Political Correctness Distorts DeAndre Harris Arrest Media Coverage

The Washington Post contacted me and requested that I comment on the DeAndre Harris story:

“Hi Hunter,

This is Derek Hawkins, a reporter with The Washington Post. I’m writing about the felony charge and arrest warrant issued for DeAndre Harris.

Harris’s attorney says the a League of the South member filed the criminal complaint against him. I saw that League of the South’s post on the incident linked to your website, and I was wondering if you could help clarify this for me. Feel free to email me here or call me at [Redacted].

Thanks very much,

Derek Hawkins

The Washington Post

Here is the email I sent in response:

“That’s correct.

It was a League of the South member who he attacked. When Unite the Right was declared an “unlawful assembly,” our members complied with law enforcement, dispersed and walked back to their vehicles in the Market Street Parking Garage. They were perused by DeAndre Harris and several of his friends who were carrying bats.

When they arrived at the parking garage, Corey Long rushed up from behind one of our members and attempted to steal his flag. As Long spun him around and pulled the flag into the parking garage, DeAndre Harris rushed up and swung and connected with a mag lite. This is what set off the now famous melee.

Shortly afterwards, another Antifa who hasn’t been identified rushed up from behind and hit our friend who was injured by DeAndre Harris a second time with a metal club. This happened in front of the Charlottesville Police Department. It was filmed by Buzzfeed. A police officer witnessed it but said it wasn’t his job to make arrests.

After compiling all the evidence in the video which shows the entire attack on August 12 in slow motion, my friend finally got around to pressing charges this afternoon. There are four videos linked on my website which show what happened as well as DeAndre’s lies in his press conference.”

How did The Washington Post cover the story?

“Indeed, after the charge was announced, Hunter Wallace, a prominent white nationalist, issued a celebratory tweet — along with a photo of the main character from the film “American Psycho” grinning widely.

“Did you hear the news?” Wallace asked. “DeAndre Harris is going to jail. Yeah, he is being booked this morning. His whole story was another race hoax.” …”

The Washington Post omitted everything I told them and instead only reported a sarcastic, celebratory tweet about the arrest that I posted on Twitter. The rest of the story completely ignored the assault committed by DeAndre Harris and reported gossip spread by Shaun King who is attempting to dox another individual. These are the people who call themselves “journalists.”

The Daily Progress also contacted me about the arrest of DeAndre Harris:

“Hey Brad, can you provide a comment or statement on the allegations made by S. Lee Merritt about the DeAndre Harris arrest warrant. Also, would you be able to confirm that Crews is the complainant in the case? It seems obvious at this point, but police weren’t allowed to verify it for me and I’d like multiple sources. Thanks.”

I sent this response through private messages:

“When #UniteTheRight was ordered to disperse from Lee Park, League of the South members complied with law enforcement and began to return to their vehicles in the Market Street Parking Garage. They were pursued to the parking garage by DeAndre Harris, his companions and a hostile crowd of Antifa.

DeAndre was carrying a mag lite. His friends were carrying baseball bats. As they pursued our people to the parking garage, they kept saying “give them the bat” and “do something my nigga.” Corey Long, who was seen earlier in the day with the flamethrower, approached Harold Crews from behind and grabbed his flag.

Corey Long grabbed the flag, spun Harold Crews around and attempted to rip the flag away from him. Harold attempted to hold onto his flag and pulled in the opposite direction. He wasn’t attempting to “spear” anyone. This was Corey Long’s second attempt to steal a Confederate flag. He burned one earlier in the day.

As Corey Long pulled the flag into the parking garage, DeAndre Harris swung his mag lite and connected. He hit Harold Crews on the left side of his face. It left a nasty wound. He started the fight in the parking garage which escalated from there. Several other League of the South members were injured in the melee including one young man who was beaten unconscious by DeAndre’s friends with the baseball bats.

A few moments later, a second individual – an unidentified White male Antifa – attacked Harold Crews from behind again. He hit him across the back of the head with a metal rod. Harold’s injuries from DeAndre’s attack with the mag lite were already visible by this point.

Yet another League of the South member was attacked alongside Harold. He is an older gentleman. He was attacked by a female Antifa medic who threw him to the ground and punched him in front of Charlottesville police officers. The officers didn’t make any arrests.

Hope that helps. That’s the truth. That’s what started the big fight in the parking garage. All this information including the video evidence was sent to Charlottesville Police and the FBI in August. They have sat on it for two months. Finally, we got sick of waiting and decided to move forward with the matter ourselves.”

This is how it was reported:

“When reached, Griffin contradicted Merritt’s statement, saying that Harris and his associates followed members of the League to the Market Street Parking Garage and instigated the scuffle. He alleged that Harris had in fact hit Crews with a flashlight and that an “unidentified white male Antifa” attacked Crews sometime later. …”

I suppose this is better.

I’m actually quoted this time. DeAndre Harris’s lawyer gives his account of events in six paragraphs in the story. The space devoted to our side of the story was one paragraph. There is far worse out there. It illustrates why only 16% of the public still has “a great deal of confidence” in the press. The majority of Americans know the truth can only be found on social media.

If it weren’t for platforms like Twitter, YouTube and WordPress, the public would have certainly never learned the truth about DeAndre Harris’s actions on August 12th:

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  1. The media doesn’t report the news at all. It carefully patches selectively cut pieces together to portray the leftist party line. That along with powerful emotional words, repeated over and over slowly over time determine the belief system in the mind of a gullible, unaware and trusting viewer. “Hate”- that’s the most powerful mind control word ever devised by man….truly brilliant and evil at the same time.

  2. PRAVDA- along with the Masons and the Satanists of bolshevik Russia – are both alive and well… And living in the USA.

  3. Hunter, you should know you’ll never get a fair shake from the anti-White media, Wapo especially. They’ve been suppressing the truth about this incident for 2 months. Now felony charges are filled and they suddenly want to talk to you? If they want details of the arrest they can check out the warrant. If they want your side of the story they can check OD or your tweets, which apparently they did.

    Hunter, you’re a rising star of the alt-right. Be very careful when talking to them. MSM exists only to take the anti-White side.

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