Europe’s Hard Right: Differences and Similarities

As promised, I have taken a hard look at the big march in Poland and compared and contrasted it to what we are doing here in the American South. My sense of it is that there are major differences between the South and Central and Eastern Europe, but that we could learn a lot from what is going on overseas to create a more religious version of racial and ethnonationalism.


The American South is roughly the size of Western Europe or Eastern Europe. Poland is about the size of Arkansas and Missouri combined. France is slightly smaller than Texas. Hungary and Slovakia could fit inside Louisiana. Bulgaria and Romania could fit comfortably inside Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia. Ireland is approximately the size of South Carolina.


While there are 9 million people in Arkansas and Missouri, there are 38 people people in Poland. There are 28 million people in Texas and 67 million people in France. There are 4.6 million people in Louisiana and 15.2 million people in Hungary and Slovakia. There are 18 million people in Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia compared to 26.7 million in Bulgaria and Romania. There are 4.9 million people in South Carolina compared to 4.7 million in Ireland. Generally speaking, there are far more Europeans who are packed more densely into smaller countries than in the United States.


Obviously, one of the biggest differences between the American South and Eastern Europe is that tens of millions of non-Whites live here and are a majority (Texas) or near majority (Georgia and Florida) in several Southern states. In contrast, 95% of Poland is ethnically Polish. There is an enormous racial divide that exists in the American South which has no parallel in Eastern Europe. France and several other Western European countries have large non-White populations though.


There are only 5,000 to 20,000 Jews left in Poland which is down from 3.3 million before the Second World War. Poland used to be the epicenter of Ashkenazi Jewry, but today that is New York and Israel. There are approximately 1,218,095 Jews in the American South over half of whom live in Florida which is about 17% of American Jewry. They are less than 1% of the South’s population, but their effect on our culture is vastly greater primarily due to their control of the mass media in New York and Los Angeles. Jews don’t have to live in close proximity to us to have a great impact on racial and cultural attitudes.


76% of Southerners are Christians. 60% are Protestants, 15% are Catholics and 19% are Unaffiliated. In contrast, 87.5% of Poles are Catholics. Both the American South and Poland are relatively religious except the South is Protestant while Poland is Catholic.


The American South is a wealthier place than Poland and has changed tremendously since the Second World War. It has a more advanced capitalist economy. We have a larger middle class. In some ways, Poland reminds me of the poorer, culturally stronger Jim Crow South. The lesson that Poles should take away from the New South is that nothing rots the moral fiber of a nation like prosperity. Once a nation becomes obsessed with money making, it can lose its own identity and cohesion.


As we have already seen, 95% of Poland is ethnically Polish whereas the American South is has a large black and Hispanic population. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of Southerners are descended from settlers from the British Isles whereas Eastern Europeans come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. We have one dominant ethnic group dispersed over a wide area whereas Eastern Europe is divided into several nations many of which have been bitter historical rivals. There is no Southern equivalent to Bosnia or Kosovo either which are Muslim.

Image 22: Southern English (Image Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Recent History

The recent history of the American South and Eastern Europe couldn’t be more different. Ever since the War Between the States, we have been Washington’s largest and oldest colony. We have been subjected to long running experiments in Northern liberal democracy and capitalism. We were unscathed by World War I, World War II and the Cold War whereas Poland was at the center of these conflicts. These 20th century ordeals with the Nazis and the Soviets remain fresh in Poland’s historical memory.


Southerners have largely bought into the mid-20th century redefinition of Americanism as a “proposition nation.” We believe in civic nationalism now. Anyone with two legs can be an American regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, ideology, etc. Traditionally, White Southerners believed that Dixie was a White Man’s Country, which was a combination of Anglo-conformity and white supremacy. In Poland, Poles continue to cling to the more traditional definition of the nation state as being based on ethnicity and religion which is the source of recent clashes with the European Union.


The American South existed as an independent nation for only 4 years. The great majority of White Southerners also identify as Southerners, but consider themselves to be “Americans.” In the US Census, we call ourselves “Americans” rather than Italian-Americans or some other hyphenated category. In Poland, Poles consider themselves Poles and Catholics first and Europeans a distant second. Comparatively, the level of ethnic consciousness among White Southerners is extremely low.

