An Army of One?

This past week, Jason Kessler, the organizer of Unite the Right in Charlottesville, was arrested. The arrest was purportedly for perjury relating to an old incident which was believed to have been resolved months ago. Any honest observer can see that the charge is trumped-up, the result of selective law enforcement targeting Kessler because of his role in UTR, and because of the lawsuit he is planning to file against the authorities whose negligence allowed what should have been a peaceful event to become a tragic debacle.

Jason Kessler

Kessler has shown steadfast determination and bravery in facing an onslaught of attacks from the national media and from government actors at various levels of power.

Kessler’s real “crime,” that which is the cause of this persecution, is that he is telling the truth about government malfeasance and the anti-white, anti-American agenda that driving it. Also, the FOIA requests related to his planned lawsuit threaten to expose embarrassing, and possibly illegal, actions on the part of city and state officials, including Clinton-associated VA Governor Terry McCauliffe. These powerful (and in my opinion, nefarious) people have a lot at stake.

As a South Carolinian, I watched helplessly after the Dylann Roof murders as the first dominoes began to fall, and the removal of politically incorrect symbols and statues began to take place. I thought, “Why won’t somebody DO something?” During the following months, more dominoes fell. When an openly anti-white city council decided to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee in a Charlottesville park, Mr. Kessler DID do something, and with every obstacle and attack, he has maintained a firm resolve to defend what he believes is right, despite significant personal risk and sacrifice.

The determination of one man has set the enemies of our culture back on their heels, and has them worried and scrambling.

What would happen if their were a dozen men doing what Jason Kessler is doing, each in their own cities? What if there were a hundred? Imagine if there were a thousand! What could such an “army” accomplish?

Gentlemen, I ask you: will you join?

In the meantime, you can contribute to Kessler’s legal defense here:



      • Kessler lives in Charlottesville, and he has tried to do what he can do, to save the important historical monuments to Lee and the other Confederates in his hometown. You cannot fault the guy for trying!

        • I think Kessler is a jew and it seems jews lead the fake white groups. remember lennin said best way to fight the opposition is to lead it

  1. And what have you accomplished swazi man ? Nothing I am sure with a profile picture like that. The question was , will you join ? Not to slander our movement of people who are getting things done unlike you….

    • You “Oh yeah? Well what have YOU done?” types are all exactly the same. You are all incapable of higher thought. You all want to led around by the snout, like lost calves. Useless imbeciles, the lot of you. Now scram.

  2. I think when the power goes out and the food and medicine is long gone off the shelves none of these guys are going to matter much. Did the Germans and Dutch ever get their (((Cold War))) gold back that was held for (((safekeeping))) at the Fed in New York? I don’t recall hearing about it in the (((media))). Four years now since it was requested to be returned?

    • I don’t mean to be a downer I think it is manna from heaven that good citizens are not going to even have to fight this just survive and prepare to rebuild.

    • re the German gold, i asked this question a few months ago on another forum and someone claimed that it had indeed been returned recently

  3. Yes, Mr Kessler has shown great courage and is now being harassed and persecuted – others of our people like Historian David Irving or Tommy Robinson have been harassed and persecuted. If you “Come out of the closet” so to speak and openly advocate for the for of our people and our culture to exist you’re going to be

    A) Harassed/persecuted
    B) Get the St. Peter treatment from Conservative Inc, cuckservatives – who will deny they every knew you or agree with anything you/we say and compare you/us to ISIS or child molesters, NAZIS who supposedly killed exactly 6 million Jews.

    So your/our choice is to either “Come out of the closet” as racists, xenophobes, Alt Righters and suffer the consequences or B: stay in the closet try to do effective activism while protecting our identities and privacies or C) do nothing.

    I’m going with some combination of A and B which is effective but not reckless and we need to pick our battles and pick our battle fields.

    I called both the violence at the Trump Chicago rally (UIC) and the violence and system dishonesty in Charlottesville VA.

    I strongly recommend in most instances we do demos that are more unannounced flash mobs than formal rallies with permits, notice to Antifa and System where will be.

    There’s no law against us dressing up in polos and kakis and going to a sports bar to watch hockey or simply greeting Southern White folks at an SEC football game – we can’t have booths but we can meet and greet.

    How about the infield of NASCAR races?

    Minor league hockey in the South should be a great event – our model could be the effective White British Nationalist English soccer fans of the 70s and 80s.

  4. Re: German gold.

    There’s not much out there online. I have read that Germany was refused permission to see it or test it, that only a tiny fraction of the 1700 tons was repatriated to Germany, and that in 2014 Germany decided to keep it in NY after all.

    There was even something strange online about the gold not being very valuable anyway because the dollar and euro are not backed by gold and that the gold could be useful in an (American?) emergency. (!!!!)

    I have always thought that (((they))) would steal it.

  5. I can’t really understand the comments on this page. We all agree that there exists a collective effort to erase the WCM from the globe or at the very least reduce us to a groveling, insignificant number.

    Then some of you come around and claim this person or that is a double agent or controlled opposition.

    While infiltration occurs anytime an information medium exists (operation mockingbird), It appears that anytime anyone makes a stand in the public eye for the defense of Europeans they are instantly classified as a potential enemy.

    The idea that a cause requires no leader is absurd. Even if just informing people were our only goal, someone would have to take the initiative to share records, documentaries and dossiers. That would require time and money, making the person engaged in this vocation a de facto “leader.”

