Leftists Shut Down Tommy Robinson Speech In NYC

Liberalism is White supremacy, Leftists and anti-White activists have chanted and argued of late. Essentially, everything is White supremacy these days, but what the radical Left means is that tolerance for free speech is out the window when it comes to ideas with which they disagree. Leftists again demonstrated their hostility to free speech for Rightists by shutting down an event in New York City by British nationalist Tommy Robinson, the New York Post reports:

Protesters opposing a speech by a controversial British nationalist at Columbia University Tuesday chanted “NYPD, KKK, how many kids have you killed today,” according to Facebook footage of the event.

The crowd had gathered to denounce and disrupt a Skype appearance by Tommy Robinson, a polarizing critic of Islam and immigration in Europe.

Students gathered inside Lerner Hall near the theater room that was slated to present Robinson’s talk.

Denouncing Robinson – who once did time for mortgage fraud – as a white supremacist and Islamophobe, many held signs equating his platform to “violence.”

A portion of the crowd broke into the anti-police chant while others declined to participate and kept silent, the video depicts.

Robinson’s appearance, organized by the Columbia College Republicans, was ticketed to accommodate 100 spectators.

He had barely begun speaking when roughly 30 student protesters who secured tickets entered the theater room and began jeering him into silence.

After several minutes of high volume chaos, Robinson’s address was aborted and he vanished from the screen.

The heckler’s veto. The crazed Leftist mob shuts down free speech. This is Progress and equality, right?

We literally can no longer talk with the Left and discuss our ideas and differences because they frequently employ violence and seek to shut us down – making more violence and conflict inevitable. Apparently, that is what the Left wants.

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  1. These fucktard niggers and their rhyming chants. No rebuttals, just ooga booga chanting.

  2. The witch in the photo, needs to have the Deuteronomic Law Code apply to her.

    “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”

  3. I’ll bet the hecklers were mostly Jews with a smattering of Arabs. The Jedeo-Islamic alliance.

  4. We mustn’t downplay the fact that there are many whites (lower-case w) who are, for whatever reason, total shit. And they comprise the majority of those screeching liberal banshees. In college I had a few encounters with those spoiled, immature, privileged assholes. The black and jew lefties were actually less repulsive, at least by comparison.

    Come the inevitable Day of the Rope it will be the white race-traitors, both of the left and the right, who will be the first to swing in the breeze. I shall personally see to that.

    • @Spahn,
      Yes, and I’ve always been conflicted on who I despise more-Jews of any kind, or white commie trash. With the latter, there’s just no excuse for them. Maybe the Jew media and Jew Hollywood and Jewish control of publishing houses ( everything is Jew, Jew, Jew) and their influence on thought and narrative contributes to white leftards being created, but in this day and age with alternative
      media and information being available, there’s really no excuse for them anymore. They choose to be how they are, that being traitors who want their race destroyed.
      There’s no leftard like a white leftard.

  5. Meanwhile, Mr. MAGA , who once criticized PC, does nothing. His conservatard and patriotard followers may grumble but are too busy flag waving, contemplating our next war with Iran, NK, Russia, whoever? Ah, glorious civic nationalism! The 2A crowd, obsessed with firearms, fails to comprehend that muh guns have done absolutely nothing to protect 1A.

    No one has free speech today unless he/she has the force to exercise it.

  6. OT: Mozilla has awarded $100,000 to RiseUp, a secure communication platform widely used by anti-fascist groups. Get rid of Firefox and Thunderbird Mail if you use them…


    The organizers should file a police complaint and the thugs should be arrested for disturbing the peace, etc.

    Next time around, when conservatives organize such events, and people register, they should also put a clause in the ticket that disturbing the event (heckling, etc.) would cause the participant to be liable for $100,000 in liquidated damages too.

    The fear of a civil judgment would make the hecklers think twice.

  8. I imagine an Apache attack helicopter unloading EVERYTHING on these crowds of freaks. They need to call in The National Guard on these zombie mentally ill brainwashed maggots of society. Just LOOK at that short haired c&nt and ask, “what does society need her for ?” Nothing.

  9. Hi, I’m a long time reader of this site from England. This is one of the best pro-white sites around. Always great articles and writing.

    I just want to remind those in the USA some things about Tommy Robinson. Whilst he is effective as a counter -jihad figure, that’s as far as it goes. I appreciate that these types do send some Whites in the right direction, TR is an open and vocal supporter of Israel. He is also a staunch “I’m not racist” type. I realise that events like this and the reaction of our enemies works in our favour, but we should be fully aware of the agenda and position of people like TR. They will throw us under the bus at any sign of threat to their brand, and will disavow us if they’re ever connected to serious pro-White groups/people. We should always be watching them as they are a potential obstacle to us spreading our message.

    Best of luck with the Tennessee rally. Many of us will be supporting and watching from a distance. I hope it is a big success.

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