Nationalist Front Responds To r/The_Donald

r/The_Donald has caught wind of our upcoming rally in Middle Tennessee. Predictably, some MAGApedes are sperging out about irrelevant issues which have nothing to do with this event. While I can’t speak for everyone in this coalition, I will try my best to respond to this.

What is the Nationalist Front event in Middle Tennessee about?

This event is about the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch, TN, the fact that it was buried by the national media, the dumping of Third World refugees in Middle Tennessee and expressing anger at the Trump administration and Republican Congress for continuing to allow this to happen.

Recently, the Trump administration took Sudan off the travel ban list and quietly announced its so-called “America First Refugee Program” which is continuing to dump 45,000 refugees a year in the United States. The Trump administration congratulated itself for its “responsible and humanitarian approach to refugees.” After all the talk of the 2016 presidential campaign, it turns out that “America First” in reality meant we aren’t making any real changes to the refugee program.

It sounds like you are critical of Donald Trump.

I voted for Donald Trump.

I supported him from the beginning of his 2016 presidential campaign. It has been nearly a year though since the election and Third World refugees are still being dumped in Middle Tennessee, there isn’t a border wall and the Republican Congress is working on a new version of the DREAM Act. Donald Trump also had nothing to say about the Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch.

The difference between the Nationalist Front and Donald Trump is that we really believe what we say about the refugee resettlement program. There is no dissimulation on our part. We’ve opposed it for years. We were also truly outraged by the Emanuel Samson church shooting to the point where we are organizing a protest about it in Middle Tennessee.

Are you socialists?

Let me be crystal clear about this.

This event is not about economics. Unlike mainstream conservatives and libertarians, we believe economics is a secondary thing, which is to say, we are motivated by what is happening to our nation. We are motivated by what is happening to our culture and the well being of our people.

Basically, we all agree that the economy and the market exists to serve the nation, not the other way around. In contrast, mainstream conservatives and libertarians have this backwards. They believe the nation is synonymous with the market and exists to serve the market. They believe that economic growth is the most important thing and the measure of all things because they have a fundamentally materialist worldview. We don’t see ourselves as an economy.

The Dow Jones is booming and GDP is growing, but is that an accurate measurement of the state of our nation? Does it reflect the well being of places like Shelbyville, TN? We don’t think that it does when average household income is stagnating, the family is disintegrating, drugs are pouring into our communities and immigrants and refugees are being dumped in our communities which is compounding all of our social and economic problems. Just because the economy is growing and someone who lives in a distant zip code is making a fortune, it doesn’t follow that everyone is benefiting from this prosperity. The costs and benefits of this “growth” are not distributed equally.

Some of us are socialists. Some of us believe capitalism needs to be kept on a short leash. We disagree among ourselves on economics because it isn’t what drives us. Generally speaking, we don’t share the reverential attitude toward the free market of conservatives and libertarians.

Can you elaborate on this?

Sure, I will even give you a local example.

The Tyson Foods chicken plant in Shelbyville, TN is the embodiment of our skepticism of free-market capitalism. It is a magnet for Third World refugees and illegal aliens who work for low wages. It is a classic example of how the costs of immigration and refugee resettlement are socialized and borne by communities like Shelbyville while the profits are privatized by powerful corporations who prefer to maintain a cheap, pliant and ethnically diverse workforce.

Whereas the libertarian would celebrate Tyson Foods as an example of the triumph of the individual and free enterprise, we dislike how refugee resettlement and immigration combine with the profit motive to threaten the identity and social cohesion of our communities. We’ve been dealing with the black/white racial divide for 400 years and the pursuit of short term profit is creating social costs that communities like Shelbyville will still be wrestling with generations from now.

Are you leftists?

No, we belong to a different rightwing tradition.

The capitalist and the communist are united in their materialism and narrow view of man as an economic being. Both are “globalists” in outlook and tolerant of social differences. In the United States, the business community and the Far Left are allies in the push for “comprehensive immigration reform.” From our perspective, they are two sides of the same coin in undermining our culture.

We’re skeptical of the free market because we believe it undermines the social order. As the old saying goes, the merchant doesn’t have a country. We’re sick of watching the US Chamber of Commerce devastate our communities in order to make a quick buck.

Do you work for George Soros?

No, we don’t work for George Soros. That’s an absurd conspiracy theory. We have our own agenda. The League of the South has been active since the 1990s.

What is the point of rallies?

We’re holding rallies in order to advance our own agenda and grow our own movement.

Is this event in Shelbyville a “false flag”?

No, this is more retarded conspiracy nonsense. We’ve been holding rallies for years now. We held a rally about this very same issue in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville years before Trump was president.

