Poland’s Hard Right Inspires White Nationalists Worldwide

The enormous nationalist march in Poland over the weekend has added new fuel to a debate over strategy and tactics going on in nationalist circles:

“BERLIN — There are few countries that suffered as much under the Nazis as Poland did during World War II.

And yet, more than 70 years later, it has become a center on the continent for the far right — and liberal critics say the government isn’t doing anything about it. In fact, they say, the Polish far right feels increasingly emboldened by what it perceives as governmental recognition.

On Saturday, an estimated 60,000 people marched alongside ultranationalists and Nazis to mark the 99th anniversary of Polish independence. As my colleague Avi Selk summarized, some of the protesters carried banners and held up signs that had a clear far-right extremist message:

“Clean Blood,” as seen by Politico.

“Pray for an Islamic Holocaust,” per CNN. …”

Here is what is so interesting:

1.) This annual march in Poland was started in 2009 by two groups, National Radical Camp and All-Polish Youth, and ballooned from a few hundred people into tens of thousands.

2.) National Radical Camp and All-Polish Youth are ultra-nationalist groups. The former can even be described as fascist or White Nationalists. They wear armbands and brownshirts. They engage in Roman salutes. They use Celtic crosses and talk about White pride. Many of them have shaved heads. They’ve even burned an effigy of an Orthodox Jew.

3.) In addition to the armbands, National Radical Camp uses its own organizational flag.

4.) National Radical Camp has women at its demonstrations.

5.) It is an explicitly Christian group. The slogan for this march was “We want God.”

6.) ONR is very fond of dressing in black.

7.) In their propaganda videos, ONR and All-Polish Youth members are sometimes dressed in plain clothes.

8.) There are Boomers who are members:

9.) We see fat people who are members:

10.) Finally, we see an aesthetic that is very similar to other Hard Right groups in Europe like Golden Dawn. The red flares have been used in Greece for years.

The moral of the story: ONR and All-Polish Youth are spearheading this sea change as a cultural vanguard. They were surrounded by a sea of normies on Poland’s Independence Day. The Polish government was also incapable of condemning the march because the Law and Justice Party is in power in Poland and nationalism has reached a critical mass there.

Poland hasn’t embraced fascism or Neo-Nazism so much as the Polish government is indifferent to the existence and rising influence of these groups. You don’t see the cucking, panicking and disavowing like we see in the United States, the UK or Germany. The average Polish patriot is like, “yeah, some of these guys are fascists, but so what? I don’t want Jews and Muslims in my country.”

Note: Matt Parrott has only scratched the surface of the differences between Poland and the United States. Poland is an ethnically homogeneous country of 38 million people packed into an area about the size of Arkansas and Missouri. It suffered the catastrophes of WW1, WW2 and the Cold War. It has about 3,000 Jews and its poverty and isolation has insulated it from the dissolving effects of Western liberal democracy and capitalism. Still, there is a lot of food for thought here.

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  1. I don’t see a coherent message. They are still pro-EU and pro-Euro from what I can tell. Orban in Hungary had Richard Spencer arrested for just showing up in Hungary. Occidental Dissent, TRS, Trad Workers and the Daily Stormer are more relevant than 10,000 marching poles in my opinion.

    • Oohhhh THANK YOU SIR !!!!! A man with a brain my Goodness !!! “I don’t see … A COHERENT MESSAGE.” No hans. Neither do I.Now we’re white, so we know we’re smarter, ( in general, as a whole, ) than the “other” races. So, let’s act that way.Here’s what needs to be done :

      1. Form think tanks and THINK … plan.
      2. Form THE CONFEDERATE PARTY here … and teach our foreign brothers how to FORM THEIR OWN POLITICAL “PARTIES” there.
      3. Formulate a “coherent” message that our BRAND stands for … and teach our foreign brothers to do the same.
      4. Get very sophisticated regarding fund rai$ing. This is war, and we need a war chest. There are loads of wealthy white donors out there and a few VERY wealthy white donors out there that will respond to THE CONFEDERATE PARTY ( not a bunch of non coherent message protests, even though my hat’s off to you for doing the protests. )
      6. Be sure to really think each step through before launching. Imagine the questions fake media will hit you with. Have answers and rebuttals to their objections before doing !
      7. Sit back. Rake in the $$$ and enjoy the love honor and prestige of actually being the founders of a new country. You’ll be in history books in The CSA as heroes.

      Congratulations in advance.

      • I see you’re still at it. Once again:

        the Jews and their invasive ethnic savages will permit no White bantustans.

        (((they))) intend to kill us

        All of us.

        and have said so repeatedly.

        and are now doing so.

        We either take it all back;

        or we lose it. All of it.

        and voting won’t help.

