The Hard Right

I’ve tried to avoid these public debates.

When I have seen something that other people in our movement are doing that I disagree with, I have kept my mouth shut. There have been many such occasions over the last two years. As a rule, I have erred on the side of solidarity because of my belief that public infighting on the internet crippled the White Nationalist movement in the 2000s. It is wiser sometimes to remain silent.

I’ve joked in the past that the first rule of White Nationalism 1.0 was that everyone hated everyone else and wasted those years jockeying for the top position. From my perspective, this inability to work with others was the defining feature of White Nationalism 1.0. More than anything else, it was extreme individualism and the anonymous nature of shitposting on online forums which created the low-trust environment which prevented us from moving forward. I finally got so tired of the backbiting that I stopped identifying altogether as a White Nationalist around 2011.

White Nationalism since 2008 has been defined by the rise of the Alt-Right which has been described as White Nationalism 2.0. This contrast between “White Nationalism 1.0” and “White Nationalism 2.0” was discussed in months before the Unite the Right rally. In everything I wrote about the subject, I emphasized that the key difference was a desire to get along and work with others. It was the “1.0s” who spent all their time tearing each other down and the “2.0s” had moved beyond that.

In hindsight, I will admit that many of the “1.0s” were right to be skeptical of the Unite the Right rally. It was predicted at the time that the unity we hoped to achieve in Charlottesville wouldn’t last two weeks. There had been countless attempts to hold these unity events in the past. Every previous attempt to foster unity in the White Nationalist movement had been defeated by personalities jockeying for position. The “1.0s” were also extremely skeptical of inviting the Alt-Lite to participate. They were right on that score as well as the fallout showed the Alt-Lite was solely about promoting brands.

To be completely candid, I am writing this as an observer. I identify as a Southern Nationalist. I’ve written volumes about the differences between White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism. I won’t go into that here except to note that there is some overlap between the two. We both believe that race exists and race matters. We both believe that Whites are in decline in the United States. We have similar views on political correctness, multiculturalism, immigration, refugee resettlement, etc. Generally, the way I see it is that I am focused on my own people, but I am supportive of Whites elsewhere.

Unlike some people, I don’t get too worked up about labels. I can tell you all the flaws of White Nationalism and the Alt-Right. I’m even skeptical of Southern Nationalism. These labels have different meanings to different people which haven’t been fully fleshed out. The difference we are going to talk about here today is the Alt-Right and its relationship with White Nationalism. This seems to be at the core of the present controversy over Unite the Right and the White Lives Matter rally.

Is the Alt-Right a euphemism for White Nationalism? Does the Alt-Right include National Socialism? I don’t think these questions have been adequately answered.

My view is that the Alt-Right was always conceived as a broader space than White Nationalism. It was defined negatively against mainstream conservatism. Originally, the Alt-Right was an umbrella term for rightwing tendencies which were considered fringe rightwing movements like White Nationalism, paleoconservatism and libertarianism. I’ve written in the past that the hallmarks of the Alt-Right are a focus on truth, identity and iconoclasm. This is not the same thing as White Nationalism which is focused exclusively on race and the welfare and interests of White people. The Alt-Right has lots of ideas which are drawn from troll culture, paleoconservatism and libertarianism.

Seen in this way, the Alt-Right is the big space on the Right outside of mainstream conservatism. It includes, but isn’t synonymous with, White Nationalism, Southern Nationalism, National Socialism as well as some forms of paleoconservatism, libertarianism and the troll culture of messageboards. Because the Alt-Right is defined negatively against mainstream conservatism, its various tribes of castaways lack internal cohesion, many of which mutually despise each other. The Alt-Lite is an attempt by various edgy brands to ride the fence between mainstream conservatism and the Alt-Right.

The Unite the Right rally was conceived by Jason Kessler as a way to bring together all of these factions to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee monument in Charlottesville. He brought together a very broad mix of people on August 12th that included Southern heritage activists, Alt-Lite brands, Patriot groups, Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists, Identitarians and National Socialists. As we all remember, the Charlottesville Police stood down and allowed chaos to break out in the streets. We can all agree on what happened. We disagree on our relationship to each other.

Alt-Right and Hard Right

Generally speaking, there were two broad groups which came together at the Unite the Right rally in Lee Park. There was the Alt-Right which carried out the torchlight march at the University of Virginia on August 11th. There was also the Hard Right which marched into Lee Park in one big column from the Market Street Parking garage in Charlottesville.

This contrast between the Alt-Right and Hard Right was brought up at the meetup location prior to the Unite the Right rally. The latter has been congealing as a block of Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists and National Socialists and roughly consists of all the hardcore elements in the movement.

The Hard Right and Alt-Right have different optics:

Here are my Periscope videos from this weekend in Shelbyville:

Pikeville also had an intense feeling:

There is a different aesthetic, energy level and feel at Hard Right events. These people are hardened White Nationalists, Southern Nationalists and National Socialists. They are not gamers, meme makers, identitarians, Kekistanis, Trumpists, civic nationalist LARPers and Patriots, irony bros or other people barely removed from conservatism.

The Hard Right has been gestating for over a year now and has evolved from Pikeville to New Orleans to Charlottesville to Shelbyville parallel to the Alt-Right. In the aftermath of Unite the Right, different groups began to move in different directions. The Alt-Lite retreated into mainstream conservatism. The MAGApedes either shuttered their rallies or held events for they could be beat up in order to play the victim on FOX News. Some in the Alt-Right decided to rebrand as “American Nationalism” whereas others decided to focus on controlled flash rallies and college tours. Meanwhile, the Hard Right wasn’t swayed by Charlottesville and decided to move forward with public rallies.

White Lives Matter was two months in the making. The purpose of this rally was to demonstrate that the Hard Right wasn’t responsible for the violence in Charlottesville, draw attention to the Emanuel Samson church shooting and foster cohesion within our own movement. It succeeded on all three fronts. This was the first big post-Charlottesville public rally and it drew around 300 people. Indeed, it was far larger than we had expected it would be for what we considered a rebound event. It proved that Charlottesville had changed very little and rumors of our demise had been greatly exaggerated.

The tension with the Alt-Right that has emerged since last weekend is unexpected, but it isn’t really surprising. We invited both Identity Evropa and The Daily Stormer to participate in the White Lives Matter rallies in Tennessee. They chose not to do so and preferred to hold their own events. We didn’t care or think much about it until we were forced to respond to all the criticism. It has laid bare a bunch of different points within the movement on which we are not in alignment.

Nathan Damigo

This one is rich coming from Nathan Damigo.

As many of you might remember, Nathan Damigo is famous for participating in two major rallies. There was the Berkeley rally in April and Unite the Right in Charlottesville in August. Both of these rallies ended in violence and were the two biggest clashes with Antifa of the year. In Berkeley, Nathan Damigo punched Moldylocks the female Antifa pornstar, and in Charlottesville he was arrested for civil disobedience. Elsewhere, he was the one bullied at rallies by the Oathcucks.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Nathan Damigo resigned as the leader of Identity Evropa. He was one of the many people from California who folded under the pressure. Baked Alaska reverted to being a normie Trump supporter. Kyle Chapman disavowed Augustus Invictus, Irma Hinojosa and Johnny Benitez. Ever since Charlottesville, Joey Gibson has dominated the scene out there and his goal is to bait Antifa into beating him up with his American flag in order to get normies watching on FOX News to feel sorry for him. Nothing much is happening in California these days.

California was ground zero for LARPing civic nationalist faggots. The biggest one of them all was “Based Spartan” who was with Nathan Damigo at Berkeley. Virtually all the rallies he participated in this year out in California included Based Tranny (seen right) and Oathcucks and MAGApedes in Trojan armor and conservatives running around with cringe KEK flags that we laughed at here in the South.

Back in May, Van the Cuck Knight came to New Orleans from Los Angeles and got dropped by the Hard Right after starting shit with us about our Confederate flags:

We weren’t very impressed with them. They didn’t endure six months. LARPers are attention seekers like the Cuck Knight, not hardened White Nationalists.

James Allsup and Nicholas Fuentes

These two are college Republicans who are the hosts of a new conservative talk show called Nationalist Review. Fuentes is a conservative who was fired by Right Side Broadcasting Network in August. Now he is an expert on the Alt-Right and an oracle of where the movement needs to be going.

