Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 058 – It’s Okay To Be White


Harold Crews and Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, discuss several topics in this episode. First, they go into the “It’s Okay To Be White” flyer campaign that has taken off across the Western world over the last ten days to two weeks. Second, they discuss recent and upcoming League activism events. 2017 has so far seen four larger public events by the League; Pikeville, New Orleans, Charlottesville and most recently in Shelbyville. Also mentioned were several smaller events. Dr. Hill then promises that there will be events for the remainder of this year and more in 2018. The last primary topic are the recent releases of formerly classified documents that reveal the truth about Michael King aka Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Dr Hill is a very intelligent, well spoken individual who, like Dr David Duke, are very committed human rights activists. Yes, we do need a civil rights movement who draw attention to the discrimination, rapes, murders and genocide of our people.
    I’m not racist. I want blacks, Asians, Muslims and even Jews to live productive, comfortable and meaningful lives free of disease, war and hunger……in THEIR homelands. Our only crime is also wanting that for ourselves, in OUR homelands. Indeed I’d like Africa to be such a wonderful place to be as it would mean blacks would simply remain there. But of course, they’re not bloody capable of making this happen as they’re too fuckin stupid. They either blame us by claiming we ‘stole their resources’ (and how exactly would they have used them?) Or just up and run to a white country-and be a burden on it.
    The Jews and Left aid and abet this dangerous takeover and are by all means, committing treachery and genocide against us.
    Always remember people, get out there and tell the truth to as many as possible. We’ve nothing to hide. No need to embellish the narrative-just give ’em the truth straight. When
    you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything. We can easily defeat the Lefts lies and BS with our truths.
    The time for white guilt is over.

    • That’s the stance that will gain $upport amongst the normies and fence sitters. The words racist and racism(s) meanings have beenchanged by “them.” Look them up in an old paper dictionary. Then look them up on your smart phone. “They” want everyone to think we HATE anyone not white. Part of our campaign must be to bring this change of the meaning of these key words to the attention of said normies and fence sitters. Above all we must have and stick to, a solid BRAND AND MISSION STATEMENT :



      Do this and stick with it. People need strong leadership with a plan.

  2. John, you’re either new or hopelessly deluded.

    If you post on this forum, you’re already considered “racist” by the Jews, the fags, the liberals, the Jews, the fags…

    Why, even my smart phone’s voice diction Auto-Correct changes ‘fag’ to ‘Flag.’ We can’t even speak our mind on our own phone!
    The liberal bastards are everywhere!

    (((They))) need to be taken down… By any means necessary. Deo Volente.

  3. @Fr.John+,
    Yes you’re very correct there. If I’m a white who
    speaks the truth, I’m ‘racist’. If I’m a black or Muslim who rapes or kills a white for being white, and also talks nonsense about how evil whites are, well I’m not racist apparently.
    That the Jews consider only us racist exposes the extreme racism on their part, and we need to highlight this hypocrisy for all to see.
    Anyhow enjoy your weekend. I hope the weather will be kind down your way.

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