Just Unplug the Television

I have a TV but I don’t really use it much because I don’t have a cable package. Maybe I’ll watch a movie, but most of them suck these days so that doesn’t happen often. Why pay for garbage? Avoiding TV really helps to maintain one’s mental health. On the other hand, it really heightens sensitivity when you get inadvertently exposed to this truly dystopian bullshit.

I was at a friend’s place awhile back and (((CNN))) was on. The story about was about a “white supremacist” protest in Texas over the construction of an Islamic structure. I thought to myself: “Great to see people taking a stand, I wonder if we know these guys?” Then of course, the story quickly turned to why this protest was instigated as a result of Russian hacking. No credible evidence whatsoever was offered since none actually exists.

It’s rude to try and change the channel on someone at their own house, so I braced myself for the impending barrage: Annoying Black Lady Selling Insurance – Dick Pills- Class Action Lawsuit – Cancer Treatment Center – Computerized Solider Selling Car Insurance – Soda – Osteoporosis. Sure, there’s lots of propaganda, but the commercials might actually be the most troubling aspect of American television. Here are a few of the varieties that make me cringe the most:

Dick Pills

Image result for commercial viagra car

The aspect I find particularly disconcerting about the dick pill ads is that the middle-aged men featured in them are fit, happy, and sporting a full head of hair. If there’s a female, then she’s as slim and attractive as her age would allow. And yet his penis fails to function?! It’s a completely incongruous scenario. At the end of these commercials, viewers are always cautioned to consult their doctor about whether or not they’re “healthy enough for sexual activity”. Why might that be the case?


This brings me to the next class of dystopian commercial. They promote America’s favorite poison, High Fructose Corn Syrup. If you watch a commercial with a wholesome, beautiful young lady strolling through a sunny corn field while she reassures you: “Hey, don’t worry, there’s nothing bad about this stuff”, shouldn’t that get some gears moving in your head? Apparently, this only happens if you’re a paranoid conspiracy theorist. I’m dismayed to observe that there’s huge chunk of the population that seems content to guzzle this death-syrup and waddle around until the day they must ride their fat scooter over to a dialysis center.

Class Action Lawsuits

Embracing the unhealthy lifestyle imparted to you through these commercials will inevitably require extensive medical treatment. This could accidently result in all sorts of additional maladies. Don’t worry though, there’s always some helpful lawyer filing a class action lawsuit on your behalf. I saw one last year literally asking viewers if they’d experienced “fatal bleeding” from some sort of mesh implant. Advertisers now seem confident that they have the power to reach people beyond the grave. Maybe they’re trying to prompt bereaved family members to hold a séance for an answer. I really don’t know. America is so fucked-up these days that it’s tough to draw any conclusions.

Get Dat Cash Now

Image result for J.G. Wentworth

Did you actually survive medical malfeasance? You gettin’ payed! There’s just one problem. You’ll probably be receiving what’s known as a “structured settlement”. That means you can’t get a big ole’ stack ah chedda all at once. Instead you’ll receive a series of payments, which takes a while. Waiting is not an amenable process for people who have a high-time preference. Thus, beneficent enterprises like J.G. Wentworth will gladly give them a small stack of cash upfront in exchange for signing over their settlements. It makes little pretense about the target demographic, but does make a mild attempt at subterfuge. I checked out their website and it features a healthy-looking black family laughing on a beach. The ocean doesn’t pay out cash settlements for drowning. If they were honest, then they’d show footage of an obese sheboon getting struck by a car while jaywalking. At least this company has some meager sense of shame.


The principal goal of car insurance commercials seems not to be selling insurance policies, but driving viewers insane through a constant campaign of harassment. Perhaps that’s why they seem to play with the most alarming frequency and feature tropes designed for maximum annoyance. Maybe if everyone is driving around in a heightened state of frustration, they’ll cause more accidents and thus raise premiums. This psychological warfare has me longing for the good old days when I’d flip on the TV and watch Dan Marino try to convince me to take out a second mortgage on my house.

