A Little Bit of Hoax Goes a Long Way

Sometimes, members of the Alt-Right make big impacts in very simple ways. Merely printing out a piece of paper saying “It’s okay to be white” and then taping it to a wall has succeeded in inciting outrage and international headlines that place white leaders in very uncomfortable situations. From an Alt-Right perspective, it’s truly amusing to watch an outbreak of hysteria and ensuing consternation from the cucks. At this late hour, provocation requires minimal effort on our part. Best of all, most of the time these frenzies just cause themselves. We get to sit back and laugh. Let’s recap some of the most salacious, because this shit is just plain hilarious.


Recall the furor at the University of Missouri back in 2015. It’s obvious that some freak (chimp behavior, hmmm) smeared feces around a bathroom. Then, another student (or perhaps the very same) discerned a swastika in the fecal smear, in much the same manner that the mentally deranged claim to see the face of Jesus Christ on a grilled cheese sandwich. This was enough to prompt a mass chimpout that pissed off and alienated lots of white people, causing a steep drop in enrollment and donations. Now, let’s move on from feces to flames.

Mississippi Burning

Image result for greenville mississippi church burning

Sometimes hate gets taken pretty far. Right before the November 2016 elections, a black church in the town of Greenville, Mississippi was torched by a henchman of Richard Spencer and, sadly, was a member of its own congregation. Prior to setting it alight, he spray painted the message “Vote Trump” on the side of the building. One must give this dindu his due credit for spelling the phrase correctly. Proper spelling makes this particular incident somewhat of an aberration in the category of black-perpetrated hoaxes.

Allahu Arson!

Image result for des moines mosque fire

Of course, we all know there’s another group that exceeds the blacks in their enthusiasm for setting stuff on fire: Muslims. Back in June, one of them walked into her mosque in Des Moines, doused a patch of carpet with lighter fluid, and set it aflame. Unfortunately, the entire process occurred on camera, allowing the authorities to swiftly arrest her. Little of the hysteria that benefits us so much was able to be generated.

A more successful arson attempt occurred in Houston, on Christmas Day of 2015. Apparently, despondent over the distinct lack of fun that his people get to experience on Christmas, a local Muslim tried to burn down his storefront mosque. A frenzy of outrage over Islamophobia reigned briefly until law enforcement cracked the case. The mosque garnered over a million dollars in donations and international media coverage until the truth emerged.

Don’t Forget the Jews

A Schenectady man apparently had his home on Chiswell Road vandalized with at least three swastikas between Thursday night and Friday morning. (Robert Downen/Times Union)

Here’s one that I find an especially comical symptom of our times: In March, a Jewish man living in upstate New York awoke to find swastikas spray painted on this side of his home. In an interview, he said that seeing his home marked with this iconic symbol of hate sent a “vein of fear” surging through his body. He also expressed incredulity that anyone would consider this acceptable behavior in 2017. Who would do such a thing? Well, him. Then, it gets even funnier. He was only claiming to be Jewish. That’s right, a fake Jew committed a fake hate crime.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

After racist messages were found scrawled on message boards in the Air Force Academy’s preparatory school, the nation was captivated by an impassioned speechby some pathetic cuck with 3 stars on his collar. He demanded that racists must “get out!” because they have absolutely no place in the USAF, as a dyke with 1 star stood solemnly behind him. According to him, the Air Force could not deploy the full “power of diversity” with such individuals in its midst. A quick scroll through the comments section on Youtube reveals that many dipshits were moved literally to tears after the speech went viral, making the general a celebrated hero of the MSM. Predictably, a Negro cadet later confessed to writing all of the hateful messages. I actually agree with the general that racists should leave the military. Men with common sense don’t deserve to die as cannon fodder for Israel in a war with Iran and Russia.

There’s A Pattern Here

The uproar that a hate hoax generates is vastly disproportionate to the amount of attention it receives as the truth comes to light and everything fizzles out. I used to find this pattern a tad frustrating, but now I’ve come to realize that anything which heightens the level of perpetual hysteria we’re now living under is a good thing. Thus, the value of a hate hoax is derived not from it being discredited, but from the madness it initially stirs up.

After all, there are a lot more SJWs than there are of us. Moreover, these lunatics are able to operate with generous subsidies, without fear of losing their jobs. So, they can and do mobilize in large numbers when baited. The mayhem produced by their righteous outrage is a potent source of alienation from Clownworld, precisely the phenomenon that pushes people towards the Alt-Right.

-By Tommy Shackleford and originally published at Identity Dixie.


    • Two thumbs up.

      Christ has already returned in glory, [AD70] and to the apostles that he said He would do so.

      All the waiting now is for our own individual particular judgment, and then the final resurrection.

      We’ve already won the battle!

      “Kill the kikes.
      Race war now.”
      As the “Nazis” keep saying….

      Start acting like the Kingdom is a present reality, rather than some defeatist dispensational bullshit excuse for not taking control of our nation,
      our race, and our future, now.

      God wills it.

  1. Even if it takes several generations to recover and I won’t see it, I think I can die happy as long as I know this Talmudic nightmare will not continue.

  2. “It’s okay to be White” brilliant strategy for triggering anti-Whites into revealing their undisguised hatred of White people. How can anyone still be in doubt about the ongoing White Genocide?

  3. Yes I don’t believe the military should discriminate against blacks, Asians, Hissys, JEWS and LGTBQACTYZWHATFUCKINEVER. Give them all an equal right to go and fight for Israel. These wars will never advance the ordinary white family man, whatever the outcome-so why be involved in them? Instead, train and arm up for the homeland war that will no doubt happen down the track. Elites have failed us, so now the ordinary guy who’d rather just live a productive member of society will have to step in, fight and do their job for them- that being to get the West back from the traitors, and make them white again.
    Let the others fight in some third world dust bowl we’ve never heard of, and we’ll focus on the fight on home soil.

  4. Military academy is handicap by diversity. The corrupt regime can’t even muster 50,000 able body male. Shortage of fighter pilots co-opt for civilian airline offer better package deal.Also lack of patriotism.

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