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Events: The Nationalist Front will be hosting two or three demonstrations in Middle Tennessee on Saturday, October 28th. We will hold the first demonstration in Shelbyville, TN in the morning. Then we will we pack up, eat lunch and travel to a nearby city to hold our second demonstration. We haven’t ruled out the possibility of hosting a third demonstration. Finally, we will have a private social gathering in the evening where everyone will have a chance to get to know each other better.

Date: Saturday, October 28th

Locations: Shelbyville, TN and Unannounced, TN.

Times: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Speakers: Matthew Heimbach, Dr. Michael Hill, Dillon Hopper, Sacco Vandal, Jeff Schoep, Anti-Communist Action. Possibly more to come.

Participating Organizations: League of the South, Traditionalist Worker’s Party, National Socialist Movement, Vanguard America, Anti-Communist Action. Possibly more to come.

Fliers: Please share these on Facebook, Twitter, GAB and other social media. We also ask you to create new ones like with UTR in C’ville.

Meetup Location: The meetup location in Shelbyville will be announced as close to the event as reasonably possible in order to deter Antifa disruption. We will shuttle from there to the rally point of the White Lives Matter demonstration and back to the meetup point afterwards. If there is a second and third rally, we will follow the same procedure in other cities.

Description: The purpose of the White Lives Matter rally will be to protest the ongoing problem of refugee resettlement in Middle Tennessee and to draw attention to the recent Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch and the way this explosive story has been buried by the national media. The tragic events in Antioch, which was retaliation for the Dylann Roof shooting in Charleston, illustrated that the national media only cares about pushing its false narrative of White racism and black victimhood.

We also want to express our anger at the Trump administration which recently took Sudan off the travel ban list the day of the Antioch church shooting. It also followed up by announcing an “America First Refugee Program” which means dumping 45,000 refugees a year in places like Middle Tennessee while not saying a word when a Sudanese refugee who failed to assimilate goes on a rampage. The Trump administration has also failed to build the border wall and is working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to pass a new version of the DREAM Act amnesty. Finally, we want to discuss the state of our movement and how we will move forward from here.

Objectives: Draw national attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting. Foster greater unity and cohesion within our own movement. Turn the page on Charlottesville.

Bring: We do not expect Shelbyville to become another Charlottesville. That’s not in our interest. It certainly isn’t in the interest of Shelbyville. We desire to hold a peaceful demonstration. The Nationalist Front chose to hold this event in Middle Tennessee in order to AVOID any type of clash with violent Antifa protesters. We expect them to be restrained as they were in Pikeville, KY.

We’re not going to tell you to neglect your own personal safety. You are free to bring a shield, a helmet or goggles to protect yourself from mace and pepper spray. We do not expect any of these items will be necessary on October 28th. At the same time, we cannot anticipate the actions of Antifa.

Do Not Bring: It is illegal to wear a mask in Tennessee. If you plan to bring a firearm, familiarize yourself with Tennessee’s gun laws. We do not recommend bringing any weapons to this demonstration. The organizations involved should be more than capable of providing for your security. DO NOT bring a swastika flag. This is a settled issue in the Nationalist Front.

Flags: This is a unity event within our movement. Each Nationalist Front organization will bring its own flag. Some people will use the Confederate Battle Flag. You are free to bring an American Flag. We would like to keep the styles and arguments over flags to a minimum.

Attire: Each organization within the Nationalist Front has its own dress code for events. League of the South will be wearing black LS polo shirts and khakis. Traditionalist Worker’s Party will be dressed in black. NSM will be dressed in black. Vanguard America will be wearing white polo shirts and khakis. Anti-Communist Action will likely be wearing white polos and khakis.

If you are unaligned with any of these organizations, we ask gentlemen to wear something similar like some combination of a white or black polo and khakis. Ladies are asked to dress modestly. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Come to Shelbyville to make a good impression. Don’t come wearing shorts or flip flops or ragged jeans or anything of that nature.