The Fuentes view of rightwing rhetoric and optics is that everything we do should be targeted at pandering to the sensibilities of Paul Ryan voters in Janesville, Wisconsin. Basically, it is the idea that we are going to take over the GOP, purge the cucks in the midterm elections and Take Back America through voting. If you don’t believe in this delusion, you are “bad optics” and a Nazi LARPer.

Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was borrowed from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign. This conservative idea of “Taking Back America” from the Democrats and Republican establishment has been around since the 1980s. Please note that Ronald Reagan’s landslide victory, Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America, the George W. Bush presidency, the Tea Party, and Donald Trump have all failed to do this with huge electoral mandates.

How will it be any different this time? Conservatives have been fighting the GOP establishment for a decade now. They have elected a whole new crop of politicians in 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. Charlie Christ was the establishment and Marco Rubio was Tea Party. It changed nothing to replace one with the other. Some of the worst cucks in Congress like Ben Sasse have only been there for one or two terms. Even President Donald Trump hasn’t put a dent in the conservative policy agenda.

Conservatism is a sink of our time, money and energy. The ultimate proof of this was the Charlottesville resolution which was passed unanimously by the Republican Congress and signed by President Trump. It blamed us exclusively for Charlottesville and failed to mention Antifa. Instead of “Making America Great Again,” Trump has presided over rapid erosion of our First Amendment rights and we have absorbed all the costs of his presidency both online and in the streets without reaping any of the oversold benefits.

Ricky Vaughn

Ricky Vaughn has essentially the same view as Allsup and Fuentes.

In 2018, we should allow ourselves to be coopted by conservatism again, and line up behind General Bannon who has said we are all ethnonationalist losers who need to be crushed. If only we elect Joy Villa and Josh Mandel to Congress, we will “Take Back America” or something.

Again, this is laughable. What is in this for us? The question doesn’t even occur to Ricky Vaughn who sees no daylight between our movement and Republican electoral prospects even though the latter have been using us to get elected for over thirty years now. Ricky Vaughn condemned the White Lives Matter rally, but endorses Josh Mandel for Congress, which tells you everything you need to know about him.

Ricky Vaughn wants to sublimate our movement into conservatism. He believes in invigorating conservatives with memes which will only divert more people into wasting their time on that sinkhole. What does conservatism have to do to finally be discredited? Pass a massive amnesty for illegal aliens? Pass an enormous tax cut for the wealthy? Fail to defend the First Amendment? Fail to preserve the definition of marriage, the unborn, gender roles or women’s restrooms?

If we really wanted to influence the mainstream Right, the easiest way to do so would be to stop voting for them in the midterm elections. Let them fall flat on their faces with their civic nationalist appeals to based black guys and based Jews who are never going to vote for the Republican Party anyway. In the long run, Whites are becoming more racially conscious, and the number of True Conservatives is shrinking in every election which makes the status quo unsustainable on race relations.

Donald Trump had nothing to say about the Antioch church shooting. If we can’t even draw attention to something that horrible, what is the point in even having a social movement?

Andrew Anglin

Andrew Anglin has done a better job of articulating a premise what many other people believe in the Alt-Right, but have refrained from saying publicly. He believes the Alt-Right should be a class movement that appeals to upper middle class normies in the suburbs. This is the reason why it is so important to have the right optics. We don’t want to be associated with all those White Nationalist losers.

In recent months, Andrew Anglin has become an expert on real world activism. We found this strange since as far as we know he has never organized a political rally or even attended a conference in the United States. Anglin’s only experience in this area was orchestrating the Neo-Nazi invasion of Whitefish, MT which succeeded in making life more difficult for Richard Spencer’s parents and saddling him with an SPLC lawsuit that has cost the movement over $150,000. We invited Anglin to come to Unite the Right, but he couldn’t risk showing up and being served with the lawsuit over Whitefish.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, Anglin decided that he was rebranding the movement as “American Nationalism.” He was genuinely surprised when no one else got on board with this idea. He expected Southern Nationalists (who want an independent South), White Nationalists (who want a White ethnostate), Identitarians (pan-European racial nationalists) and National Socialists (who loathe liberal democracy) to climb on board with this “Take Back America” platform.

It didn’t happen because so few of our people believe “Taking Back America” is possible. No one believed in deracinated American civic nationalism or has any confidence that one blog on the internet can redefine Americanism as white supremacy. This is why so few people show up with the federal flag at rallies. Activists don’t want to use it and forcing them to do so would only discourage them from showing up at events. There isn’t a constituency for American Nationalism outside of the familiar Patriot groups and Alt-Lite civic nationalist groups like the Proud Boys.

There’s no reason to believe pretending to be something we are not is a more effective activist strategy. The Hard Right turned out 125 people in Pikeville and 300 people in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro. The turnout at Unite the Right, which was an explicitly pro-White event, dwarfed the turnout at virtually all of the American flag rallies organized by the Alt-Lite, MAGApedes and Patriot groups.

As I have said for months, we weren’t as damaged by Charlottesville as some people have assumed. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, three separate public opinion polls have shown that anywhere from 6% to 10% of the public supports the Alt-Right. There is no meaningful difference in the constituency since the same stratum of the public also supports White Nationalism and Neo-Nazism.

It is true there is a much bigger constituency that is implicitly pro-White. We aren’t anywhere close to our ceiling when nearly half of White Americans believe White people are under attack or that European heritage ought to preserved. The point on which they divide from us, however, has nothing to do with optics or labels. Rather, it is being an explicitly pro-White movement that doesn’t subscribe to the doctrine of racial equality. These people share our grievances, but are afraid of being called “racists.”

Anglin wants to recruit upper middle class suburban normies to become “American Nationalists.” He ignores the fact that this stratum of the Right is the least alienated, the least disaffected, and the most resistant to his messaging. These people live in a bubble and are sheltered from racial and cultural breakdown. They have the most to lose by becoming “American Nationalist” activists at our events. Normies are individualists and materialists. The constituency that Anglin is targeting are super normies. That’s why whenever we have a public event you can hear them shrieking in terror on the internet about optics and ruining their lives because aren’t up to challenging the status quo.

The reasoning here is that if only we look good and have the right optics, which is to say look like a bunch of Mormon missionaries or Jehovah’s Witnesses, then we will be accepted by mainstream society who will see our American flags and forget we are “racists.” This is retarded because we are stigmatized because we are not in power and for moral reasons, not aesthetic ones. No one cares what you are wearing. It doesn’t make you any less of a “racist” in their eyes. What’s more, it’s not like the media hasn’t noticed that white polo shirts and khakis with tiki torches are the “new uniform of white supremacy.” It is a subject which has generated a lot of discussion in the media.

After all this talk about optics and aesthetics, no one has objected to this look which so many people assume is “superior optics.” That’s because many of us haven’t share our opinions for the sake of avoiding internet drama. We reject the notion that the effeminate conservative dork look, the Winn Dixie checkout line look, the Best Buy Geek Squad look, The Office look, or the Backstreet Boys look is superior optics. Seriously, it would be nice if these people could stop congratulating themselves.

It is actually quite bland. It is no wonder that these people need to consult the Pickup Artist Community (PUAs) in order to be coached into getting laid or rage spiral about MGTOW or how all women are Thots who need to be beat into submission. Combine it with a lack of passion and it comes across as low energy. The impression that one gets is that these guys are frustrated IT workers who are racists.

We’re already stigmatized as dangerous and immoral. In the real world, Anglin strangely advises us NOT to be edgy and to pretend to be something we aren’t to “appeal to the normies” who will never leave their couch. Instead of doing that, we should use it to our advantage and play it up to strike a contrast. If we are the bad guys, why not look like well known romantic bad guys?

It is a waste of time to appeal to normal people who are individualists and materialists. We should be appealing to angry, alienated, disaffected people who are persuadable with optics that work on that audience. Heimbach’s Traditionalist Worker Party which is disaffected, populist, rural and Christian has a real constituency in the South and Midwest.

This isn’t a joke. We need serious leaders. We are in a war for our racial and cultural survival on this continent. Are people who are afraid of guns going to “Take Back America” with fucking cringe KEK flags, conservative talk radio shows and by panicking and policing their “associations”?

Conservatism has failed. We’re not going to “Make America Great Again.” This country is only going to become more polarized as liberal democracy continues to destroy our common culture. In the streets, there is more tension that ever before and we can only find security in numbers. Far from winning over upper middle class normies with really impressive optics, it is the ongoing unraveling of America which is going to push those normies into our camp. At the end of the day, it is going to be either us or those people on the other side and they will line up behind our warriors, not Nick Fuentes or Spooky Ricky.

