ClownWorld: The Final Installment

ClownWorld cannot exist in perpetuity. None of this nonsense can pay for itself, and we can’t creatively finance it much longer. This is the final installment of the ClownWorld series, you can view Episode I and the sequel here. Thanks to all the expensive diversity we’re constantly importing, the day we can’t borrow anymore is rapidly approaching. We’ll then experience a sovereign debt crisis, and the dollar will lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. After that, realignments will occur across many facets of our society that will be troublesome for whites, but great for their survival.  Here’s a collection of mild predictions.

The Federal Government

At this point, its authority comes from 3 tactics: issuing debt, creating money to buy this debt, and avoiding the funding of future obligations. In doing so, it can distribute funds to the states. In return, they must comply with its myriad mandates.  Essentially, the financial process between taxpayers and the feds works like this: the residents of a state send their tax dollars to the feds, who then send this money back, plus the money raised by debt.  Once the feds can’t borrow anymore, what’s the point to this process? The federal government will find itself smaller and bereft of much of the authority it has appropriated since the country’s founding. 


Why do all of our major “enemies” essentially just ignore us and do what they want? Simple. Why fight with a dying giant? If you don’t believe Weimerica’s MSM, then it’s easy to do a realistic assessment of our predicament. The stupid thing now would be to militarily challenge our deployment on their borders. The practical thing is to simply wait until our fake money isn’t good anymore. That’s why the Russians can shrug and say “there are no serious people to talk to” or the Chinese exhort us to “just calm down and stop making threats”. They know that we can’t fund it for much longer, so it’s not an existential dilemma for them. The era of our global military presence will come to an end.

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Most of the insanity and subhuman student populations we see in academia are only there because schools have bloated up on over a trillion dollars in student debt, all guaranteed by the federal government. Whatever stupidity schools decide to implement, their students can borrow as much as they must in order to pay for it. This isn’t remotely sustainable. Institutions that survive will have to be drastically pruned down to useful degree programs pursued by students with objective qualifications for funding.

Making Stuff Here

“Free Trade” is what Trump has signaled against, but the term could also describe what transpires between us and many of the countries with whom we have huge trade deficits. What generally happens is that when they send us far more products than we send back to them, they purchase treasury securities to finance the difference. These are IOUs that we get in exchange for real stuff, like tablets, oil, or poisonous sheetrock.  This allows them to build domestic production, and participate in the modern economy. On our end, we just receive cheap products.

The vendor-financing of the US is tough on Americans engaged in domestic production because their costs are often artificially expensive versus foreign suppliers. In the short term, the end of this unmaintainable system would lead to pretty serious product shortages. Hopefully, in the long term, it leads to greater domestic production, manned by people who can’t get questionable disability benefits, Medicaid for opioids, or student loans for worthless degrees. Without participation in the labor force, we can’t get wayward whites back on a more wholesome path.

Black Attack 

One group will be particularly devastated by coming financial turmoil: “People of Color”. As we all know, much of their biomass is utterly dependent on gibs. Those above the base are mainly employed in make-work jobs and lucrative diversity sinecures. Circumstances will dictate that these are among the first people jettisoned by ailing organizations. The risk of a lawsuit later (there could be an epic backlog) won’t override the need of executives to make payroll for the people who actually sustain their enterprise.   

The financial predicaments of his benefactors are not dynamics which the mind of a dindu is capable of entertaining. Whatever they’re used to getting will be significantly curtailed. Sure as gravity, this will lead to them CHIMPING THE FUCK-OUT.  We’ve seen the havoc of BLM riots, so we can reasonably surmise that gibs riots will be truly epic. This is why it’s really important to make sure you’re not domiciled anywhere within walkable proximity to a sizable black biomass.

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Too Bad, Your Side Is Already Chosen 

What’s overlooked by economists is that none of our financial problems will transpire in a vacuum. Scarcity, frustration, and disillusionment will pry at cracks in society presently caulked up by debt and monetary chicanery. The Alt-Right is the only movement with an accurate predictive model. We know from history and reality that our multi-racial miasma won’t hold itself together without free shit for everyone.

An acceptable paycheck and the promise of a comfortable retirement are what enable the average white to rationalize ClownWorld to himself. In his mind he has two options: oppose what’s going on, and become homeless, or just say nothing and lead a relatively comfortable existence. We know what option he takes. Money is the ultimate threat by which the Jews and their collaborators maintain control over Weimerica. Once they’ve deprived themselves of this tool, many things will become possible.

The wonderful thing about sectarian conflict instigated by scarcity is that you can’t pick your side. The sheep will get dragged along by circumstances they can’t control and didn’t see coming. Most of them we could never convince, even at this late stage. A crisis will have to get into full swing before they need to confront reality.  White Nationalism is not an unrealistic result once people do the math and realize they can either pay for their parent’s or pay for vibrancy, but not both. However, the processes that will enable its implementation are sure to be painful, uncertain, and disruptive for all involved. 

