Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 059 – Poland, Hard Right, Roy Moore


Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, of Occidental Dissent, discuss two topics in this episode. First they go into the recent nationalist march in Warsaw, Poland and infer some insights in regards to what we can learn from that 60,000 strong march. Then Harold and Brad go into the US Senate campaign of Judge Roy Moore and how it displays the absence of integrity and credibility of Establishment figures in the US political system and the mainstream media.


  1. ((JAl Franken))) hit with sexual assault. I am from Minnesota and can not wait for the unfunny jew to be forced out of the senate.

  2. Critical mass and the normies following , ( starting at the 13:00 minute mark ) : No more than another 2 + % of normies or anyone … will “follow,” or “join,” what they see as a bunch of random white protest / marches with no “coherent message.” 10 years from now everything will be even worse. Accomplishment = 0. Psychology 301 : We tend to judge others by ourselves … by how “we” think. Normies et. al., don’t think like we do. They’re moved by “Icons.” Pop culture icons. BRANDS. What’s our icon / brand / bran identity ? There’s only one that will unite :


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