OD Timeline: Trump’s First Year (Part III)

August 2017

August was dominated by Charlottesville and the UTR fallout. It was the culmination of four long term trends which had been developing since the 2016 election: the explosion in leftwing political violence, digital platform censorship, President Trump’s pursuit of a conventional conservative agenda and the alienation of his Alt-Right supporters and their shift toward activism.

August 1 – Paul Joseph Watson makes a video on YouTube censorship

August 2 – Sen. Tom Cotton introduces a second version of the RAISE Act. It is referred to the Judiciary Committee where it remains stalled to this day.

Articles: MAGA: Trump Proposes Bill Vastly Cutting Legal Immigration, Imposition Of YUGE Hurdles For New Arrivals

President Trump signs the Countering America’s Enemies Through Sanctions Act. It imposes new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea.

August 7 – Antifas Riot In Portland, AirBnb cancelling UTR reservations

Articles: Antifas Get Violent At “Patriot Prayer” In Portland, Center Left Growing Increasingly Frustrated With Antifa, AirBnb: Renting Houses To The Alt-Right For #UniteTheRight Is a TOS Violation

August 8 – President Trump warns North Korea of “fire and fury” if it retaliates against new UN sanctions.

August 10 – Paul Joseph Watson laments the censorship of social media

August 11 – President Trump warns North Korea on Twitter that America is “locked and loaded.” Alt-Right holds torchlight march on UVA campus in Charlottesville, VA. James Damore published “Why I Was Fired By Google” in The Wall Street Journal. Paul Joseph Watson says he is leaving YouTube over censorship.

August 12 – President Trump signs the Veterans Affairs Choice and Quality Employment Act. Alt-Right holds #UniteTheRight rally in Charlottesville which ends in a “state of emergency.” Trump condemns the violence on all sides at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. James Fields, Jr. arrested for the murder of Heather Heyer

Articles: The Rising Right, The Road to Charlottesville: Hunter Wallace Edition, ANARCHY: The Truth About Charlottesville, Charlottesville 2.0: Marcus Cicero’s Firsthand Experiences, Charlottesville: Huge Torchlight March & Rally, Uniting The White: The White Wing Is Getting Its Act Together, Why We Should #UniteTheRight, Alt-Right, Alt-South and #UniteTheRight

August 13 – HR McMaster describes James Fields, Jr. as a terrorist. Anti-Alt-Right demonstrations across the United States

Articles: Jews, Muslims, Blacks & Gays March Against Alt-Right in Atlanta

August 14 – President Trump again condemns the violence in Charlottesville. He issues an executive order authorizing US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to investigate Chinese trade practices. Jeff Sessions condemns James Fields, Jr. as a domestic terrorist.

Articles: Daily Stormer Lives, Donald Trump’s Horrifying Charlottesville Statement

August 15 – President Trump holds a press conference about the violence in Charlottesville. He notes that the Alt-Left came charging at the Alt-Right and says there were good and bad people on both sides. Antifa destroy a Confederate monument in Durham, NC, First frivolous Charlottesville lawsuit filed against UTR groups

Articles: Battle Of Charlottesville: President Trump Finally Addresses Leftist Terrorists In Decent Press Conference, #Durham, Durham: Police Arrest Morbidly-Obese Alt-Left Terrorist For Destruction Of Confederate Monument, MAGA’s True Face Revealed: Confederate Monument Destroyed By Rabid Durham Crowd

August 17 – Mark Zuckerberg promises Facebook crackdown on hate speech

Articles: Zuckerberg Promises Facebook Crack Down on Free Speech

August 18 – Steve Bannon leaves the White House. Christopher Cantwell charged

Articles: Say It With Me: There Is No Such Thing As Jewish Control Of The Media, KIDNEY STAB: Steve Bannon To Leave Trump Administration, Exact Details Remain Unknown, Self-Defense Be Damned: Hero Of The Resistance Christopher Cantwell Hit With Trumped Up Charges In Virginia

August 19 – President Trump congratulates the 30,000 protesters in Boston for “speaking out against bigotry and hate” at the Alt-Lite Free Speech Rally.

Google and YouTube escalate censorship

August 20 – Charlottesville backlash continues

Articles: Leftists March Against White People Across the USA

August 21 – President Trump announces a new strategy for Afghanistan which includes a big troop increase

August 22 – President Trump condemns the violence in Charlottesville at his rally in Phoenix, AZ. He mentions Antifa by name who riot outside and attack his supporters.

