10 Signs You Are Racist?

The folks at Very Smart Brothas (who are apparently unable to correctly spell “brother”) suspect tens of millions of normal White people of being “racist” – an anti-White slur which basically means that you don’t hate your race. Here is their list of signs that you might be a “racist”:

  1. Patriotic and display lots of US flags.
  2. Drive a truck.
  3. Wear camo.
  4. Love dogs.
  5. Hate the NBA.
  6. Hunt.
  7. Eat at Cracker Barrel.
  8. Watch Sons of Anarchy.
  9. Live out in the country.
  10. Have a strong accent.

According to this list I am only 10% likely to be “racist.” I have a South Carolina flag at home and a small SN decal in my car but that is about it. I have no love for US symbols and do not display them. I am not a stereotypical redneck, I guess, because I don’t drive a truck, wear camo, like dogs or live in the country. And the two times in my life I ate at Cracker Barrel it made me sick so I am definitely not going back there. I have watched a couple episodes of Sons of Anarchy but found it boring and could not identify with any of the characters. I do loath the NBA and basketball in general now even though I played for my school team as a kid. Increasingly, I have little interest in sports because of the degenerates who dominate these games. So, I am a safe White person who is unlikely to be “racist,” right?

I don’t know if there is any sort of lesson to be learned here except that to Blacks (as one Black Multicultural Education professor told my class in college) all White people are “racist” and only White people can be “racist.” The list says far more about the negative way in which these Blacks view Whites than it does about the tens of millions of White people who are patriotic, drive trucks or like dogs – most of whom are just White and normal.

According to the list, how likely are you to be “racist”?

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  1. I had a professor in college that said anyone that made fun of an individual’s accent is the most ignorant of all people. Each accent is heritage/culturally relevant. This is not to say their lack of vocabulary but specifically their accent. It always stuck with me because as I have gone through life I have noticed a pattern. People that make fun of the way others talk always seem to act like they are superior to other humans.

  2. I AM racist. So that’s settled up front.

    (Going by that list, I’m 70% racist. I don’t eat at Cracker Barrel, I don’t watch Sons of Anarchy, and I don’t have a strong accent.)

      • nigger the day is coming, we are going to kill your women and children first. then you will be castrated and blinded before being burned alive.

      • Nobody is interested in your shit log. Typical “muh dik” from you brainless cretins. Get over yourself.

        Oh and I’m pretty racist I guess. I don’t eat at Cracker Barrel (rarely eat out as I don’t trust restaurant food), don’t watch any tv (hate Hymiewood), don’t really display US flags although I like and do display flags in general. Dogs are ok I guess, I don’t really want one but I like them and I’ve had ones I loved a lot. Not much of an accent really either. Everything else is pretty accurate though.

  3. Damn. The only thing I come close to on this list is the NBA, and actually I don’t even think about the NBA enough to hate it. I guess I need to work on this.

  4. That’s pretty much your archetypal TV redneck character. It figures that these low-IQ subhumans cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality.

  5. I respect the flag and like dogs (and all other animals)….so that’s about 1/2 each on the criteria, for a total of one point.

    Strangely enough, I’m still 100% sure I’m a racist.

    • Yeah, missed some. How about hating NFL and Hollywood, living in the Deep South, loving C&W music, belong to NRA, etc. In short, if you’re White you’re a “racist” and probably a Nazi too.

  6. Stumbled across your article, figured it for satire. Before finishing I jumped to the original article because again, I figured it for satire. All of that being said, the original article is ignorant, and you haven’t helped the masses steer away from this ignorance anymore than the original author did.

    The original article inadvertently does point out some issues that black people do struggle with, however a quick moment of thinking from the perspective of individuals outside of myself would quickly help me to understand that everyone (at least in America) deals with these issues? Black, Caucasian, Latino, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hungarian etc.

    The issue is “prejudgment” or prejudice. There is a very strong difference between racism and prejudice. At no point was the author of that article racist. He was being prejudice, which typical leads to racist behavior (i.e. Treating someone a specific way based on their skin).

    So what he’s admitting to, is in his personal experience this is what he’s learned racist individuals looks like. Sure to some extent he is right, but it’s foolish to lump every individual you see that likes any number of those things into the category or racist. Just the same as it’s foolish to do the same with Muslims, dark skinned folks, asians, Latinos, Hungarians etc.

    America (and much if the world) struggles with prejudice or “prejudgment”. We have an experience, see something reinforced in the news or tv/movies, and are taught by our elders qualities to prejudge other humans by. all the while lumping everyone who “fits the doscritpion into the same category.” Bang bang you’re dead.

    Sad world, we keep looking at each other as different.

    • @Ryan
      Your people…and yet you come to this forum to tell us we are perceiving it wrong. Lawls all around.

    • “Racist” is an anti-White hate slur used to intimidate and silence Whites objecting to White Genocide or proposing anything pro-White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    • Racism is a Communist Programming Term invented by French Communist Charles Malato in 1897 and popularized by Leon Trotsky in Bolshevik Russia. I DONT ANSWER TO KIKE COMMIE PROG TERMS. In fact they make me laugh!

    • How do you negotiate life without pre- judgement? The sum of our experience allows us to make calculations based on knowledge and experience and behave on our own best interest. Skin colour only enters into the calculation in so far as it wrapped around a group who do things typical of their group. There is not a single group in the world that does not recognise its own kind and hold others in some sort of wariness. It is survival. Until now, it seems.

    • We are different and I don’t give a shit how they see me. I can stand violent, whining blacks. I’m sick to death of them.

  7. Ryan – The question was a rhetorical one, and in typical normie behavior, you try to gloss over the created and predestined differences between races and ethnicities, in order to “answer” a question that doesn’t need an answer in the first place!