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. The only thing I will add to this is a very honest land grab by regimes that have not allowed their populations to get fat and stupid. This is what concerns me more than the impending collapse.

    Lebensraum is not off the darwinistic table for other prepared and technologically advanced countries. I seriously believe a well placed 100,000 norks could just about do what they want in “merica”

  2. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is at record level 22,000.
    GDP illusion growth of sex industry,casinos,gambling,old age nursing,child care day care center, home,security industry.

    The control media now what passes for economic reporting and analysis resembled Soviet economic.

  3. WHY DID WHITE MEN ALLOW THE SCHEMING KIKES TO CREATE THE FEDERAL RESERVE, AND THUS DESTROY OUR NATION? Why oh WHY are there so many White ‘men’ afraid of these inbred parasites?!?!!

    (All-caps necessary to convey my anger at the stupid and silly men who do nothing but talk, talk, talk, like this ‘Tom Shackleford’ person who is the author of this verbose and mendacious piece)

    • GG – I’ve asked that question MANY times. There are (((certain elements))) in the alleged WN community that blame women – but White Men, en masse, dropped the Civilizational Self Preservation Ball centuries before White women had any legal power to do anything.

    • The Federal Reserve was put in because the jews were able to blackmail President Wilson. He was against it at first, but he had diddled a coed while teaching at college so they held that over his head and he caved. White men for a long time, simply did not have the information they needed to fight this stuff. Now that the internet is here, we are finally finding out what has happened and what is happening. You can’t fight something if it’s 95% hidden.

      • ” You can’t fight something if it’s 95% hidden.”

        – Exactly. Prior to the internet, (((they))) had near total control over the “news”, and communication between people living in different states or countries was only possible via snail mail or (very expensive at the time) long distance telephone calls. Most young people today cannot even relate to that reality. To illustrate this difference, take for example the Vegas shooting of two weeks ago: We have non-official information about the event coming to us from people who were there and took cell phone videos as well as emails and postings on various forums which tell us that there is a great deal the government is hiding from us about this event. Whereas had this happened 20 years ago we would have been told the “official” version on ABC news and that would have been the end of the available information- period.

    • @GG and Denise

      I am not blaming women, men gave them the right to vote, but women did expedite degeneracy. We probably wouldn’t have lost Jim crow so fast without women votes. But I am ultimately still blaming sorry people in general.

    • Goy Goddess & Denise: the WGTOW crowd is just as bad as the MGTOW crowd. One sex blaming the other. Both approaches are wrong and non-helpful.

      We ALL dropped the ball when it comes to what has taken place in every White society on earth. But it hasn’t been done “in a vacuum” as they say. We’ve had many destructive wars… and those wars killed off many millions of the best, brightest and most intrepid of our people. ‘The best of the goyim’. THAT, second only to the suicide cult of churchianity, is the #1 reason we’ve been weakened as a people to the point we are now. War and religion. Death and death.

      I myself grew up without a father. My grandfather was a washed-up alcoholic, too. And where was his father? Dead.

      When I consider the countless generations of strong and bright children that WOULD HAVE been born had their should’ve-been fathers lived, it almost shatters my heart into a billion pieces.

      We really need to stop blaming (shaming) each other… and start working on some ways to put the brakes on our looming genocide.

      • Jim – I can assure you that Denise and I are the furthest thing from ‘WGTOW’.

        I’m so sorry to hear about your father and grandfather (and great-grandfather) – hearing this makes me weep and hate the kikenvermin even more.

        I totally agree with you regarding the eugenic costs of the insane and unnecessary (((wars))) we have been forced into since the 19th century. Wars are the Jews’ harvest, and I’m beginning to think the best of America was killed off during the War of Northern Aggression.

        • GG, I know that you and Denise aren’t WGTOW types, and WGTOW isn’t really a thing anyway unless you count feminism, right? I was just making a point about the sexes of our race blaming one another for our problems as a people. We all bear some responsibility, of course, for allowing ourselves collectively to be preyed upon and overcome, but we always need to remember that it is the JEW who sits at the center and deserves the bulk of the ‘guilt pie’.

          I’ve been around these sites for quite a long time, have seen a lot of Denise’s posts and have interacted with her. I know that she’s actually an awesome gal. I agree with almost everything I’ve ever seen her post. And as for you, are you the same Goy Goddess from YouTube and Renegade? Sinead? Or are you someone else?

          Either way, like I said, I was just trying to make a point.

          And thank you for your words about my father and grandfather. I’m not alone, though, am I? Many, many, MANY of us (of both sexes) have been deprived of countless additional family-members, along with SO much else, due to the jews’ wars, revolutions, etc. It boggles the mind to consider how much we’ve lost and missed out on.

