California Recognizes Non-Existent Third Gender

The crazies really are running the show (or at least being pandered to) in California as the State moves to recognize the fevered fantasies of mentally ill people. US News reports:

California recently became the first state in the nation to expand its identification markers to legally recognize a third gender.

Gov. Jerry Brown, a Democrat, signed the bill – The Gender Recognition Act or Senate Bill 179 – into law over the weekend. The legislation was approved as part of a batch of measures crossing Brown’s desk in the final bill action of the year. Most of the recently signed bills will go into effect at the start of next year, but this bill won’t take effect until Jan. 1, 2019.

Under the new law, Californians are given the option to choose a third, nonbinary gender category on state-issued IDs, birth certificates and driver’s licenses. Nonbinary is an umbrella term for people who do not identify as male or female.

The measure is also said to make it easier for a person to correct their gender on legal documents by no longer requiring a physician’s statement declaring that the individual has undergone “clinical treatment.” That’s a departure from states that require approvals before residents can choose between male or female on legal documents.

The real question now is when will California recognize the Flat Earth?

The sooner the South is free from the once-great-now-fallen Golden State the better. We simply have nothing in common with the people out there. And they should have no influence on our government.

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    • Only an asshole like you could confuse the truth with shit.
      For starters, look down at your own chest and explain those nipples away.
      You fucking dumb ass. Read a book and stop confusing what you think for what is true.

  1. The jews get the ball rolling by exacerbating/creating the tensions between the sexes and the roles the two sexes play in society therein.

    Then they ‘help’ or ‘reform’ gentile society with their so-called cures. Feminism, Big Pharma, home ownership for everyone upon Maoist doctrination aka ‘college’ graduation, etc.

    Then they create another pseudo axis of ‘identity’ or new tension aka ‘social problem’

    Gender truly is mostly a (((cultural))) construct. Our sex, however, is NOT.

    Plus they stole some of the best real estate we fought for in the process. I wonder how much of Ca’s recent fire scourge could have been prevented or contained if the state was still run by whites. And how much of it hit mostly white areas? Was it Ca’s middle class, as opposed to the ghettoes of wealthy jews and welfare-rich colored hordes?

    Fuck these kikes.

    • @Onceler,
      You have made a lot of good points and I admire your knowledge.
      Could you please stop swearing- its fucking rude!!!
      I love that you defend Anglo and White culture in general-its worth trying to save. If only more people understood the link between Jews and the issues facing the modern, Western world.
      People like us are the only ones who know how
      to fix what is wrong, yet will never have the power to in today’s world.

      • Tut-tut @ john, don’t be so harsh on the bad language. The occasional f-bomb or some other colorful linguistic profanity dropped into a comment can actually help diffuse the (unwanted) ‘highbrow’ nature of a political post & help connect with normal folks – much in the same manner a WW2 biography (such as Sepp Allerberger’s, for example) was filled with the worst language imaginable yet it helped paint the men as normal human beings.

        It’s something I always found irritating in SF, i.e. whenever we post bad language, we’re subjected to an edit by one of the mods with a “profanity removed” slap on the wrist… like naughty children in a kindergarten.

  2. …and, Kevin MacDonald has now officially endorsed Dailyschnorrer’s planetary gang rape of white women with his latest article on OO. He allows some rube to link to Anglin’s psycho screed supporting Weinstein’s harassment of the supposed ‘shiksas,’ most of whom weren’t really anyway.

    ‘KMac’ as we all called him is just another controlled opposition mental masturbator.

    Now, am I going to be deleted for calling someone by the ‘wrong name?’

    We don’t need this kosher nationalism anymore than we need Californication.

    • KMac is a card-carrying member of the John Derbyshire Society of Cucked Boomers Who Love Hapa Miscegenation, Obsequious Philosemitic Fawning and Holohoax Mythology.

      It’s an elite club of boomer cucks: Derb, Peter Brimelow, Jared Taylor, KMac, (((Steve Sailer))) and various other philo-semite and crypto-Jew riffraff

    • “‘KMac’ as we all called him is just another controlled opposition mental masturbator.”