Expectations: We want to host a HIGH ENERGY event. This will be an occasion to vent our anger and outrage and demonstrate we will not be closeted in our own country. Chants will include WHITE LIVES MATTER, BLOOD AND SOIL and YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US.

Optics: We plan to show that we are a unified movement of diverse organizations who all agree that WHITE LIVES MATTER. In light of this, each organization will participate in these events as a cohesive unit under its own leader, and we will all stand shoulder to shoulder with our own optics, i.e., those with Confederate Battle Flags will be grouped together as will those with American flags.

Lodging: We encourage you to make hotel reservations in Murfreesboro or Nashville, TN. We won’t be staying long in Shelbyville. This is a Middle Tennessee event.

Private Event: We will be hosting a private social gathering – a sort of Halloween party – on the evening and night of October 28th. It will be a time to relax and enjoy the companionship of likeminded people in our movement after a long day of pro-White activism. We will be keeping the location of the private event a secret until the evening of October 28th where it will be either announced publicly via social media or privately to those in attendance at our two rallies. Stay tuned for more information on this.

See you in Middle Tennessee. Hail victory!

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  1. Its a pity you can’t somehow promote these events without giving the left a heads-up. Be sure to cross all your ‘t’s and dot all your ‘I’s this time. No doubt they’ll be prowling these sights like the vultures they are, and plotting another peace and tolerance greeting. Make sure Charlottesville was a lesson, and apply that knowledge to any future events.

  2. So do anglo women’s lives matter, or not?

    I’m confused. Historically on OD, they have absolutely NOT mattered.

    Should OD have its own sub-group for Olive aka Mediterranean Lives?

    • Dear -as a man, and Priest, and a Father (x2) your stance seems odd.

      Women are considered part of humanity, are they not? And with men, women are included, as the lesser is included in the greater.

      But until and unless you understand that Patriarchy is the only biblical, historical, and theological reality in this world, (in complete contradistinction to the feminist lies), your whining sounds like the same stuff that the pink headed idiots blather on about!

      No offense, but you need to be silent [I Cor. 14:34] and let the men do their work!

      • I could be mistaken, but she didn’t seem to be whining, just asking a question. Relax dickhead. Friar? John.

        • @Bob

          Onceler has a long history of shrieking venomously and hysterically on here. In fact, that is all she does; she has a ten ton chip on her shoulder about “womyn” and never lets up from the negativity. She claims to be right wing in some fashion, but it never shows — she comes across as a bitter, frenzied, probably lesbian 400-lb pussy-hat marcher, boiling over with venom.

          If anything, I would say that Fr. John was rather restrained in his response, considering that she has never contributed anything except hostility, rage, and obnoxious criticism.

      • Sorry Fr. John. Meant no offense. However I think yous are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Everyone here is.

    • @Onceler,
      I don’t really understand your statement/question but I’ll give you my general take on things. O/D and the Alt-Right exists to give a voice to, and speak up for all Americans of European, Christian ancestry, be they male, female, pale, olive or freckley. People of Celtic, Nordic, Anglo, Slavic and Mediterranean ancestry do vary in appearance, but share pretty much a common way of life. Our religion,music , architecture, work ethic and culture are very similar. All have given the world great advances and innovations.
      We deserve to be free from the scourge of Islam, Judaism and third world invasion.
      So please- come on board. Take the journey with us.

      • I’m not sure that the host of OD fully agrees with your statement, although I appreciate your courteous reply as such style is often lacking on here. I don’t think HW really has a specific vision.

        I am angloceltic, which also includes germanic, and I can assure you that both the Slavic and particularly Mediterranean way of life is vastly different from my culture’s – religion (Mediterranean includes jews as they evolved on the Mediterranean), music, architecture, mores (or lack thereof), work ethic, etc.