We need people who are tough and who have courage. We need people who aren’t going to back down and who are strong and have confidence in their own opinions. It might be a good idea to actually have people around who know how to fight and use firearms. There is a strong possibility that one day this could get very ugly. In such a situation, no one is going to turn to social media brands or helpless upper middle class normies when anarchists are communists are expropriating their country club.

In the final analysis, this comes down to a bet. Are we going to reform this system through participating in mainstream conservative politics? Is this whole damn system going to become so polarized and dysfunctional that it is going to collapse on our heads and unwind in the streets? Based on what I have seen in the streets and the failure of Trump’s campaign and all the previous “Take Back America” movements, I think it is going to be the latter. Donald Trump was the last chance for something like that to succeed. He was the last gasp of conservatism.

I fully expect things to get much uglier in the future. So I have ceased to care about all the things that have given conservatives the shakes in the past. Ultimately, it isn’t going to matter.

Note: I want to emphasize that I don’t have any problem with the people who I have criticized above. All I have done here is explain why we disagree. They were the ones who chose to have this discussion in public view which isn’t a choice I would have made.

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  1. Yup. I still think Trump was a better “choice” than Killary; we’d all be in dungeons, if not in our graves, now, had that psycho been installed as POTUS. We have a wee bit of breathing room, and now General Kelly is making semi-positive mewlings about how “erasing history is bad…”.

    But we only have ourselves to save ourselves. I got into an argument with a Jew Worshiping Boomer Normie today. It was fun. I find that years of online trolling, fighting, and research……….well – everything just flows forth…………It was really fun to see her mouth drop open. She tripped up a few times. She’s one of those Evangelitards wh quote the Bible, and want Jews to be forced to choose to be Christians. she’s anti-Racist. I found it so easy to turn every idiocy she uttered against her. Including and especially Biblical citations. Her pal – who knows me – , was trying to cushion the blows a bit for her. She didn’t realize he was laughing at the whole “debate”. He was laughing at what I was doing to her.

    She’s no-one in particular. Either am I. But it was fun. I felt like a cat, loosening my jaws, before I go after a really big bird.

    I have no tolerance for ANY-ONE who acts against White survival. Nada. Nyet. NONE.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries to challenge the Christian Zionists. I attempted to respond to the author of an article titled “Can You Be a Christian and Hate God’s Chosen?” I’d been seeing more and more if these b.s. articles floating around, so I sent her a reply. Just by pointing out that NO race is perfect or above criticism, and by suggesting that perhaps the Chosenites might have had a teensy bit of culpability for all their evictions, made the Zionist have a sudden attack of the vapors.

      Her reply: “I will not dignify your email with a response.” (Translation: “To entertain the possibility that the Chosenites EVER behaved wrongly would make my head explode. Ergo, they are innocent victims of unjust persecution forever and ever. So go away now, Nazi.”)

      • Tell the little lady that GOD buried over ten thousand jews in one night. Then tell her that he criticized them numerous times, and then he sent prophets to tell them they were evil, then he sent them in captivity for 400 years or so. So is God anti-Seminite? The jews are screwing up media and Hollywood and banking. They are not above criticism.

        • I think every time you run into one of these, I like to call them “Judostans” you should quote them this.

          JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

          and then ask them if the are “Judostans” or are they Christians? If Jesus says the Jews worship Satan then do they wish to join the Jews worshiping Satan?

    • Maybe Trump but he’s been fucked over for good by joofag Jared “Fredo” Kushner. David Duke would have been a better choice, but he wasn’t running.

  2. The Biker Gang Aesthetic isn’t a bad idea.

    On the question of optics though, while the TSA checkpoint was holding up the party there were 5-6 guys there in Carhart jackets, Northface jackets etc. Nothing wrong with that. Enoch looked good too.

    The Tubbs fellow looked like a dark ages Berzerker too which was fantastic. More giants like that please. It’s speaks volumes to the Cat Ladies on the other side.

    • A touch of fear, installed into the craven hearts of careerist Normies, isn’t a bad thing at all. I think that Tubbs fellow is GORGEOUS! If he reads this – tell him I said so.

    • The Biker Gang aesthetic. LOL. @Brad needs a Nazi motorcycle helmet, and Brad, be sure and get one that’s two sizes too big like the “Trad” workers and “NSM” wear! Slap a stars & bars decal on your Nazi helmet for effect.

    • I don’t agree with the optics cucking where these voices in the alt right are telling us to use the American flag. As mentioned in the article, nobody wants to do that. However, the so called “hard right” mentioned in the article, also has bad optics in my opinion. Skinheads and biker peasants look bad, plain and simple. They need to shave their beards, lose some weight, and wear decent clothes. I don’t care what flag they are flying but they should look good doing it. This is a movement about the white race and we should all be putting our best foot forward to be an example, not looking like we just walked out of Chick-Fil-A. There’s a reason fat bald men with beards are used by the left to caricature racists, because they’re ugly and unattractive.

      That picture is a much better look for the working class, if the supporters looked like this, then each and every one of them could bring a Nazi flag and it would still be hard to criticize them.

  3. I came to almost the exact same conclusion

    Hopefully some of the good goys using the Alt-Right label will realize the situation and act accordingly.

  4. These kinds of rallies do nothing. They are a total waste of time. You need to get people from outside of the movement into the street like PEGIDA in Europe did. Started by hardcore skinheads and hooligans, but joined by thousands of normies. That’s what we need to build here. We can’t do if we wear uniforms to protests. That creates a barrier between us and public. We want to go as civilians and encourage other civilians to join us.

  5. The way I sum up the alt-right vs hard right is thus:

    Alt-right is concerned about the optics of looking like Nazis, despite the fact that 10% of the US supports outright NS/WN/SN. They figure that if you’re going to be called Nazis, wear flag shirts and MAGApede stuff and then the enemy will be calling American normies Nazis. Except the media/etc. won’t do that. They only cover events that they can call out as blatant fascist things. They outright ignore the majority of MAGApede shit.

    The Hard Right is concerned about getting the message out, rather than being afraid of being called Nazis (plenty of us are diehard National Socialists anyway). Yes, the media freaks the fuck out when they see Hard Right groups doing events. They freak out specifically because they realize we don’t care about being called names. Furthermore, I have yet to see any part of the Hard Right get tossed under the bus by any other part of it, unlike the constant (and very public) infighting in the alt-right.

    Furthermore, those of us that fall under Hard Right were typically siding with the Hard Right prior to the popularized existence of the alt-right (say, 2013 or so). Sure, lots of us merged leftward into the alt-right to expand the reach of our message and such, but when push comes to shove, we’re still Hard Right.

    • If you think you can be “hard right” as a “national socialist” then you are “speaking” of an unfamiliar context to both the American Nationalist and the Southern Monopolist.

      Hard Right = racinated (S)upremacist…

      National Socialist = de/racinated egalitarian.

      • On what planet does National Socialism come across to you as anything other than racially-based? Have you actually read anything written about it from a perspective that’s not written by a kike?

        • “National socialism” is an ideology that MAY OR MAY NOT be racially-inspired. The ” national socialism” of MRKA circa 2017 is clearly of a deracinated strain though. But FOR SURE, the ideology of “national socialism” is not grounded in the hard right. That’s a BIG BIG Lie of the {{{chosen ones}}}.

  6. HOPEFULLY there is a third faction of serious racialists who don’t put their faith in conservatism, but want to present a different image for various reasons

    I believe they’re worthy of support under a multi-pronged approach theory, but that they ought to follow the

    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” approach

  7. “Extremism in defense of the White race is no vice; Moderation in the face of jewry is no virtue.”

    – SR1969

  8. Excellent article Mr. Griffin, and a well thought out description of current conflict between factions.

    So, Hard-Right it is. Let us now bring into focus two areas in which we can concentrate our efforts. The idea of sacrifice must now move to the forefront of all involved. Might I suggest two factions within our movement that we could foster officially:

    1). Active Event Brigade.

    2). Active Financial Brigade.

    Each within the aforementioned categories give until it hurts.

    There are reasons for those in the AFB that keep them from attending street level actions of the AEB just as there are reasons the AEB may not be able monetarily sacrifice what the AFB can. Undoubtedly some may be able to do both. We in the AFB, must consider a monthly donation stream.

    Give until it hurts, that is what sacrifice is all about.

    Those who have given the effort of participation understand that oh so well. While Mr. Tubbs would be the epitome of someone in the AEB, let us all in the AFB strive to be a Mr. Tubbs.

