Christian Yingling and George Curbelo Respond To Charlottesville

Christian Yingling of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia:

“In regards to the lawsuit filed by the city of Charlottesville in in respect to more specifically, the 32 man militia team commanded by myself (Christian Yingling, Commanding Officer – Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia) and George Curbelo (Commanding Officer – New York Light Foot Militia).

On August 12th, 2017, Myself and George Curbelo commanded a team in conjunction with the Virginia Minuteman Militia (under Commanding Officer Eugene Wells), to provide security at an event entitled “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville Virginia. We had one goal, and one goal only in being there. That goal was to ensure that all people attending said rally had the opportunity to exercise their first amendment rights to free speech and to gather peacefully without fear of violent reprial from the other side. The press, and the city of Charlottesville have since then, tried to blame us for their unwillingness to get involved throughout the course of the day. Their inaction ultimately led to one woman’s death and countless injuries. They have also falsely accused us of working with the alt right to plan the event, and said we were there strictly to protect the alt right; neither of those accusations are even remotely close to being the truth.

I want to state unequivocally, that while we did in fact not contact the city council itself, we did have multiple phone conversations with Charlottesville police well ahead of our arrival in their city. They knew full well we were coming, and they knew full well we were going to be armed, and what exactly we were going to be armed with. We are fully prepared to provide the phone records to demonstrate that fact since they are now trying to say we had no contact with them. Even though it has been well documented (via photo/video) the Charlottesville Police department escorted us personally to the park. This was arranged well before we arrived in Charlottesville.

While there, our team acted strictly as a neutral peace keeping force, and did not take sides in any fashion. We helped people on both sides while we were repeatedly assaulted by both sides. Our team acted as complete professionals in every capacity, helping the injured, and breaking up fights while trying to keep the two sides separated. Both sides came armed with various weapons and both sides came to fight, no questions asked. Even in that chaotic environment, not one of our people drew or raised a weapon, or intimidated or assaulted anyone in any way shape or form.

Now the city of Charlottesville seeks to unconstitutionally, try to keep us from their city even though it was the state of Virginia’s own laws that allowed us to be armed that day, and the Charlottesville police told us it was perfectly fine for us to be there, and perfectly legal for us to be armed. To fight this, we will be taking multiple steps to address this issue. I will not go into those steps now, but rest assured once we take said steps, it will be made full public knowledge of our course of action.

We intend to continue this fight as long as needed to ensure the citizen’s right to aid their local law enforcement in keeping the peace at future events. We will also be taking the necessary steps to see that those who are truly to blame for the horrors we experienced that day are held accountable, both criminally and financially, to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.

Christian J.Yingling
Commanding Officer – Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia”

George Curbelo of the New York Light Foot Militia:

City of Charlottesville Lawsuit
NY Light Foot Militia Official Statement

The Light Foot Militia and it’s commanders George Curbelo of the NY Light Foot and Christian Yingling of the PA Light Foot, named in the Law Suit by the of the city of Charlottesville, welcome the opportunity to reveal the truth of why the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville VA on Aug 12, 2017 became violent. Our testimony will be from our experiences on Market St on the southern end of Emancipation Park. Our experiences are a telling example of what a political agenda can do to Law Enforcement, the intended peacekeepers. The Light Foot Militia and its affiliate group members were in Charlottesville as a neutral peacekeeping force. Our experiences as peacekeepers was recognized by local citizens as their testimonies and gratitude for our presence were openly shared with us as we solved one altercation after another until the violence become overwhelming and impossible to manage with only 32 men and women. The one common question that we were asked by the general public was, “Why aren’t the Police doing anything about this?” At 11:40 am, Law Enforcement gave me the instruction to remove our Militia off the street because they were going to shut the event down. Only after 2 hrs of violence did police finally take action in the form of riot control. Crowd control was not their job as I was told by 2 different Virginia state police. These statements can be verified by other Militia members. This lawsuit is an attempt by the City mayor and chief of police to divert their culpability to the only peacekeepers on the ground in Charlottesville on 8/12 and typical to a liberal progressive agenda. Their solution is never to take blame for their own mistakes but to restrict the rights of law abiding citizens. In conclusion and again we say WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE OPPORTUNITY TO POINT THE FAULT FOR THE VIOLENCE TO THOSE THAT ARE TRULY CULPABLE, NEGLEGANT AND WORTHY OF THE FULL RATH OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM.

George Curbelo
State Commander
NY Light Foot Militia
Liberty Den Home of the American Patriot”
American Warrior Revolution
American Freedom Keepers

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  1. I feel bad for the real residents of Albemarle County who have been there for many generations or whose presence has nothing to do with the communist hive known as UV. These real residents literally have to “tolerate” the crap from the staff and students who are merely transients to some degree or another. These invaders come from other counties or other states and inflict their flawed and fatalist ideologies on the masses.