        If the League of the South is for some final amalgamation of these disparate and historically and politically clashing races, I am out. There simply is no way these two fundamentally at odds cultures will somehow march forward together, and no reason for them to. The mediterraneans came to the US because their culture FAILED. To allow them to come in and try to refashion whatever is left of our culture makes any preservation of the South and the northwestern european civilization a dirty jewish joke.

      • And there are other issues to consider. The North is a giant mess and was one before the last 25 years. The so called ‘european’ cultures didn’t get along so well. A native Georgian relative of mine recently remarked she was shocked to lean upon marrying my yankee uncle that ‘the North is more segregated than the South.’

        We need unity, desperately. This will not come from a diverse mixed race polyglot ‘white’ populace. It won’t for various reasons, only one of which is that the slavs and mostly the mediterraneans conceive of their survival in partial or almost total clash with ours.

        There are lots of other reasons, but another aspect of anglo unity relates to how our people in various areas of the North think. They don’t like the concept of ‘White’ and associate it with ‘evil.’ They will react against pro-‘White’ society preservation very strongly, but not so much against preservation of the anglo culture. That will only force them to confront their own absurd extreme hypocrisy, as most deep down don’t want to live as a minority anymore than we do, or under judeo-roman rule, etc.

        Since these nordic types in the North represent some of our biggest obstacles it’s far more expedient to disable that knee-jerk denialism they seem to get manipulated into so easily. Side step it and suddenly their allergy to our freedom becomes at the least passive acknowledgment.

        This is just one angle on the situation.

        • Europeans as a whole need to unite, despite our differences. We have a great evil to combat, and fighting amongst ourselves in a philosophical search for ‘truth’ among our races is futile and will result in our destruction. Perhaps the Slavs and Mediterraneans are very different. But, they are similar enough and share enough with us to unite against a great evil. We can settle our differences after we have won the war. Until then, we need to foster unity, not division.

  3. Gentlemen –

    As this event clearly is related to religion (with the Samson church killing), it would be nice to have a designated church building (where those who will not partake of the March/demonstration) could hold a prayer vigil for the Righteous Whites, and (God willing) keep out the impastors, The horse on the altars of God, and the average sodomite heretics -who all will pretend to be ‘Christians’ but are, (as St. John says) the ‘synagogue of Satan’ – in more ways than one.

    This is a religious war, and the forces of hell have been successful so far, because the white nationalists are largely unwilling to acknowledge the fact that God (and His will for this nation) is involved in these events. Just saying.

    • The horse on the altars of god – what unusual imagery! Is that a reference to General Titus’ troops ransacking the Second Temple in Jerusalem?

      It mightn’t be a bad idea to see a few decent, pro-White RC and Eastern Orthodox priests/monks involved with this demonstration. That would certainly make Hymie shed 6 million tears!

  4. HW, you’ve certainly put a lot of thought and planning into this upcoming event. I think it’s going to be a smashing success. Hopefully there will be many others like it in the months ahead?








    So why is W KENT FUCHS

    discouraging the University of Florida students…..

    from attending RICHARD SPENCER’S TALK….?

  6. Good luck! I don’t doubt you know what to expect from “counter protestors” and Establishment this time around.

  7. I also recommend trying to meet with open minded local political leaders such as Tennessee state reps. I have found Virginia state reps (their staffs) to be open minded and willing to listen to our side on the issue of Confederate statue/grave desecrations.

    I would be happy to assist with this project.

  8. The Nashville Tennessean has an article on our upcoming rally – not sympathetic but not the worst. Maybe Hunter or Dr. Hill should offer to do a Playboy magazine type un edited interview.

  9. I think it’s a mistake to allow open National Socialist Movement people/leaders to be a part of this – this just gives cuckservatives cover to rally local patriotic Christians to fight the NAZIS that their grandfather’s fought and defeated. National Socialism was an effective movement in a unique time 1930s Germany – these people weren’t dressing up like 1800s French Napoleonic soldiers.