  9. Funny how Anglin has all these rules about what everyone should look like – yet he looks like a methed out quadroon who was kicked out of a trailer park.

    This is one of the reasons he never comes to anything….if you see him in person his teeth are literally eaten away from extreme drug use and he’s very cracked out looking. Of course that’s buying that he’s legit which is ever so hard to believe.

    He’s 100% full of shit though and has many ghost writers who write for him while he uses morphine and talks absolute garbage. If you read his stuff for long enough you can definitely see the differences in writing styles.

    I certainly don’t recommend reading his cult of personality “articles” – I just know him and know he has many writers writing his supposed stuff he “spends 100 hours a week on”.

    He’s a freak show with a half black half Jew cousin and blood relatives who are black and obviously Jewish. You can find them on Facebook it’s rookie level searching but I can give out names. His commitment to drama all the time is pure deflection from his train wreck of a life and likely being a shill or plant.

    • Wow the guy that woke 6 million or more normies, man when you hit right you go for the balls.
      Prove it
      The only problem with Anglin is his woman and boomer issues and of course this screw up
      Social media is on fire, this will past

  10. Very impressed by Heimbach’s speech, I noticed that Anglin singled out Heimbach for being too Socialist.

    Though Heimbach should reduce calories and increase gym but he’s the best speechifier on the hard right at the moment. Chelsea Handler was flummoxed dealing with him.

    • heimbach has some great ideas and angles…like the former bnp bodyguard joe owens is saying on youtube lately, you have to appeal to whites by showing them how nationalism will improve their everyday lives….and heimbach’s spiel can do that…he should start talking about universal healthcare and similar things, like lowering college costs, along with raising wages by restricting immigration, and also talk about eliminating affirmative action/anti-white discrimination

  11. the alt right is delusional if they think that they can do it without the hard right. To me the alt right allways was basically WN. I allways thought the optics of LOTS were absolutly great. I really dont understand how some people can start this type of drama because of one group that does not look perfect. To me this is completly crazy. Sometimes it seems like somebody is really trying to destroy the movement from within.

  12. First time poster, long time reader. Great article, the best I read on this retarded subject
    When unknown but well known Twitter personalities that don’t show their face or name and punching right… I’d like to punch left
    Been around long enough before the internet and seen division through subversion. We start getting numbers and they criticize optics, its bullshit. We’re at war, some think this is like some personality pageant. Myself and our crew like it hard right, not soft right. I read other posts everywhere on this shit, it’s childish. What’s happens when real RaHoWa gets violent, don’t forget your optics kids.

  13. I was present at Shelbyville over the weekend and took part in all of the daily festivities. As someone who was TN state coordinator for the National Alliance and someone who knew Dr. William Pierce personally I can say I agree with about 95% of this article. I have spent a lot of time on the discord channels and other media outlets of the so called 2.0. I was present at Charlottesville 1.0 but was not present at the Unite the Right rally because it represented the big tent circus that included so many “hobbyists and freaks” as Dr. Pierce used to call them. Yes, the alt-right is basically cucking instead of hardening up and unifying with an ACTUAL right. Anglin is cancer. And I enjoyed taking part in the White Lives Matter event. HOWEVER. Let me say something that needs to be said LOUDLY. IF YOU CANT SPEND $20 ON A CLEAN SHIRT AND GET A SHAVE AND CLEAN YOURSELF UP AND NOT LOOK LIKE YOU JUST CAME OFF A 3 DAY DRUNK AFTER A PARTY AT A BIKER BAR THEN JUST GTFO. I get so tired of going to these events cleaned up and looking sharp, and no I’m not talking Fashy Haircut Damigo sharp, and standing next to people who seriously folks you look like you just climbed out of a dumpster. If you want to join a biker gang and you think looking like a badass means you could be a regular in a Mad Max movie then you aren’t helping. Clean yourself up. Stop throwing your right hand in the air with images dancing in your head of a polished SS officer when you look like something that same officer would shoot and then step over without a blink. To be part of something larger than yourself you have to be able to CONTRIBUTE to that something. Start showing up looking like something that the rest of the people who busted their ass to make it will be PROUD of seeing plastered all over the newspaper. It isn’t about looking “perfect”. It IS about looking like you actually GIVE a damn enough about what you are supposedly standing for to actual get a hot bath and maybe a shave.

    • That was pretty well said. Same as it has been for the last 30+ years. Time is short for everybody to get on the same page.

    • Derek- TYVM.

      Well. After I don’t know how many years reading, commenting, arguing, and hoping, I believe I have come to a parting of the ways with you all.

      My entire reason for initially aligning myself with you folks ideologically, was the vision of a normal, white, moral Christian Europe -and its American counterpart.

      Never, at anytime, did my politics take the place of my Faith – except for the early days of Trump’s campaign and what appeared to be a renaissance of White America. Yet, even then, my prayer was for a true awakening of repentance, not just a false politicizing of same.

      But with this article, I now see that the atomistic nature of American Protestantism has irrevocably rendered the possibility of this nation once again coming together, as an impossibility. The very structure of the Faith of Christianity -so called- in the USA, renders it unable to achieve any corporate political, religious, or moral consensus- which has been corroborated by Mr. Griffin’s article.

      We don’t need any more Pontius Pilate types-Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, the entire US Senate:

      Nor do we need any more Judas Iscariot types-Stephen Dalton, “Dear White People” phonies, Mark Levin, Dennis Praeger, etc.- Jews in ‘Goy’ clothing:

      We are at least agreed on the non-necessity of the “whore of Babylon” types: Hillary Clinton, Houma A Edom, Nikki Haley, Nancy Pelosi,… well, the list is almost endless.

      Nor do we need any more Caiaphas types -Jorge Bergoglio, all corrupt and cucked Prot. Impastors; (especially the SBC) all faggot Priests & lesbian nuns, “Christianity Astray” magazine editors, the Ken Hams & Morris/Whitcomb “One Blood” types of the world:

      We clearly do not need to have the “Khazar Kosher Kohort” [the ‘real’ KKK] ruling our nation, as they have done with 109 Christian nations prior to this -yet again… ( this visibly was shown with Jared Kushner, but has been a factor of American life since at least 1913- IRS, Jekyll Island, ADL, etc.)

      And most especially, we don’t need the Zealots, the Idumeans, or those who would destroy “Jerusalem” from within – The “abomination of desolation/John of Gischala” types…which is where I believe this column is tending, and the type of readership you seem to be appealing to.

      I have no interest in either being a part of, associating with, or even blessing: thugs, tattooed idiots, anarchists, outright criminals, and the general idiot class low-lifes, that seem to always gravitate towards wanting a fight, merely to prove their pseudo-testosterone.

      My analogies are biblical, relating to the “end of the age” scenarios predicted by Jesus Christ on the governing city of his day. Christ was right: How often He wanted to come and gather together his people, “as a hen gathers her chicks, but they would not.”

      I’m beginning more and more to feel like the Abbot of the Shangri-La monastery, in James Hilton’s book, “Lost Horizon” – i.e., waiting for the world to destroy itself, so that, at the end (if the Parousia doesn’t happen), “we will be here, with our books and our learning and our wisdom; so that truly, the meek shall inherit the earth.”

      Oh, don’t worry. I’m still going to be here, ‘reading marking learning and inwardly digesting’ what bits of truth may come about. But I hold no hope for your future. You’ve dismissed the kingdom of God, for the kingdom of (Mulatto) Man. And in that, you’re no better off than the Jews.

  14. We need hard right leader’s of every Nationalist label, we’re not voting ourselves out of this. People have to understand this, they’re to advanced on their agenda. I’ve been at this for a long time and they are specialists and know every move even before the internet was born. Hold on tight and trust the ones closest. Most likely they’re reading this post right now.
    Brad you’re the only level one that dont punch right, I think you know in your heart this is not going to be easy. Optics… lol…

    • Yes we CAN vote ourselves out of this … if WE field the candidates. My grandfather, who was a Polish immigrant told my mother that the reason why Heirloom Americans keep losing their country is that they pay absolutely no attention to whom is running in their school board and city council elections.

      They only vote in national elections when the candidates have already been installed and bought and paid for by other people. I can guarantee that, in any still majority White city, you will see a bunch of Non-Whites on their city councils and school boards.

      You want to take back your country? Think locally … vote in local elections where there is always low turnout. Run someone who has pro-White leanings but no paper trail. Turn out en mass to vote for him. Help him advance to the next level.