    Informing the world is critical. But it is just one facet of a struggle against the aforementioned agenda. There are legal and legislative disputes: can internet platforms be legally named a basic and necessary service? There are security concerns: the media may dox a fellow traveler and put him and his family at risk. There is the issue of optics: clean, healthy, attractive colleagues with good talking points can be very persuasive. There is the issue of solidarity: how do we respond when a member of our community is fired, harassed or sued?

    Ultimately it will all boil down to financing.

    It is counterproductive to act under the assumption that every pioneer in the Altright is a fraud since the above listed issues need to be addressed and no level of awareness in the public of our plight will do that without some of us playing the role of manager.

    No – we don’t need to be “lead around”, but we all have busy lives, and this requires us to network. A network has to operate with some level of implicit trust. If saboteurs are discovered, they should be exposed. And asking the question, “what have I done”, is superior to dismissing every authority figure in the Altright or waiting for the scorched earth to bring forth an opportunity for us to “rebuild.”

    Be wise like serpents, gentle as doves.

    • I’m sorry, but there is no excuse for Kessler’s incompetence.

      I was a democratic activist. It’s well known that presidential campaign conventions are the only time when the two parties or sides of the spectrum come together – behind a single leader. This is ESPECIALLY true on the left/Democratic side. Most of the mini-causes/identity politics groups don’t really get along; significant parts of their platforms actually clash.

      The supposed goal of UTR was to unite all the oft-conflicting sub-groups on ‘the right.’ Why? To what pragmatic end? I read this was a reaction to Trump’s disappointing performance as president.

      So that perhaps was the hook or the spin, but in reality it was unrealistic to think it expedient in any way to bring together the dissident right in some uncontrolled, rudderless rally where any sabotage or sheer negative association could torpedo whatever was left of the momentum behind Trump’s win.

      I just don’t get how on earth ‘uniting’ at all much less in that form was going to help accomplish anything. Pressure Trump? That’s accomplished independently, with threats to not re-elect or show up at midterm elections.

      Kessler came out of nowhere (or CNN democratic headquarters). It wasn’t really ‘incompetence.’ It was sabotage.

      And now apparently Spencer is reported to have gone back to Charlottesville for another torchlight cringefest with itinerant slogans.

      A fraud is anyone who employs obviously counter-productive strategies.

  6. Try to get along everyone. Remember, we all want the same destination, we just don’t agree on the journey. The movement as a whole is bigger than any one person with a slight disagreement on something. We all want the SAME thing, so please be adults.

  7. Richard, the Earl of Spencer, is not a bad sort of fellow. But he is much better suited to the life of a professor or scholar. His forte is giving speeches to polite, reserved audiences of fellow intellectuals, like Amren conferences at the Airport Hilton. He is NOT a rabble-rousing Nazi maniac who wears a double breasted black leather trenchcoat and waves a Mauser broom-handle pistol around while speaking menacingly about a jewish plot to destroy the White race.

    But I am.

    • Spencer is good at TV interviews and at bringing extra attention to demonstrations, getting them on the news. Cville 3.0 is getting good news coverage even though nothing bad happened.

      He’s doing what he should be doing, we just need more people doing this sort of stuff.

      Spencer is intentionally provocative (for good reason) but there is def. room for someone to do what he’s doing in a less edgy way, if they feel like stepping up.

      We don’t really need professorial lectures or articles on fascism in batman right now.

      • Anyone that follows Spencer around like cattle is just that, cattle! Spencer is horrible on video and bumbling when pressed that think on the fly. I tried to watch one of his vids once and after about 2 min. I was ready to bitch slap the idiot.

  8. Another really bad, anti Southern, Anti White TV and Internet news organization is Al Jazeera. This station was originally set up to target Arab/Muslim ex pat communities in Europe but somehow it came over here and morphed in to the same old, same old fake news, anti White, open borders SH#&$ we get from the likes of Jeff Zucker’s CNN. Al Jazeera is PC Lib party line with the possible exception of not supporting Neo Con war mongering in Arab countries and even that is iffy. Al Jazeera will certainly never “Name the Jew” and instead pushes the lie/line that these endless US/Brit Neo Con wars, interventions in the Arab/Muslim world are all done by evil White Racist Neo Colonialists who are trying to steal brown people’s “oil”.

    NO blood for Oil.

    In Charlottesville VA story Al Jazeera keeps showing the photo of the one agent provocateur carrying a 1930s Swastica flag.

  9. Aren’t there newly appointed Justices in the Trump administration? Maybe this absurd judeo-judeo-American anti-white procedural capture could be pointed out to one or more of them on social media.

  10. Apparently Richard Spencer’s second unannounced torch procession in Charlottesville VA was a successful. Completely peaceful. I think the key is to do an unannounced flash mob not allowing the Antifa and System enemies and the lying press to set up traps:

    Vdare reports:

    ““It was a planned flash mob. It was a great success. We’ve been planning this for a long time. We wanted to prove that we came in peace in May, we came in peace in August, and we come again in peace… Our identity matters. We are not going to stand by and allow people to tear down these symbols of our history and our people – and we’re going to do this again.”

  11. I despise the cretinous weev (probable part jew), but happened to see he has a blog with two posts devoted to Spencer’s malfeasance.

      • Aurenheimer sounds like a jewish name. And he does look like Alan Ginsburg. But if he was a jew wouldn’t the rest of the tribe openly denounce him? Renegade jews are rare but they do exist.

      • If weev is a Jew, then that would explain his virulent anti-Christian hatred. Because only a Jew can hate the Son of God, that passionately.

        Remember, they killed Christ.
        And their own appropriated curse is on them as a race, forever.

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