State Review Finds Charlottesville Blew #UniteTheRight


I’ve been to dozens of rallies and have never seen anything like the police response in Charlottesville:

“A state review of the police response to the chaotic white nationalist protest in Charlottesville this summer describes a confused command structure, a breakdown in communication, and uncertainty among officers about the “rules of engagement” with protesters.

But the review, presented Wednesday to a panel of public safety officials convened by Gov. Terry McAuliffe, does not directly address what those rules of engagement were or why police initially seemed to stand by as street fighting escalated.

State Secretary of Public Safety Brian J. Moran said those questions were outside the scope of the state’s work. He said it will be up to officials in Charlottesville to address them through their own investigation, which is being led by former federal prosecutor Timothy Heaphy. …”

Contrast with Pikeville, New Orleans and Shelbyville.

The leader of Black Lives Matter New York who was at #UniteTheRight said he had never seen anything like the policing in Charlottesville either. Both sides are suing Charlottesville for the same reason. The police stood around and didn’t even attempt to enforce a neutral barrier.

This wouldn’t have happened in any other city in Virginia. It happened in Charlottesville because the anarchist nuts in that town – who have reached a critical mass there – had spent the previous month screaming about “police brutality” at Charlottesville City Council meetings after the July 8th Klan rally. They were furious that the police were allowed to do their jobs.

If everyone who had been at #UniteTheRight had shown up in Lynchburg instead of Charlottesville, it would have been as uneventful as Shelbyville. The People’s Republic of Charlottesville has nuts like Wes Bellamy, Nikuyah Walker and Bob Fenwick on the City Council. Fenwick even thinks Charlottesville is a sovereign country with its own foreign policy and can sue “invaders.”

The “Capitol of the Resistance” is responsible for what happened on August 12th.

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  1. There’s a memo floating around that says:

    “if more than 600 Nationalists show up at a protest, shut it down, crush it.”

    That’s all.

  2. whats sick is that the white nationalists are blamed for it. The whole catastrophe being blamed on them just proves their stance. They got cleared to protest, minded their own business, got set up and attacked, and Media blames them for everything. Of course that one psycho in the car ruined it tho

    • James Fields dindu nuffin. He was escaping bat-wielding niggers. Why aren’t you blaming the TRUE criminals – the KIKES, the shabby goy sell-outs, the KIKES, the niggers, and the KIKES? As well as the KIKES. Cuz it’s the KIKES.

      • Brad Griffin is an intellectual weakling who sucks up to the kikes while they suck his blood and destroy him. Our White men are trembling faggots.

        This country is finished.

    • Of course white nationalists are blamed for Jewish terrorism against white Americans. The Jew ALWAYS blames others for his acts of genocide, murder, debauchery, theft, torture, rape, despoiliation, slander and violence. They are the anti-thesis of whites in every respect. I think Charlotesville was a much needed wakeup call that will work in white nationalists favor, despite the violence. The evidence is all too plain regarding who the real terrorists were.

  3. Never forget. NEVER Forget.

    “Teach your children well, their father’s hell…”.
    We must hold this up as a beacon of the evil of the left, as heinous a crime as Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus Christ.

    That’s how important this is- And the Jews are to blame. Yet again.

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