These are only the most striking differences between the American South, Poland and other Eastern European nations. Truth be told, we are not very similar peoples. The greatest similarity between the South and Poland would be the loss of independence to a more powerful neighbor. In the War Between the States, 1 out of every 4 Southern White men died in that conflict and our infrastructure was destroyed. The poverty lasted for generations and we were exploited as a resource colony by the industrialized North. The memory of that experience, however, has faded over time.

Could Southern Nationalists build a Polish-style nationalist movement in Dixie? There are significant differences, but I not so pessimistic for the following reasons:

  1. Polish Nationalists and other Eastern Europeans are using White Nationalist slogans and iconography. The Celtic cross has nothing to do with Poland. It is more associated with Britain and America, but it hasn’t stopped Poles from using it though. The same is true of the skinhead look of shaved heads and black jackets which spread from Britain to Eastern Europe. The calls for a White Europe aren’t that different from calls for a White America.
  2. The Independence Day March in Poland has always attracted other ethnonationalists from Hungary, Sweden, the UK and other European countries. It has attracted counterprotesters from Germany. The large scale clashes have been between nationalists and Antifa. We’re already starting to see the emergence of that here on a smaller scale. Is it really that different when White Nationalists and Antifa come to the South from the North or the West to support local ethnonationalists in a big clash in a place like Charlottesville, Virginia?
  3. If you watch the videos of the Nationalist Marches in Eastern Europe, you will see the same mixes of flags. National flags are used alongside a variety of organization flags used by fascist groups. In Ukraine, nationalists have marched with tiki torches. Again, how different is this from the South?
  4. What are the resentments that inspired the march in Poland? It was nationalism and the resentment of refugees, immigration, political correctness and a distant federal government in Brussels. More than anything else, it was a desire to stay Polish and Catholic and a fear of being swamped by a tidal wave of Muslim refugees. How is this any different from the resentments of Hungarians or White Southerners? Shelbyville was about refugee resettlement.
  5. Nearly half of White Southerners feel like they are under attack. As we have already seen, 6% to 10% of Americans identify with the Alt-Right or White Nationalism. In Poland and the American South, there is a similar dynamic where there is a hardcore cultural vanguard and a larger swath of the population which shares the same resentments and feelings, but which isn’t as radicalized.
  6. Poland has laws against hate speech and racism. In the American South, we have fewer legal obstacles to organizing. We also don’t have Antifa on anything like the same scale. There has been some censorship of our social media, but it is still much easier for Americans to get our message out.
  7. In Poland, the fear of being overrun by refugees and illegal aliens is inspired by what has happened to Western Europe, but this has already happened in the South. It has generated a similar backlash, but it has all been channeled into Trump and mainstream conservatism.
  8. Fascism has always been an international ideology. It took root in Germany and Italy, but it also took root in Spain. There were fascist movements in the UK, France and Romania. Poland would seem like an unlikely place for fascism to make a comeback. It is worth noting there are parts of the United States like Appalachia which aren’t that different from Poland in terms of poverty and homogeneity.
  9. For better or worse, we live in a globalized world. Nationalism has also been globalized. We interact with our peers in Europe on social media on a daily basis. Ideas spread across social media at the speed of a tweet. Geography isn’t a barrier to cultural exchange anymore. The proof of this is that we are reacting to the nationalist march in Warsaw while Europeans reacted to Charlottesville.
  10. The Alt-Right overreacted and misinterpreted Charlottesville:
  11. The clashes between nationalists and Antifa in Europe have been much more violent. Far more nationalists have gone to jail in Poland after fighting the police at previous marches in Warsaw. It hasn’t stopped the Independence Day March from ballooning from 10,000 people to 30,000 people to 60,000 people. It sucks that a handful of people went to jail in Charlottesville, but these things happen. If we continue to grow as a movement, we are inevitably going to have to deal with such obstacles. Vlaams Belang in Belgium was banned in a previous incarnation. National Action in the UK was banned. The leadership of Golden Dawn has been arrested in Greece. What are we bitching about in the United States compared to that repression?
  12. The bitching about the obstacles we have to deal with here is rich considering the fact that we have an easier time getting our message out than anywhere else in the world.
  13. Even if we all lost our middle class jobs tomorrow in the United States, we still wouldn’t be as poor as nationalists in many of these European countries. It is not so much doxxing and fear of job loss that holds us back as it is our own American individualism and materialism.
  14. The optics debate that arose out of Charlottesville and Shelbyville is a retarded American obsession. Neither of these mass events looked that different from similar events in Europe. The biggest difference was the suburban polos and khakis combination which isn’t a European look.  We only see that in America. Instead, the problem is Identitarianism being the measuring stick of nationalism. The obsession with optics keeps our events small and introduces an unnecessary class divide. A nation isn’t a fraternity or Chad Nationalism or a subculture. It includes old people and women and fat people and people with tattoos.
  15. Finally, there is this idea that we have to disavow or expel the more hardcore elements. It is worth noting that those people are having events in Europe which dwarf Identitarianism. Those people are organizing marches of 60,000 people that obviously “appeals to the normies.”

