OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part I)

November 2016

I started out November swept up in the euphoria of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. This continued with this selection of Steve Bannon as Senior Counselor and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. It plateaued with Hailgate, Trump’s disavowal of the Alt-Right, the beginning of the split with the Alt-Lite, the appearance of Anthony Scaramucci on the Transition Team, and bringing Nikki Haley and Betsy DeVos into the Trump administration.

November 8 – Donald Trump wins the 2016 presidential election.

Articles: The Return of the Great Man, The MARS Revolution Has Arrived, Conservatism, Inc. Must Be Dismantled, What Now?, The Truth About Steve Bannon

November 13 – Steve Bannon picked as Senior Counselor to the President, Reince Priebus picked as Chief of Staff

November 15 – Twitter begins mass purge of Alt-Right accounts

November 17 – Michael Flynn picked as National Security Adviser

November 18 – Jeff Sessions picked for Attorney General, Mike Pompeo picked for CIA director

Articles: Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

November 19 – 2016 NPI Conference

Articles: The Alt-Right Celebrates Trump’s Victory In Washington

November 22 – Anthony Scaramucci gives interview on Trump Transition progress.

November 22 – November 30 – Hailgate

Articles: TRUMP CUCKS: Donald Trump Condemns and Disavows The Alt-Right, Alt-Right vs. Alt-Lite, RAMZPAUL vs. Richard Spencer, The Alt-Crackpot

November 23 – Nikki Haley picked as UN ambassador, Betsy DeVos picked for Secretary of Education,

Articles: Trump’s Latest Picks: Ben Carson, Nikki Haley, Nancy DeVos

November 29 – Elaine Chao picked for Secretary of Transportation, Steve Mnuchin picked for Secretary of the Treasury, Wilbur Ross picked as Secretary of Commerce, Tom Price picked as Secretary of Health and Human Services

Articles: Trump’s Latest Picks: Elaine Chao, Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, Wilbur Ross

December 2016

As December unfolds, the incoming Trump administration takes shape. The selection of Andrew Puzder and Gary Cohn are major red flags. The overall theme is Donald Trump surrounded himself with people he perceives to be “winners.” The Cabinet is full of CEOs, Republican donors, generals, establishment hacks, “True Conservatives,” etc. I’m disappointed that Kris Kobach wasn’t chosen for DHS and note the imbalance between the campaign rhetoric of “nationalist populism” about the “forgotten man” and what strongly appears to be a conservative administration.

The fighting with the Alt-Lite picks up over Deploraball. I predict that MILO will suffer a catastrophic collapse in 2017 which turned out to be true. In “Too Far Gone: OD In 2017,” I also expressed my strong doubts that the Alt-Right will be brought into the political mainstream by the Trump administration. I predict we are about “to enter the gates of this false paradise next month.”

December 1 – James Mattis picked as Secretary of Defense

Articles: Trump News: Carrier, Mattis, Recent Tweets

December 5 – Ben Carson picked as HUD Secretary

December 7 – Scott Pruitt picked as EPA administrator, Linda McMahon picked as Small Business Administration administrator

December 7 – Richard Spencer speaks at Texas A&M

Articles: Heads Explode: Richard Spencer Speaks At Texas A&M University

December 8 – Andrew Puzder picked as Secretary of Labor, John Kelly picked as Secretary of Homeland Security

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Andy Puzder for Labor, Andy Puzder Is Even Worse Than You Thought, Trump’s Picks: General John F. Kelly For DHS

December 9 – Gary Cohn picked as Director of National Economic Council

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Gary Cohn for National Economic Council

December 10 – The announcement of Andrew Puzder as Labor Secretary and Gary Cohn as Director of the National Economic Council began to change my attitude toward Trump. In “The Reince Revolution,” I wrote “Just wait for it … they’re going to move with lightning speed on things like deregulating Wall Street, repealing Obamacare and tax cuts which were never at the forefront of the campaign. They’re going to exhaust Trump’s victory on pushing the Paul Ryan agenda.”

