“It’s OK to be White” poster contest $100 top prize

The Alternative Right has had some solid success spreading the “It’s OK to be White” meme via twitter, social media and in the real world with posters/flyers. The flyers I saw were text only – effective, but they would be better with some strong visuals.
So, I am starting an “It’s OK to be White” poster contest – top prize $100. We want to get high quality, color posters printed and distributed on college campuses, church bulletin boards, the back of bathroom stalls. The Antifa, PC Lib Left, cuckservatives are strongly attacking our 1st Amendment rights of free speech. Simple, positive thoughts that yeah, “It’s OK to be White” are attacked as terrible…


So here’s my first contest entry:


  1. I think non-slavic whites are generally superior but I see it as more of a bell curve. There are extremely talented individuals of all races but they are a lower percentage of the total population and their societies can’t do big and complex things like the Apollo moon landings or even control malaria.

    • USSR Moon program with slavic scientists was not far behind from Apollo. It was political
      decision to abandon Space Race.

      Btw Space Race is one main argument down here in Eastern Europe for National Socialism. It patriotism and nationalism, what pushes people forward, not free market capitalism.

    • The Slavs have enough sense to keep the niggers and Turks out of their countries. Can the same be said for your faggy Germans, French, British and Scandinavians?

      • Spahn, that is simply untrue. I’m not sure why there is so much unwarranted Slavophilia on this site. Slavs have an Asiatic racial admixture that is anathema to those who truly seek to preserve the White race. Furthermore, for all of those praising Eastern Europe to the high heavens – try living there. They’re dumps.

        • Yes, you’re somewhat right. However, I’d say most Slavs are in fact white. The admixture can be seen in some Russians, but how do you account for all the blond hair, blue eyes & the red heads in the country? Besides the Celts, Finns, Germanic tribes & Hungarians once settled in parts of Asia Minor & both Finnish & Hungarian aren’t even part of the Indo-European languages but related to those spoken by the various Turkic peoples of Central Asia. Ironically that part of the world along with present day India & Iran was once occupied by Aryans. Then you have the Mediterranean question when it comes to the Greeks, Italians, Portuguese, Spaniards & others of that region. Are they really 100% white? What it then comes down to is what constitutes being white. At this critical point in time, let’s not squabble over this plus other factors that have hurt our race & that includes ethnic differences, religion, socio-economic status, warfare & so forth. It would seem to me that most whites are in fact white & not some half or even quarter breed. Our enemies are gaining ground & going in for the ultimate kill. Just remember, extinction is forever. Let’s not make it easy for them by doing ourselves in. There’s still time, but not much.

          P.S. Eastern Europe at this point in time maybe an economic basket case, but an economic collapse in the West which ultimately will bring down what remains of Western Civilization will make that part of the world look like Paradise. Just remember, at this point in history, it’s not a question of if but when the SHTF.

          P.P.S. Be grateful to the Slavs & especially the Russians. They fought off both the Mongolians & Islamic Ottoman Turks. Imagine what would have happened to our race if they had conquered all of Europe!

  2. 4 out of 5- This poster is a complete fail.

    Whites are the elect of God.
    Adam means to be white.
    The risen Christ is White- with bronzed, suntanned skin, blue eyes, and white/blonde hair.
    It’s in the Bible-you merely have to do some investigative research.
    Even Jewish Talmudic writings stated that Abraham was born with white skin!

    Whites have created more art, more literature, more philosophy, more architecture, more concert music, more culture than any other civilization on the planet!

    And Christendom is very existence has the white people of Europe, is predicated on the fact that God himself said to “have dominion over the world.“

    If you going to launch a propaganda campaign, at least get your damn facts straight!

    • I think better stated whites have destroyed more art, literature and culture of non whites, there by allowing most of their history to survive.

    • I must agree with Fr. John, Ryan. The pic is fine – but the text is PATHETIC. It’s an excersize in groveling. It this how you behave towards your jew “friends” (masters)? Tragic. FYI – the whole point of the “It’s OK to be White” campaign is to not add ANYTHING to the text. DO NOT ADD ANYTHING.