      Wow. I can’t even…. “KMac” has lain the intellectual backbone of the entire movement and has clearly shown that much of what we are experiencing from “The Tribe” can be attributed to the sociobiology and adaptive evolution. Maybe you don’t buy into evolution? I can see this anti-intellectual conflict brewing already with home schooling. Global warming is largely non-science but evolutionary theories explain much about the world.

      • Obviously, no one’s denying his intellectual contributions. I personally really liked all of his books and became an avid reader of everything HBD thanks to him and Sailer.

        HOWEVER, it’s obvious that the toxic culture of (((social science academia))) has poisoned his mind regarding Holocaust revisionism (100% valid, though for whatever reason he would disagree – he has given interviews saying he’s ‘not interested’ in reading Faurisson, etc.)

        And I think he’s a Charles Murray cultist, too, thereby falsely worshipping the chinks and Ashkenazim. (((Social science))) is an insidious destroyer of the mind…

    • I knew MacDonald was off his rocker when he said that he felt the Ashkenazi Jews were not descended from Khazars. I supposed his research material came from David Horowitz and/or Mark Steyn.

      Does the ADL and SPLC attack MacDonald much? No, and that’s says everything.

    • “…Kevin MacDonald has now officially endorsed Dailyschnorrer’s planetary gang rape of white women…”

      I don’t think this is true and I don’t think pointing out that these Women are prostitutes for the Jews is inaccurate. Doesn’t mean I’m for Jews, by any means. Doesn’t mean I approve of the Jews behavior but I also don’t approve of the Women and Men’s behavior who prostitute themselves for fame.

      This may get Goy Goddess pissed but if you’re the same Goy Goddess that sang the massively excellent pop tunes with pro_White lyrics you said yourself that you couldn’t become a (((singer))) without being a whore. You have an excellent voice why shouldn’t you shame those that whored themselves for fame? It could be you there but you refused to cheapen yourself.

      Andrew Anglin may be controlled by the Jews or not but he has some killer articles sometimes. One of his latest “Jews Officially Handing America Back to the Americans” I think is excellent.

      He also fared well in his debate against Vox Day, supposed Super Genius, who was going to wipe the floor with him and didn’t come close. I wonder if Anglin is not so much a Jew plant but someone who has been compromised by the Jews or more accurately fooled by them but in all really is strongly on our side. If he was fooled by the Jews, he wouldn’t be the first. Jews infiltrating and him not knowing it at the time. If we condemn him for that foible then we’d have to condemn the whole country.

      Many people believe what they refer to as “cartoon Nazis” cheapens the Pro-White, Anti-Jew message and maybe that was so in the past. I think this is not so any more. The cumulative message is running against them. They can push the wildest “cartoon Nazi” stuff you could imagine and I don’t think it would phase people.

      I’m for anyone naming and attacking the Jew. Even if paid for by the Jews, I’m for them as long as they attack the Jew. I believe that most all shills for the Jews will in the future try to not name the Jew as much as possible. They have too much exposure and searching for the Jew gives up links that they don’t want seen.

      • @Sam – you’re referring to Sinead McCarthy, and no, I’m definitely not her. I’m not a Flat Earther (lol)

      • So where do we draw the line between ‘performer’ and ‘prostitute?’ I don’t live in a world of black and whites. Real life is complex and colorful.

        The bigger issue is, Anglin pretended to ‘implode the truth’ or something behind the Weinstein scandal. Instead, he just exploded the truth into more falsehoods.

        Not all actors and actresses are the equivalent of prostitutes. The local pharma rep is way more degenerate and immoral, frankly.

        Everything with Anglin is a way to denigrate white women. That’s all he’s about. He hides behind ‘anti-semitism’ to basically vent his unending spleen against these evil whitey bitches.

        In his case, since he’s so obviously a clear net negative ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if he’s official controlled op or not.

        • My point here, is that the truth behind the Weinstein storm was, among a couple elements, to further divide white men and women, and the classes of whites. Anglin caught the ball and ran with it.

