Nationalist Marches In Eastern Europe

As the Hard Right coalesces in the United States, it is worth taking a closer look at how rallies and marches are done in Europe, especially in Eastern Europe. In particular, the torchlight parade isn’t a foreign nationalist custom. We used to have them in the South before secession and after during Reconstruction. It is why the torches strike such a chord in our national memory.










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  1. I just can’t…

    All that black – straight up goon squads.

    And I even see some people that are somewhat fat – oh the nerve!

    We need anonymous shitposting and anonymous shitposting only.

    Make it pure irony within irony and we’ll win over those rich normies in the suburbs – that should be our goal.

    • There’s no one I’d want more with me in the inevitable physical struggle than a well-manicured warrior with a gorgeous haircut and just the right outfit to please the oh-so delicate normie.

      No normie would ever go for the every-man look. Yucky.

    • While here in the Jewnited Snakes we’re all bullshitting around with optics cucking, message framing and what-not those Eastern European nationalists (men and WOMEN) are gettin’ it done! And when they march it’s not 150 who show up, it’s literally thousands, if not tens of thousands. And the countries they live in are a lot more authoritarian than America is. So whatever they’re doing they’re doing it right – and we need to follow their example.

      • As was noted on the Poland article, they are still a people (i.e. nations) and, not being prosperous, they haven’t been destroyed by consumerism completely, nor by feminism.

        • Haxo – you are incorrect. Poland still has a major crypto problem, as does Hungary. There was a Polish commenter on here who explained that a lot of them have changed their names and converted to Christianity. I believe the Russian term for a Jew convert is a ‘wet Jew’. So…wet Jews abound.

          • I know a late 20’s/early 30’s irish nationalist who gets around Europe quite a bit, and has close ties with some of the real nationalists in Poland.

            He told me that Lucy Lipinski’s theory about Poland’s official nationalist party being a front for a future ‘gated’ jewish community and center is 100% right.

      • @Spahn


        Why aren’t they in cages under WHITE SHARIA?

        Don’t you know that only by making our rallies, our after-parties, and our lives in general nothing but one giant sausage fest can we wake up the White Race and drive out the Kikes.

        Oh, and make sure you keep reminding every potential recruit that they need to put their women in line by breaking their ribs and keeping the young ones illiterate.

        • @Marcus: I think the public would be a lot more receptive to White Nationalism if they saw the guys marching with their wives, sisters and girlfriends. It would make them look a lot more normal and the critics would not be able to get away with accusing us of being antisocial, misogynistic weirdos.

      • They are indeed getting it done, and we can learn much from them. However, each Europesn nation as does every other nation has threats, and challenges that are inique to that country and white nationalists in that nation. White nationalists worldwide should comminicate and co-operate because of the Jewish effort to exterminate whites worldwide.

    • Well, those suburban normies can be recruited each and every weekday…at the divorce courts and the unemployment office. #itsnotoktobeawhiteman

      • But when that happens, they’re no longer suburban normies – their group shrinks constantly, but it usually takes a good smack or three to get them to see the light.

        I’m talking about those that work a nice prosperous job due to nepotism or a little nastiness with the boss, those that have liquid assets, and those that usually vote along a vanilla centrist line.

        They may even understand race in some cases, but would never dare to speak publicly for fear of rocking the boat and losing their posh materialistic lifestyle.

        This is a rule that has applied in dozens of cases across centuries – from the time of the Roman Republic’s death spiral, to the modern day when many in this group voted Rubio and Jeb during the Republican primaries.

        • Completely in agreement – a principled life in the 21st century Anglo West is a lonely life. Still, I did want to point out, tongue in cheek, the main suburban recruiting offices for the WN movement.

      • You’re actually just making stuff up. This does not represent his actual position. However, feel free to keep butchering that straw man and patting yourselves on the back in your little echo chamber.

        • Do you deny that Andrew Anglin has called on us all to wrap ourselves in the American flag which is the flag of a government that for decades has been actively working to replace us with third-world peoples.

          And do you also deny that Andrew Anglin had called on all us males to beat women into submission, and has endlessly denounced as “thots” any of our women who displays her sexuality. And he wants all our women oppressed by “White Sharia”.