    The CIA and other subversive federal agencies have got to be dismantled. Communism needs to be eradicated once and for all.

    “We helped people on both sides while we were repeatedly assaulted by both sides.”

    Is this true? If it is, I don’t like it. Our side should never, ever attack intermediaries or peacekeepers unless defending their own persons.

      • How’s that? And, what part the last? We can challenge patriot groups but we shouldn’t physically attack them. How far will that get us?

    • I’ve watched many hours of Charlottesville video, i/c militia video. The only video I’ve seen of the militia being physically attacked is when about 15 or 20 of them are “cornered” by a Leftist mob against the side of a building after UtR was shut down. The Leftists pelt them with rocks, injuring at least one. I have not seen any video, or read any accounts, of militia being physically attacked by UtR attendees.

      The Pennsylvania Lightfoot Militia has an after-action report about Charlottesville that runs about 24 minutes on youtube, but it’s mostly bits and pieces of video OD readers have likely already seen. The guy narrating the video says “both sides attacked us,” but when he gives details about the “attacks,” it’s clear the “attacks” (actually, more like criticism) are verbal, such as UtR telling the militia the Constitution is not protecting whites from being displaced…or something like that.

      I posted below the video and asked them to post any video or any details at all about any physical attacks from UtR attendees against the militia.

      Also, one scene in the video shows some klan members in robes and hats standing in front of a red brick building (not in the UtR rally site, Lee Park). I was under the impression that no one wearing klan robes was at UtR. Or were there? Anyway, I also asked below the video if that scene was from UtR on August 12th, or the Charlottesville klan rally in July. (There are a few other spliced in scenes from California riots, etc., so it’s possible.)

    • Hi-

      I’m one of those residents. You display a pretty amazing misunderstanding of the local population, most of whom are moderate to left leaning, and therefore anti-militant-racists. While the statue issue itself was divisive at first, the violence that UtR brought around it has galvanized the local population against white nationalism even more than it was before (which was muted, because most people didn’t think it really existed or should be taken seriously, which people on these boards are clearly trying to change).

      Lol, are you a Kessler truther? I may be making an undue assumption based on you bringing up the CIA – do you think he was a plant?

      There were many physical unprovoked attacks on peaceful demonstrators that day by UtR attendees. The organized charge at the front line, with weapons and shields, was one. The violent demonstration on August 11 where peaceful students were surrounded and attacked by UtR attendees was another that set the tone.

      I’m all for first amendment rights. UtR had a right to speak in the park that day. I’m pro second amendment too. But this isn’t about either. A collective of militarized forces came to Charlottesville to harass us. And that’s not legal.

      If UtR had left their weapons, military gear, and military formations at home, there could have been a peaceful, law-abiding rally.

      “No independent military company has a constitutional right to parade with arms in our cities and towns.” Commonwealth v. Murphy, 166 Mass. 171, 173 (1896).

      • LOL… You don’t assign a speck of blame to Antifa or BLM. No offence intended, but are you really that blind?

        Antifa was founded in 1932 by the German Communist Party, with full support from Stalin and the USSR. Antifa is Communist Street Muscle. Their sole purpose is to physically suppress nationalist/patriotic groups. BLM is another fabricated group that seeks the same results using different methods. They came to Charlottesville intending violence.

        You wrote: “If UtR had left their weapons, military gear, and military formations at home, there could have been a peaceful, law-abiding rally.”

        That’s not true. BLM and Antifa would have started violence regardless. Their reason to attend was to attack UtR, whereas UtR attended to protest the destruction of American historical monuments.

        I’m always amazed by Leftists who can’t see the innate violence of the Left.

        • I do blame them, to a degree. There was going to be a massive resistance and a show of people without BLM or Antifa showing up though. Those groups were a minority of the crowd, to the extent that you can call “BLM” a group, as opposed to just a phrase. The vast majority of the people who showed up had no affiliations with either group. But as Friday, August 11th showed, UtR was capable of getting violent without ANY Antifa present, without ANY initiation of violence against them. Remember that?

          There’s no world in which your theory can be tested. You can not call my statement untrue. UtR was marching, with weapons, and military formations, anticipating Antifa showing up, but they still vastly outnumbered Antifa. If Antifa hadn’t shown up that day, they would still have been there: armed to the teeth against the citizens of Charlottesville. Civilians were going to show up regardless, because it is their right to.

