere high school graduates for much of the ‘therapy,’ often junior college credits are awarded to psychology majors interning at such a shit hospital. One ‘doctor’ presides and prescribes so his salary represents most of the cost for the corporation. Since ‘medical care’ doesn’t involve any expensive machines or equipment or maintenance, the only other output might be one LPN on duty per shift – and drugs.

      For a poor hospital the profits are excellent. Union and other private insurance plans pay a lot and Medicaid or in some cases Medicare pays for the rest (which also nets a nice profit). Such racketeering helps keep crappy hospitals and their parent corporations afloat.

      I personally was encouraged by a cop dispatcher type in the county to report – ANONYMOUSLY – a friend with a drug addiction. The process through which ‘disease’ is adjudicated is that Stasi. There is no guaranteed defense mechanisms for the accused, as it were, to add input from friends, etc., who disagree with whatever power-tripper railroaded them. The screeners alone decide whose input to solicit and weight. The cops serve as the corporation’s (in the ER’s) security enforcers even coming into the ER’s to restrain whoever pissed off the nurse or cop who arrested them. Of course, the same cops refused to investigate when I reported, with evidence, that friend for prescription opiate drug purchasing and dealing. That would have cost the Pharma CEO’s and junk scientist sinecures, hospital lobby, middle class commissars and endless lower end overpaid bureaucrats and lazy unions their entire Ponzi scheme racket. Add to the potential casualties the bored cops who look for ‘criminal disease’ to try to justify the absurd salaries the jews trick us into paying them to enforce this Big Brother Nanny State.

      In Ocean there are no homeless shelters, either. The jews in large towns like Lakewood managed to get built luxury Section 8 type housing complexes with state and county monies that only jews can inhabit, among other various scams. So the drive to warehouse the poor, the homeless, and especially the alcohol and drug dependent is intense. These goy waste products of their parasitic usurious system need to be chemically lobotomized, coming and going, and dispatched of.

      The white middle/working class is paying for its own displacement, enslavement and extinction.

      NJ was a jew Dutch East India Company occupied state from its inception. The Constitution was entirely torn up by the early 1980’s. So no one really cares since they never had rights to begin with, and most taxpayers don’t realize what’s going on.

      But don’t think NJ’s communism isn’t coming to a state near you. (((They’re))) building the infrastructure as we type. Even NJ’s system is about to become a widespread Hell only few who get sucked into it have fully countenanced.

      Look up Carolyn Yeager’s exposes on Lakewood, NJ in Ocean County and watch Renegade’s latest video ‘America’s Manufactured Opiate Crisis.’ Put the two together and you have the outlines of the Stasi State.

  13. @ Goy Godless- Shove your “warning” up your ass… PEASANTS don’t scare me. If you’re so “superior”; then you’d have something better to do than spending the last 7 years in the comments section of this website spewing hate?

    • LOL! This retarded hasbara troll, with the screenname of a mestizo criminal sociopath he no doubt idolizes, actually thinks he’s somehow going to demoralize…someone? Me? Denise?! You’re obviously out of luck, (lol again), and now you’re late for your Chabad meeting. Shamble off, the rabbi’s calling

      • Goy,
        Bushwalking is what you may call hiking? Just walking through bush or open country away from civilization and enjoying the scenery and getting some exercise at the same time. Usually you can admire birds or other wildlife.
        Rural Australia would really appeal to you- full of men in cowboy hats who work hard and wave to you in the car…even if they’ve never met you. Plenty of farms, rivers, open space and sunshine. The country towns are charming
        and friendly. The people are laid back and a little unsophisticated. Rural Australia is possibly simular to Texas or parts of your South with scenery and culture, but without much of the racial and social strife as non whites tend to stick to the coastal cities.
        If you move to Australia, you will feel like you’re somewhere new, but remotely familiar as well. If America becomes unbearable, Oz is calling.

        • @john: Now I think I know where I’d like to retire…the Outback! Is Alice Springs a nice town?

          • @Spahn,
            I’ve never actually been to the Northern Territory but it is very pretty after a good dose of rain. I’d avoid Alice Springs as its full of Aborigines who sit around doing nothing but drink and trash the place….despite claims of a ‘special connection’ to the land. Rural NSW, Victoria or South Australia is nice, or Tasmania.
            Australian country life is rewarding, but research is vital before committing. Southern NSW where I am is largely white, trouble free and has a feel not unlike anywhere in rural America. I’m near Barellan, NSW. Look it up- you’ll see what I mean. I’ve lived there all my life.

      • Lol @ you Goy Godless. You’re just a just a disgruntled peasant that’s mad because your peers all hauled-ass past you in the track-meet of life, you have nothing positive to contribute to society; so you just try to thrive off the fact that you’re the same color of “the owners” to make yourself feel better in your own head (like most WNs)…

  14. I want to add on here that I write mostly to inform and get out the truth.

    Marcus Cicero’s ‘jokes’ featuring developmentally disabled people disgust me and don’t deserve reaction. Since spawnofraunch decided to drag me, once again, into the discussion I felt compelled to fill out the record, but overall I don’t consider his level of ‘discourse’ worthy of my people.