I’ve given this a great deal of thought and it seems to me the biggest obstacles to doing similar to Poland in the American South are three things:

  1. White Southerners are dispersed across such a vast area and the same is true of our supporters. In Poland, everyone lives within a space the size of Arkansas and Missouri. It would be much more easier to have large events if that was true of the South. It is more expensive to organize here and it involves more driving. That’s something we will have to deal with at first.
  2. White Southerners have bought into civic nationalism. The ideology is clearly failing and has created massive problems for us, but our sense of nationalism has been perverted since the 1960s. Previously, White Southerners had a strong sense of racial, cultural, ethnic and religious identity. This is why I have said Poland reminds me of the Jim Crow South.
  3. White Americans are more individualistic and materialistic than Poles. In Poland, the middle class isn’t nearly as large as it is here. We convert people to our ideas, but they don’t want to take the next step and become activists because of their careers. In Poland and Eastern Europe, there is much less to lose by being an activist because the social ladder is shorter.

My final observation: until around 2007, this sort of activism wasn’t common in Poland. The first march in 2009 only attracted 500 people. It might have been smaller than Charlottesville. It ballooned from 500 people to 10,000 people to 30,000 people to 60,000 people. This was the biggest event of the year, but there has been countless smaller events in other cities. ONR seems to be very active in the real world and appears to have bused people into Warsaw from cadres all over Poland.

Golden Dawn has a march every January to commemorate the Greeks who were killed in the Imia crisis in 1995. It is an annual event that attracts thousands of people. I don’t believe it has ever reached the size of the Warsaw march, but it looks very similar which shows the style of doing these things is the same but varies across Europe. The Poles adapted it around their Independence Day.

If we did something similar to Poland’s Independence Day March, it would have to be some kind of annual march in the South. The League of the South could use the Confederate Battle Flag, the Southern Nationalist Flag and our state flags. If other organizations came to participate with their own flags or normies turned up with American flags, it shouldn’t be a big deal. Mainly, I think if we were more active that we would grow and the biggest obstacle is just an unwillingness to be active.

There’s a lot more to say about the subject and this is only the first stab at it. I want to become more familiar with other nationalist groups in Europe before comparing and contrasting differences in ideology and activism in greater detail. In both Europe and the United States, there is Identitarianism which coexists alongside White Nationalist groups, National Socialist groups and ethnonationalist groups. I think I have already identified the most important different differences above.

At some point this has to go beyond bantzing, memes and It’s Okay To Be White fliers. When tens of thousands of people are gathering in the streets to express a grievance, it sends a much more powerful message. That’s not something that can be dismissed, laughed off or deleted from social media. As long as this stays purely anonymous and online, it can be wiped out on the whim of a CEO. It will also be distorted by trolls and shit stirrers who don’t have any investment in our long term success.

Note: Here’s a recent example of what Nordic Resistance Movement has to put up with in Sweden. It illustrates how much easier it is to organize and do activism in Dixie.

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  1. 1. We need a coherent message with a strong historical foundation : THE CONFEDERATE PARTY which stands for a free independent white VERY ENLARGED south. Marches are meaningless on both sides of the Atlantic without a BRAND … A PLAN …. THE CONCEPT OF A NEW COUNTRY.

    2. Our children need to be taught the basics to achieve wealth health and happiness. Those 1 in 4 fathers that died hurt us clear into this generation.

    3. Ambition to make $$ is GOOD. Don’t even hint at demonizing capitalism. Demonize predatory capitalism yes. Laws have to be put in place.