    George Lincoln Rockwell did the National Socialist White People’s party to get attention – it sort of worked, but now it comes off as people dressing up for Halloween. These guys should best change in to a biker club that finesses this subject – the uniform should be (non gay) motorcycle attire – it works for me.

    • Half the comments on this blog are people talking about how evil Jews are and how they all deserve to die. You’re all Nazis, or at least you’re all far too comfortable with them. And when the time comes, you’ll march alongside them chanting Nazi slogans like “Blood and Soil.” All while winking and pretending like you don’t jerk off to Hitler’s picture every night.

      Just stay out of Tennessee, you stupid racist fucks. You’re not welcome here. We won’t let you kill anyone else in the name of your ignorant ideology.

      • It’s amazing a mental incompetent like this (one ‘Nat’- Turner?) could actually find the website and learn how to make a comment on it!

        Truly, the insane people are running the asylum. And it’s time for us to take control back…again.

      • M’thinks it’s more like William Shakespeare’s view of the more destructive Jewish people like the usurer Shylock – the Merchant of Venice Italy. Shakespeare just notices certain things and Shylock doesn’t get killed, just taken down and pushed aside.

        There were no Jewish people allowed in England in Shakespeare’s time – Elizabethen England, which is generally considered a golden age for England.

        M’thinks intelligent, honorable people here and related places are trying to come up with solutions, reforms that will improve the situation, or solve the situation. These reforms include such things as anti trust legislation to break up the Media monopolies that are now dominated by vulgar, hateful Jewish Mafia figures like Harvey Weinstein.

        Vladimir Putin’s Russia seems to have reigned in this problem and Russian media looks clean, honest in sharp contrast to the “American” media.

        I hope that helps.

    • BS, you disrespect Old Glory by flying that traitor flag and I will personally make sure you pay. enough disrespect America.

      • It’s called Old Gory, stupid. And like all other cowardly right-wing fags you aren’t going to shit about anything.

        PS – Do you really enjoy watching those darkies run a train on your wife while you just stand there and cry?

  10. Im ok with y’all doing your rally and all, but it should be said that the ONLY flag that should be flown is the Stars and Stripes. no nazi flag, no confederate flag, no other freaking flags, I am sick and tired of the left and the right being disrespectful of America. I have had enough to last me a goddamn lifetime. so if you march then best of luck to you and I hope everything works out good. but if I see any other flag than Old Glory I will immediately gather up some fellows and put your anti American BS to rest.. Me and my friends are Veterans and we will protect America from scum, no matter what political side they love.

      • West? West? Where are you? I can hear you sobbing hysterically, but……Oh there you are, curled up in a fetal position inside the bathtub. Come on, pull yourself together. We all know your wife is having an affair with that colored mailman. But you can’t dwell on the past, right? Cheer up, there are plenty of other fish in the sea! In fact, I’ve got the ideal girl for you.

        West, I’d like you to meet “Onceler”…..

    • It seems the “counter protester” queer folk are starting the fight prematurely.

      I will be there and ready.

  11. Cautious about having the NSM attend. I know Heimbach is trying to get them to change, but Charlottesville showed there had been little improvement.

    They’re like a caricature of far-right politics and their members are some of the worst behaved, least intelligent people in the movement. Schoep is also a known LARPer and his leadership of the NSM should tell us all we need to know about him. If they embarrass us this time I would genuinely recommend cutting ties with them completely.

    • Southerners are the most anti-fascist types in America. I personally see no benefit to including overt NS imagery. And this comes from one who deeply respects some basic NS principles.

    • At bare minimum a name change is in order.

      Populist , nationalists, bad immigration restrictionist parties with new names do very well in most all Western Eurooean countries except the UK

  12. Just a reminder President W Kent Fuchs likes his apartheid Jew only Israel…..go google the 2013 Nation story about Cornel NYC Engineering and the Technion…Israel’s MIT….DOUBLE YOUR STANDARDS….