Articles: Who’da Thunk It? Antifa Riot In Phoenix, Tear Gas Deployed, SWAT Units March Through

August 23 – Vice President Pence says the United States will use the full measure of its economic and diplomatic power to end the socialist government in Venezuela. MAGA rally in Laguna Beach, CA disrupted by Antifa

August 24 – Christopher Cantwell surrenders to police.

August 25 – Sebastian Gorka leaves the White House. President Trump pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Presidential memoranda on transsexuals in the military, Executive order on sanctions on Venezuela

August 26 – Stormfront loses domain

August 27 – Daniel Borden arrested

August 28 – Antifa riot against Joey Gibson in Berkeley, Richard Preston arrested

Articles: ANARCHY: Antifa Lynch Mob Runs Wild In Berkeley

August 29 – Alex Michael Ramos arrested

August 31 – Defense Secretary James Mattis signs order to deploy more troops to Afghanistan.

September 2017

September was dominated by the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in Texas and Florida, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcement of the end of the DACA program, the deals that President Trump cut with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling and legalize DREAMers (without border wall funding), President Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange, the NFL protests and his speech to the United Nations about Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. The Republican Congress also began work on tax reform and passed an enormous defense bill which included $705 million for Israel.

Black Lives Matter rioted in St. Louis for three consecutive nights. Antifa continued to get violent in Portland, St. Louis and Atlanta. The Alt-Right plunged into the optics debate over American Nationalism and continued to deal with the fallout from Charlottesville. Finally, the Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch set the stage for the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville in October.

September 2 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrive in Houston to distribute food and supplies to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Optics cucking debate

Articles: The Cuckening: White House Caves On Government Shutdown Over Mexican Wall Shekels, Flag And Optics Cucking: Divisive Retardation At The Worst Possible Time

September 4 – Nikki Haley announces the US will pursue new UN sanctions on North Korea after a nuclear test

September 5 – Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces that the Department of Homeland Security will cease to accept DACA applications, Gab Threatened With Domain Seizure

Articles: GAB Now Under The Kosher Cloud Of Censorship, Threatened With Domain Seizure

September 8 – President Trump signs a disaster relief package for Hurricane Harvey and Irma which raises the debt ceiling for three months. Strikes a deal with the Democrats that doesn’t include border wall funding.

Articles: Hey Donald, Whatcha Doin’?

September 8 – Tim Pool demonetized on YouTube

September 11 – Antifa Riot Against Joey Gibson in Portland, OR

Articles: Antifa Get Violent Again In Portland

September 13 – President Trump declares in a proclamation that September 15 to October 15 will be National Hispanic Heritage Month. He hosts a bipartisan dinner at the White House to come up with a legislative solution for DACA recipients

September 14 – President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump distribute food and supplies to victims of Hurricane Irma in Naples, FL.

President Trump signs the Charlottesville resolution, Plots DACA Amnesty With Democratic Leaders

Articles: US Senate Unanimously Condemns White Nationalists, Alt-Right Condemned By Wildly Unpopular Republican Congress, President Cuck To Immediately Sign Resolution Condemning The Alt-Right, Trump Signs Charlottesville Condemnation, President Cuck To Release DACA Amnesty Guidelines, Claims No Chain Migration Included, Make Amnesty Great Again, (((Chuck Schumer))) Caught On Hot Mic Discussing Budding Partnership With President Cuck, IT’S OVER: Top Cuck Donald Trump Strikes Deal On DACA Amnesty, No Border Wall Funding

September 15 – September 18 – Black Lives Matter and Antifa Riot in St. Louis

Articles: Black Lives Matter Riots In St. Louis, Black Lives Matter, Antifa Riot For Three Nights In A Row In St. Louis

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 051 – Charlottesville, Antifa & Anarcho-Tyranny

September 15 – President Trump in a phone call to Jewish leaders and rabbis reaffirms his administration’s strong support for Israel and honors the upcoming celebration of High Holy Days such as Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashana, President Trump proclaims National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week, 2017

Articles: OY VEY: President Cuck Preps The Jewish Bull To Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

September 18 – Senate passes $700 billion defense bill which includes a $60 billion war chest for foreign wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, $705 million for Israeli missile defense, $500 million for Ukraine’s defense and $100 million for the Baltic states to “deter Russian aggression.”

September 19 – President Trump’s UN speech. Strongly condemns Iran, North Korea and Venezuela as America’s enemies.