          There were, literally, maybe a dozen Antifa there that day, compared to over 1000 people. I don’t care about your history lesson on Antifa – they’re a marginalized, fringe group that nobody who I know of cares anything about or supports in any way. The fact that they also show up against militant racists is just a happenstance of overlap between groups that show up when militant racists invade a town.

          I disagree with Antifa’s methods. I see, acknowledge, and condemn their violence. I will condemn them as long as they instigate violence. But UtR set the tone for violence and made sure its members came prepared to fight whoever showed up. If you don’t see the innate violence of the UtR attendees, or their end goal of keeping exclusively white voices in power… well… there’s no way you can’t see it; you must be supporting it.

  2. You guys need to be at the White Lives Matter Rally in WAY bigger force AND make damn sure the punks in gov’t don’t set you up like that again. Furthermore, YOU NEED TO SEND OUT PRESS KITS TO “ALL” ALT RIGHT MEDIA TO GET COVERAGE AND DONATIONS. Especially –,,,,,,,, ( on Youtube, ) Realist News ( on Youtube, ) … just to name a few.

  3. The Kikes are suing the militias, too? This lawsuit is not merely about the mayhem caused BY the Commie vermin in Charlottesville, but about the suppression and destruction of the First Amendment, every OTHER Amendment, and every law protecting American Citizens of every Race against Jew Tyranny and horror.

    • The hebes are scribbling scared, Denise. The Southern Strategy will work and they have to do everything possible to subvert it. By basing a movement in what is still the South whites will actualize the vast momentum lying dormant in the hearts of whites everywhere.

      It’s an act of desperation and over-reach even more absurd than their childish attacks on the UTR organizers.

      The less affluent states might be cowed by all this jewing from the shekel-rich ones, I fear. That’s the goal.

  4. “…We had one goal, and one goal only in being there. That goal was to ensure that all people attending said rally had the opportunity to exercise their first amendment rights to free speech and to gather peacefully without fear of violent reprial from the other side…”

    In the videos I saw these guys didn’t do shit and when things got out of hand they quickly packed up and left. From my perspective they don’t have a handle on what we will be faced with in the future. I’m certainly pro Constitution but the Constitution won’t save us if the people running the country ignore it.

    • They’re a bunch of fat, old and worthless Kosher Konservatives who will fight to their death – but only for the State of Israel. They should be mocked and trolled, relentlessly, for being a bunch of old LARPing faggots.

  5. These ‘militiamen’/Oathcuck morons really love to give themselves fake titles and fake positions, don’t they? ‘Commander’ – LOL, suuuure ya are, granddad.

    I will also note that NO ONE proofread their retarded ‘statement’, which is replete with eighth-grade-level spelling errors.

    These people are a retarded embarrassment, and their ‘militia’ is probably full of guineas and other off-White mystery meat we DO NOT WANT.

    • After rereading their error-riddled ‘statement’, it seems I greatly overestimated the Oathcucks’ collective intelligence. It’s third-grade level at BEST. These people are a major embarrassment. And I doubt they’re even White. What the hell is the origin of ‘Curbelo’? Another worthless guinea? Sounds like it…

    • get a grip, professional. what’re your ‘colors’? you better be ready to close ranks with white people who don’t ‘wear your colors’. sorry if i don’t wear the stars and bars.

      • @ Bob

        No, you had better be willing to close ranks with us-we’re actually doing something….and your ignorance is obvious “stars and bars” is the 1st national Confederate flag. Not the St. Andrew’s battle flag.

  6. Old Leftist denouncing Antifa:

    Since historic fascism no longer exists, Bray’s Antifa have broadened their notion of “fascism” to include anything that violates the current Identity Politics canon: from “patriarchy” (a pre-fascist attitude to put it mildly) to “transphobia” (decidedly a post-fascist problem).

    The scarcity of fascists has been compensated by identifying criticism of immigration as fascism. This identification, in connection with rejection of national borders, derives much of its emotional force above all from the ancestral fear in the Jewish community of being excluded from the nations in which they find themselves.

  7. I’m always skeptical about Civic Nats claims about them getting attacked by us. We were there to actively participate and possibly have to defend our lives against a mob, they plainly stated they were there to keep the peace and were not supporting either side, radically different agendas. We had no reason to attack them and plenty of enemies who posed an actual active threat. It just makes no sense that any of our guys would break away from fighting people WHO WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF ATTACKING US to pick a fight with guys who were supposedly not taking sides. I remember passing several of them and as others have pointed out I have seen nothing proving assault from our side against Neutrals

    • @Spahnranch 1969

      Christian YINGLING? Is he a panda bear

      First “Lawfare” now this? Another good one SR69! You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite commenters here.

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