    • Onceler: Down with teh cisgender patriarchy, problem glasses, purple hair, lots of cats, lots of risperidone….LOTS OF DADDY ISSUES.

      Guys, keep the fuck away from that dumpster fire.

      • As if you’re really going to convince the likes of ‘gg’ that an anglo woman who bests your sandnigger people on, well, everything, is ‘diseased’ because when your mediterranean barbarity gets you nowhere you sic a black on me. Your whole Judeo-Roman science-challenged Third World joke of a culture can’t keep following me and Goy Goddess everywhere, using whatever tactic and proxy you irrationally think might fool us. We generally ignore you not because we’re duped but because you’re beneath us, shortie.

        Maybe I should stick around for the lulz.

        The germanics kicked your fat midget asses out of mainland Europe. Go tell your buddy Jared we’re about to do it again, once and for ALL.

  15. People keep saying “no swastikas” “no heils” like something is wrong with these symbols. I will accept that these symbols are less meaningful to Americans, but heils are how older Americans used to salute the American flag. Swastikas is a symbol of peace.

    So essentially you people are saying, no symbols of peace and American allegiance. Who are the hatemongers now?

    • even AA do not want them on rallys! They are metapolitically very useful on the internet and Hitler was 100% right about everything but to wear swastikas on a rally is just stupid. You hurting the movement. Why would (((you))) or (((anybody))) wanna do that?

      • I disagree it hurts the movement.

        Uniformity (optics) are desired. The reason we gained the people’s support after all the negative media narrative at Charlottesville-we marched in there orderly, followed the law, and looked moderately uniform. The communists did not, and they lost support.

        Optics do matter to those who want to win. Not so much for communists.

        Back to the swastika, we don’t have to adopt that, BUT we definitely need to get away from the Confederate flag. It’s antiquated, will not attract the younger disenfranchised we need, and groups that push the Confederate flag are pushing us away! So if you are so down on these WW2 symbols that are more relevant to people today, WHAT IS YOUR SOLUTION????

        P.s. just saying “it’s suicide” ain’t an answer.

        • i think that the confederate flag is less hurting then a swastika and personally i just love the confederate flag. But you may have a point when you say that it does not look good to younger goys. I think people should be allowed to bring what they want but seriously must get rid of the swastikas on rallys. The black and white of LOTS is great and those Evropa people allways look good, too.
          I like those guys here(, too.

          • @Fork
            Referencing the video. I love the khaki, but white is a bad color to use in a march for two reasons. One it blends in with surroundings and it is a color many people recreationally wear. Hitler said it just isn’t a strong color (along with black), and I tend to agree. Two, I got hit by a pink goop concoction in Charlottesville, that would destroy a white shirt. We do not want to look overly tattered by the end of a rally.
            I don’t like their masks, I can see some functional use for the masks though, but we don’t want to look like the communists.

  16. Prior to WWII the Fasces and the Swazi were commonly seen throughout America. Even the US Army’s 45th Infantry Division used the crooked cross as its symbol. And like the gent above has already observed the Roman salute was used by American schoolchildren to pledge allegiance to the American flag. As far as Anglin is concerned his opinions are just that – opinions. He is not Unser Fuhrer.

  17. Yes there is another “suicide comment”

    And that bigot Trump will NEVER get elected…..


  18. I recommend long sleeve tan button up dress shirts and less flags. (Charlottesville we had way too many flags)
    Ban swastikas, but also ban Confederate flags. The current league flag should be our unifying flag.

    Then let’s see where this goes

  19. For the Blacks don’t forget whites were enslaved ages before blacks and for more than 300 years, for the whites there is only one supreme being and that is God himself, for the immigrants welcome to America and please do try to enjoy your freedom that we vets have provided you and respect the fact that we only welcome you if you pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America!

    Now for everyone who is reading this right now, God gave you a gift of life, he has given you a short time to do with this gift as you will, you will at some point be judged for what you have done with this gift so some friendly advice try to not waste his gift to you, there is so much more you can do than moan and groan and hate! Try to find some meaning in his gift why of all things did God let you have life? Your alive for some reason and I can assure you it’s not squabble over some stupid thing you don’t like about someone else!

    Great things will never come from negative ideologies or actions but if each one of you was to attempt to try and do great things together then a goal could be achieved greater than you could ever dream of!

    If you think you have time to waste demonstrating how much you hate something or someone then tell me exactly how much do you really enjoy your life?

    • Well you just go right ahead, personally I think you all are stupid black panthers BLM ANTIFA WLM Nazis all of you! Quit fighting each other and make Government accountable instead of fighting each other! All sides and all groups are racist period, your not making a difference your being laughed at!

  20. When you come here be prepared and be safe. Our site to gather is somewhat cornered in. And i am confused on out of town protesters parking. They mentioned two black neighborhood schools for counter protesters but not much for protesters. I do know they are making a big deal about parking and towing cars at owners expience. The city here sure loves free money. $200+ if they have it towed. $200 city gets the extra will be tow bill and daily storage. So please come show my fellow Shelbyvillians white lives matter. However be prepared, be safe, and park right. Dont allow them to make money off of any of you guys. See you there.

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