Articles: The Reince Revolution

December 13 – Rex Tillerson picked as Secretary of State

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Rex Tillerson and John Bolton for State

December 14 – Rick Perry picked as Secretary of Energy

December 15 – Ryan Zinke picked as Secretary of the Interior, Stephen Miller picked as Senior Policy Adviser

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Stephen Miller for Senior Policy Adviser and Ryan Zinke for Interior

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio: Trump’s Cabinet Picks

December 16 – Mick Mulvaney picked as OMB director

December 22 – Sean Spicer picked as White House Press Secretary, Peter Navarro picked for National Trade Council

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Sean Spicer for Press Secretary, Mick Mulvaney for OMB, Kellyanne Conway for Senior Counselor

December 27 – December 31 – Deploraball Controversy

“It is New Year’s Eve so let me offer a prediction for 2017 … it is blindingly obvious that MILO is a scandal waiting to happen. You have on display here all the ingredients of a perfect storm. There is more than a whiff of a scandal coming off MILO that connects sex, corruption, malignant narcissism, hypocrisy, disgruntled unpaid employees, Breitbart and the Trump administration.

I bet that someone, somewhere has dirt on MILO and that someone, somewhere – probably someone who hasn’t been paid – has the motive to bring it to light. Just listen to what he says in the first two videos. He boasts about becoming a sexual predator as a teenager. By his own admission, he used to hang out with Hollywood pedophiles. I bet there are many, many skeletons waiting to come out of that closet. If I was trying to shock the Evangelicals who voted for Trump, that’s where I would start digging.

I can’t tell you how it will happen, but I predict The Dangerous Faggot will share the fate of the Hindenburg. Hubris has a way of inviting Nemesis.”

Articles: Mike Cernovich’s Deploraball Now The Kosherball, The Alt-Lite Meltdown, No, It’s Not MILO’s World, MILO’s Deploraball

December 31 – By the end of December, I have become very skeptical of the incoming Trump administration.

“Third, I said there were two causes, but the third cause is already on the horizon. The third stage of disillusionment could possibly be the first hundred days. After assembling this Cabinet, what is Trump going to do with his newfound power? What’s at the top of the legislative agenda? Is it going to be trade, immigration and foreign policy or is it going to be all these other things?

All signs point to the Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell GOP Congress moving immediately on their agenda of tax cuts, Wall Street deregulation and repealing Obamacare. In other words, things conservatives want to do, which conservatives would have done no matter who won the presidency, and which could very well (remember the first two years of Obama’s administration?) end up consuming the first year of Trump’s presidency with big polarizing fights over issues like healthcare, large tax cuts and Wall Street. This brings back memories of the W. years when passing the Bush tax cuts were at the top of the Republican policy agenda. Then it was off to war and the rest is history.”

“How is this like Trump’s America?

1.) All of us who have existed beyond the pale of respectability for years (I’m including everyone here, regardless of how you label yourself) are about to enter the gates of this false paradise next month.

2.) The people in the false paradise are like the Alexandrians. They’re naïve, weak and complacent. They live in the present and suffer from a false sense of security. These people want to take their blue-pill, wear their Trump hat, say their MAGA prayer and sleep soundly at night. Reality has other plans for them.

3.) We’re like Rick in the sense that we don’t trust our new surroundings. We’ve chosen to enter this world out of self-interest, but we don’t really believe in it. If you are really “red-pilled,” you know it is an illusion; the underlying racial and cultural demographics of America are rapidly changing and you know what that portends. The enemy has been beaten in one battle, but hasn’t been destroyed.

4.) The hope and optimism of the Trump campaign is about to collide with the reality of the Trump administration under which pro-Whites will likely still be stigmatized. Trump seems to be too timid to challenge the reigning taboos, but at the same time too politically vulnerable to enforce them.

5.) The Alt-Right isn’t going to be content to be locked in the basement of a reinvigorated mainstream conservatism and treated like a retarded cousin for the next 4 years. This clash over the “Deploraball” is a sign of things to come.”

Articles: The Trump Honeymoon Is Already Over, Too Far Gone: OD In 2017

January 2017

The story of January was feeling more optimistic about the Trump administration. Even if Jay Clayton for SEC was a worrisome sign, Robert Lighthizer and Peter Navarro were great Cabinet picks on the trade issue. The two news cycles over the Russian “Golden Showers” dossier and Trump’s takedown of Rep. John Lewis were white pills and lifted my spirits. Although I was skeptical, I felt that it was too early to write off the Trump administration and wanted to see how the first 100 days would go.