      The one thing these last two years have proven is that well-funded candidates can be defeated by populist candidates with a large number of votes behind this. You can’t match billionaire bucks, but if you can show the candidates that you can bring them the votes no matter how small their budgets are and no matter how much money is amassed against them, then you have real power.

      Community activism without community ORGANIZATION degenerates into nothing but clown shows where well-meaning marchers get their heads caved in and arrested and doxed for their pains.

      Yes, I know that getting involved in school board and city council elections is not as sexy as marching with torches, but its far more effective. It’s how the left has gotten such a grip on this country. They brought the votes until the money men figured out that it was better to stay in power by making their own peace with them and funding their campaigns.

  15. As I keep saying- united we stand, divided we fall. The movement as a whole, and the threat our race faces, is way bigger than any factions and their petty whinging. BLM and the Left are cohesive and united. There’s always going to be variances of opinion on minor things. That shouldn’t be enough to divide us if we agree on the important issues.
    Come on people, get your shit together. We’re running out of time.

  16. Excellent article. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while now, though, never with such precision and detail. I believe this is the definitive article on “far-right optics.”

    I think the alt-right is showing itself to be keyboard warriors and seeing actual warriors is unnerving to them. While I appreciate what they have done to spread the message via memes, the trolls may have worn out their usefulness. Too many terrorist attacks, too many BLM riots, even normie Whites are scared and looking for strength and leadership.

    I like the “biker-spartan” look. It’s disciplined but unpredictable, intimidating but familiar. I also like the term “hard-right.” I never really fit in with the trolls anyway, I’m a fighter, not a memer.

  17. Aaalllrighty then ! First, Tubbs is awesome. Looks like a bad ass Viking 🙂 Love him. “Fuents,” is a stupid spic who’s opinions aren’t worth the time to hear. Mike Enoch’s great. I can see a Hill / Spencer ( Michael Hill, ) ticket for The Confederate Party in 2020, ( even though they won’t win …. just get ball rolling, ) then a Spencer / Enoch ticket for 2024 where we CAN win !!! What do ya think ?

    And yes …. for Gods sake … we need to UNITE !!! Pay attention “Generals.” We need as many white Christians nation wide as we can get. You need their support and $$$$$$$$$. The best and only way to do this is to present a plan for an enlarged Confederate States for white Christians ONLY. Period. End of BS. We NEED The Confederate Flag … which we all have an underlying respect for and know it IS our history. The old saying, “the south will rise again,” is true and it needs to rise NOW. Those rural upper middle class you ( erroneously, ) think won’t side with us, KNOW something’s wrong and Americas ( and their normalcy, ) days are numbered. They like that “you” are out there doing the dirty work so their pansy asses can sit on the couch. Go HARD after them because they have $$$ to donate and we need their support. Instill FEAR into them about The Titanic sinking and YOU are preparing a new ship for THEM.


    Also remember, a lot of these critical posts are from trolls.

    You need to form a THINK TANK and get on the same page : AN ENLARGED CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA FOR WHITE CHRISTIANS. People will slowly flock to it. People respect “stick to it ivness.” They don’t respect you being wishy washy and changing opinions AND not having a cohesive PLAN. It’s a sign you haven’t “thought it through,” and if YOU haven’t thought it through …. why should they follow YOU ???

    Take your time and get it together. Don’t have ANY Nazi stuff, and be careful with that “socialism,” thing !!!! Capitalism is the only system that works AND it’s the only way you can win necessary support. It’s PREDATORY capitalism that you have to stop.

  18. Good article and basically spot on. Activism and advocacy are intensely personal and different people like different tactics. There is a geographical dimension to this as well. Things that work in the South will not work at all in California…not yet.

    The Hard Right is on the right track. You’re succeeding and demonstrating the superiority of your ideas and your methods. As the Hard Right shows more success and resolve, it will draw away more like minded people from the other factions.

    I don’t think you should be so dismissive of College speaking tours though. They have their place. We need every WHITE voice, even those of others who don’t see things exactly your way.

    Shellbyville was an impressive success and Anglin is wrong in his assessment. Much of what we’re doing is going to be trial and error. Fighting our enemies is not an exact science. Just keep doing what you’re doing and keep gaining ground and achieving victories. Other lesser people will fall in line behind you.

  19. Haven’t heard Matt Heimbach’s full speech, but certainly the part of it in the video is powerful. I can see how he might put off some of the Southrons with his class consciousness that the scots irish cultural tradition works so hard – to the point of self destruction – to ignore and repress.

    But overall he seemed masterful, and profoundly necessary as a foil to white America’s pathological pretense that its foundations and mechanics were and are so spontaneous and free of studied rigging.

    I’m willing to overlook certain aspects of someone if they don’t fly their non-anglo flag in my face, and pull more than their not overly worrisome weight.

    I can’t stand TYN’s tendency to indulge Spencer and his ilk and the psy op machine in general, however, so I can’t endorse them but the speech was impressive.

  20. I think you guys are over-complicating this. The “super normies” also recognize the possibility of downward economic mobility and having to white flight because they can no longer cough up enough shekels to avoid diversity. Everybody feels that squeeze now, not just the white working class who get the worst of it.

    Your super normies will support white nationalism if they see in it the promise of a return to order. You can argue that if they view white nationalists themselves as anti social neo nazis skinheads and biker gang members, they’re going to be skeptical that we’re people who can actually run a country and return things to order. We end up looking like just another manifestation of the chaos that they would look to the right to end. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? It isn’t about watering down the message, it’s just about packaging it in way that will make it suitable for ideological and cultural hegemony.

    If you want to capture the white mainstream, what you offer them is a future, the ability to raise families in safe neighborhoods. Heimbach understands this and makes this pitch really well. We just want him to look the part when he does it.

    Isn’t that what we’re going for? We want to replace the mainstream, not join it or put ourselves outside of it the way the radical left does, but to *replace* it. This is presumably what Damigo was getting at when he accused you guys of appearing antisocial. We should want to be profoundly prosocial.

    Look, I don’t organize events. I’m just another keyboard jockey and member of the peanut gallery, but it seems me that the challenge here is projecting strength in a way that makes us appear to be heroes to whites and villains to our enemies. We don’t want to appear to be villains to whites. If they’re susceptible to our message at all, it’s because they’re tired of whinging minorities in weird costumes throwing tantrums and causing chaos. What the right offers is the antidote to that, a solution. I think that’s basically the gist of the criticism and when we add this class divide to it, it needlessly complicates and obscures it.

    • All very true – the LAST thing we need are a bunch of guys with weird homemade shields chanting ‘white sharia now’, et al.

      • White. Christian. Confederate Flag. Love don’t hate … just want to be with our own in a safe modern Mayberry / 1950’s America. Only the best products manufactured so we make $ without too much pollution. End chem trailing, fluoridation, false flags and bullying the world. NO NAZI STUFF. Don’t use the phrase “white supremacy,” even though we know we’re superior 🙂 All on the same page. An enlarged Confederate States for white Christians ONLY. Divide country into 3 parts so “they,” get their own Utopias too.

        Make ads and show the upper middle class normies what’s coming if they don’t join and support us. If they don’t … when it collapses no one will be there for them. We are the first and only line of defense.

        • @James
          I admire your enthusiasm. What sections of America do you want for what races? Try to get Utah……mostly white, and they breed!
          I’m an Australian. I want all non whites deported, and the Aborigines pushed into that barron wasteland which is the Northern Territory, and sealed off. They pretty much have the run of the place now anyway- and treat its towns like a rubbish dump. They display a ‘spiritual connection’ to the land… trashing it and they just sit around all day doing nothing. Predictably, they’re all on welfare, courtesy of the taxpayer.

          • First of all YOU need to get on over here to OUR south. We need more like you. Second … you’ll never achieve what you want by approaching it from, “you freaks get out of here.” You have to get them to WANT to separate and have their own UTOPIA. Ideally they’d DEMAND IT !!! 🙂 See ? Here’s how to “please all the people all the time” …. 3 separate countries. Our part would be a very enlarged Confederate States, and it’s important to keep the stars n bars, because we WANT them to not like it and want to move … and sheeple need something tried and true, not new and unknown. Half the men in America now are “big boys,” that need a “mommy,” not normal men. We have to “molly coddle” them over to our side 🙂

        • In all seriousness, I like your vision and approach, James Jackson. It’s a basic outline of what to strive for and how to get it. One thing to consider is that all the white Christians moving into the South as part of this population transfer could also water down your traditions, accents, and even church denominations. Another thing to consider is that Georgia, Alabama, Miss and Louisiana have the highest percentages of blacks out of any states. I can’t imagine how you’d be able to get so many people to leave the South. For example, Greg Johnson proposes giving these four states to the blacks to form their own New Africa.