  13. W Kent Fuchs,,,Supports DACA…and this is racial discrimination against NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN WORKING CLASSS high school students in the state of Florida…

    Jeez……who ever WOULD HAVE thought that W Kent Fuchs was a hardcore racist….I mean his very close association with apartheid Israel…..DURING THE INTIFADA(NATION magazine 2013 Cornell University NYC Israeli Technion…..racial discrimination against NATIVE BORN WHITE CHRISTIAN AMERICAN WORKING CLASS TEENAGERS in the state of Florida…

    Why does this racist want to make the University of Florida a majority nonwhite University?…Sounds like White Genocide doesn’t it?

  14. Richard Spencer

    One of your critics at the University of Florida=Norman Goda=double your Jewish standards…

    Norman Goda most definitely likes his Israel Jew Only…Evidence:Professor Goda is the head of the Israeli Institute a Jew think tank founded by the US Israeli ambassador….

  15. just fyi – if your motto (over on twitter) is “Never Surrender” it makes it sound like you’re losing

  16. If someone unaffiliated with the groups pre-set to participate in the event wanted to attend this event – What would the appropriate course of action be? Please do not respond here due to lurkers. You can e-mail me at herr.schulze@tutanota.com (temporary use, encrypted e-mail). Thanks.

  17. DONE with any site that censors comments. Don’t be a wuss. If YOU are not for the 1st amendment … what ARE you for ? You’re either a right on “White Nationalist Organization,” or a silly cult. Which is it ? Those Militias that help you are not there so you can be a homo and block little posts you don’t like. Step up to the plate and be a Confederate.

  18. Here’s one last help for you censoring bitches : You’ll see on – Thecommonsenseshow.com that Antifa has dropped a pipe bomb on a Confederate Re enactment. Goodbye until you stop being pansys.

  19. @James Jackson and Everyone

    Let us settle this once and for all. Those “militia” guys that show up with guns are NOT on our side. They will tell us they are not on our side. I frankly don’t want them anywhere near us for two very good reasons:
    1) One irrational or even slightly rational gunshot from these guys could reign down hellfire onto our heads when our movement is in its infancy stage. We don’t need other people bringing us prematurely into a fight we can’t win YET.
    2) All these militia groups were in Charlottesville. If there was ever a time for them to fulfill their own stated objectives that was the time. They failed.

    These are my opinions and yes I want to be inclusive of people on our side but we must protect our organization and those aligned with us.

    • Didn’t know that. Well if you pussy ass Militias are listening YOU NEED TO GET WITH THE CONFEDERATE PROGRAM OR BEAT IT. YOU’RE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF GOOFBALLS PLAYING SOLDIER … WITH AT LEAST 1 FED IN EACH GROUP. Are you going to play army as The Titanic sinks … or step up and save the south.

  20. Please, Nordic exclusivists need to brush up on genetics. So-called Nordics are as pure as any other Euros, which is to say, not much. Only the Lapps and Islanders, on average, could be considered pure. All these NE are doing is alienating are hard-core, based Slavs and Mediterraneans. If NEs are so smart, why are their lands being literally raped by massive immigration?

    • Stop with the “pure” hair splitting bs. If you’re white you’re white if not not. We’re all mixed batches of white. For the goofballs arguing over who’s purist white … YOU likely have some Jew DNA in you AND a bunch of other stuff. Look … let’s create an enlarged Confederate States Of America for us WHITES. We CHRISTIANS. No brown. No black. No 3rd world. No Muslim. Is THAT fair ? 🙂 Good damn grief !

  21. Florida governor has apparently announced a state of emergency to handle a Richard Spencer talk, I think it is at the end of the week. This looks like a flat out copy of what the Dem Virginia governor did in Charlottesville. Let’s look closely and then plan accordingly regarding Middle Tennessee protests.