Ultimately, I traveled to Washington, DC with my wife for the Trump Inauguration and was encouraged by the strong crackdown on the #DisruptJ20 Antifa who rioted as well as the quick exit from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. President Trump rolled out two executive orders on immigration and suspended the refugee program. He ended the month by nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. The administration seemed to be doing well and bringing change in January.

Earlier in the month, I became very alarmed when Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell announced their legislative agenda for the 115th Congress. They wanted to squander President Trump’s political capital on their own stale TrueCons agenda. I thought pushing this donor class agenda was a huge mistake, would become a political quagmire and would consume all of 2017 and that is exactly how it played out. I had higher hopes for the Trump administration than Republican Congress.

January 3 – Robert Lighthizer picked as US Trade Representative

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Robert Lighthizer for US Trade Representative

January 4 – Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell announce the agenda of the 115th Congress.

Articles: #TruCons Prepare To Advance Their Own Sweeping Agenda, Paul Ryan: Republican Congress Won’t Raise Tariffs

“Ryan and McConnell want to squander Trump’s political capital by using the election as a mandate to stir up huge fights with the Left over heathcare, taxes and deregulating Wall Street. This could quickly consume all of 2017.”

January 5 – Jay Clayton picked for SEC director, Republican House condemns UN for condemning Israeli settlements

Articles: Trump’s Picks: Jay Clayton For SEC

January 6 – Trump supporter kidnapped and tortured on Facebook Live in Chicago.

Articles: God Emperor Maintains Twitter Silence On #BLMKidnapping

January 7 – Dan Coats picked as Director of National Intelligence

January 11 – David Shulkin picked as Secretary of Veterans Affairs

January 11 – Russian Dossier

Articles: President-Elect Trump Savages Fake News Lügenpresse, Russia-Insider.com, #GoldenShowers, and Fake News

January 14 – John Lewis News Cycle

Articles: John Lewis: Donald Trump Isn’t A Legitimate President, God Emperor Donald Trump DESTROYS John Lewis

January 18 – Sonny Perdue picked as Secretary of Agriculture

January 20 – Donald Trump inaugurated as 45th president of the United States, Executive order scales back some aspects of Affordable Care Act

Articles: My Trump Inauguration Experience, #Deploraball Protested By Violent Anti-Fascists, The Left Debates The Legitimacy of Political Violence, Richard Spencer Assaulted In Washington, DC, Antifa Gets Punched In The Mouth In DC

January 23 – Federal Hiring Freeze Executive Order

January 24 – Dakota XL and Keystone XL Pipeline Executive Order

January 25 – The Initial Onslaught

Articles: President Trump Kills The Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Trump Signs Two Immigration Executive Orders, President Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees

January 30 – Atlanta Forum, Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs Executive Order

Articles: 2017 Atlanta Forum

January 31 – Neil Gorsuch picked for US Supreme Court

Articles: President Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch For Supreme Court

February 2017

I started off February optimistic about the Trump administration and remained so through the end of the month. It was during February though that a bunch troublesome signs emerged: the resignation of Michael Flynn, federal judges blocking President Trump’s executive orders, the purge of the Alt-Right from social media and Trump’s decision to bring up anti-Semitic trolls at the top of the Joint Address to Congress. He was taking a lot of criticism in the media.

The big story of February was the explosion of Antifa violence at Berkeley. It catapulted MILO into the mainstream. He was invited to CPAC only to be taken out by his pedophilia comments. His book was cancelled. He was later fired from Breitbart. The climate of leftwing political violence at both the Trump Inauguration and Berkeley prompted me to write the article “A Southern Defense Force Is Justified.” It began to change our approach to public activism in later months.

February 1 – MILO at Berkeley, Trump proclaims “National African American History Month, 2017”

Articles: MILO Shut Down At Berkeley, r/AltRight Has Been Banned, Violence, Censorship, and r/AltRight, A Southern Defense Force Is Justified.