          And do you deny that Andrew Anglin has recently gone on an “optics” crusade in which he himself, who has done nothing IRL, has denounced the recent rally in Shelbyville.

          As far as I’m concerned, Andrew Anglin is just a young punk who has gotten too full of himself, and at this point he is more a liability to the alt-right than a benefit, in large part because he is trying to turn us against our own women, and he is most recently telling us to bow down to the American flag.

          • Short version: you’re a male feminist (cuck) who wishes to keep bowing down to the matriarchy, so you hate Anglin for pointing out that you have no backbone or balls, haven’t been red-pilled (i.e. introduced to reality) and still place women on pedestals. Enjoy the frivorce and patental alienation.

          • He’s been identified by TPTB as a liability now. The cover on the Atlantic Mag is designed to puff his ego. The removal of DS was probably calculated to set off readers in a shooting frenzy. Now they are working on setting him off.

            I dunno what you mean by IRL stuff. He is a public personality. That’s IRL enough.

          • Maple Curtain, let me ask you something. Did AH write in his book that German men needed to beat and apply “Sharia” rules to German women? Did AH rant and rave against German women displaying their sexuality? In case you don’t know the answers, the answers are “no”.

            The simple fact is that AH won power in Germany, and the German women and men were both on his side because he benefited both. In comparison to AH, Andrew Anglin is a nobody who will never have any political power because he has declared war on a little more than half of our people: our women, which is a little more than half of our people; and also the few percent of our men who are homosexuals, because Andrew Anglin has called them mentally ill and has said they should all be killed.

        • @Box

          Come on now.

          Obvious Anal Fetishists will at the least be given corrective therapy via years of hard labor.

          No negotiations on the Homosexual Question.

          • Marcus, dear, there are only so many points which are non-negotiable. Homosexuality is NOT one of them, as long as it’s no imperialist.

  2. I think it would be a mistake to assume these people are on the same page as the “Alt-Right” or that they will lift a finger to assist Americans or even save themselves. That said, I could imagine them not-lifting a finger and going on strike (assuming any of them actually work) to bring down their governments for whatever good that might do.

  3. Black jackets – including flight jackets – look good. Jeans are fine.

    But does an all black uniform of shirt, tie and trousers work? Especially if combined with a German looking helmet.

  4. In 1860, 10,000 torch carrying Republicans marched through the streets of Chicago to celebrate the nomination of Abraham Lincoln as the GOP nominee for the 1860 presidential campaign.

  5. Wade Hampton won the 1876 election thanks, in part, to the support of “based” Black nationalist Martin Delaney.

  6. Ascendancy to power. NSDAP is/was Revolutionary. Multiparties devides women from men, husband and wives,elderly and young.

  7. I’m no expert on optics-though I tried to be. I think it’s all a question of what bears fruit. What gets results and takes us forward. If a rally has driven potentials away, rather than drawn them in, then the whole exercise was a waste of time. If drawing more in means that you only have to dress like normal human beings, then why not just do it? Save the uniforms, weapons and face masks for the time when you actually have to fight.
    I’m speaking as someone who wants the same thing as you guys.

    • Take a page from the Russian Spetznatz, dress in civilian clothing to blend in, until It’s time to don uniforms.

  8. Torchlight = Evil in America. There is absolutely no reason to do it other than to pump yourselves, and if you can’t do that some other way you’re not needed.

    • GG’s comment above proves my point, torchlight rallies have two meanings ONLY in the US – lynch mobs targeting blacks or jews.

      They are absolute kryptonite. The opposite of what whites should be presenting publicly.

  9. I’ve just been doing some research into Hungarian PM Victor Orban. He’s refusing to budge to Merkel demands to take he’s…..’share’ of invaders, and instead has offered up his nation to real refugees- whites from European countries under threat from Islam.
    I mean bloody hell, this guy is so fucking badass……and a legend in his own time. Talk about a geyser with balls!
    It could be a good time to learn Hungarian, Polish or Czech. We may need them one day.
    So polish up on your Polski!

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