    4. Our enemies win because of their “inch by inch it’s a cinch” tactics. Don’t worry about how vast the south is when organizing protests. Form a new tactic : Town by town it’s a cinch ! OWN each town one by one. When you have enough % on our side after door to door and TV ads and internet ads and direct mail, etc., … off to the next town … then the next. Finally you’ve got a majority in an enlarged Confederate States. Don’t forget donation$. Build that war chest !!!

    5. Form a think tank now, and put a BRAND together. the Virginia Battle Flag is etched in our subconscious. It’ll grow on the fence sitters with proper marketing, and will raise moral and lift spirits. Go all in with the stars n bars.

    6. Better get some bible / pastor experts on Jews. You’ll lose 60 to 70 % of Christian support if you just attack “JEWS.” You must SPECIFY WHICH ONES AND WHY.

    7. Get with high ups in southern gov’t that are now on our side. What about that ? Start with the think tank and decide on THE BRAND. Without it you’re just “whistling Dixie.”

    • I read a lot of the comments. James you have a good idea but you will alienate lots of us who have no connection to the confederate party its like trying to raise the roman empire. you cant live in the past. We need a new message to appeal to all not and old failed message. Something all white men can agree on.

    • I’m a Northerner myself and an extremely strong supporter of Southern independence. However, I don’t think it is a good idea for us Northerners to move to the South. Our participation in the Southern Movement is not only the right and just thing to do, it is valuable because the South is the logical candidate to be the icebreaker. Instead of an enlarged South which could easily turn into a faux United States, we should be looking ahead to an independent South and three other Anglo/white polities.

      To my mind, one would include most of the old Northwest Territory, with the addition of Western PA and Western/Northern NY. A second one would be centered around the Great Plains and the fourth would be centered around the West.

      Additionally, we should start thinking in terms of population clusters instead of territory. There is nothing magic or sacred about the current borders of the U.S., or the former borders of the C.S.A. Territory is downstream of cultural and ethnic health.

      • Based … Slidell … et al., 15 + years have gone into this thinking, researching, etc. It’s not a whim. An enlarged Confederate States in the ONLY solution. Don’t be ridiculous and talk of “alienating and wanting to be in the North,” ( unless you’re trolls, ) because we don’t have the luxury of TIME. Choose !!! A or B. 1 or 2. Zimbabwee or Confederate States. Now fall in soldiers … and stop whining. We need you. A coherent BRAND with a coherent MESSAGE. This isn’t a hobby. It’s the real thing. No you can’t live in the past … but often in life and society, you must take a few steps back … to go forward properly and successfully.

        • I am no troll. I just live in GREATER Minnesota. The idea that America would split is crazy to me. We need a strong message of great men wanting strong families. Confederate Northern it doesnt matter. We need the rest of the country what would the split be and what would you give up. The port cities may be beyond saving but never give your enemy an INCH for they will take a mile.

          • You already gave it up while watching sports Based. America as a whole is shot. Done. NO WAY to save it. Balkanizing is the ONLY solution. A very enlarged Confederate States for white Christians. Much of the west for Christians of all races with California and Oregon allowed to be more liberal / libertarian, and Washington state more white / conservative ? The north east completely libtard / snowflake / porch monkey 🙂 Part of our CSA touches the lowest of the Great Lakes and takes 1/2 Illinois cuts straight out to PA, down their border and cuts underneath straight east to the coast. Later we TAKE all gulf Islands except Trinidad.

            Any whites don’t like it and feel “alienated” they’re welcome to stay in the other two parts of AmeriKa. We don’t have the resources to molly coddle every white Tom Dick and Harry both sides of the Mississippi. Snowflake / Safespacers wouldn’t like Dixie anyways.

  2. Hunter has written some good stuff on regionalism.

    Why not argue for regionalism as a way forward for the US. Dixie Cascadia Deseret Jefferson etc. Jonah Goldberg – of all people – said he was surprised that students were interested in this on a college tour.

    There could be an overarching Identity American with inter locking regional Identity orgs – Identity Cascadia, Identity Dixie etc. Identity American would use the original US flag with 13 stars now indicating regions and the For Ourselves and Our Posterity text. Identity Europa would be the pan euro solidarity org. Could throw an IdentityStock meetup.

  3. @James,
    Thanks for the earlier invitation to come and live in the American South, but no thanks. This Aussie loves living in the best country on earth-Australia. If we could get as many whites, including South Africans, Europeans and Americans, that would be hugely beneficial for us. I’d like to extend to you and invitation to live in Aus and help us out.