February 3 – Core Principles for Regulating the United States Financial System Executive Order. Loosened Dodd-Frank financial regulations

February 4 – Federal Judge Blocks Trump Immigration Executive Order

Articles: President Trump Responds To So-Called Federal Judge Who Blocked His Refugees Executive Order

February 8 – Media Matters announces plan to censor social media

Articles: The Free Market Has Failed Us

February 9 – Anti-Crime Executive Orders

Articles: President Trump Signs Three New Anti-Crime Executive Orders, Hail Victory: Antifas Crackdown Expanded

February 14 – Michael Flynn Resigns As National Security Adviser

Articles: Michael Flynn Has Resigned As National Security Adviser

February 15 – Puzder Withdraws Nomination

Articles: Andy Puzder To Withdraw His Nomination For Labor Secretary

February 16 – Alex Acosta picked as Secretary of Labor

February 17 – Coal Miners Bill

Articles: President Trump Signs Bill To Protect Coal Miners

February 18 – President Trump declares the fake news to be “the enemy of the people”

Articles: President Trump: The Fake News Lügenpresse Is “The Enemy Of The American People”

February 20 – HR McMaster picked as National Security Adviser, replacing Michael Flynn, MILO’s Demise

Articles: MILO Goes Mainstream, Richard Spencer: MILO Goes Up In Flames, Live Thread: MILO Press Conference, MILO’s Book Dangerous Cancelled, MILO Disinvited From CPAC, Video Surfaces Of MILO Defending Pedophilia

February 22 to February 25 – CPAC 2017

Articles: President Trump’s CPAC Speech, Richard Spencer Reacts To Being Kicked Out Of CPAC, Dan Schneider: The Alt-Right Are ‘Nothing But Garden Variety, Left-Wing Fascists’, Cuckservatives: CPAC Chairman Condemns The Alt-Right

February 28: Joint Address To Congress, The White House Initiative to Promote Excellence and Innovation at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Executive Order

Articles: Live Thread: 2017 Joint Address

March 2017

We started off March disappointed with Trump’s Joint Address to Congress which made a few anti-Semitic trolls out to be the most important matter facing the country. The month was dominated by Paul Ryan’s failed attempt to repeal Obamacare. President Trump signed an executive order authorizing a new travel ban, but it was swiftly blocked by another federal judge. In March, the House Intelligence Committee began the Russia probe and Attorney General Jeff Sessions fatefully recused himself from the Russia investigation which later became a source of the rift with President Trump.

The story of March was the backlash to Antifa violence. Based Stickman became famous at the March4Trump in Berkeley on March 4. Lauren Southern left The Rebel. There was another violent clash between the Alt-Right and Antifa at Huntington Beach later in the month. As Congress moved forward with the TrueCons legislative agenda, the energy of the Alt-Right began to spill into the streets. We were growing bored with mainstream politics and started writing more about history

March 1 – Joint Address Reaction, Trump proclaims Women’s History Month, House Intelligence Committee Opens Up Russia Probe

Articles: Explaining President Trump’s Cuckspeak, The Anti-White State of the Union, Civic Nationalism Is For Whites Only

March 2 – Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from the Russia investigation

March 3 – Charles Murray speech disrupted by Antifa at Middlebury College

Articles: Snowflakes Shout Down ‘White Supremacist’ Charles Murray At Middlebury College

March 4 – March 4 Trump at Berkeley turns violent

Articles: Antifas: Berkeley Devolves Into Political Violence Again, Based Stickman NOT CHARGED, Captain America Based Stickman, The Political Cesspool – 12 Mar 2017

March 7 – Trump’s signs second travel ban

Articles: President Trump’s Muslim Ban 2.0

March 7 – Disqus Censors Occidental Dissent

Articles: ‘Sleeping Giants’ Is On a SJW Crusade Against Racism, Disqus Censors Occidental Dissent

March 10 – Lauren Southern Leaves The Rebel

March 15 – Second federal judge blocks travel ban

Articles: Federal Judge Blocks President Trump’s Second Travel Ban

March 18 – Antifa shutdown Jordan Peterson at McMaster University

March 11 – Federal Judge Orders New Orleans Confederate Monuments Can Be Removed

March 21 – Tomi Lahren Suspended From The Blaze

March 21 – Trump tries to sell Ryancare

Articles: President Trump Launches One Last Offensive To Try And Sell Ryancare Health Bill To Congress