    It’s this type of myopic hyper-analysis that defines most multicultural clones, when it comes to the reality that: whites are superior to blacks, (by any objective measure that we know of today over 100 years after IQ tests for first established)

    That they are truly “Other” and don’t belong here, as all of the Founding Fathers, Lincoln, Truman, and others have noted over the course of our nations’ history.

    And then, to add confusion to the conversation, Hungarians are white: so why you would even mention them as a different or distinct created order, is beyond me…

  8. 6/10th’s, although every dog I’ve ever owned over decades that it takes a full hand and a finger to count have been and are German Shepherds. That should put me at about 75%.

    No “Yankee” flags, I only wear camo during archery season, the nearest “Cracker Barrel” is a couple hundred miles away and the place didn’t really do anything for me and the wife of 38 years when we ate there 13 years ago plus “Sons Of Anarchy” was/is nothing but the celebration of everything that has gone wrong with white culture from 1968 to the present.

  9. 1) Love dogs, proudest moment was when one of the mutts bit an Asian (mistook him for a Mexican).

    2) Hate the NBA

    3) Old school Texan accent.

    It’s good that the stereotype of a racist is a banjo playing inbred straight out of deliverance (no offence to banjo players or inbreds). Makes it easier to show that anti-racism is just anti-white.

  10. I have a SC Secession flag in my house.
    Drive a truck.
    I have one camo hat.
    Like dogs, but don’t own one.
    Hate the NBA.
    Eat at Cracker Barrel.
    Have a strong accent (one that I feel no guilt about, and am constantly forced to remind Yankees and guidos that they are the ones with the accent.)

    7/10, but this was a weak list.

  11. What the heck do they mean by HAVE A STRONG ACCENT? This must be doublespeak for Southern Accent but so they didn’t have to single out Southerners only, they had to put strong accent. Though whats funny is I remember Sterling Sharpe former WR for the Green Bay Packers mocking the whites of Green Bay for their speech once in an SI interview. I guess Negroids are so dumb they think they all talk the same as well NEWSFLASH THEY DONT. The Negroids dont even talk the same in all parts of the South either.

    I think I only got about 4 or 5 out of the 10 but im not sure how to score it. I dont display US Flags EVER, i drove plenty of trucks, I never owned anything with Camo on it save a camo hat, I like dogs, wouldnt say love them because dogs are alot of work. I could give a crap about the NBA, never hunted much, dad worked 75 hours a week, i like Cracker barrel and I live out in the country so I guess I think i am about 4-5 out of 10. Of course i am a racialist so thats first and foremost. I dont hide how I feel

        • Rap/Hip Hop Music has done quite a bit to standardize Negro speech but even today Negroes in NYC with so many of them coming from West Indian or partial West Indian backgrounds speak differently than Chicago, where most everyone originated in Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas Southern Missouri or West Tennessee./Kentucky. Los Angeles is different as well. The slang differs quite a bit as well.

          I remember ICE T saying that certain Rappers from the South sounded way too Slave for his liking and what is funny, some literally did sound like they were straight out of Song of The South. Imagine Uncle Remus with a Turntable

      • @spahnranch1969

        There were and are today to a certain extent regional differences among Negroes. most notedly the Gullah/Geeche speech in the South Carolina Lowcountry and certain places in Southern Louisiana in the formerly French areas, their speech is different. You even have the curious thing in places in Appalachia where the local Negroes sound like the Mountain folk they live around. Former WR for the Vikings and the Patriots Randy Moss came from a small town near Charleston WV and his speech pattern is similar to the white mountain folk.

        You occasionally find Negroes in isolated small towns in the Midwest and other places who talk just like the White people around them as well. This is whats hilarious about this whole screed produced by this Lefty Negro. He must not get around much, or he’d know this stuff.

        As for Strong Regional Accents, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota speak a similar accent and they get my vote for MOST ANNOYING.

  12. Racist®= anti Nigger. That’s all it ever meant, especially to Niggers.

    It also includes inanimate objects which aggravate or frustrate the Nigger in its attempts to use, operate or understand them. Or the rules and laws of Civilisation. Or being made to shit in a commode, instead of anywhere they can squat.

  13. Fun article! Passed this quiz handily. Gold star on my chest now. North of the 49th Parallel, in the worlds most pozzed formerly white dominion nation, a sled (snowmobile) and a mackinaw are de rigueur. The 1965 gommunist leaf flag is typically flown by international cosmopolitans, foreign nationals and psychedelic boomer dogs.

  14. how to tell when a black person is racist:
    1) you think all white people are racist.
    2) you believe all the crap they teach in February, I mean black history month.
    3) you can be as racist as you want to be because “black people can’t be racist.
    4) etc., etc, etc,

  15. The term ‘racist’ is a code word that means straight white male. Everyone under that definition is included irrespective of the amount of self-hate and guilt he’s able to display. In fact, self-hate doesn’t negate the definition but aggravate it.

  16. “Everyone is a racist to one degree or another, it’s just that some folks are more honest about it than others. Myself, I can’t stand the schvartzes.”

    – Senator Charles Schumer

  17. Many of the Vegas victims share these qualities. The media is deliberately ignoring the obvious in their “search” for a motive.

    The shooter was an antifa agent carrying out his orders.

  18. I’m a racist, if being racially aware and proud of the Anglo Saxon people makes one a racist. I refuse to fly to U.S., flag, I consider it a flag of war mongers and internationalists, don’t drive a truck, don’t own a dog, have never watched Sons of Anarchy, although I like the Walking Dead, I have eaten at Cracker Barrel, I don’t like camo, like loud bright colors. I’ve hunted quite a bit. I live inside a small town. Don’t like the NBA, don’t like anything that’s full of nigger criminals.

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