Are you controlled opposition?

We believe the GOP Congress is controlled opposition. After all, what does it have to show for all the power it has been given? What is it even doing in Washington?

I’m worried Trump is going to be blamed.

Charlottesville never had anything to do with Trump. In reality, the groups who organized the rally in Charlottesville did so because they were sick of Trump and the GOP Congress, and wanted to chart their own course. The same is true of the groups who are coming to Shelbyville. It’s not our fault that the media blames Trump for everything including the hurricane that hit Puerto Rico.

Are you globalists?

We’re the exact opposite of globalists who support deregulation, open borders, free trade, multiculturalism, political correctness, etc.

The Alt-Right was invented by Hillary Clinton.

No, the Alt-Right has been around since 2008.

The difference between the Left and the Right rest on the spectrum of freedom. This means you are leftists.

We believe the difference between Right and Left is based on a preference for hierarchy and tradition over freedom and equality.

Why are you calling it a White Lives Matter rally?

For several reasons:

1.) First, we aren’t going to even bother with the cucks after what happened in Charlottesville.

2.) Second, the horrible Emanuel Samson church shooting which was buried by the national media shows how vicious anti-White hate crimes are swept under the rug. The Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murder which was also in Tennessee is another example of this.

3.) Third, this event is for our own movement, which is explicitly pro-White.

4.) Fourth, the bickering after Unite the Right in Charlottesville.

The Nationalist Front is the False Right

Historically speaking, the Left were people who were for abstract freedom, equality and radical individualism, and the Right stood for order, hierarchy and tradition. In the United States, the liberal family is divided into liberals, conservatives, progressives and libertarians. It is really a bunch of leftists arguing among themselves over whether liberty or equality is the more important value.

But Charlottesville was a false flag …

No, Antifa attacked and disrupted the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, but that’s what they do everywhere. In Charlottesville and Berkeley, the police stood down and allowed anarchy to erupt cause they are extreme leftwing cities where law and order is hit or miss on any given day.

But Trump …

I’ve been active for 15 years now. I was an activist before Trump was president. I will still be an activist long after he ceases to be president. Everything in this world isn’t about Trump. He has already said that he doesn’t want our support. We’ve already concluded he doesn’t keep his campaign promises.

You’re leftists pretending to be rightwing.

No, we are activists who are concerned about issues like the destruction of our Confederate monuments and refugee resettlement. As I have explained, we are motivated by cultural issues.

Do you work for the Deep State?

No, I am an activist. Just because Trump is president, I haven’t ceased being an an activist.

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  1. Hunter, I like your projects and your mindset for the most part. But there’s one place you’re going wrong here: When some faggoty fuck calls you “false right” or a “real leftist”, the answer isn’t “no, because XYZ”. The proper answer is “fuck you.

    The ideological blocs are hardening, and if those jackasses don’t want to pick the side that doesn’t want them outright dead because they’re concerned about “principles” and obscure economic designations, they can die outside the walls.

    • It’s good that someone has the patience to do what Hunter’s doing

      The Donald is mostly boomer dead enders at that point, but there might still be some kiddies on there who actually have no idea what nationalism means.

      It’s clear that we need to use the word Nationalism more and force cucks like The Donald to either go full Dinesh D’Souza or acknowledge that Nationalism is not the same thing as National Review conservatism

  2. You’re better off calling yourself a traditionalist than a right winger. The reason that nazis are considered right wingers is that Hitler made considerable efforts to defend big businesses once they were removed of Jews. He did this to the dismay of the left wingers in the party (who didn’t agree with his position on Jews either).

    • Once big business serves the nation’s interests (i.e. a nation defined by its race, as was the Third Reich), it subsequently has a valid raison d’être. Our problem has never been big business, small business, big government, small government or any other pursuit of a ‘perfect’ economic system either left or right, but rather ‘who’ controlled our economy – irrespective of its modus operandi.

      That means a Soviet system in the hands of anti-European Jews was hell, likewise an ultra capitalist free market system ala USA in the hands of the Jew also turned into hell. Truthfully, a good nationalist must be malleable on the issue of economics & choose whichever solution works best at a particular moment in time, based merely upon the size of the population & its “means of production”, i.e. a combination of factors which even includes the technology at our disposal.

      The bottom line is “how can we make the lives of our people better & equally secure a strong nation?”. The Answer involves pragmatism, realpolitik & enforcing a nationalistic mindset in the population which overcomes the base ‘dog eat dog’ rat race of our current Zeitgeist.

      Economics must certainly never become a dogma in & of itself, likewise we must never become trapped in a particular economic ‘vision’ which ignores current realities of our era.