          • @James Jackson:

            Regarding your statement about making our special snowflakes WANT to separate from us. I wonder if we have some secret allies inthe White left who have already figured this out? They have done handstands to whip up the paranoia of Blacks in colleges all over hell’s half acre so that they are demanding separate dorms and separate student unions as safe spaces. How much longer before they are demanding separate classrooms or campuses?

  21. “Normies,” by definition, suffer no existential angst. This is both a sign of psychological stability and, nonetheless, potentially lethal.

    There is no white man’s movement. Period. Fretting over man-you-fractured divisions is both a sign of psychological instability YET acute awareness of an existential crisis amongst whites.

    Where free-willed white men can align and ally without friction is at the place of white (S)upremacy.

    The question for both the hard right and the alt-rite is whether the smartest and boldest of white men are really in a fight for survival? If so, then *they* are at a very primitive place where “aesthetics” and “optics” are really just denial mechanisms of the nerd mind. Yet, even the hardest of hard right is not existing perpetually in a do-or-die mindset, collectively. That’s just John Rambo stuff.

    • Truth be told, I’m more enthusiastic about giving those spoiled, self-absorbed upper middle class normies a good, swift kick in the ass than I am hunting down every last coon or Messican.

  22. There is every reason to believe that only the best whites perpetuate and it should be understood as an impossibility otherwise. Although, “best” cannot equal “most base” such that the intra-racial culling mechanism is “at hand” and not that of a deracinated betrayal.

  23. The only thing I can say is this (and this is meant overall, not personally directed at anyone in particular i.e. the author): Call yourself whatever you want to call yourself. But if we all don’t agree that the jews and their assorted tools have to go – permanently – then your no ally. That’s the bottom line. Without them and their minions making life miserable, everything else is solvable.

  24. Anglin has jumped the shark. His tactics were effective during the election and still are to spread information. But as far as street activities he is nowhere to be found.

    Someone else mentioned that he is probably bashful of his feminine drugged out appearance, I agree with this assessment. Leave him be and just focus on what you are already doing. As far as Heimbaugh, he is doing great work and have been a fan of his for sometime. I just read Andrew’s article and he is very critical towards Matt.

    Anglin’s target group are high school children. He is, I believe, an alcoholic and a hater of women.

    No need to make this a large scale feud as was so often seen in WN 1.0

  25. I have fashioned my persona with a retro, country-outlaw look; sort of a cross between Jed Clampett and Waylon Jennings, with a little bit of the punk rock – death metal edge that I honed in my youth. It may not appeal to everyone, but it works for me.
    I stand out in a crowd, and I use my Southern charm to woo the ladies. A tip of the hat and a light grasp of their dainty digits causes many of them to gush and swoon. It is an approach that I suspect they seldom encounter. I endeavor to use elevated language, and I do my best to refrain from using profanity or crude terminology; but, being raised in a predominantly Negro neighborhood, I can definitely swear with the worst of them when I am agitated.
    I believe my approach harkens back to my Southern ancestors. Samuel Reed, a volunteer from Louisiana during the U. S. – Mexican war, described the Texas Rangers thusly: “… men in groups with long beards and moustaches, dressed in every variety of garment, with one exception, the slouch hat, the unmistakeable uniform of a Texas Ranger, and a brace of pistols around their waists… A rougher looking set of men we never saw… Not withstanding their ferocious and outlaw look, there were among them doctors, lawyers and many a college graduate.”
    If a preppy, or business casual, attire suits you, then, by all means, dress as you see fit. Far be it from me to criticize your choices in apparel. As long as your pants aren’t falling off, then I probably won’t care what you are wearing, or if you shaved that morning. Some will be drawn to, and identify better, with the neatly pressed and clean cut, whereas, others will feel more comfortable with the less fastidious among us.

    • I think I look pretty sharp in my Levi’s bell-bottoms, red MAGA cap and digital camo field jacket with a velcro Rebel flag patch on the sleeve.

  26. Damigo is a plant, an agent. Now that real real life activism is happening, the controlled opposition is trying to sink it, discourage it.

    It’s that simple, and obvious.

  27. Personally, I wouldn’t care one way or the other, if you wore an S.S. uniform and goose stepped down the sidewalk with a banner, emblazoned with a hakenkreuz, attached to a mopstick. Tea partiers and MAGA Trumpsters are all well and good for the neo-con crowd, but they are largely wavering, indecisive and doing their best to state their case without offending anybody; which is impossible. Same problem with the S.C.V. Which is why I have devoted my energies to select circumstances and causes of my own choosing. I can’t please everybody, so I don’t bother trying. Interestingly, in spite of my methods, I have made inroads in several ways, and I have a peculiar kind of influence in the domain that I inhabit. May your chosen path lead you to a similar, or greater, level of success!

  28. Hunter is a national (& nationalist) treasure. so are many of these others. BUT, right now we have good people who are still in jail. let’s worry about & support them! instead of worrying about optics. our people come first. the 5 still stuck in charlottesville’s albemarle county regional jail deserve our support. they are political hostages. i know less about the 3 in gainesville, but if you know, help them out.

  29. FWIW Brad, I concur with your overall sentiment and agree with your typically well-stated position. I’ll reblog excerpts and a hyperlink back to the original with full accreditation on The Roper Report.

  30. As a lifelong member of the “Hard Right”, I definitely agree that Alt Right optics are not very appealing to disenfranchised working class Whites. Many in this demographic do not have much use for upper-middle class sensibilities, and frankly do not have much in common with that crowd.

    There is also a lot to be said for cultivating the “bad boy” aesthetic. Just look at the popularity of Sons of Anarchy, and how everyone wants to be a biker these days. Biker clubs are generally degenerate, and do not pursue any higher cause beyond themselves. We have much more to offer our target demographic, and I endorse pursuing that path.

    That said, this approach will probably never appeal to the management class of our people. There is just too much of a difference in preferences & lifestyle. Plus, the truth is, most successful CEOs, doctors, lawyers, blah blah blah, aren’t comfortable around skinheads, open National Socialists, or whatever you might call our rougher working class ranks. It’s a cultural gap, a class gap, and plain aesthetic preference. I’ve tried many times to integrate these types in with our Hard Right groups locally, and while it hasn’t gone bad in recent years, there is an obvious disconnect on both sides. Nevertheless, we need the managerial class to get where we need to be.

    I am active on both sides of the spectrum these days, and I see the advantages of each approach. The fundamental beliefs & goals of both groups are basically the same. The supposed ideological differences seem more like hype & drama to me. I think the path forward is offer the options to our people. We can meet in the middle when we’ve both achieved our mid-term goals. Then we can determine the best course to attain victory.

  31. Good article, Mr. Griffin.

    The fact is, Trump can barely (if at all) push through mild civic nationalist policies.

    The notion, that the (((deep state))) is going to sit idly by and let genuine White nationalist infiltrate the GOP, then take power, is to absurd to even entertain. And not to mention, we might as well secure all of the federal judge seats, because some clown in a robe in Hawaii can put a stop to everything.

    And then, after we’ve taken over the GOP and filled every single federal judgeship, we are now going to deport 100 million non-Whites so that we can “make America White again.”

    People love to talk about LARPing and optics, but the scenario above is the most LARPy situation possible.

    We need people on our side. We need soldiers. We need people to morally support these soldiers, because this system is going to collapse one way or another. And when that day comes, we are going to need support and infrastructure; not a voting bloc. The normie White family is going to look for leadership and protection.

    IMHO, we need to look at the alt-right, the same way they look at the alt-lite:

    Alt-lite to alt-right to Hard-right. We use them as a filter.

    We are not going to talk our way into Southern Independence or an ethno-state.

  32. Thanks for this article, it explains a lot well. Personally, the sole attracting features of the alt-right was the general agreement not to ‘punch right’. It honestly loosens one up to break out of years of cultural marxist indoctrination, and in my case, to return to my earliest observations and truths on race reality. That and having my genetics tested (twice) — waiting to find out if one has the demon strain is stressful indeed!

