Christopher Cantwell Has Charges Reduced

The good news:

The bad news:

Well, this went better than I expected.

I didn’t expect any of the charges to be dropped or Cantwell to be released this afternoon. I don’t have any confidence in the judicial system in Commieville. Why on earth did DeAndre Harris and Corey Long get bond? How did Gorcenski and Goad get away with perjury?

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    • I’m as antigovt and prowhite as they come. Now having said that, his remedy is, after the acquittal, to sue for malicious prosecution and add to it the first amendment. In other words, when the govt target someone (even w/ legitimate charges) because of their exercise of 1st am rights, it’s illegitimate. How much more so when the charges lack any basis in fact?

    • You guys don’t even realize … “GOD” may be using “YOU !!!?” Yes ! Listen to the short vid – link below

      He wants an enlarged Confederate States for white Christians to be set up in every way, ( including architecture, ) the way HE wants it. America was NOT ! You know the “design” of DC was occult.

      You all “could be” … being used by God ! Pray and ask for help, and I believe He’ll answer you “IF” your hearts are right.

      Try it. You’ve got nothing to lose.

    • James, you don’t need to preach.
      Many of us here are Christians,
      and many of us have
      a far greater depth
      of knowledge of the Bible,
      theology, history, and the
      outworking of this nation,
      than you do.

      Chill, dude!

    • Yeah, it’s a nightmare cesspit of a city.

      From what I’ve heard, there were dozens of Bolsheviks dressed in red packing the courtroom in order to openly intimidate witnesses for Chris.

      It’s sick…

      • Has anyone thought about going after leading members of antifa and BLM under RICO, at least those who were involved w/ Charlottesville? Clearly there’s a conspiracy to commit extortion and violate the Hobbs Act. I’d argue that the home-made flame thrower is attempted murder. Such a case could be filed in fed ct, thereby avoiding the local judges. Yeah, fed judges such, but the Fourth Circuit (the federal appellate circuit which includes Virginia) sucks somewhat less than some of the others. (I’m looking at you, Seventh Circuit!)

  1. Has no one noticed that Heather Jeter was first murdered by James Fields but then he didn’t even hit her or something, and a heart attack became the cause of death. Then this Cantwell dufus was some chemical terrorist but is now recognized as falsely accused by the court.

    Such patterns are itinerant for psy ops. TPTB want the headlines but not the scrutiny that would eventually expose them to the naive and controlled op minions.

    In Cantwells case, even his sloppy emo bravado would become sympathetic or at least arousing of suspicion and disrespect for the whole judicial system.

    I’m quite certain it was orchestrated to make stigmatizing headlines and scare people (protesters especially) and to fizzle out as time goes on.

  2. Maybe Cantwell could pursue civil action against Goad and Gorcenski, and seize their trust funds? I’m just presuming there are trust funds.

    I’m surprised there have not been a massive number of lawsuits against the city, the mayor, and so on.

    • Cantwell has floated the idea a few times, but it remains to be seen as to whether he’ll follow through. My advice would be just to drop it and get the hell out of Commieville. That place will be cleansed of Bolshevik filth in due time, and Gorcenski has a 40-50% chance of topping himself, anyway.

  3. When all this is said and done, I propose that we round up all the niggers, fags, and Bolsheviks in Charlottesville and make them build a hundred-foot statue of Robert E. Lee on the site of a black church.

  4. They’re trying to railroad him like they did Bill White.

    Gorcenski is a mentally ill POS.

    Cantwell isn’t doing himself any favors when he did that Vice interview with all those guns, and on some of those phone conversations from jail when he says crazy stuff like “at least Devin Kelley had good aim” and then laughs sadistically, and other crazy stuff.

    Hopefully he gets off, but I’ve been on a grand jury before and depending on the racial makeup and what they tell them he may go to trial.

    • Cantwell could claim sexual assault. How many trannies have came at Cantwell? Trial transcripts will be full of double entendres.

      • Gorcenski and those associated with that insane creature go to the trouble to call restaurants and try to get you thrown out based on their slander, as Kessler discussed in his experience, and then if they see what vehicle you were in will slash your tires when you aren’t there.

    • The American pro-White movement always manages to attach itself to stupid people who do stupid things, and then stubbornly try to justify their support by saying that the person was doing it for the right reasons. The Vice interview and the statements after the event in Charlottesville tell me everything I need to know about Cantwell’s credibility and mental state. I’ve learned to steer clear of anyone purposely seeking out media attention in this environment. Especially those who are more than happy to reinforce caricatures and give anti-Whites more ammunition.

      • Undoubtedly true Cantwell did some stupid things but the bottom line is always the same: Pro-Whites never get justice in an anti-White “justice” system. Interestingly, the left never distances itself from its screamers and thugs and no other leftist ever takes them to task for it.

