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  1. You know what’s funny about these torch wielding Ukrainian Nationalists (not white nationalists)?

    They toppled a Putinist and helped bring in the New World Order!

    How Chad!

    Moreover, you would often hear folks in white nationalist circles decrying Putin for coming down hard on “nationalists” in Russia. The truth? If they were anything like their Ukrainian brethren, Putin didn’t come down hard enough!

    We see a similar failure in Catalonia. Instead of working to achieve the precedent of secession in the modern West, “fashy goys” “counter signal” Catalonia in favor of “Chad” Francoist Spain. (Who comes up with this garbage?) At the end of the day the “Alt Right” is standing with the EU and International Jewry against Catalonia! JUST LIKE THE UKRAINE!

    That’s OK goys, the righteous will fix it all for you. You can thank us later.

      • Afterthought, I think you are deliberately confusing things in order to advance some kind of sinister agenda.

      • no, afterthought is essentially correct. Until the Ukrainian “nationalists” overthrow the Zionist/CIA regime in Kiev, they are not to be taken seriously. And with (((Cernovich))), (((Molyneux))), & (((Milo))) et al. still running around loose, neither is the “alt-Right”.

    • You are apparently both ignorant about Ukrainians, and anti-Slavic as well given how you put made a fool of yourself.

  2. Richard Spencer led a group of counter-protestors chanting, “Russia is our friend.”

    Spencer was maced, beaten, arrested and deported.

    He was OK with it until they made him put on J.C. Penney clothes in jail.

    • I’m glad Spencer was deported. He’s married to an ugly Bolshevik Tartar Mongol and has dedicated his life to the Eurasian race mixers’ agenda. I love the Ukrainian neo-Nazis (the ones that aren’t Jew-funded) and I deplore the Eurasian commies.

  3. You’re on the wrong side here. The Ukrainians are actual, 1940’s Nazis. Putin would be a better friend. He might even be a Christian.

  4. I don’t really understand the issues in Russia that well, so won’t add anything and sound like a clueless fool.
    As for Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, however, I’d love to take the leaders of these countries to a bar and buy them a drink. They truly believe in human rights…for their OWN people. Just hope they don’t crack under U.N. or E.U. pressure. Those nations, plus perhaps the Faroe Islands, will be the worlds only white nations post 2050. Everywhere else? Well I hope your granddaughters can find a fashionable burqua in a color to their liking. In the meantime, our favorite NFL team is winning games so all is hunky dory.

  5. @john, you need to read the 1,000+ year history of the region to truly understand what’s going on in Ukraine/Russia. Then and only then will you be able to justifiably say you don’t understand what is going on there. Just joking man. Seriously though, all need to read the history of the region.

    It’s amazing that all over the world we are still dealing with conflicts that have been going on forever. It really clarifies the concept of staying out of foreign entanglements.

    • Mark, I suspect the criminals who run the EUSSR believe that if they can flood Europe with a lot of subhuman black and moslem trash that will put an end to all the old tribal and nationalist sentiments that have prevented the “dream” of a United Europe from becoming a reality.

    • @Mark,
      Thanks, yes I will read ip on that region and try to make sense of it. And your right, there are regions in the world- Middle East comes to mind- where there will always be conflict- just leave them to it. They aren’t our wars.

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