        • You’re right on the mark, Haxo. ‘James Jackson’ keeps posting here with drawn-out fantasies of a new CSA, oblivious to the obvious reality that (((they))) will never voluntarily leave us alone. ‘Each race gets their own utopia’? What planet is this person living on? Whites are currently tax slaves and milk cows for the kikes and shitskins to abuse at will.

          Again – they will NEVER leave us alone.

          • For those with low IQ’s and no vision … HUGE things don’t happen over night. They happen in steps and phases. One of the steps in one of the phases is convincing as many of (((them))) to see the writing on the wall and move NOW. For those living on another planet having their own fantasy about us taking it (((all))) back 🙂 too late Bubba ! You were busy watching sports e-mailing, protesting and marching … while (((they))) packed YOUR country with 3rd world shoe lickers and enemies within. NOW … repeat NOW …. the ONLY option is an enlarged CSA for us. It CAN be done in steps and phases. Continuing to march protest and e-mail won’t change a thing. You need :


            Who’s goal is :


            Now for those that don’t ‘get it’ … keep taking some IQ tests till you can score better and leave the thinking to the creative geniuses. For those paid gov’t trolls posting BS to discourage white southern nationalist patriots … GET A JOB. BOY !

      • My prayer is for God to avenge us.
        A solar event that would render the
        cities dark for years would result in
        the destruction of all blue areas, which
        are jew areas.
        We can never vote or shoot our way
        out of this mess, it’s too late.
        Study the Amish lifestyle.

        • Puh-leez! Amish? The dream of a benign pacifism suffused with protestant Anabaptist ideology? It’s all a pile of crap.

          First off, I used Amish homeschooling materials, a decade ago, and Bought materials from an Amish vendor in North East Indiana. One of the last times when I passed through northern Indiana, one of the saddest things I saw, was a mixed race Niglet in Amish clothing, being cared for by its grandmother and grandfather, along with their and their children’s WHITE children!

          The rot is everywhere! We will have to fight this out. War, bloodshed, dead people, taking a stand for what is right! You’re merely a coward for wanting a this-worldly “paradise,” when the reality is (((they))) won’t let us alone, until we remove them from this plane.

    • Yes, arresting Richard and also throwing Amren out of Hungary was very dishonest. But despide repeated explanations they both refusing to admit the real problem, White liberal.

      Hungary does not need race war with 2 billion africans and muslims. They just need to go after their own white liberals and because of that Hungary is sucessfully white. Also Poland where mr. Spencer was also denied entry and somehow Poland is very white and very nazi.

      How many houses do you let burn down before you understand that instead of lifetime and professional firefighting you just need to take matches away from your own child ? Amren does this at least 30 years. We first got rid from USSR, then build up nazi movements, then drove them to victory,now we taking over EU and what Amren has gained ?

      Western patriots must understand that white liberal next door is the problem not jewsmuslimsniggersanddarthvader. Yes, mr. Orban maybe overreactded a little bit but he built up successful nazi country and does not want it derailed.

  2. Sixty thousand torch bearing, marching Poles is pretty hard to ignore. If anti-Whites don’t like it tough crap. Anti-Whites are reaping what they’ve sown.

  3. We are pro EU yes but it,s the Hitler vision of white race union. And liberalism is like cancer. When you leave some cancer cell in the body, then it will grow again. Fighting against liberalism is zero sum game. Everything or nothing.

    So there will be no secession whatsoever. Some of our guys sell Intermarium secession stuff but other guys say that when we leave liberalism alive somewhere in the Europe, then our children will face same problems like we do.

    In the 1920 Poland, Baltic states and some other countries sucessfully fought back liberal Red Army attack but liberalism survived in the Soviet Russia. And 20 years later we paid terrible price for our ignorance. This time we don`t secede but we will take whole Europe over.

    • They did, during Colonial Days. But, Did you see the Roman Catholic priest in traditional Biretta and lace, in one of the photos?

      Ha! I bet anti-pope Bergoglio is pissed off about that one, something big! His antichrist dream of a multicultural sodomitic, devoid of grace Roman Catholi-schism is not going so well… Thank God!

  4. I see lots of Polish national flags.

    Polish nationalists aren’t eager to cede their own symbols to their enemies, unlike the American “hard right” which is eager to cede the stars and stripes.

    • Poland’s patriotism has not yet been eroded like in the US – they have stuff to celebrate from just 30 years ago while our greatest legends on a national level are from nearly 250 years ago (Indian Wars could mean something, but that was still over a century ago).

      At the same time, poland’s flag still explicitly applies to white Christian poles, while america’s covers every sort of deviant and creature known to man.

      The flag lost its meaning here long ago.

