End TPS & Send the 50,000 Haitians Back Home

Seven years after the earthquake which destroyed much of Haiti’s crumbling infrastructure and killed over 1000,000 people, tens of thousands of Haitians still live in the United States and are worried about that the former Obama administration’s Temporary Protected Status allowing them to stay may soon run out and not be re-newed by President Donald Trump. Leftists, such as those at The Jesuit Review, are pleading the case for the Haitians, asking Trump to allow approximately 50,000 Haitians to remain in the USA:

For the moment—unless President Trump changes his mind this month—it is poised to let T.P.S. run out for Haitians on Jan. 22. They will then have to go back to Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.

Almost 300,000 others from Latin America and the Caribbean may lose their T.P.S. benefit next year and face deportation. They include 200,000 people from El Salvador and 60,000 from Honduras; the administration has already announced it will end T.P.S. status for 2,500 from Nicaragua. Many, like Ms. Larrieux, live in South Florida, which is seeing the most energetic efforts to solve the T.P.S. crisis.

Representative Carlos Curbelo, a Republican from Miami, introduced a bill last month to waive deportation for current T.P.S. holders and put them on a path to legal U.S. residency.

Florida’s Catholic Church has also weighed in strongly. Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski, a Spanish and Haitian Creole speaker and longtime immigrants’ advocate, called T.P.S. termination “highly objectionable.” Archbishop Wenski is urging Mr. Trump to extend T.P.S. for Haitian and Central American recipients long enough to let legislation like Mr. Curbelo’s pass.

When Congress created T.P.S. in 1990, it unfortunately failed to wed humanitarian intentions to political practicality. Preventing people from nations like Haiti or Sudan from being cast back into natural disaster or political mayhem was of course the right thing to do. But few seemed to appreciate the real potential for Temporary Protected Status becoming a quasi-permanent situation—one that would sooner or later become a target of anti-immigration outbursts like Trumpism.

Tim Padgettt at The Jesuit Review then goes on to argue that essentially none of the hundreds of thousands of people from some of the poorest and most dysfunctional societies on earth should be sent home. He argues that these people are a great benefit to us here. It would be cruel, he argues to force these people to live among their own people and to deny them access to White society, our functioning economy and government benefits.

It is worth noting that Haitians are among the least intelligent people on earth. Their average national IQ is 67. Assessment Psychology Online, administered by Dr. William Benet of Florida, rates IQ below 69 as “extremely low” and an indication of “mild mental retardation.” It is difficult to imagine how accepting 50,000 mentally retarded Black immigrants could help the United States in any way. But, since these poor, low-IQ immigrants tend to vote for the Democratic Party and the tax payer-funded benefits that it promises, it is easy to see why the Democrats want them to stay.

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  2. “End TPS & Send the 50,000 Haitians Back Home”

    F**k No!

    They just head north and call Canada “sucker,” er I mean “home.”

    If you end TPS, please find a cruise ship or dinghy big enough to get them back to Haiti, and herd them onto it at gunpoint.

    Thank you in advance.

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  4. The Catholic church is just as cucked as the Protestant church, so it’s no surprise to see a Jesuit pleading for Haitians to stay in the USA. Probably most of us remember that recent photo of the Pope washing and kissing the feet of an African.

  5. “ Florida’s Catholic Church has also weighed in strongly. Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski, a Spanish and Haitian Creole speaker and longtime immigrants’ advocate, called T.P.S. termination “highly objectionable.”

    Well I find “highly objectionable” is that a non-Christian CULT, has the balls -the audacity to tell us how to run our own country!

    Rome has never been a friend of the American people! And apart from the Germans and the Irish, and quite possibly the Italians & Portuguese, no Catholic of darker ethnicity should ever have been admitted to this nation.

    And I say that, as a born and raised Catholic. Before I left that cult, I watched at least three parishes be destroyed by non-White [sic] “Catholics”.

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  7. Haitians are getting what their ancestors gave them. Their ancestors killed every White person on the Island and took over the island. Their ancestors forgot to work up a welfare program for their retarded off spring.

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