OD Classic – False Nationalists, False Christs

False French Nationalist Nicolas Sarkozy
False French Nationalist Nicolas Sarkozy

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; in so much that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”
– Matthew 24:24 (King James Version)

So many American Southern separatists, race realists, Alt Right populists are thoroughly disgusted with the political and cultural powers that be in the USA and the European Union. Anything looks better – but like “A drowning man will clutch at a straw”, too many of our people fall for false independence movements like the recent Catalan independence from Spain vote.

Occidental Dissent readers should be familiar with the multitude of fake conservative, patriot, and “Christian” movements, organizations, and leaders in the United States.

From the “neoconservatives” to the Christian Zionists to the Rainbow Confederates, all kinds of movements target regular White Americans and pretend to be on our side, but nefariously work for an open borders immigration policy for hostile aliens or endless foreign wars for foreign interests like Israel. One year they have us fighting expensive foreign wars against secular Arabs in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. A few years later, it’s drone attacks and expensive new wars for the Kurds or for the handful of remaining secular Arabs against Islamic extremists.

The main argument of the neoconservative warmongers are using now goes something like this: “We must fight these terrible Islamic extremists in the Middle East, ISIS, before they launch  terrible terrorist attacks in the United States.”

Or – we have to stop Syria’s Assad and Vladimir Putin, because they are just like Hitler.

Real conservatives and nationalists argue that we should just prevent the Islamic extremists from immigrating to the United States and other Western countries in the first place. We should start deporting those that are already here. OTOH, the fake conservatives and fake Christians always manage to see to it that we don’t control immigration, and we are slandered and marginalized as terrible, disreputable RACISTS.

Since our national governments and “mainstream” conservative organizations are so corrupt, a growing number of “our people” are looking to separate and form smaller independent nations where we are actually in control of things, and which will protect the legitimate rights of our people in our historic lands.

Many Southern Nationalists and real American conservatives looked with hope and inspiration to the Scottish independence movement, but Scotland’s vote to secede from Great Britain just went down to defeat.

Was it real Scottish nationalism that was defeated? No.

A closer examination of the Scottish independence program shows they wanted to secede from Britain to be ruled from Brussels by the European Union, and submit to EU dictates on finance, labor and even hate speech/thought crimes tribunals. On the live or die issue of mass immigration, the Scottish National Party favored leftwing Swedish policies. Yes, they basically were inviting the entire world, including the Islamic Third World, to move to Scotland and be recognized as Scots!

It seems these Scottish Nationalists wanted independence from the English, but “union” with 200 million Pakistani and Algerian Muslims! This strange clan of SINO – “Scotsmen in Name Only” – were 110% opposed to RACISM. Under the twisted dictates of Cultural Marxism, only Whites, especially English Whites can be racists.

What’s going on here? It is yet another example of false nationalists profiting off popular discontent with the status quo. It appears to be the same thing with the various fake conservative and Christian movements here in the United States. The US establishment, which is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and anti-secession, dresses up the same politically correct, welfare state, open borders immigration, internationalist program in a conservative, patriotic, Christian jingoist disguise.

The disguise is somewhat effective –  there is an implied “us” versus “them” – the “us” being ordinary, poor, White working class Scots against the “them” – evil, rich, middle class, conservative English – a historic enemy that goes way back in Scotland’s history. Under the flag of false nationalism (Ireland is another example), the enemy is always a perfectly healthy White European group, and never the nasty, child raping Pakistani Muslims, rioting negroes, black home invaders, diseased African refugees, or the Third World jihadists setting off explosions and beheading soldiers in the streets.

We’ve had quite a bit of this false nationalism in the United States over the century: corrupt elitists who wanted to go to war with Germany waved the US flag to fight the evil German Kaiser and avenge the German Huns cutting off the hands of Belgian babies, and so many of the same lies had us fighting another false patriotic World War against Germany and its allies in Finland, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary. As soon as the “Great Patriotic War” against Germany was over, we were ingulfed in another 60 year Cold War against our kinsmen the Russians (this includes two devastating hot wars against North Korea and North Vietnam), which culminated in the insanity of Reagan conservatives wasting the 1980s fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and Nicaragua, and arming nasty, cut throat jihadists.

How did that turn out for us in the long run? Not so good.

What’s the solution? The answer is real nationalism which promotes the legitimate interests of your own people while simultaneously being kind and fair to closely related groups of other White European people. Some of the most effective nationalists in Europe are doing just that right now, especially in France, Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe. There is very little or no hatred for Germans among nationalists in France and Putin’s Russia.

Putin’s Russia pursues sound immigration policies (inviting South African Boer farmers, discouraging, evicting Muslim illegals from the Caucuses) while implementing a common sense, pro-Russian foreign policy in the Middle East by backing secular Arab forces like Syria’s Assad over throat cutting, head chopping Islamic extremists who are raping, enslaving, and exterminating Christians.

But remember … above all, avoid false Christs, false saviors, and false flags. And guys… Mel Gibson’s Braveheart isn’t honest history. All White English people aren’t cruel, evil, racists and rapists of poor, oppressed Scots. Braveheart, Schindler’s List, D’jango Unchained  … that’s Hollywood stuff folks, not us.



    This is a good article and I agree with it overall.

    The most important thing for white survival is banning immigration and deporting all aliens. And no more wars for Israel.

    Whites must wake up, before it is too late.


    Jewish controlled govts. are:

    a. almost all in white nations, as Judaists can easily infiltrate white nations.
    b. Have representative democracy, so Judaists can bribe and blackmail politicians.

    Some countries have binding superseding national referenda, whereby people control immigration and other govt. policies themselves, and they do not have much of an immigration problem or the corrupt politics that Judaists cause.

    See the website of the National Citizen’s Initiative for Democracy at ncid in the us domain.

    Or we will keep getting false politicians.

  3. My ancestors fought with William Wallace so I’m obviously biased but I still think Braveheart is a good movie for nationalists despite the evil British bad guys trope.

  4. OD standing with International Jewry on Catalonia.

    This is no different than Ukraine, where folks stood against Putin because of the alleged “fascist” nature of Wolfsangel.

    The precedent for secession in the modern West is being set and so many in the alt right are opposed: false nationalists? More like group think and finger to the wind weakness.

  5. Scotland faces long term demographic decline. Immigration from the EU should be regarded as good for Scotland. The USA is a heterogeneous mix of Europeans …and…Yeah the blacks who have been there as long as the whites. It’s definitely their country too…

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