    In the day to day, I read or encounter figures in our broad lexicon that I don’t fully agree with, or have intuitive or otherwise nuanced doubts about. This fact is not especially burdensome, given that my slow progress may inspire the same said. I regard all actions and dissidence as broadly constructive, if on a hierarchy of merit. The dynamism of self-readjustment after total cultural brainwashing, leaves me admitting that I probably still adhere to views that are utter bullroar. In reflection, the vast majority of the kids, school mates and authorities that invoked personal doubts about my natural ethnic kinsmen were themselves cryptojews. Hail Victory!

  33. There’s so much talk about ‘optics’ here I feel like I’m reading GQ or Vogue. First figure out what your goal is and what the relevant facts are. Only then think about tactics, including optics. Some on the right want to control immigration and push back against multiculturalism. Others want to restore the social conservatism of the 1950s: Christianity, the family, traditional sex norms. Others are libertarian though not in the Ayn Rand free market geek manner. Whatever one’s aim, it will be necessary to grasp how mainstream politics works, if only to subvert it. We have two parties. One gets racial and sexual minorities to vote for the schemes of liberal billionaires and commie professors by offering hand-outs, while the other gets normies and small-town churchy folk to vote for the schemes of liberal billionaires and commie professors by offering candidates who PRETEND to be conservative but mysteriously manage to lose every battle and have a million excuses for doing so. Removing the veto of liberal billionaires by reducing the role of money through internet funding and the right sort of campaign finance reform would help. The seizure or collapse of the GOP would be like removing a tumor, opening space for healthy tissue to grow. More than anything else, uprooting the taboos that make it almost suicidal for students and working people to be publicly on the right would open the floodgates. The only way to dislodge a taboo is to break it in sufficient numbers that enforcement becomes problematic. One thing we can all do: say at least ten politically incorrect things every day. Use forbidden words and use them casually, as if everyone did. But don’t get yourself fired and don’t hurt people’s feelings gratuitously. Offending people is fine; hurting them is not.

  34. This post (assuming it gets posted) isn’t going to make me very popular around here (not that I really care) but here goes anyway. I have to smile when I hear various “white nationalist” or “alt-right” or “whatever” groups referring to their “movement”. Whenever I hear somebody referring to their “movement” I think of somebody on the throne taking a dump. Ummmm dudes, you can’t rustle up 500 people to show up anywhere, a lot of the people who do show up look like they’re bikers who just stumbled out of a singlewide after a weekend budweiser-meth bender, you’re outnumbered 10:1 by fat, stupid, sjw white chicks with purple hair and nose rings and we’re talking a “movement”?

    Let somebody outside the fishbowl comment on what I’m seeing. A handful of people talking to themselves. If you want “normie” people to start coming to some of the same conclusions you came to a long time ago, you don’t show up with Hitler Jugend haircuts or biker getups and jam them in the face. You have to quietly sow doubt about the “normal” view of things that the commies have long established as reality. It’s a program of reverse-brainwashing, or de-programming. You don’t do that by storming around with swastikas or torchlight parades. Leni Riefenstahl isn’t covering this stuff, CNN is.

    You have a sales job in front of you and you’re up against the best in the bidness, commies. It took better than 60 years for the commies to get us where we are and they didn’t start out on day one in the streets singing the Internationale and flying commie flags while wearing Mao suits and Che berets. They did it with a quiet, long-term, plan of infiltration, demoralization, and indoctrination. They did it by making emotion-based appeals to child-like fears, i.e., pre-existing “race-realist” views were conquered by “…you got the cooties!”. Think about it, that’s all it took. “If you have the cooties, really bad things are going to happen and it will be alllllll youuuuur fault!”. Faulty premises backed up with lies, emotional appeals to fear, and a bumper-sticker ecosystem that allows children to wish away the bogieman without thinking.

    Meanwhile, in the alt-reality, an asshole like Anglin says “…the holocaust didn’t happen but maybe it should have!”. Then the commies haul out a photo of a stack of bodies in a concentration camp. Now picture that bikerdude with the 14/88 patch bent over a barrel getting ass-rammed by pajamaboy because that’s what just happened.

    Same thing with the NRA. They stand in front of pie chart with a pointer and Sarah Brady hauls out a picture of dead babies. Dead babies vs. pie chart. Dead babies wins every time. One thing you can always count on, commies have no facts but they don’t need them; they appeal to emotion, in particular, hate and fear. If the NRA were actually interested in winning (they’re not) they’d be scaring the shit out of women. Same for anybody else actually interested in *results* instead just chest thumping.

    And another thing. The commies infiltrated and took over vast sums of wealth in trusts and foundations so they could spend somebody else’s money to propagandize the public. People who weren’t commies weren’t smart enough to do that or prevent it. So the commies have a vast ammo dump of propaganda that they give away for free to anybody who shows up and what are the stupid alt-vwxyz doing? Engineering counter-productive publicity stunts to drive up their individual hitcounts so they can sell more books and logo-pins to nobody. They’re worried about their “branding”. While they’re getting out-produced 1,000,000:1 and the commies are giving it away for free, they’re trying to sell books. Free and readily available vs rare and expensive. I wonder who’s likely to win that one?… White people represent civilization itself, commies are close to destroying civilization on earth and bringing on a new dark age of feudalism, but hey, we’re running a bidness here and our “brand” is more important.

    I’ll give you an example and if the moderator thinks this is just spam then delete the whole thing. I don’t really care. I produced an 8.5 hour presentation called Race In America: Black and White and you can find it here:

    So far, it hasn’t been Goolag’d but I expect that to happen any time now. While it does address advanced topics, it also has a “Race For Dummies” element that despite its length, should be widely promoted. When I put that up months ago, I let a lot of the “usual suspects” know it was there. Out of all of them only New Nation bothered to plug it and only for a month. I’m certain that most of those suspects figured Not-Invented-Here, or “this guy is a competitor for donor dollars”, or “he comes across as an asshole so I don’t care what he says”, or some other excuse. Whatever. This is 8.5 hours of presentation from A-Z that would let any non-commiezombie start doubting the orthodoxy. Now, I’m not running a website, I’m not asking for donations, I’m just giving it away. One of the comments went: “Now, i’ve swallowed some pretty big red pills in my life but this one, in one big gulp, informs all the rest. Great work, and thank you”. Ding! The lightbulb over the head turned on. That’s what you want.

    I didn’t Sieg Heil my way through three chants of “White Power!”, I presented a series of scary scenarios backed up by facts. White people have been programmed to think they’re nothing special, worse, they’re programmed to think they’re evil if they think they’re worthy. They need a pretty good reason to be able to give themselves permission to think otherwise. It’s always better to have somebody reach a conclusion by themselves than to just hand them a conclusion and expect them to accept it. You would think that if there is anything all of these disparate groups could agree on it’s that white people aren’t black people. You would think that if there was a resource out there that they could refer “newbies” to they’d take advantage of it. Nope. Branding. Competition for donor bucks. Not Invented Here. I don’t agree 100%. I don’t have the time, I got a bidness to run. Whatever. Good luck.

    By now somebody out there is saying “This guy is just a yankee alt-cuck, f’him”. Yeah, well my relatives were here in 1690 and most of them were in the south. Furthermore, I’m interested in results, not making money or getting into a “my dick is bigger than yours” contest. A lot more would be accomplished by organizing an army of comment section trolls spamming out white vs minority crime stats than feeding CNN b-roll of unknown scary people who argue among themselves on websites nobody has ever heard of.

    Just my opinion, and it’s worth exactly what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary.

    • Your timid, watered-down approach to promoting racial consciousness will not work. White survival is at stake here, it cannot be turned into a sales-pitch at the Ramada Inn conference room for time-shares in Florida. Heads must be bashed in, noses must be bloodied and race-traitors must be strung up and set on fire. There is no other way around this.

        • @marxfreetv

          Why does heiling and hooting not accomplish something? Hitler led Torchlight rallies…..his movement grew.

          I understand people like you and I want a lot more substance in message, but don’t throw out sentiment-especially when these people show up to rallies. If you show up and join us then perhaps we could expedite real change.

          I will say it again. If you show up (and all of these other spectators) we CAN and WILL change things.

      • It’s not so much that it couldn’t work, it’s just that he’s too incompetent to make it work. It’s the same thing with all these opticucks people. Ultimately they are frustrated because they can’t inspire people to do what they want. They think they have the answers to making the movement great but fail the ultimate test in making their ideas meet reality because they can’t get people to listen to them.