Recently, I can’t figure out whether or not the point of many commercials is to sell a product or promote racial miscegenation. What’s even worse than the ads themselves is observing people just absorb it all like everything is normal. How many red flags does it take for someone to notice that things are not going fine around here? I for one have seen enough for one lifetime. That’s why I’m never getting cable again.

-By Tommy Shackleford and originally published at Identity Dixie.


  1. The barrage of big pharma ads is particularly american. I think the ads in general are possibly even worse than the (((content))) of the shows. A major contributor to our dystopian societies for sure. I hadn’t watched (((TV))) in years and went to an Omnimax movie I actually wanted to see. The absolutely degenerate (((previews))) at loud volume nearly put me into a seizure.

    • I just put 2+2 together. Europe doesn’t have big pharma ads everywhere because their (((governments))) largely don’t subsidize the over-prescribing of medicines. They can’t afford it anyway when they are importing millions of “refugees” to live on welfare. They must make up the income shortfall with the increased housing (((market))).

    • The US and New Zealand are the only two developed nations that permit direct to consumer RX pharma advertising

  2. I watch Rick and Morty, Family Guy, American Dad!, Archer, Married with Children and the Hunger Games. When the commercials come on I put the TV on mute and flip through the other channels for a few minutes until the show I was watching returns. Sanity preserved.

  3. Ive dropped the tube. No niggerball no commercials no guilt. The wife wants cable but I am NOT paying for it. The price isnt to expensive but the price is too high for my kids, no propaganda no dirty jew ideas no nigger worship.

    The whole idea that everyone is created equal is the dumbest thing i have evee heard. Can anyone be the fastest and the smartest? no everyone is different we all have unique skills and talents. Hymiewood likes pushing the magic nigger in movies like Morgan Freeman in the Almightly series. We just watched Fantastic Beasts and the American President for Magic was a black women set in the 1920s.

    • “ The whole idea that everyone is created equal is the dumbest thing i have ever heard.”

      That’s because you’re lucky enough to live in Lake Wobegon Land- where “all the children are above average.” And if they’re white, they are!

      Do what we did-get an old VHS recorder, go to the local second hand store stock up on every Disney movie before 1965 and classic black-and-white cinema. Watch real movies, not garbage.

      Our kids found their HS classmates insufferably stupid…..

      • I am lucky I live by my two lakes with a 98% white area. I know that new movies are garbage and i have most of the classic movies. But I have a soft spot for high fantasy(CSLewis Toikien mostly) the racial thing is there but not spoken, knowing your better but not rubbinbg your nose in it. Chivilry is not dead and should never be abandoned.

    • You forgot the worst OF THE Jew Tube– The smart, authoritative insurance nigger talking down to some dim witted bozo White guy.

  4. I watch zero TalmudVision propaganda and prefer to read instead. I recommend everyone download ebooks via Library Genesis (http://gen.lib.rus.ec) and archive.org. Remember what Lenin said about TV/movies being perfect brainwashing tools for the illiterate proles. If you absolutely MUST watch something and are tired of reading, try Jud Süß and other fantastic Goebbels-era classics.

    Don’t waste even one minute more of your life watching Big Pharma/miscegenation/etc. (((advertising))) – which is 90% of TalmudVision nowadays. It’s all from the mind (bowels?) of Edward Bernays, anyway.

  5. I cut the cable years ago. A thousand channels and little worth watching. On holidays a friend’s cable has HBO and all the movie channels free, but I can never find anything I want to watch.

    When I watch tv it’s those over-the-air retro channels showing old tv shows and movies. I like the old 1950s- 1960s westerns and the 1950s film noirs.

    The “news” channels are all crap on cable. I’ve only seen a little Fox recently and decided that they’re a frightful bunch of warmongers. RT is also disappointing– too many creepy American hosts like Ed Schultz and Larry King. I ignore (((ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS))) at home.

    I gave up africaball a long time ago.

    If the author of the above piece thinks the commercials on CNN are bad, the late-night commercials over-the-air are ALL low-rent– title loans, ambulance chasers, etc.

  6. Have to watch Tucker, Laura and Tomi on Fox News as well.

    Look, I may have been raised watching programs like The Gong Show and Fantasy Island but I still read Dostoyevsky and listen to Schubert, so there’s no excuse for PHILISTINISM.