March 24 – Ryancare fails

Articles: Healthcare Vote Set For Today, Slimy Cuck Paul Ryan Demands Congressional Compliance, Ryancare Fails In The House

March 26 – Alt-Right clash with Antifa at Huntington Beach, CA, Vice President Mike Pence delivers speech to AIPAC

Articles: The Battle of Huntington Beach

March 27 – Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Sanctuary Cities Crackdown, Jared Kushner’s White House Office of American Innovation created

Articles: Attorney General Jeff Sessions Finally Announces Punishment Measures Against Sanctuary Cities

March 27 – March 28 – President Trump signs executive orders removing regulations on fracking and signs a Congressional Review Act that deals with education.

March 28 – OD is losing interest and patience with the Trump administration

Articles: Mainstream Conservatives’ Priorities

March 29 – President Trump signs executive order to address opioid epidemic, Ivanka Trump becomes employee of the West Wing

April 2017

April was unquestionably the worst month of the first year of the Donald Trump presidency. The story of April was the rise of Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, HR McMaster and Globalist Gary Cohn, the fading of Steve Bannon’s power and influence in the White House and the missile strikes on Syria. At the time, there was a real possibility that the United States would invade Syria and North Korea, but the Trump administration backed away from that given the intensity of the opposition.

The Alt-Right was furious with Trump and the energy that had been built up during the election continued to spill into the streets at Berkeley 3 and Berkeley 4, the anti-war protest in Washington, DC, Richard Spencer’s speech at Auburn University and the Nationalist Front rally in Pikeville, KY. President Trump reversed himself on a bunch of positions and gave two speeches to the World Jewish Congress and US Holocaust Museum. Meanwhile, the Republican Congress launched their second effort to repeal Obamacare which would drag on through the summer.

April 2 – Jared Kushner travels to Iraq

April 3 – President Trump signs a congressional resolution allowing ISPs to collect and sell their customers user data and history with greater ease.

April 4 – Syria chemical attack

April 5 – Steve Bannon removed from National Security Council

Articles: WTF, Donald: President Trump Falls For Syrian Gas Hoax, Alludes To Possible Military Action, Neocons Beat War Drums For Intervention In Syria

April 6 – President Trump orders a strike on Shayrat Air Base in Syria. 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles are launched.

Articles: OD Twitter Gagged For Opposing Neocon Warmongers, Former Presidents John McCain and Lindsey Graham Call For Airstrikes On Syria, Paul Wolfowitz: For Syria, Words Won’t Be Enough, Richard Spencer: Will Trump Gas His Presidency Over Syria?, Court Jew Rising: Kushner Agitates To Have Steve Bannon Removed From National Security Council, Wall Street Journal: What Happens After We Strike The Syrians?, Hillary Clinton: Trump Should Take Out Syria’s Airfields, Jared Kushner Is Sabotaging The Trump Administration, James Woolsey: Trump Should Strike Iran Too (2 for 1 Special), Rex Tillerson: “Steps Are Underway” To Oust Assad

April 7 – Neil Gorsuch confirmed to Supreme Court, Nikki Haley warns the US is prepared to take further action against Syria

Articles: Live Thread: Kushner’s War, Reports: Bannon Argued Against Syria Strike, Peter Beinart: Trump’s Establishment Approach To Syria, No Regrets, Court Jew Triumphant: Sources Claim That Bannon And Priebus May Be Fired And Replaced By Jews, Cuckold King’s Missile Strike Fizzles And Fails, Several Children Reportedly Killed In The Attack, Richard Spencer: The Trump Betrayal, Welcome Back, Mr. President!, Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu Applauds Donald Trump’s Attack On Syria, Video: This Is What Betrayal By The Cuckold King Looks Like, The Alt-Right Cuts Ties With Donald Trump, The Spirit of W. Rides Again In Syria, Neocon Puppet Donald Trump Announces His Unilateral Attack On Syria, Con Artist Donald Trump Crosses Red Line And Starts War With Syria, Globalism First: Neocons Have Hijacked Our Foreign Policy, Neo-Con Vermin Discuss Syrian War Plans At Pentagon, Set To Brief President Trump This Evening