  22. Have you seen the NSM page? This guy Jeff Schlep is ridiculous.

    He has a bunch of pics of himself where he. is trying way too hard too look badass.

    It’s ridiculous.

    The guy is a jackass..

    And Matt Heimbach is a soft looking, soft sounding fat ass.

    Brad Griffin has all the charisma of a wooden Indian statue ouside a cigar store.

    Antifa will show up in 3 times your numbers and kick your was.


    The Alt Right should knock it off with it’s enthusiasm for FRANCO AND PINOCHET…unless you support the NAZI INVASION OF RUSSIA…and post WW2 COLD WAR FORIEGN POLICY…which was a direct road to the 1964 CIVIL RIGHTS ACT=a very short hop and a skip to the passage of the (((1965 IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT)))=our negro-spic MUZZIE US ARMY on Christian Russia’s borders in 2017…


  24. Richard Spencer

    Don’t forget to mention that President Fuch’s denounces you for what he is enthusiastic about for his and professor Goda’s precious Jew only Israel…..Richard…Eli…Michael(my Confirmation name)…read the fucking Nation story about hyper-ethnic Perfesser Fuchs…the INTIFADA…CORNELL ENGINEERING NYC..THE TECHNION…..

    Doesn’t Cernovich mean cockroach in HEBREW?

  25. NINA









    I wanted to post this on ALTRIGHT.COM today…but apparently I am banned on ALTRIGHT.COM…

    Anyhow…1-4…start the press conference with 1-4….should be the core of Richard Spencer’s talk TOMMORROW….

    I have family in the US ARMY….Trump is about to attack and bomb Iran for GREATER ISRAEL…

    • Internal political chaos going on. Something is in the works,sink,or damage U.S. navy by Iranian gun boat,or some other targets, cargo ship. From the public point of view, this will unite diversities.

  27. For the big talk at U of Florida:”NATIVE AMERICANS ARE THE REAL AMERICANS” shouts the Jew Liberal in the audience….RESPONSE:”As soon as the NONWHITE DEMOCRATIC PARTY VOTING BLOC…VOTES whitey into a white racial minority in post-white “America”…”The Native Americans are the REAL AMERICANS…go back to Europe!!!”…will be quickly flushed down the toilet and the Hindus…Chinese….Muslims…Koreans….will be encouraged to enjoy the full benefits of the European Conquest of North America and you’ll never here a peep about the American Injun ever again….

    Core Fundamental Point:Our racial interests frame the terms of debate…..If the Jews…White Liberals can’t give THE NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN HISTORIC MAJORITY a reason to tolerate the open and deliberate policy of race-replacement via post-1965 Immigration Policy….if they can’t…..then Race-Replacement will be resisted because it is White Genocide…..

    Talk about the epidemic of fake hate crime hoaxes that frame White Males as the perp on college campuses….Talk about White Studies founder Noel Ignatieve who said to his nonwhite class:”All White Males must be murdered!!!!”

    Call for Native Born White Christian American Young couples to have large families…this will trigger the antifa filthy cockroaches and the Jew Liberals at U of Florida….You want to trigger them into revealing their genocidal intent towards our PEOPLE…..

  28. Seriously, look at the NSM website.

    Jeff Schoep is a jackass.

    It’s a really weird page.

    He’s got about 5 or so pics of himself on there where he is clearly trying to look ‘bad ass’, but it is so over the top that it’s laughable.

    He is melodramatically frowning or scowling in all of them, but in one particularly ridiculous one he is grasping the lapel of his suit jacket and trying way too hard to look ‘angry’ – or something.

    To be fair, Brad seems pretty intelligent.

    So it surprises me that a guy as ostensibly intelligent as Brad would be dumb enough to invite a jackass like Jeff Schoep to his rally, or not realize the incongruence of not wanting bad optics like swastikas while having folks like the NSM and TYM there.

    Brad, what are you thinking?

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