          • “…and deserves the bulk of the ‘guilt pie’…” should actually be ‘the bulk of the blame-pie’, because these “people” haven’t the empathy required to truly conceptualize something as basic to humanity as guilt. They aren’t only unwilling, they are UNABLE to say “we’re sorry”.

          • Nope, I’m not Sinead McCarthy, but I really love her videos and the Renegade Tribune in general (minus the flat Earth weirdness, which I think is a case of her and Kyle venturing a little too deep down the rabbit hole). I actually didn’t know she called herself GG too…

            One of the worst things about living under Jewish tyranny is seeing all of those needlessly murdered and horrifically injured in their (((wars))) – and feeling helpless to stop it all. The fact that Jews love this feeling of helplessness on the part of their brainwashed victims is why they ALL have to go, ASAP.

            Like, for instance, I saw two White guys in their army fatigues recently during a flight layover – it seemed like they were flying out to a deployment, or bootcamp (couldn’t tell). I wanted SO BADLY to run up to them and tell them not to die for Israel, but I just knew that they’ve been brainwashed in the typical Conservatard mentality wherein anything anti-Semitic is a ‘conspiracy theory’. Grrrr…

        • GG, I’m actually glad to hear that you’re NOT Sinead! Aside from her flat-earth weirdness, my own experience has been that she’s very divisive and conspiratorial in general. I stopped looking at her videos a long time ago, and stopped frequenting Renegade. She and her husband, aside from going off into Neverland often, have tried to assassinate the character of some very decent people within this movement one-too-many times for my taste. I’m not going to mention names, but some are people that I personally KNOW aren’t “jews” or “controlled opposition” or shills. If she doesn’t like the way you go about things, if your view differs from hers too much, she attacks. But I’m not here to try to assassinate HER character, I’m just stating my own opinion, so I’ll shut up now.

    • Reasons for all this happening; War of Northern Aggression, Federal Reserve, WW 1, Women’s suffrage, WW 2, Truman’s support for Israel, Immigration Act 1965, Civil Rights Act, medicare, Vietnam, etc. Need more: Christian Evangelicals, liberation theology, 100 senators supporting Israel, Christians supporting illegal immigration, jews controlling all press, tv, movies, etc. Fears of being called antisemitic, racist,anti woman, anti muslim, etc. Enjoy!

  4. It was Harry Truman who said that there’s nothing new in this world except the history you haven’t read yet.*

    Over and over again, 109 and counting.

    What a bang-up job they’ve done on us. Is WWIII with Iran and allies their coming crowning glory?

    (* Be wary of American-authored histories written in the past 20-30 years.)

  5. We’ll all be much better off once the chinks take over. They will get rid of the niggers, deport the beaners and send the fags to prison camps. “You must wolk! You no wolk, you no eat! “

    • Again, youre only partially correct and completely incorrect at the same time – the chinks dont care about those things true, but they also dont care about, and despise, roundeye. WE will be the first to be murdered by those dog eating baby raping mass murdering bastards, as they know the rest can be easily manipulated. They are simply too stupid to remember that roundeye invented EVERYTHING that they have stolen and based their economy on; they will gladly, ruthlessly and efficiently eliminate the ‘white devils’ , hal;ting all human progress, but they dont care. Why do you think the jew is funneling all our money and technology to gooks? Red china is the next ‘host’ in [[[their]]] plan – theyre perfect; no brains to think independently with, easily controlled, ruthless and completely amoral. Perfect for the antiChrists design.

  6. The Chinese don’t give a rat’s ass about “racism,” do not genuflect to wailing walls or “holocaust” crap, do not tolerate degeneracy, do not reward parasitism, do not allow “space to destroy” or loot, do not recognize 22 “genders,” do enforce borders, etc.

    • The Chinese have 4,000 years of cultural continuity. This gives them a 30,000 foot view the West can’t have. After so long they know what works and what doesn’t, and they know that supporting legions of useless eaters forever doesn’t work.

  7. I saw this Ku Klux Klansman being interviewed on TV the other night. Honestly he looked liked the side of a house. A lot of what he said made sense…..but honestly, if a nigra took him on the jaw, I doubt he’d have the physical ability to
    take him on-he’d simply fall over and roll away.
    Having strong views won’t get us far if we’re too unfit to fight our way out of a wet paper bag. These nignogs are big, aggressive and fast. Get fit, be ready, and anticipate the unexpected.

    • John – the real KKK was truly heroic (even if they were Freemasons), but it doesn’t exist anymore. It’s all informants, Jews, crypto-Jews and LARPers. The people who get interviewed for TV as the ‘KKK’ are a total joke.