      • @theldmonster

        You are correct! Hitler made great efforts to say that it is not the government role to create economy. When people try to infiltrate a working system and skew it towards another end it starts to unravel.

        Socialism is not about economy. It’s about social structures benefiting society.

      • “…Once big business serves the nation’s interests (i.e. a nation defined by its race, as was the Third Reich), it subsequently has a valid raison d’être…”

        I certainly agree with this. My hatred for large corporations is because they are looting us and pushing for more dumping of the third world into our country. Look at Japanese companies.Not that they’re angels but in a broad way they push insourcing instead of outsourcing. They also work in the national interest of Japan. If you look at Japans politics and industry they are for all reasonable intents a full flowering of the Fascist State.

  3. A ‘responsible and humanitarian’ approach to refugees usually means a government is being grossly irresponsible and inhumane to the whites they actually should be putting first. We vote for them and pay their salaries-yet all they do in return is betray us and expose us to grave danger.
    Non whites drive down wages, drive up crime, outbreed us, dilute our culture and standard of living. On top of that, there’s the terrorism threat. How does diversity benefit the whites? Well…it doesn’t in any possible way.
    Its the role of government to keep its citizens safe- and haven’t they done an excellent job…
    Rid every institution that matters of Jews and that will be a start. Until then, we’ll never have government that has our back.

    • @john

      Yeah lol. We’ll see how well “diversity makes us stronger” when ho chi Minh brings his armies over here.

    • From Wikipedia:

      “Hill taught British history at Stillman College, a historically black college in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, for eighteen years until 1998. Building on the views of his mentors at the University of Alabama, he published two books on the Celts.,[2][3][4] romanticizing the Celtic soldier.[5]”

  4. The fact that Dr. Hill taught at a predominantly Negro college means those students received a proper education, at least in his class.

    I think HW has done an outstanding job addressing all the questions and criticisms regarding his activities and philosophy. But those dumb asses will be asking the same questions and making the same criticisms all over again in another week or two.

  5. Very well said Hunter. As far as Trump is concerned I think Ann Coulter put it best recently: We voted for you to build The Wall and deport them (illegals) all.

  6. This protest is a mistake as it presents another opportunity for the opposition to create yet more conflict among whites as well as other races and that is exactly what Jews strive to achieve. Whenever one protests anything, they make themselves a prime target for opposition. This protest will play directly into the hand of those wanting conflict and dissension among white people. Another major mistake is to copy a Jewed meme like “white lives matter” for the rally’s tag line.

    “White lives matter” sounds oppositional to all those precious black lives that matter so much. No doubt Jew wordsmiths will take advantage of this and derisively turn the copycat reference around on you. Be original, make up your own rally tag line like “Love for the White Race”. There can be no hint of “anti” or anything that can be construed as “hate”, anywhere in the promotion. The theme should focus consistently on love.

    Instead of a grim rally protesting government policy, this should be a joyful gathering of white people, a “love in” for white people that making no exclusions that might be targeted as “hate”, It should be presented like the ones in the sixties that promoted love and protested nothing. It should be a mass gathering about real love for the white race. Unlike a protest, where the opposition can and will present themselves as a “righteous response” to “right wing hate”, when the opposition attacks a “love in”, their hate will be showcased, obvious and undeniable to everyone.

    Again, a mass gathering of white people, a “love in” as it were like the ones held in the sixties when Vietnam protests where much in vogue, should not be against anything but only for love and unity among white people, otherwise one can bet the Jew media will twist it into yet another “right-wing-hate” story.

    It would also be beneficial to see prominent white representatives invited to such a rally where they could make unscheduled talks among rally goers.

    White Love Gathering Under Southern Skies! instead of “White Lives Matter” and “Whites Will Not be Replaced!”

  7. Well said. Liberty and the necessary rules to enforce rights ARE tradition and hierarchy.

    The Libertarians think they can have freedom without any effort or cost and it just happens in nature spontaneously or when every man comes to their senses after reading Rothbard (ask them what they would have to do to achieve it).

    Conservatives used to conserve Tradition but somehow turned it into a memorial of a crazy uncle they don’t want to talk about. Instead of large, nuclear families, they talk about marriage. Instead of talking about great art, they have accepted the pornography and vulgarity on TV every night.

    Worse, both go along with imposing this SJW agenda where it isn’t welcome. Salt Lake City is not San Francisco. Nashville is not Greenwich Village.

    One element not mentioned is that it is also Christian. Not just any variant, as it goes back to Natural Law, the Bible, and the Protestant work ethic as well as thrift. The cucked churchians want an easy Christianity of unearned wealth and virtue signalling, not one of repentance and working out our salvation in fear and trembling.

