Latino Victory Fund: We Will Double Down On Anti-Southern Ads

The Latino Victory Fund is celebrating Ralph Northam’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial election and is promising to release more anti-Southern ads in future races:

“With Democrat Ralph Northam winning Virginia’s fiercely competitive governor’s race Tuesday night, you would think that would mean a sigh of relief for the Latino group that inserted itself into the last week of the campaign, drawing harsh criticism over an ad that showed a pickup truck with a Confederate flag and a bumper sticker for Republican Ed Gillespie chasing down minority children.

But Latino Victory Fund, which briefly ran the ad early last week, says it will instead double down on its strategy.

The group, which works to elect Democrats, argues that this type of messaging campaign serves to defend the Latino community against ads like one from Gillespie that highlighted the danger posed by MS-13 gang members, which the group said promotes suspicion of Hispanics at large. …”

Here’s why we hope they keep this up:

1.) First, Establishment Ed lost because of suburban White women and healthcare. If he had won every Hispanic vote in Virginia, he would have still lost by 5 points. Immigration was a winning issue for Gillespie. He ran anti-MS-13 ads and still managed to win 32% of the Hispanic vote.

2.) Second, White Southerners are going to look at these anti-Southern ads and wonder why Hispanic groups are playing identity politics and organizing to advance an ethnic interest, but it is immoral for us to do the same. These kind of ads will stimulate racial and ethnic consciousness among Southern Whites and make it easier for the Alt-South to say we are just playing identity politics too.

The Latino Victory Fund ad depicts White Southerners as racist murderers with nothing better to do than to terrorize immigrants. It is saying that politics is about tribal identity. Ed Gillespie is a mainstream conservative, but his MS-13 ad essentially said the same thing. Politically, this was a boring race between two establishment candidates, but culturally it could have downstream effects.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that. The harder they push, the harder we will push back. Speed up the process for us, Latino Defeat.

  2. The only good Latino north of the Rio Grande, is…. (fill in the rest)

    And don’t anyone tell me that this is not a Christian stance, because then you’ve never read the Old Testament calls for the utter annihilation of God’s enemies-

    and non-Whites, ARE, now, our enemies.

    • The only good Latino north of the Rio Grande, is one that has served or has a parent or spouse who has served in the US military and been discharged honorably. I might add pre-Obama to that.

      • Let me also add that agriculture really does need beaner power to harvest crops that can not be harvested by automation. This really is work whites (except maybe poles and russians) will not do. This could be managed with guest worker permits but it is critically important.

        • The motto of any white country should be, “We do our own work.” Your justification is exactly the same one used for importing the blacks.

          • Bad idea, given there’s millions of whites in the country entirely or partially Slavic. They are not going back to serfdom, including this one at the hands of anyone, darkie or not.

        • Beware of leftist / gov’t trolls posting some good … with bad ideas mixed in. In the new enlarged Confederate States for white Christians only … WE WON’T HAVE ANY DARKIES FOR ANY REASON !!! We will grow 1/3 or more of our own food at home. Another 1/3 + will be grown on NEARBY farms / ranches near each community / town / city. All organic, no GMO. The remaining less than 1/3 grown on commercial farms can be picked by machine …. locals for GOOD PAY … and even prisoners for fair pay.

          Regarding the ‘latino bs,’ they have their donors …. we need our donor$. You need to FIND wealthy whites who’ve had it up to here, and will $upport you.

          Again … ( for crying out loud, ) you need to form a think tank, with guys you know as well as Michael Hill, Spencer, etc and PLAN stuff.

          One of many things you need to do is BUY your dotcom names and put them on your own servers.

  3. Starvation and/or deportation camps would probably better predict their future. I don’t think there will be patience and resources for long term detention camps after things start collapsing. The only question will be what territories whites choose to attempt to save.

  4. I’m thinking laterally here…bit what if you used your money to form a PAC that appeared to advocate for Hispanics but ran astonishingly offensive ads like this to stimulate reaction among whites?

    It’s a good way to get the flag out there on TV anyway.

    IT’S NOT OKAY TO BE WHITE could be the byline.

  5. The beaners can either leave in peace now or in pieces later on. But either way they are going to leave.

  6. Look at the ‘Latino Victory Fund’ board:

    For extra credit, look at other organizations these people are involved in. You’ll find some cohencidences (“Leopoldo Martínez serves as the Latin America Director for the Israel Allies Foundation” – from their site, for instance).

    Scratch the surface of a subversive, anti-White, organization, and . . . .

    Every time.

    • Unlike the BS about scratching a Russian to find a Tartar, scratching an anti-white organization to find a Jew is all too often, true.

    • Their definition of victory is killing, displacing or BOTH every last white person from North America. Make no mistake they are violent brown devil people. Jerry’s all too happy to assist them.

      • And yet all of our ancestors were woolly-haired jigaboos who shuffled their way out of Africa 60 thousand years ago. Sure they were, kikes, sure they were.

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