WaPo on the Failure of Black Rule in Zimbabwe

Occasionally, the Leftist activists writers at The Washington Post reveal tidbits of truth. In a recent story about the military coup which has overthrown the regime of elderly dictator Robert Mugabe we encounter the following admissions about the consequences of Black rule in the once thriving White-governed country of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe):

After ruling Zimbabwe for nearly four decades, leading the country from the triumph of its independence struggle to economic collapse, the world’s oldest head of state became a prisoner of the military he once commanded.

…The move appears to end one of Africa’s most controversial political dynasties….

Mugabe led the country to independence from Britain in 1980, fighting in a guerrilla war that put an end to white minority rule. Upon becoming president, he galvanized the population with fiery speeches promising that “Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.”

But that mantra lost much of its power in recent years, as Mugabe’s presidency was marred by allegations of corruption, nepotism and repression. Zimbabwe went from being one of Africa’s wealthiest nations to a country reeling under one of the highest inflation rates in modern history, its currency so devalued that it had to print a $100 billion note.

…For decades, Mugabe had a reputation as an unwavering critic of many Western policies and international institutions. His supporters hailed him for actions such as the seizure of white-owned farms. Although the farms were meant to be given to black families, many ended up in the hands of Mugabe’s close associates, and within years a large number had fallen fallow because their new owners had no background or interest in farming.

Rampant corruption, agricultural failure, run-away inflation, general incompetence. These are part of what Robert Mugabe’s Black Nationalist regime brought to the table. This is how they destroyed a prosperous, civilized country:

The Economic History of Zimbabwe began with the transition to majority rule in 1980 and Britain’s ceremonial granting of independence. The new government under Prime Minister Robert Mugabe promoted socialism, partially relying on international aid. The new regime inherited one of the most structurally developed economies and effective state systems in Africa. In 2000, the government imposed a land reform program to seize white-owned farms which caused the economy to shrink along with mismanagement, corruption and political instability.

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  1. Use Zimbabwe and South Africa as examples of what will happen to whites once we’re 40%, 20%, or 10% of the population. Blacks expect equality, human rights and affirmative action when they are the minority, yet would never extend the same courtesy to us if they were the majority. And indeed, I believe blacks should be the majority in Africa, or the only race there at all. I believe its the only place they should be.
    Let them sort their own issues out.
    Yes we all know how blacks and Muslim’s treat minorities. If they take over our nation’s, what could we possibly have to worry about?

    • @John the Second: I caught that too. Mistakes of that magnitude are inexcusable and require both a retraction and apology from the author.

      • That wasn’t a mistake.
        Ian’s efforts must be obscured and ignored.
        Independence is ONLY when socialists win.
        So the media says….

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  3. It would be great to offer asylum to whites from Africa. Notice that no libtard will ever move to any African country despite their asinine claims that ‘all cultures are equal’. Hell, they won’t even move to a black run city in Amerika.

  4. What if this nog was actually a moderating voice among the Nogs regarding white held property?

    • yes, the next gang of Zimbabwe niggers will probably be even worse.

      at least (most) Whites got out of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe alive.

      the 3,000,000 Whites still in SA are dead meat. The niggers are literally going to eat them.

    • @Capt. John – then if Mugabe was a corrupt moderate, then the Chinese would have to brutally colonize Africa and dispossess the nogs.

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  6. The fall of Rhodesia was a shame. As Mr. Crews stated in an earlier comment: “Zimbabwe was never one of Africa’s wealthiest countries. Rhodesia was but never Zimbabwe.” Indeed.
    The Negro on his own has never built an advanced (aka more than mud huts) civilization, let alone a wealthy one, and he never will. Why is that? Genes, and perhaps the curse upon Ham’s descendants. It is not because of “White oppression”.

  7. Anti-Whites deny what has been confirmed again and again: Blacks are incapable of running, let alone creating, a 1st world country. Exacerbated all the more when the unfortunate White population within is targeted for extinction instead of allowing it to keep a minimal economy going.

  8. I’m astonished that it took so long for the negro regime to fold in on itself. Based on what I know, European regimes maintained the Mugabe junta simply repeatedly didn’t report Mugabe’s issues.

    Today, Mugabe should be a blight on history, running a nasty republic. Even the Jacobins weren’t as cruel. It’s good that his 52 year old Maoist wife was arrested along with the 83 year old Mugabe. I hope to se their execution in the same style as the former dictator of Romania.

  9. Mr. Chapo, Hussein Obama was an absolute disaster! He is a consummate liar, an inveterate thief, an accomplice to murder, and a traitor of the first magnitude! He left office after putting the United States of America in a far worse depression that that of the ’30’s, and insured that most of those who make up the dumbed-down contemporary society of MY country haven’t the slightest idea of what has happened. During his tenure the cost of living for those who work, (white folks,) rose by well over 100 percent! Things wouldn’t look, “just fine,” to you if you would remove the liberal, leftist, socialist, communist glasses you wear!

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