    What both Libetarians and Conservatives have failed to, and don’t want to notice that White, European Christian culture is a long time preference, high trust society, especially the northern European versions (See the PIIGS deep in debt subsidized by Holland, Denmark, Germany, etc.).

    When people don’t harm, cheat or steal, you don’t need police to stop them. The government with the left and conservatives opened up a life of dependency and debauchery, and the minorities disproportionately followed. Zoo animals need zookeepers.

  8. Excellent and well said.

    Is anybody handling press and public relations for this event? I had some modest success doing press and public relations for our protests against Tyson Foods in Middle Tennessee.

    I recommend doing some “paid media” to get earned media – take out a full page advert in some local, Conservative newspaper. Get copies of the advert to include in press kits to local TV and radio stations. The lower ya go, the more state and local you go the less the anti White media mafia censors things. Don’t discount College and University press – these are younger folks not trained for many years on how they must lie.

  9. You need to get your BRAND IDENTITY very crystal clear which means you need to ALL get on the SAME page. Weak wet noodle milk toast squabbling disagreements won’t GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED.

    1. Money IS very important. You must put this as # 2 because without it we’re weak and subjugated. Capitalism IS the answer BUT …. BUT … with laws ( with teeth, ) in place to prevent predatory capitalism from enslaving us. You need a smart TEAM with a back ground working on this.

    2. You must be FOR a bigger better all white Confederate States Of America. Period.

    3. “Some” of you can’t be socialists. It doesn’t work. Saying it out loud makes you look ignorant.

    You’re doing a GREAT job. Just get “together.”

  10. The last ever Australian built car rolls off the line on October 20th. I’m not a crying man, but I think I’ll come close to it that day.
    Some background:- we’ve been been making cars here since the 1920’s. Since the ’40’s the cars were largely Australian developed and made, despite the companies being Ford, GM and Chrysler offshoots. Chrysler pulled out in 1981 but the factory continued building under the Mitsubishi name, and closed altogether in 2008. Ford Australia finished up last year. GM (Holden in Australia) wraps up next week. Its also eorth mentioning that Toyota closed up last week- it says something about us whrn even they can’t operate profitably.
    Over time our governments gradually lowered tarriffs and exposed our industry to cheap imports-usually from Asia. The came the free trade agreement where tarriffs were lowered even further. Trouble is, these Asian nations we had the agreement with didn’t lower tarriffs for anything we exported to them, bar food and wine. Translated- the agreement was good for our farmers, but did nothing for our manufacturing sector.
    Another contributer was the unions making our workforces too expensive to employ. The cost factor meant we simply couldn’t compete with China or Thailand who totally disregard workplace safety, conditions and fair pay.
    Just like our populace is exposed to invasion demographically, our products (like cars) were exposed to outside invasion- and went extinct. Everything you buy here is made in low cost China- and its usually cheap, scrappy garbage.
    All these factors are the symptoms of an ignorant, treacherous government who serve the globalists, not the Australian people.

  11. I hope you reconsider your position on allowing displays of the Confederate Battle Flag. Why allow the mainstream media the easy out of focusing on the flag while diverting attention from the real purpose of the gathering: To call attention to the MSM”s lack of attention to Black on White crime and the policy of Third World “refugee” dumping in formerly near all-white towns?

    If you do decide to allow the display of the Confederate Flag, then don’t complain if the MSM chooses to only focus on that and ignores the real purpose of the gathering

  12. Finally somebody has realized that political sanity AND racial consciousness must go together before we can have a white awakening. It is not often that political sanity and white racial consciousness go together (just note the tendency of the Racialist Right to devolve into conspiracy theory in every crisis.One only has to listen to callers on Stormfront radio or Alex Jones…) but go together they must because one cannot long exist without the other. The idea that the Alt Right is really a leftist movement you can blame Dinesh Desousa (sp?) for in his recent book The Big Lie-The Leftist Roots of National Socialism.

  13. The thing that has probably bothered me the most of The Don is the constant war mongering. He wants to get into these idiot pissing contests with people like North Korea. It isn’t like the North Koreans have killed a bunch of people with their rockets, they haven’t done anything, except not back down the minute the U.S. told them to.

    One of the things I fear is the police state America has built. Iran and North Korea are constantly called terror nations, who has the biggest prison population? the U.S., not Iran.

    I don’t like the way everyone is forced to stand at attention before any sporting event, this is how the deep state works it’s propaganda, and armed invasion without justification or even due process, like the Iraq war for example, gets turned into ‘fighting for freedom’. And everybody standing there is forced to worship the military.

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