  7. I recommend getting Netflix the DVD rental version and a good library card. The live stream Netflix pushes the consumer to watch new media which is the same old, same new anti White, anti Southern ZOG sh**.

    Most good public libraries will have good DVD rentals, also join a film club – this is a good way to get out of the house and meet, greet people.

    Also reserve Saturday evening for (drum roll)

    The Political Cesspool Radio Show – the South’s best Populist Conservative radio program.

    Some OD writers and editors are going to be semi permanent guests.

  8. In recent years I was encouraged to get pay TV installed but thought, well why bother-I don’t watch the channels I’ve got.
    In Australia we’ve got the ABC-leftist anti white crap that the taxpayers fund, or the commercial channel’s with shows like ‘Australias got talent’-which always run over time by about 25 minutes plus ad breaks that last five minutes.
    A show on the ABC recently was profiling how ‘racist’ white Australians are and how we…..have a long way to go as a nation with our minorities! Five minutes in I switched off.
    I noted the guy in the penis ad was white…..just a Cohencidence!?!?
    To summarize….just all anti white garbage.

    • John, what are the (((ads))) like in Oz? Specifically, is every other commercial a pharmaceutical advertisement – and does EVERY ad feature hardcore miscegenation propaganda? That’s the situation here in JewSA. Americans are subjected to the most Big Pharma propaganda on the entire planet.

      • @Goy,
        A bit of happy interracial family stuff- the white guy with his Asian wife and their kids in McDonalds having a meal…..and plenty of laughter, or ads that show whites and Sudanese watching football and sharing a pizza……which would be a rare scenario in real life. Also, an ad for an SUV where the white guy and his Asian wife/girlfriend go surfing and camping. It just does my head in.
        Its white genocide in advertising.
        In ads for impotency pills, the couple are always both white. Utterly sickening BS!

  9. Thing is, I didn’t realize how ‘racist’ I was until the ABC kept telling how much I was. I’m just a white fellow who wants a good life for my family and race. I want that also for other races in their nations. Thing is, the ABC will feature footage of a white skinhead spitting on an Indian, and try to make out that’s your typical Australian. The leftists there have been quoted as saying- ‘racism-its a white problem’.
    Now I like, well if I’m going to be constantly called ‘racist’, then I may as well just fucking be one!

  10. The White Genocide agenda is constantly pushed on TV: From miscegenation to demeaning and ridiculing White males, to non Whites lording it over Whites, to 3rd worlders portrayed as innocent victims seeking a better life, to cheering on White minority status in formerly White countries. The boob tube has turned so many Whites into self hating boobs.

  11. It’s called ENTROPY…SOCIAL AND CULTURAL ENTROPY…take the logarithm of all combinations…permutations of social and cultural filth possible…..THE HEAT DEATH OF POST-WHITE MAXIMALLY ENTROPIC TOILET BOWL AMERICA…

    It really is this fucking bad….THE ARROW OF TIME ULTIMATELY POINTS TO ECOLOGICAL COLLAPSE….which is kinda of said…for in my neck of the woods…the MAJESTIC Humpback Whales have moved in very close to the shoreline….breaching and gulping down gazillions of bunker…..

    I have been dreaming at night of humpback whales comming in close to the beach since my brother took his last breath…

    What are the humpbacks trying to communicate to us?

  12. Nothing new here folks. Way back on May 9th, 1961, (((Newton Minow))), the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission under President John F. Kennedy called TV, “a vast wasteland” during a speech before the National Association of Broadcasters. I vaguely remember that incident, but it did spark a lot of controversy. At the time, television was becoming both more violent & increasingly ludicrous. Within a decade, sex & deviancy would be introduced. By the early 70’s, I stopped watching TV, except for a good classic film or documentary. It’s just not worth wasting one of the most valuable possessions you have & that is time, not to mention shelling out $1000’s for cable & a very expensive HD set. Life is just too short to spend countless hours in front of box that literally insults your intelligence, that is if you have any. Also, the same goes for movies & even sporting events.