  3. If OD wants to spark discussion then it should tolerate candid discussion. OO is insulting me and southern white women beyond any reasonable limit and I should be allowed to respond, at the very least here on a site championing SOUTHERN which means ANGLO culture!

  4. CA is rapidly becoming a Mexican colony as Whites leave in droves. But not to worry. Third Gender “rights” is more important.

  5. Its bizarre to me that legislators (and liberals in general) have lifted a recognized mental illness right out of the medical books and elevated it to the point of legitimacy. These people trying to alter their gender are suffering from what the DSM-V identifies as BIID: Body Identity Integrity Disorder. Chopping off your pecker is no different than those who try to chop off a perfectly healthy finger (unless the Mafia does it for you).

    In saner times, BIID sufferers would be given intense therapy…not medical amputations and a new wardrobe. Today, instead of locking a guy in a mental ward for insisting he’s a SHE, we rejoice when he chops off his penis and demands everyone call him Sheila.

    “Woe to those who call good evil, and evil good…”

  6. Too bad everyone got baked and stayed home for #Calexit. They hate the rest of the country but wouldn’t dream of giving up all those federal subsidies.

  7. Onceler, really! What you said!

    What is WRONG with pansy ‘men’ like this?

    It’s not as though they giving up their masculinity, because they still are observing rational forms of discourse in their own faggy self-analysis. But the self-analysis is so damned ‘Jewish,’ (‘I don’t want to see a foreign ethanos,I want to see a fellow human being’ nebbish navel-gazing) that it leads to complete paralysis.

    Dammit, wake up! A Nigger is not the equivalent of a white man- All history, our ancestors, and even the very founding documents of this nation, make this patently clear!!

    And never, ever, for 1 millisecond, ever think that some goddamned black man is going to treat you with anything resembling a measure of Anglo-Saxon justice, if and when he gets the chance to ‘stick it to Whitey.’ All I need to say is: Deandre, Ferguson, Katrina, OJ, Haiti, Idi Amin,… need I go on? I think not!

    Where is the mentality that says to “quit you like men” in this racial battle for the continuance of our nation, and our very existence on this planet?

    And don’t anyone start LARPing me as a ‘sic’ “Christian” about “loving our multiracial brothers in Christ.” There is enough data to condem to hell every single black person, for their charismaniac attitudes, their moral duplicity, their inability to think in concrete forms -contrary to the propositional nature of the Scriptures themselves, and then, let’s dissect stuff like this, and ask, How is this not ‘ bad fruit’?

    It’s time we wash our hands, gird are loins, and take up the sword against the enemies of God, because that is what every non-white on the planet is-an incarnated enemy of God, Christendom, and the Elect race of white mankind.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and an off the enemies of God. “-Saint Theodosius of the Kiev caves, Orthodox saint

  8. Meanwhile in Peking…..

    “Ha-ha! Rook at Amelika, dey so stoopid! Dey ret de runatic lun de asyrum! Carifolnia soon be contlored by Peopwr’s Lepubric, ha-ha! We no torelate brack monkey and gleasy spic, we shoot dem rike mad dog. We make onry Horrywood movie about Chailman Mao and Grolious Levolution, not movie about homo and bimbo, ha-ha!

    Hey Lonald Legan and Lichald Nixon, you no stop us now, ha-ha! “

  9. Saint Andrew (San Andreas en Espanol.), turn over in your sleep and help California secede to join the Pacific Ocean.

  10. ” The real question now is when will California recognize the Flat Earth? ”

    Hey, that at least has historical and scientific precedents!

    • I am sure they will get the Jews to map it out for them.. I can see the map now with Israel and all the ZOG capitols prominently marked with the Holocaust museums and German guilt sanctuaries. I am surprised the late great state of Ca doesn’t have a mural of Joogle Flat Earth for goys in all the state offices.

  11. Both Catalonia and California are liberal areas. I say let both go in peace as it will only make Spain and the US more traditional and conservative. The United States opposes California secession just as Spain does Catalonia. Let them go!

  12. Can someone please approve my previous comment, with the two URL links? It’s been more than 24 hours, I think…

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