        A lot of people latch on to old national socialists symbols and videos and larp about it because it is more inspiring than what is being offered by these people. I mean, would you rather be at a party with Hitler and Goebbels and 1930’s German women or at a party with Ramzpaul and Fashy Haircut and modern alt-right women?

        They think “Nazis” make them look bad, when in reality they make the “Nazis” look good.

    • What you said, needed to be said. Anyone who said such things over the last few decades has been roundly ignored. And will probably continue to be. White people’s most potent virtue, and worst Achille’s Heel, is our individuality. That is why we are so fractured and factionalized.

      It will take more than “good optics” to get through to people who have been conditioned to reject anything that challenges their comfort zones. Many White people would flat out rather die than face the truth, and worse, actually have to do anything about it.

      One thing is certain. There is little time left.

      White Unity or White Genocide.

  35. “it is the ongoing unraveling of America which is going to push those normies into our camp.”

    Yes, but I only nudge the proposition that they will not run to us if we look disorganized.

    Great article. I was at Charlottesville and Shelbyville and found unity is not our problem! In my opinion we have pushed that old man off our backs.

  36. Good article, but it does sound like you’re giving up on democracy and saying it will all come down to fighting/secession in the end; which may well be true; but the effort at democratic persuasion is surely at least worth trying. Whatever Trump’s personal inadequacies, there was clearly an element of elevated ethnic consciousness in the movement he inspired. And the meme culture is reaching people WN never reached before. It’s too early to give up on democracy.

    I don’t see any need for an exchange of asperities here. You and and Kekistanis/Alt Right crowd seem to be calling for the same thing: brand separation. Go your own ways with good wishes to the other. Where’s the problem? It makes sense to try different strategies since we can never know which one will work.

  37. Wonderful analysis of the situation Mr. Wallace. I have not waded into the comments forum for a few months, but I must say that this article was very thought provoking.

  38. Brad

    Preppy Fascism will fail if it doesn’t morph into a vehicle for expressing the grievances….and racial rage of the Native Born White American Working Class…

    For example, on the most recent Mcfeels and Halberstram podcast there was the usual Preppy Fascist gushing enthusiasm for Augusto Pinochet. Implant General Augusto Pinochet on America and you get NEOLIBERAL DEATH SQUADRONS murdering the Native Born White American Working Class. At the Battle for Blair Mountain…..Generalisimo Augusto Pinochet would have murdered Bill Blizzard and his Army of Coal Miners.

    Generalisimo Pinochet was the first Neoliberal Regime in the World..or was it Generalisimo Franco….

  39. Just be yourself and forget the faggots. The opticucks are ruining the movement more than any nazi-flag waving skinhead ever possibly could. People don’t like being bossed around and told how to act or what to wear, they’d rather be inspired by someone to act in a certain way. Opticucks come from a place of incompetence and total failure. They can’t inspire anyone so instead they tell people what to do and blame those around them for not being invited to all the big parties and being laughed at by the mainstream media. None of these opticuck people are leaders but losers.

  40. Damn! What a whine! It’s pretty unbelievable that I’ve actually read this whole blog post. I sure didn’t want to, but it was just that calm, genuine, and fast-paced. So, kudos to you, Mr. Wallace, for writing a decent rant. I think my experience with it somewhat exemplifies the core problem with your “movement/s”: People are intrigued by Americans like yourself, who opt out of and/or rail against personal responsibility. In a society which saddles the masses with major duties and few rights, there IS a role for #deplorables like you, who allow for some escapist “larping” as a “me first” fool. That’s why the public shows little reflexive hostility towards you. As long as you’re the fool, the rest of America can harmlessly bail on citizenship, vicariously though you. No commitment or real-world consequences necessary. If you weren’t such a hopeless narcissist, you’d be more than content with that solid and modestly helpful place in our society. Instead, you’ve expected people to develop more than an immature and self-serving interest in your “issues”. Somehow – God only knows how – you’ve actually believed that successful people would “join” or “follow” you. Your frustrated disappointment is understandable, albeit, ridiculous and comical. But, that’s no excuse for continuing to dodge reality. You need to accept that NOONE WILL EVER LIVE IN A MONORACIAL, MONOCULTURAL “HOMELAND”. It’s simply not going to happen.

    Many of your “comrades” are doomed to be losers without a cause, but you have a way to live a real life, Wallace. If nothing else, you have sort of a flair for writing. Why don’t you focus on supporting yourself, and quit wasting your time on a failed campaign to disempower large swaths of the American populace?

    • “Give up, goyim, it’s hopeless, my Tribe is too strong for you. No one can resist the power of our filthy lucre. Just submit and consume all the products we advertise to you around the clock. Then maybe we won’t send your blond haired, blue eyed children to reservations in the middle of the desert – Maybe. ”

      – site666

        • The guy’s a guinea from Maine whose attacks against anglo women, and thereby people, shouldn’t be tolerated on here. Or he might be JIDL. Or just an oil driller.

          • Here is my preliminary report on “Onceler”, using information which I obtained from the FBI field office in Newark:

            Name: Theresa “Terry” DiCastiglione
            Age: 24
            Address: 501 Prospect Avenue, Bayonne, NJ
            Occupation: Beautician at the Venus Di Milo Salon in Perth Amboy; Part-time stripper at the Pink Pussycat Lounge in Jersey City

            Ms. DiCastiglione has a long history of mental illness and sexual promiscuity. She has been frequently incarcerated at the Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital in Morris Plains. Her boyfriend is Carmine “Meathook” Gigante, a soldier in the DeCavalcante crime family, the largest organized crime operation northern New Jersey. She is also the “gumar” of Angelo “Gas-pipe” Pazienza, a captain in the DeCavalcante crime family.

            “Terry” uses the online name of “Onceler” because that is a character from her favorite Dr. Seuss book, which is called The Lorax. Since “Terry” only has a 9th grade education The Lorax is one of the few books she ever managed to finish reading.

            MORE TO FOLLOW…..

  41. Hunter this is a very good essay and followed all the way through it leads to…confusion. I’m not saying anything bad about you or anyone else as human motivation is a murky and complicated subject. The goal is to motivate people to come to our side. Even if we have many differences there are some agreements that we can come to. I know Hunter and a lot us here know who “anonymous coward” is. I hope you’ll read this post by him as I think it has a great deal of bearing on “exactly” this issue of optics and what drives people to switch sides. Many times in history people have rapidly switched sides and all of sudden the whole country seems to flip over into a whole other psychic thought pattern. We don’t know why this is, exactly. It’s possible that A.C. has come up with a explanation for this. He says the “r’s”, (I’m not going to go over r/k, if you’re interested you’ll find out or already know), when they sense a certain amount of power immediately switch to the other side and become even more strongly aligned to a cause that even the original proponents. They run with the crowd. This has strategic implications. It means even bad optics is good optics. The “r’s” could care less about logic and reason they only are impressed by numbers and power. So you can wave whatever flag you want as long as you get the numbers out and look powerful. If you look at Jewish strategy this also seems to be their strategy and they’ve studied swaying crowds to different view points far more than we have(color revolutions, etc.). This has practical implications.

    1. Get out the crowd.
    2. Even if different groups have different values get them out in mass. Charlottesville is a big win looking at it like this. No matter violence or not.
    3. Optics don’t matter as much as volume and mastery over the situation. Even if there’s violence if our side is not seen to collapse then it’s still in our favor.
    4. Our online mass can make us look much more powerful than we are. Trolling has positive results in the mind war.

    I hope people will think about this. All the energy in the world will be of no use if not channeled properly.

    My person views are that I could care less what anyone else’s politics are as long as they are pro-White first and against the Jews.

    I’m also a old fashioned “Founder” type, limited franchise, (owning property and can pass high school intelligence test), Democratic Republican with a strong dose of direct funding socialism, strong public works, science funding streak and America first trade policy. Direct funding meaning that you don’t have hordes of bureaucrats to decide things. If your eligible for certain Government benefits they just mail you a check like Social Security.

  42. Bowtie boy is nothing but a Jew. Look at his flag. Just like the rest of them all they do is holler Nazi because that is all they have. Most of us know that the Jews killed off 30 to 60 million white Christian Russians between 1917 and 1935 and they called theirselves Bosheviks. We need to start calling them what they are. Christian hating Bolsheviks over and over and over again and never let it go because its the truth. They have been trying to kill the white Christians off sense the days of Christ so call them what they are.

  43. Good points, Hunter, but you’re looking a bit chubby yerself and do you ever actually hunt? How are your own firearms skills & fieldcraft?

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