      • Spahn, I was on the Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson, July 11, 1979! Got up at 5:00 A.M., drove to the NBC studios in beautiful, downtown, Burbank (CA) to get my ticket. By the way, I was offered a part as an extra in the 2015 movie, “Carol” that starred Cate Blanchet. Would have had to dress up in vintage early 50’s topcoat & fedora & walk up down the streets of Cincinnati, where it was filmed.

  13. Yes, tv was and is a vast wasteland but some of the shows from ~1958 – ~1969 look like Shakespeare compared to the vile garbage on now.

    • You’re right. I started watching TV in the late 50’s & some 60 years later, I now realize it was a vast wasteland, even back then. The most memorable event I ever watched was the moon landing on July 20,1969. Next would be the weekend of November 22-24 & Monday the 25th, 1963, the JFK assassination coverage & funeral. If it wasn’t for this website & a few others, I would never know how really disgusting the boob tube has become in almost a half century. Keep in mind, it was getting pretty bad when I pulled the plug in the early 70’s.

  14. I recall one old tv image that sums it up for me. In a filmed-on-location episode of “Highway Patrol” the cops are at a train station in a rural area where the sign reads “Chatsworth.”

    Today Chatsworth is a suburban area of Los Angeles known as the porn capital of the world.

    • Agreed. This country was destroyed by 1865. There will be no pipe dream ‘ethnostate’ (White reservation) in our lifetime, either – not with the kosher AltKike in charge. They moderate altright.com just as badly as Stormfront. What a joke.

  15. I will add this, all that talk about boycotting the NFL was such a monumental failure of whites.

    We need a real collective effort to create an ethnostate. Seriously people. Any effort otherwise is completely futile. We need to call a meeting with all the alt-right groups who will join this cause and collectively decide 4-10 counties adjacent that we can target with our message. We can move into those counties and run for offices. Spend ALL of our energy on only that area.

  16. “I can’t figure out whether or not the point of many commercials is to sell a product or promote racial miscegenation.”

    Maybe the advertising agencies and corporations know something we don’t. Maybe the U.S. is now 85% black. Only conclusion you could draw from watching commercials or looking at print ads. My bank’s website is constantly showing me black people. Smiling, well dressed black people. I’d appreciate it if they would include a sprinkling of really threatening black people. Black people pointing guns at toward the user, black people beating customers or setting victims on fire. Something more believable.

  17. TV free here for at least 5 years, but I lose count. I gave up ALL sports at the same time. It is AMAZING how giving up TV frees your mind. When I finally plugged the plug permanently, the security company ADT was booming. They had commercials and advertising on every channel. Not ONE single time was the burglar portrayed by a black or mexican. The bad guys were always white. Even the homeowners were a black couple. Then they hired negro Ving Rhames as a spokesperson and that sent me over the edge. I honestly couldn’t tell you if ADT is still in business or doing advertising, but if they are I bet there are still only lily white burglars in every one of their ads.

  18. Popular American culture is a corrosive and toxic. American imports this all over the world and then wonders why nations hate us. The sad fact is popular culture is not indicative of what the average American believes and feels. It is a culture pushed by a hostile elite. What I call the Judeo-liberal Coalition.

  19. Sorry, meant to say exports! You know its bad when you see Japanese teens dressed like Ghetto dwellers doing Negro rap.

    • The same with the “Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet (1952-66). However, after all these years, people are still wondering what Ozzie did for a living on the show!

  20. We are witnessing the cord cutting, as it were, in many areas of culture. Media, Politics and Church are how we express our culture. These institutions of control are in decline; they all have one thing in comon, perversion of thought.

    Media, as to which this article is about, is suffering greatly from it’s adherence to perversion. Politics is awash in perversion. The Church, which is where we are supposed to go to for seeking refuge, is for the most part, apostate now.

    Change is forthcoming, Christians are changing how we use media. Christians are in the process of changing how we engage politically and the biggest of all will be how we change back to an original Church. As to this latter challenge, I have not witnessesed any movement in this area. If the Russian’s were smart, they would work on this front in the USA.

    Christians are yearning for a Church.

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