April 8 – Alt-Right continues to react to Syria strikes

Articles: Kushner’s War – April 8, 2017, Reports: Jared Kushner, Gary Cohn, and Goldman Sachs Subvert #MAGA, Donald Trump Is Now “The Leader of The Free World”, How The Alt-Right Broke Up With Donald Trump, ‘Black Pills’ on Syria From World’s Worst People, Cuckold King: Trump Apparently Convinced To Attack Syria By Jewess Daughter Ivanka

April 9 – US Navy Battle Group sent to Korean Peninsula

Articles: Fire Nikki Haley, Antifa Protest Alt-Right For Protesting Trump’s Syrian Intervention, UN Ambassador Nimrata Haley Calls For Regime Change, Middle East War, New Sanctions, H.R. McMaster: Deep State Eager For Regime Change In Syria, Lindsey Graham Hasn’t Been This Excited In Years, Bill Kristol’s Victory Dance, The “Mainstream” Owns Syria

April 11 – White House accuses Russia of attempting to cover up the Syrian chemical attacks, Tillerson announces that Assad rule is coming to an end in Syria, Meeting with bankers and chief executives, President Trump reiterates his pledge to reform or replace the rules imposed on Wall Street following the Crash of 2008.

Articles: Lügenpresse Nearly Unanimously Supports Trump’s Syria Strike, Assad is Literally Hitler, Says Sean Spicer, Paul Wolfowitz: What Comes After the Syria Strikes, Top 15 Reasons Why Trump’s Syria Strike Is So Unsettling, Wars Not Walls: GOP Congress Gets Ready To Drop Funding For Border Defenses, The Ivanka Doctrine

April 12 – President Trump meets with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and retracts his position that NATO is obsolete, Federal hiring freeze lifted, President Trump indicates three major economic policy reversals: that he would no longer label China as a currency manipulator; that he no longer wanted to eliminate the Import-Export Bank; and that he may consider reappointing Janet Yellen as chairwoman of the Federal Reserve

Articles: Jared Kushner asserts authority at NSC, Anthony Scaramucci: Jared Kushner Is Like Alexander Hamilton, Trump Refrains From Supporting Bannon, Termination Thought Imminent, Elliott Abrams: Step one is getting rid of Steve Bannon

April 13 – MOAB bomb dropped on ISIS in Afghanistan

Articles: 1488D Monopoly: Trump Drops “Mother Of All Bombs” On Afghanistan, Trump Abandons Numerous Campaign Pledges, Trump won’t label China a currency manipulator

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio 036 – Trump, Syria & the Jewish Coup

April 14 – Major disillusionment with Trump sets in on the Alt-Right

Articles: George W. Trump Roundup, The Daily Shoah: The Mother of All Black Pills, Meet Globalist Gary, Politico: Trump Turns To CEOs, Charles Krauthammer: We’re Back To Our “Traditional” Globalist Foreign Policy

April 15: Battle of Berkeley (Part 3)

Articles: Riots Tear Through Berkeley Again as Alt-Right Battles & Destroys Antifa, Moldylocks: Trashy Villain & Tragic Victim, #KeepBannon: Richard Spencer Condemns Endless Wars for Neocons

April 16 – Vice President Pence speaks in Seoul and reiterates US commitment to South Korea’s defense

April 18 – Buy American and Hire American Executive Order. H1-B visa abuse executive order

April 19 – Richard Spencer speaks at Auburn University

Articles: Richard Spencer is Coming to Auburn University, The Complete Auburn Exit, The Alt-Right Comes To Auburn, Richard Spencer’s Right to Speak at Auburn, Visiting Auburn

April 19 – President Trump signs an extension of a 2014 Veterans Administration bill, Pence delivers a speech on the USS Ronald Reagan in Japan condemning North Korea’s missile program and saying the America’s “shield stands guard and sword stands ready.”