    • “Australia. If we could get as many whites, including South Africans, Europeans and Americans, that would be hugely beneficial for us. I’d like to extend to you and invitation to live in Aus and help us out.”

      Look mate, even this dumb shit redneck knows that the last thing Australia needs is more people of ANY kind. The last time I checked, Australia is a God forsaken parched dry land mass ringed by a narrow green coastal edge.

      You don’t have the water resources, plain and simple. And you’re far more cucked for turning in your guns without some much as a whimper.

    • @john: Us Whites have got to repopulate Oz, South Africa, Rhodesia and the Patagonia region of South America. Those parts of the world belong to US and no one else.

  4. The Anglo world compared to Europe is more individualistic and loves banter. Outfits/looks rather than uniforms and lots of trolling rather than heaviness.

    Berkley and LOS @ Charlottesville were similar in that there was a populist band of brothers who were going to stand up while laughing.

    The key thing imo is to bring the trolling Alt-right spirit to real life. Hunter was respected on the Altright because his polemic was very sharp and humorous.

    • And the ECB. Pro-euro nationalist marches yay! I understand know why the “Nazi”s were so derisive of these little people.

  5. Without multiculturalism, Israel, Japan, China and Saudi Arabia will not survive. These nations have to learn to be multicultural if they are to survive. Europeans will play a leading role in the throes of that transformation and will be resented for their leading role but without it, Israel, Japan, China and Saudi Arabia will not survive…

  6. “There are only 5,000 to 20,000 Jews left in Poland which is down from 3.3 million before the Second World War”

    They left for greener pastures. Jewish bankers own and control everything in Poland they don’t need or want to be there. Such cute nationalist marches though. Maybe they can get Tommy Robinson to speak if they haven’t already.

    • The jews completely controlled the Polish one station version of the BBC until a few were removed. I think that the kvetching and howling that ensued pretty much proves that they already control everything else.

  7. On 4 March 2000, The League of the South held a Southern Independence Day rally in Montgomery, Alabama, which drew between 6-8,000 people. Not a huge crowd, but nothing to be dismissed lightly either. We (including elements of the SCV, believe it or not!) marched with Confederate flags and various State flags up Dexter Avenue to the Alabama State Capitol. On the Capitol steps we had a variety of speakers and had a signing ceremony for a Declaration of Southern Cultural Independence. Since this event was held on the same day as the annual negro commemoration of the Edmund Pettus Bridge march in Selma, we were guaranteed huge media coverage, which we got. Two of us, me and someone on the ground in Montgomery, arranged this entire event in two months without any benefit of social media. Think what we could do today with more planners, more lead time, and social media contacts. Should we do this again? I think we should seriously look into it.

  8. Along with Dr. Hill’s suggestion, how about a Confederate veterans day? A day to remember their sacrifice by cleaning up local graveyards and memorials to the fallen. Perhaps even a few state legislatures might pass resolutions of support.if we charitably threw in cleaning up some Yankee graves too.

  9. I realize before I write this that many in the Southern Nationalist movement won’t want to hear it, but I submit to you that Poland’s success at organizing, building momentum, and increasing the numbers of people at rallies is due to the fact that she is 88% Catholic, i.e. she is religiously homogeneous for all practical purposes. Religious belief, shared faith, is THE most fundamental and important building bloc of a nation and its culture. You can talk about capitalism/economy, form of government, ethnicity, and the like all you want, BUT the underpinnings of ALL those things and the dogmas and doctrines that create and guide them are founded upon a RELIGION and the teachings of that religion.

    Western Christendom thrived, explored, conquered, civilized and advanced the rest of the world best and to the greatest extent when it was homogeneously Catholic. Poland will have greater success that us for this reason. Face it. Our predominantly protestant South, fractured along denominational lines as it is, with constant arguing over theology, can not unify itself upon the most fundamental and vital issue which will lead to success in ALL other issues – faith. Ethnicity, ideology, history, etc. can, at best, provide only a fleeting and tenuous ‘unity’ for the Southern people and serve as a rallying cry for our independence and survival. “Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it.” How could a free South outlaw sodomy and sodomite unions when you have protestant denominations who’ll argue, via their private interpretation of Sacred Scripture and officially announcing through their FEMALE clergy, that such things are Ok? You could make similar arguments for other issues as well. Where there is no unity of faith, there can be no real unity of action.