  5. They seemed to be similar to the Croatian Usatse than white nationalism. The Ustase was pro-Catholic and didn’t claim to care about a race outside of Croatia. I see no evidence that these people care about the white nationalist movement, in the same way that you’re southern nationalist but still also white nationalist.

    • You know what is interesting about the Ustase. Back when Wikipedia was first coming out, they were portrayed as nazi sympathizers, period. You had to really do a lot of research do find out that they in fact didn’t have a problem with Jews who converted to Catholicism. It’s like those facts were buried and hard to find. Now with an open internet its easy.

  6. The Poles, Hungarians and other Eastern Europeans have had the thankless task of saving Europe before. They shall do so again.

      • Not really Poland’s fault. I mean they were being invaded. One of my bigger criticisms of Hitler was the pact he made with the Bolsheviks to invade Poland. The German national socialist flag and the Russian communists flags are both equally despised there.

        • Poland was divided up between Imperial Prussia and Czarist Russia 150 years before the 1939 nonaggression pact between Hitler and Stalin, so I imagine the Pollacks are still mad about that as well.

    • @Spahn,
      Its past time for oppressed whites the world over to fight non-white and Jewish privilege.
      Its time to stop the murders, rapes, muggings, discrimination and genocide of our people.

      When you visit Australia, my wife and I will take you down to the Murray river for a ride on a paddle steamer. There is lunch on board, and a band playing. Then we’ll do a tour of the area around Barellan where I live. Nobody around there has met an American in person before.
      Avoid Alice Springs. Full of coons who are a complete waste of space. A mate of dad’s lives there. They sit around doing nothing. They’re drunk or high most of the time. They invaded a new car dealership recently and keyed all the cars, stomped on them and damaged the premises. When the cops investigated, they said the place looked like it had been hit by a tornado.
      Rural NSW and Victoria are better-populated by normal country people.
      The Northern Territory is a wasteland populated by useless, feral darkies.

      • Thanks for the invite, john! I would love to go. Of course, I’ll have to visit Bon Scott’s grave while I’m there. I don’t know why I asked you about Alice Springs, though. Even way over here on the northeastern Atlantic seaboard that town has the reputation of being a place where shiftless Abbos hang out and sniff gasoline all day.

        Australia, Poland, Hungary, East Germany – the four places I want to visit the most.

        • @Spahn,
          Yes Perth and Fremantle are beautiful places. I was there last year. Its nowhere near me. Its funny when I was there, I got caught up in other things and totally forgot about Bon Scott. Do the ferry ride to Rottnest Island and get out to the W.A. countryside while you’re there. Well worth it.

  7. I can’t speak for Poland, but here in Australia, we are losing our identity, our real estate, our farms (to the Chinese) our manufacturing industry, non-whites are barging in-without our approval, our ‘men’ are pairing up with Asian women at record levels….what could the average white in the street possibly have to complain about?

    Save non-whites from ‘racism’- keep them in their OWN countries.

  8. Just a word of caution on a very emotional subject. Nothing against the Poles, they are a new post-war/post-communism generation, the same for Germany, and that is their level of knowledge, and they have the chance to build up a better Poland than the one before. But there are some leaders who know more, and what are they doing with this knowledge? What are they telling their followers? Reconciliation, or repeating history inaccuracies?

    “BERLIN — There are few countries that suffered as much under the Nazis as Poland did during World War II” and “Germany must start paying reparations for it” worries me.

    Poor Germany is the paymaster of the world, and those that pay, is not the Third Reich, but normal Germans, including their children, who try to make a living. They have no control over this situation, and if they do not watch out, soon Germany will be so overrun with foreigners, that there will be no Germany and a historic incubation point for Western civilization left to claim against. One cannot have a situation of a biblical revenge up to the seventh generation. Better is to face the truth and work toward reconciliation, instead of creating new divisions.

    Something quite different happened back then, and this “quite different” was inspired by a wave of nationalism directed into the wrong direction by the then leaders, including some high ranking generals, with the end result that Poland was pushed into a war far beyond its capabilities, just due to the hate and nationalistic fervor and a few leaders with ambition. The Bromberg Blood Sunday had a long history running up to the event, and mainstream history is lying about this. One must read German sources what really happened at the battle of Annaberg and what role the Poles played there back then. The same for the Forest of Katyn attrocities, which were pushed into the shoes of the Germans (this was taught in the 1970s in our school history back then in South Africa), and we now know it was a Soviet attrocity (lots of Germans always knew this, but lacked the kind of proof acceptable to the world. The documents were behind the Iron Curtain).