Articles: Cuckservative Paul Ryan Suggests Invasion of North Korea is on Table, Threatens Russia Again

April 21 – Identifying and Reducing Tax Regulatory Burdens Executive Order. Authorizes review of Dodd-Frank and the tax code. Reports that Julian Assange will be arrested

Articles: WELP: Media Claiming That United States Is Preparing To Seek The Arrest Of Julian Assange

April 22 – Vice President Pence announces US will honor refugee deal with Australia

Articles: Trump Cucks on Immigration, Promises Amnesty for Illegal DACA Invaders

April 23 – President Trump issues a video address to coincide with Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Day in which he condemns all anti-Semitism, past and present

Articles: Trump Gives Blood-Curdling Speech Praising The Six Million, Promises To “Stamp Out” Anti-Semitism, Trump’s Latest Black Pills

April 24 – Trump proclaims Days of Remembrance of Victims of the Holocaust, 2017, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announces new sanctions against Syria

Articles: Paul Wolfowitz Boards The Trump Train, New Orleans Begins Removing Confederate Monuments

April 25 – Promoting Agriculture and Rural Prosperity in America Executive Order, President Trump speaks at the U.S. Capitol for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “Days of Remembrance” memorial event, Federal judge blocks executive order on sanctuary cities

Articles: Trump’s Full Remarks at DC Holocaust Museum

April 26 – Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn release the Trump tax reform plan, Ann Coulter cancels appearance at Berkeley

Articles: Antifas Force Ann Coulter To Cancel Berkeley Appearance, Antifas Shutdown Portland’s Avenue of Roses Parade, Latest News from Trump Dumpster Fire, Trump Cucks on Sanctuary City Defunding, Judge Still Blocks Executive Order

April 27 – The second attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare is abandoned, Battle of Berkeley (Part 4)

Articles: Live Thread: The Battle of Berkeley (Part 4)

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio 034 – From Trump Betrayals To Street Clashes

April 28 – Trump proclaims Jewish American Heritage Month and Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, 2017, Congress passes stopgap funding bill which doesn’t include funding for the Trump Wall

April 28 – Nationalist Front holds Take A Stand For White White Families Rally in Pikeville, KY

April 29 – OD continues to fume over Trump betrayals

Articles: Ivanka – the Shiksa, Jews Celebrate Successful Coup Against Trump Administration, Top Cuck: Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Vows To Protect Illegal Crop Migrants, Blasts Robotic Technology

April 30 – Kekistanis hold rally in Washington, DC in support of Steve Bannon.

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  1. I’ll make it simple for ‘ya:

    No Wall.

    borders gone…even the Border Patrol now says: “Trump betrayed us”

    30,000,000 illegal orcs….still here, with more crossing every day and

    deportations running at about half the Obama rate.

    State Dept. “refugee resettlement” insourcing of Black Muslim savages from Africa more than doubled

    “sanctuary city” racket proceeding as usual

    DC Swamp: deeper than ever.

    Obamacare…chugging along

    NAFTA, other “free trade” scams….all ongoing

    “climate change” hoax? Trump regime’s latest: “it’s real, and we gotta do something!”

    Zionist-warmonger foreign policy? Trump gets 3 trinkets for not finishing off Syria like the Israel mob wanted. But, as it now looks like he’ll try to do up Iran instead, he’s going to lose them all back and them some.

    NB: 2018 elections are less than a year away.

    don’t forget to vote Republican….

    you White alt-Right suckers.

    • I laugh as I approve this message! Sanders would have produce the same results, but would had at least pushed for rehab instead of prison for your heroine & meth-addicted relatives/selves as well…

      • You, “Chapo,” are an excellent example of why beaners shouldn’t be allowed to stay in this country every time you open your mouth.

        Assuming your statements about yourself are true, you have prospered considerably in a white-organized society and enjoy its living standards. Yet you do not have even an atom of gratitude for that, and clearly do not consider yourself American. Every one of your posts drips with the poisonous spiritual mucus of your concentrated hatred and contempt for white Americans.

        Every message you’ve left on here is hate-mail from a bitter racial enemy who benefits from our system while detesting us and wishing us ill. You provide ongoing evidence that “magic dirt” doesn’t work, that you remain a foreigner and enemy despite living here for most (all?) of your life, and that, frankly, “they all have to go back.”

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