    My prayer, then, is for the large scale conversion of the Southern people to the Catholic Faith. United thus, we could become the beacon of hope and liberty to the rest of the world that we all claim to want our Southern nation to be. Quaesumus, Domine, populi nostri convertere!! Deo Meridies conservare!

    • I completely agree with you sir. Can you imagine if we had unity in the church throughout the South? We would be UNSTOPPABLE!

    • Every single mainstream “Christian” religion teaches that Jews are the descendants of the Israelites, and are God’s Chosen People. Not only is this a breaking of the Covenant made through Jesus Christ, but it’s a path that leads straight to our race’s extinction.

      Until we gather under a sect that actually respects the teachings of the Bible, and stays true to the Christian covenant, we will never truly be a Christian people. We’ll just continue to be Christians in name only, and we will continue to decline.

      It’s the alt-Right’s greatest flaw, just as it was for WN 1.0. No one can or will ever defeat an enemy while insisting that the enemy are the ones favored by God.

      Jeremiah said this plainly – if we break the new covenant we will not survive as a people. I’d say the past 60 years have proved him right.

      • The Gospel was written by a Greek poking fun at Jews. The passion narrative exposes the tribe’s machinations.

      • Modern Protestantism fell into that “Jews are the chosen people” nonsense because of Scofield’s reference Bible and the many televangelists who spread that error. Catholics have always taught that Christians are the chosen people of God. Jews rejected Jesus the Messiah and in doing so they rejected God. Jesus even called them the “synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 3:9). Many Catholics also believe that the Anti-Christ will be a Jew. Listen, the worst thing to ever happen to Christianity was Martin Luther. I say this as a former Protestant. We are so divided and so many don’t even know the faith. They think church is about wearing your blue jeans, drinking your coffee in the sanctuary and listening to loud worship music. I realize that there are many in the Alt-Right who have no faith at all and that is very unfortunate, but for the ones who are believers we need to fight together in unity. We need to be like the the crusaders of old and drive out the enemy while we still can.

        • Catholics never taught that Christians are the chosen people of God in my lifetime. And Vatican II didn’t change things that dramatically, either. I was raised catholic and this is poppycock.

          Prior to the conversion of southern protestantism into a zionist sect starting in the 1980’s, the phrase ‘judeo-christian values’ didn’t exist.

          All anyone has to do is look at what the Catholic Church is doing in every parish in every state and country, which is expedite the invasion into white territories by non-whites as fast as it can. People talk about the machiavellian Jesuits as if they are some exception to the Catholic rule; Theodore Hesburgh, famed president of Notre Dame, lobbied furiously to help free rat fink jew spy Jonathan Pollard. Notre Dame is run by the Fathers of the Holy Cross, a seemingly more benign order than the Dominicans, Jesuits and Franciscans. Or so they say…

          Recently Occidental Observer published an article on Essex County, NJ, and its history as perhaps the seat of jewish anti-anglo agitations in America, as articulated by its most famous writer, Philip Roth, whose native son character obsessively fantasized about sexually degrading the evil whitey ‘WASP’ females who in his era still lived in the area. Essex County is the home of Jared Kushner’s family and the biggest jewish landlords in NJ, functioning as the suburban ‘gated community’ of Manhattan’s jewish elite.

          What OO’s irish writer (catholic almost certainly) chose to omit was the history of Roman Catholic and Jewish partnership in Essex County. This unholy alliance helped create Hollywood as the lawless refuge for jewish criminals and propagandists when its founders fled NJ to evade protestant enforcement of Thomas Edison’s patent.

          The Italians were there every step of the way, as were a certain element of the irish catholic leadership. By the 1970s it was considered a no-go zone for WASPs and germanics generally, particularly any who aren’t rich. Brendan Tevlin was gunned down there in a symbolic execution with eight bullets by a black gang-affiliated thug whose homies’ slogan ’88’ signifies superiority. Brendan was all irish catholic; the sheeple who follow corrupt leaders and bow before a Roman god have begun to reap what they sowed – the genocide of their people.

          Brendan was assassinated just miles from the Kushner home, perhaps not ironically, in the heart of this italian-jewish stronghold. Any vision of a future for the angloceltic people must reject all ties to judeo-romanism, plain and simple.

          RIP sweet Brendan.