      Also (I’m assuming this is Aussie John?) the kikes embedded in your government in the tourism bureau are apparently paying top dollar for negro and race-mixing propaganda posters to be displayed overseas. I was disturbed to see the Oz gov’t posters in my suburban town, saying ‘COME TO AUSTRALIA!’ superimposed over a pic of two niggers making out. (LOL, it’s so gross) I know all White governments have this problem of Jews and traitors, but just wanted to give ya a heads up

      • @Goy,
        Yes-its Aussie John! Not familiar with the government posters, but I’m not surprised with that. As if having two blacks making out helps a nations image….ugghh!

  8. In short, the Democratic Social-Welfare State is a model whose time has come, and gone. All such states now survive only by printing money and lending it to themselves. The DSWS will soon join its cousin, the Communist Prison State, in history’s trash can.

    Democracy always leads to socialism, which always leads to bankruptcy, which can lead to many different outcomes whose only common feature is not being democratic. A short list, with examples:

    Monarchy: Napoleon, Charles II (after the English Civil War)
    Nationalist dictatorship: Franco, Pinochet, Hitler, Putin.
    Communist dictatorship: Lenin, Castro, Chavez, Mao, the Kims.
    Foreign takeover: Greece, Newfoundland.
    Disintegration: Yugoslavia, Somalia, Libya.

    • The USSA should break up into two or three separate revolutionary White republics. These newly established republics can and should incorporate parts of Canada, the Caribbean and Northern Mexico into their territory.

      • Be sure to carve out a few Multicultural Progressive Reservations so we have a place to dump all our unwanted diversity and virtue-signaling liberals.

        “Do you like Jews, Arabs, Blacks, and Hispanics, soy boy?”
        “Oh, yes, I love the diverse tapestry of humanity. We’re all the same under the skin!”
        “Good, ‘cuz there’s lots of them where you’re going.”

  9. It really seems to make no sense to participate in the electoral system. The result is always what certain people want. If things happen to get away from them once in a while (Trump), the courts and the permanent state-empire force things back in their direction. The whole “democracy” business is a farce.

    • I agree, Mestigoit. Except for the part about Trump. Nothing got “away from them” with the Annoying Orange; he was (((their))) controlled-opposition from the start. Maybe if we were to see a nobody rise to prominence on the Right, some proven, solid and explicitly pro-White member of our side, battling his way into the arena much like Adolf Hitler did in Germany throughout the mid-t-late 20s, just maybe we’d have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting something done from within “the system”. Anything short of that is a foregone conclusion, at least for me, that our ‘leaders’ are ALWAYS selected and NEVER elected.

  10. Goy Goddess & Denise raise some valid points that I wish I had answers for as I’ve often thought how much easier it would have been to stop all this before it started.

    “The Alt-Right is the only movement with an accurate predictive model” shows the way and at the same time gives hope for a way back to freedom starting with corruption and abuse having consequences. . .

    Hollywood now; Washington, DC next as Hollywood’s other ‘Open Secret’ preying on young boys decapitates the political establishment.

    In the meantime, while we wait for “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon” it is long past time that men that can still process information and think for themselves start to put the TV-educated Boomers, the political pillow-biters, and the cucky Bug men addicted to mass entertainment and the NFL, taking their cues from politicians and the MSM in their place to clear the path for the younger generation rising up to rebuild.

    I’ll just leave this here:

    “White people are really nice, until they’re not”.

    We are capable of some truly terrible shit when you put us in a corner, right up to and including physical removal, so to speak. Do not turn us into those monsters again. We want to coexist in peace with the peoples of the world. We far prefer to operate within the confines of reason and negotiation. But we are beginning to conclude that reason is a thing beyond your capacity, and negotiation is impossible in its absence. So if you insist on nihilistic lunacy and societal suicide that punishes us for your stupidity, then we will do what is necessary to protect ourselves and our way of life.

    And make no mistake about it, we will win, like we always have, by any means necessary. -Stefan Molyneux

  11. When People of Color do rage cities burn. When White People do rage continents burn. The Soros funded Chimps wil keep this shit up until some catalyst event occurs that causes Whitey to wake up, at which point they will get what they wished for and it ain’t what they expected. We have more guns and we don’t hold them sideways.

    • No offense, but I wish it were that easy.

      The problems is the American shine are just the symptom while those engineering all this nation destroying, the real (((enemy))) and the White thong-snappers that serve them have more than firearms to project force.

      Not to mention, the last time we lit up a continent, Patton discovered we fought on the wrong side and we’ve been living with the consequences ever since.

      Things appear to be coming to a head. They’re taking away the Bug man’s NFL circus, and once they stop the beer trucks rolling, we should see another strong man rise from the ashes.

      In the meantime, prepare for balkanization, stop supporting those out to destroy you, and get loud with anyone promoting Boomer nationalism or gender-bender, cuddle parties for your children.

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