        • The anti-White’s sloppiness and brazen hypocrisy is a weakness. You take advantage of this by becoming everything that they either can’t be or refuse to be. You don’t mimic their weaknesses and psychotic behaviors and hope that you aren’t stigmatized by it, just because they don’t seem to be getting enough negative publicity when they do stupid, hypocritical, psychotic and even illegal things.

          Too many incompetent, fake and/or unbalanced people are trying to be spokesmen and leaders, when the sad reality is that there’s barely anything to lead other than a bunch of people who know that they’re angry and want to do something to change things, but not sure how to channel their frustrations into practical applications and become productive assets.

          Good leadership is when you can take ordinary men and women looking for some kind of direction and turn them into extraordinary workers, wives, husbands, parents, friends, etc.

          Great leadership is when you can take people who underachieve and are seen as negative assets and turn them into productive members of society.

          Most of the “leaders” in the pro-White movement can’t be bothered to think about all the little boring details that go into making a community viable and able to withstand setbacks. They do nothing but play on other people’s insecurities and have no real strategy other than to try to build on a foundation of endless messages of negativity and fear. They end up taking frustrated people and turning them into even more frustrated people who become dangerous to themselves and others. This is the cancer that grows within the pro-White sphere.

          • The left has been winning because they don’t break ranks. Our side has had nothing but broken ranks. I am confident that will change despite all evidence to the contrary.

          • Fame-seeking is a problem, as are character issues and a lack of vision. All that said, trying to rally people behind an abstract concept like ‘white’ or ‘White’ as we’re supposed to call it is an absolute guaranteed fail. Abstract notions of identity, particularly ones rooted (and if you don’t believe race is rooted in politics and economics then you have to at least admit it became integral to same) in the exploitation of the labor class are 1,000% GUARANTEED to divide any demographic otherwise linked by DNA.

            I have more in common with plenty of black americans than I do with most mediterraneans. Southerners refuse to deal with this because a. they don’t have to (deal with italians) in their region b. their history is rooted in conflict between black and anglo labor classes and c. italians are particularly corrupt and simultaneously lacking in ‘white guilt’ since they’re not european to begin with racially, or when they are still act out of a shameless, sociopathic cultural value set and lack of ‘white’ status in the US.

            So ‘y’all’ think it’s cool when they mouth off about issues pertaining ‘race,’ then suddenly go quiet when types like ‘Mooch’ turn on you – which 99% of them will do.

            Don’t think I wasn’t giggling fiendishly when Mooch played the Alt Right.

            Sometimes I toldya so’s are overrated.

    • It’s called controlled op. Since I haven’t studied Cantwell I can’t say for sure but he sounds too contrived ridiculous and dumb to be authentic. Maybe just seriously nuts.

      • Terri, why are you so ashamed of your Sicilian-American heritage? Why do you keep pretending your ancestors were Massachusetts Bay Colony puritans? This is why Dr. Kaplan wants to keep you under constant psychiatric observation.

        • I’ll be in good company, with Matt Parrott who was ‘diagnosed’ with Asperger’s, I’m guessing for being too mathematically smart for the jews and coming from the wrong side of the tracks (he exhibits zero Asperger’s emotional traits from what I can see) and our own Hunter Wallace who was interned for not knowing whether he was a Republican or some WN types – one official ‘form’ of ‘bipolar.’

          You in your roman filthiness literally project your self loathing onto anglos you follow all over the planet, invoking your lying jew brothers’ projections to pathologize us for exposing you.

          You only fool fools. And the mediterraneans.


        • Oh and let’s not forget Eric Hunt, and Sinead McCarthy among other luminaries. I’m sure I’m missing some anglocelts deemed biologically diseased by mediterranean ‘science.’ Shout outs to all who deserve honorable mention, and to my brothers and sisters poisoned by the sandnigger pharma mafia.

  5. Phnar Phar phnar…he released a caustic agent on a tranny?

    “And then that tranny over there came at me, terrifying I tell you, Ze screamed at me ‘it will Oil its skin.’ And I had to shoot.”


    The judge isn’t going to want this trial in his court.

  6. we still have way 2 many guys in that jail, cantwell included. please look in2 goyfundme(dot)com 2 help some of r brothers out w/ legal costs. even just $5 means a lot: it means we have not forgotten them.

  7. One of the hardest parts of becoming tribal is standing by your people when they are representing your interests even if they are doing so imperfectly.

    • This is a poor attempt at rationalization and strategy in a context where certain actions/words have the ability to quickly reverberate and drag down an entire movement. If there are imperfections or areas that need A LOT of work, then it’s the duty of the tribe to remove the things that hold it back and replace it with things that move it forward. It becomes extremely counterproductive and bordering on lunacy when you get to a point where you’re constantly having to justify the same stupid behaviors from the same people or same groups of people.

      What you’re describing(in this context) is the telltale sign of a cult, not a tribe.

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