    How will the normal man-on-the-street Pole react should he or she encounter revisionist history and discover Poland has a much more complex history? Russia has to confront the same challenge. Denial,or courage to confront its past? If unity is based on a lie, then you have a nationalistic giant standing on feet with clay, for then they are being lead by dishonest leaders, who might get dishonest in other respects if the pressure starts building up.

    • There were some small ethnic conflicts between nationalists down here in Eastern Europe in the past but not very much. Ukraine mess freaked everybody out and made clear that we must put our disagreements behind. Or we will be multiculted.

      We don`t have collective quilt concept or magic mud theory. I am normal man-on-the-street-Eastern European and I`m not blaming average man-on-the -street American white nationalist for US complex history for example supporting USSR in the WWII and forcing homosexuality and mass immigration today.

      Western patriots must also reject collective quilt. Today we all have only one enemy, white liberal and that is all what counts. Average Swedish nationalist is not quilty for Viking attacks.

  9. “Let us beware of illusions: As long as people in the West believe in the six million and the gas chambers, they will always support Israel in principle, even if they criticise the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians as being unnecessarily harsh.

    If the holocaust were publicly exposed as a shameless fraud, if people all over the world learned that…there was no attempt to exterminate them, that the death factories, gas chambers and gas vans were a Jewish swindle, and that the six million figure was a fantastic exaggeration, the Zionist-led ‘New World Order’ would be all but finished.”

    – Jürgen Graf, revisionist-in-exile, ‘Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences’, 2000

    • @Goy,
      Good to hear from you again. Even if six million had perished, does that justify what Israel and Jews in general get away with now? Even if 16 million died, still doesn’t make their conduct acceptable. In Russia at that time, far more Russians perished at the hands of cultural Marxists. Also, throughout history, Jews have been a pest wherever they’ve been.
      If the Holocaust was committed by Somalians, rather than Germans, the Left would be saying-‘it wasn’t all Somalians’. But because the perps where allegedly white Germans, its ‘make all Germans past and present pay and feel guilty for it’.
      Indeed, whenever terrorist attacks occur in Germany now, they say it’s…..not all Muslim’s. Yet, with the Holocaust, you’d think it was all Germans.

      • John – ask your daughter today what kind of ‘Holocaust education’ she received in school. She is only a few years younger than me, and our generation was INUNDATED. It is beyond me why White parents are not UP IN ARMS over this insane brainwashing that occurs in every country the ADL has gained a foothold since WWII.

        Keep in mind that Holohoax Ed. is not limited to English or fake history class (now renamed ‘social studies’ in America by the ruling Communists). (((Their))) explicit goal is to make Jew worship the norm in a form of ‘Holocaustianity’ wherein Whites are cringingly servile to the kike demons for their entire lives *without believing they’ve been brainwashed*.

        • @Goy,
          Yes, she started school in the late 90’s and from what I can gather, was fed the same BS I got at school in the 70’s-80’s. Hitler was evil, six million died, whites are evil colonizers bla, bla, bla. Thankfully now she can find things out for herself via things like the internet and get to the truth in literally seconds. We listen to David Duke (a living treasure) and others like him.
          I’ve instilled in all my children the need to research the truth on things before coming to a conclusion, or final opinion.
          It sickens me how the Left and Jews have infested every major institution that drives opinion, yet are notorious for being pathological liers. Now thanks to to the digital medium, their lies and propaganda are being exposed.

  10. Goy Goddess, even though you and I dislike him,
    Henry Kissinger said in 2012 that ‘in 10 years’,
    is real hell would not exist.
    Let’s hope the fraud is exposed and cancer of
    the world is wiped out… it would be great to see
    that prediction come true.

  11. 1979 was the key year in the uk – flight jackets, National Front, punk/oi, 30’s, fashy synth wave, football firms. This was exported to the continent and lived on – see Golden Dawn and Poland. Also to the US, Dylan Roof was fascinated with Made in Britain – which captures the period well – and Proud Boy polo shirts.

    1979 was also the genesis of neoliberalism – where the white working class was defeated and paid off via cheap products from China and hedonism.

    Maybe the West took a bad exit from 1979 and we have to revisit it to get on the right path.

    • You’ve made an interesting observation. Around 1979-80 bell bottoms, disco and wide ties all suddenly disappeared. Then everything was skinny ties, spiky hair, punk, techno pop and new wave.

  12. Rob O at times everything in the world does look like a echo of English subcultures. Because it is.

  13. Polish far right nationalism is less complicated than uniting the right over here. Their professionalism is a close replica of Golden Dawn or Nordic Resistance Movement.. .A cogent message well articulated by non-questionable leaders – something we lack over here.
    Until we drop the ego driven squabbles, develop a sharper look, and adopt a single unifying set of doctrines, strategies and tactics,we will continue to move slowly forward,

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