Southern States Continue To Dominate Activism

I brought this up in an exchange with Greg Johnson.

As far as events go, there isn’t much going on outside the South. The single biggest episode that comes to mind was a rally in Minnesota in May. Otherwise, the North and West have been devoid of activity except for some private events and appearances at Alt-Lite rallies in California.

The three biggest pro-White rallies of the last decade – Pikeville, Shelbyville and Charlottesville – have all happened this year in the South. In all three cases, lots of people came from the North to attend these events. It is not like there isn’t a demand for such events in those areas. We’ve managed to do something like a conference or rally in nearly every Southern state this year.

This is nowhere near the level that is needed, but it is a start. We’re going to normalize this sort of activism in the South. Several of these events – Shelbyville (Tennessee), Pikeville (Kentucky), Charlottesville (Virginia), Battle of New Orleans (Louisiana) and Spencer at UF (Florida) – were major news stories. UniteTheRight was the biggest rally we had ever done.

Why are we even debating American Nationalism when nothing is going on elsewhere? Everything is still underground in the North and West which makes arguing over flags pointless.


Atlanta Forum (January)


2017 League of the South National Conference (June)
Richard Spencer Speech at Auburn (April)


Battle of New Orleans (May)


Patriot Front Torch Rally (November)
Houston Bookfair Demonstration (September)
This Is Texas (June)
Texas Is Ours (June)


Anti-Antifa Demonstration (May)


Pikeville Rally (April)


Stormfront Conference (September)
Memphis Forum (October)
White Lives Matter (October)
2017 Amren Conference (July)
Knoxville Rally (August)


Richard Spencer Speech at UF (October)
Confederate Memorial Day Rally (May)
Gainesville Old Joe Rally (May)
Florida League of the South Conference (June)


Charlottesville I (May)
UniteTheRight (August)
Charlottesville III (October)

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  1. The Pacific Northwest doesn’t really need local activism because the problems are not really local. The dominant activism is probably more to do with home schooling than Confederate monument removal.

    • The problem with your part of the country is it has too many fags, shitlibs and bugmen. Present company excepted, of course.

    • And sadly, almost all homeschool advocates are deluded idiots, of one stripe or another.

      I speak this from having been in the arena with them, for almost a decade. They (HS types) are more concerned (because largely women) with their 7/24YEC, ‘safe’ schooling, and an almost fetishistic devotion to the Con-stitution, Daniel Webster’s dictionary, and Laura Ingalls Wilder-style pretend lifestyles, (for example) than the real world.

      While at the same time, these HS Cultists still go to their multicultural, multi-racial “Christian” Charismaniac congregations, not seeing any problems with this schizophrenia. They gladly offer up to Moloch, encouraging their teenage White sons dating Niggers, and/or becoming White fodder for the American Roman Empire’s endless ‘wars for Israel.’

      While their younger DS and DD have ‘play dates’ with the mentally unstable mixed raced offspring of other HS moms, brought about by “rainbow adoptions” or some poor White woman having fornicated with a non–white (“because he is hot” as I directly heard these women say on more than one occasion, when speaking of non-white males), and thus rendering themselves useless skank women, burdened with mulatto offspring: because ‘chief Tall bear’ went back to the reservation, leaving the white woman -or her parents -with the bastard children, for the next 20 years.

      But, hey! We can talk about John Piper, scrapbooking, Bible journaling, or someone’s latest “multi-Levite marketing” scam and our Abeka or KONOS curriculum, while the children play at the local playplace at McDonald’s, because we’re such ‘GCB,’ after all.

      Misericordie Domine.

    • Your ‘reality’, the ziogovt skool, has given the US its death injection.
      Along with the catholik church and its illegal alien support.
      Folks home school to avoid the govt and the mainstream religions.

  2. The Northwest is under the control of Harold Covington and his Northwest Front. They are growing exponentially and will soon be the dominant alt-right leadership in the country. Then America will tremble.

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