          • Catholicism does teach that Christians are the chosen people of God. Not sure what kind of catechism you received growing up. Some Protestants even say that the evil Catholics have engaged in “replacement theology”. Now that is poppycock. Jews rejected Christ. The church (believers) are the bride of Christ. The Catholic church is not perfect because people aren’t perfect and there are certainly problems in the church right now as there have been throughout the centuries. My point was that Christians need to get united in order to fight.

    • @Mark Thomey

      Excellent post sir and might I add, it is great to hear your input! When one studies Christianity, the Catholic Church is the one which makes the most sense, but crossing the Tiber is an act one must make on their own admonition and with this Pope I don’t see hordes of young whites making the effort to study the Faith.

      We are correct in our estimation that our battle consists of two fronts; one being social and one religious. Our religious battle is with the modern concept of Judeo-Christianity, it is the underpinnings of conformist Southern thought. There are currently three types of Christianity which are not apostate, Traditional Catholicism, Orthodox and Christian Identity all else are hopelessly mired in apostasy.

      let’s us give the youth an understanding of what The Christ really was and intertwine our cause with it. God has given us the greatest opportunity we could ask for; a completely corrupt church filled with apostasy. It is ours for the taking with His blessings.

  10. Southern independence? Absolutely! But not as an end in itself but a means to and end. We need all of majority white red state America! Look at a county election map of Trumps victory and you will see even in blue states there are substantial red counties. Dream of a United White Heartland! Now make it so!

  11. “In the US Census, we call ourselves “Americans” rather than Italian-Americans or some other hyphenated category.”

    Rather, “American” is the real hyphenated category.

    Theodore Roosevelt´s Americanism was about splitting Whites from their european roots, it was cosmopolitanism with pretences of nationalism, a precursor to cultural-marxism and of the path toward decadence.

    You cannot amend the existing differences among “Americans” without borg-type techs at this point.

  12. To my Midwest Catholic brothers – this from a fellow child of the Heartland now in the Deep South: It is not our place to tell Southerners how to reconcile their grievances, and they are legitimate and many. Their fight is our fight now. The order is Race > Language > Nation > Religion – for there is an order of prerequisites. Do not confuse this with personal importance. What do the Poles teach us? We should be examining how we practice our own faith. We need to be a voice, which says that we wish to preserve the traditional practice of Roman Catholicism with traditional doctrine and traditional sacraments. The Poles are SPIRITUAL BEAST MODE for they fear nothing but God’s judgement. They have all his power when they ACT with FAITH in their hearts. Slap these egalitarian fools from the all white MN, IA, WI plains and tell them to take their, “tsks tsks” and the green bean casserole, and Kiwanis politics, and the luke warm, zombie eyed, 100 year old egalitarian Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, German ideology that is not our core theology, and then dig a hole in the 5 foot deep black as coal topsoil, and bury those stupid “turn the other cheek & we are the same” ideas!! Gott sei Dank! Collection plate for Haiti?! Import muz for profit.? No! and no cash in your envelope this week Father! God bless you.

    Catholics wherever you are prepare for holy war, sooner or later it will come. The muz killed a French priest during mass on the alter, we must not turn away from it. This is not our first battle and it will not be our last. The sacrament of confession and last rites, you know what they are for. Prepare. Pray. Deus Vult! and Long Live the South!

  13. All pro-Catholics are a. trolls and agents and/or b. ignorant.

    Insiders report that Poland is being groomed, as it were, for the role of official gated jew headquarters in Europe. This comes from various sources. All judeo-skeptics need to ask themselves why Poland was recently shaking down Germany for Holohoax reparations.

    The Polish nationalist party has publicly had to disavow the Pope’s stance over the last few years. Their leaders are either plants and sellouts or rubes being shepherded by the same political forces that used ‘Nazism’ in Ukraine to further EU – jewish – imperialism.

    There were probably more crypto-jews in Poland than any other eastern european country, even before tons of them ‘went Catholic’ during WWII.

  14. The vanguard of European nationalism/traditionalism is in Ukraine. Look up the work of Elena Semenyaka and the Intermarium project. This is the future, Pan-European Nationalism.

  15. Orthodox Christianity is the the light of the world. It was a second redpill for me. Orthodoxy will stand and fight where Catholicism and Protestantism have given way to degeneracy and foreign hordes.

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