    • Jack’s poster is literally the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Whites are the born rulers of the planet, and we would be were it not for the perfidious and evil Jews. It’s not just OKAY to be white, it’s fucking FANTASTIC!!!

      I don’t want to be a chink, nigger, gook, spic or kike. I’m so happy to be WHITE and of THE MASTER RACE.

      • White liberals are born rulers. We have 2 white races. Liberal whites and normal whites.

        Ok, let,s get rid of the jews. What we get next ? Another Salem witch hunt or French revolution or aristocracy holding us back hundreds of years until thanks to jews they finally beheaded.

        Highly honored niggers did not entered into white countries not because of white army was crusched on the border but because white liberals brought them in. That is the reason, why small white countries can keep their borders closed from Estonia to Macedonia.

        And mighty US somehow can not. And mighty France and UK and rest of the Western Europe with their culture and nuclear weapon.

        One simple trick. Admit the problem and go after problem. No niggers, no muslims, no jews and not Darth Wader. Just fellow white liberal next door. Get rid of white liberal and you get rid of jewsmuslimniggersanddarthwader too.

        Estonia did it, Macedonia did, all white countries between them did it, why America can`t do it?

  3. Go your iPhone and use the message app to create a message with that digital touch app. It’s a heart shape with something that looks like fingers.

    Write your phrase and send. TEXT is actually the best idea on this phrase.

  4. I think it should feature a list of our accomplishments, followed by ‘its ok to be white’. Follow that up with- ‘we just want to be left alone’. Perfectly reasonable statements.

    • Jack – try use apostrophes when you attempt to ‘write’ something in English. Is English your first language? Doesn’t seem like it…

  5. Robert Browning

    Pretty good , not bad

    Still it s a bit too much for a low cost flyer /poster

    If you want to rent a billboard in Vegas …

    • I’m not an artist, but Browning’s submission can be fixed by going with a slightly smaller, graphically simplified Black and White cartoon style image and with proportionally larger text

  6. I like Norman Rockwell’s painting “Freedom From Want” with this slogan beneath it…
    “It’s okay to be White, no apologies necessary”.

    • It has to be cheap, easily concealable in large handbag, book pack etc. and it needs to be mountable by staples and some kind of easy, quick apply, quick dry glue to make it hard to remove from walls, mirrors and bathroom stalls.

    • @Denise,
      If Spahn was a cat, he’d be that one!
      My wife’s two cat’s look very simular to that one. They lie around all day housesitting!

      • Ha! Excellent! I don’t have a white cat, but when my very elderly fluffy black kitty goes to the big catnip patch in the sky, I’m getting a white one.

  7. I reckon a poster of my ugly, hairy face (close up) with the words printed beneath should do the trick. It would most certainly be the winner…

  8. @Carlton,
    That’s ok, but it suggests that only whites made a moon landing possible. Have you seen
    seen the movie ‘Hidden Figures’? I doubt space ttravel would be possible without the contributions of these three black geniuses…

  9. I love all the contributions I’m seeing so far in the comments. I think Denise is on the right track with the cute stuff, for the emotional punch, but the moon landing one is quite effective as well. I’ll give it some thought throughout the day and maybe add something myself.

  10. Coming up with what should have been an innocuous statement was a stroke of genius. The violent anti-White reaction it triggered should leave no one in doubt about the ongoing White Genocide. Keep putting it out there whenever you can.

  11. I respect the creative effort here; but this is too nuanced. It takes too much time to interpret. The image contents are politically unstable. Where is the father? ‘It’s okay to be white’ is a stand alone statement. Attempting to direct the meaning of the text makes reception and memory of the message too complicated. A poster and a pamphlet are two different media forms.

    Image wise, maybe something emblematic, rather than choosing from the many variations of white people. A lone white picket fence, for instance. An apple pie, a model A; or a flintlock. For European flair, classical architecture, sculpture, paintings — maybe a domesticated animal, sartorial textiles, a glass of wine, a block of cheese or a metal sword.

    • This is going to be an Amero-centric thing, and as such, we should probably not stray too far into European imagery. It’s not going to pack nearly the same punch with the average American as something that they readily recognize as “theirs.”

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