Articles: Trump’s Neocon UN Speech, #UNGA: President Bush’s Neo-Con Terrorism Returns With A New Hairstyle

September 20 – Imposing Additional Sanctions on North Korea executive order

September 22 – President Trump holds a rally in Huntsville, AL in support of “Big Luther” Strange.

Articles: Evolutionary Throwbacks Take Knee Across The NFL, Heckled And Booed By Angry White Fans, While America Crumbles, President Trump Focuses Wrath On Negroid Ball-Chuckers

September 24 – President Trump signs a new executive order which expands the travel ban to North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad. Sudan dropped from the list. Emanuel Samson church shooting in Antioch, TN

Articles: Tennessee: Sudanese Migrant Opens Fire On White Churchgoers, One Killed And Seven Injured, Emanuel Samson Church Shooting Was Retaliation For Charleston, Emanuel Kidega Samson: The Black Church Shooter

September 26 – Republican Senate abandons attempt to repeal Obamacare

September 27 – President Trump delivers a speech on tax reform in Indianapolis

September 28 – Dennis Middleborough arrested

September 30 – Alt-Right debates American Nationalism

Articles: SIGH: Illegal Invader Numbers Steadily Rising Since President Trump’s Great Cuckening, The American Nationalism Debate

October 2017

October was dominated by the Las Vegas shooting, Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign which quickly spiraled. President Trump refused to certify the Iran nuclear deal. The US pulled out of UNESCO over anti-Israel bias. Diwali and National Hispanic Heritage Month were celebrated in the White House. Meanwhile, the Republican Congress continued to work on tax reform.

The Alt-Right continued to debate optics and American nationalism. Richard Spencer returned to Charlottesville with Identity Evropa and spoke at the University of Florida. The Unite the Right organizers were sued by Charlottesville. I traveled to Gainesville and spoke at the Memphis Forum and the next weekend the Nationalist Front held the White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, TN. It sparked a huge, divisive debate about optics which dragged on through November.

October 1 – Optics debate continues

Articles: Optics and Tactics

October 2 – President Trump addresses in the nation in response to the Las Vegas mass shooting

Articles: Jews Already Clamoring To Push Gun Control After Las Vegas Massacre, Las Vegas Massacre: A Day In And We Still Have No Idea What The Hell Happened, CBS Fires Jewish VP for Anti-White Comments Follows Las Vegas Shooting, Las Vegas Massacre: Random White Dude Opens Fire On Country Music Concert, 58 Dead And 515 Wounded

October 4 – President Trump visits victims of the Las Vegas mass shooting

October 5 – The New York Times covers Harvey Weinstein story

October 6 – President Trump celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month at the White House

October 7 – Richard Spencer and Identity Evropa return to Charlottesville after holding a protest earlier in the day at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC

October 8 – Vice President Pence walks out of an NFL football game

October 11 – President Trump holds a campaign rally in Harrisburg, PA where he talks about tax reform, Jacob Goodwin arrested

October 12 – President Trump signs an executive order which directs cabinet agencies to develop rules that would expand access to less expensive, less comprehensive insurance policies with fewer benefits and fewer protections for consumers than those mandated under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

President Trump nominates Kirstjen Nielsen as the next Secretary of Homeland Security

The Trump administration announces that the US will withdraw from UNESCO, citing an “anti-Israel bias”

Charlottesville lawsuits against UTR organizers

Articles: Charlottesville Launches Broadside Against US Constitution, Charlottesville To Push Lawsuit Demanding Massive Alt-Right Criminal Indictments

October 13 – President Trump announces he will not certify the Iran nuclear deal

October 17 – President Trump holds a Diwali celebration at the White House

October 19 – Richard Spencer speaks at the University of Florida

Articles: My Personal Thoughts On The Gainesville Three Shooting Incident, Hurricane Spencer Slams Gainesville, Communist Trash Discover New Levels Of Autistic Screeching, WTF: Florida Declares State Of Emergency Ahead Of Richard Spencer Campus Extravaganza
October 20 – October 21 – Memphis Forum

Articles: Memphis Address: The Rise of Nationalism

October 26 – President Trump signs a memorandum on the opioid epidemic.

Articles: BTFO: American Nationalist Optics Debate is Over

October 28 – Nationalist Front holds White Lives Matter rally in Shelbyville, TN.

Articles: The Hard Right, White Lives Matter: An Autopsy, Perhaps It’s Time To Discuss The Aftermath Of Shelbyville And Ultimate Optics Cucking, Southern Nationalism & the Rise of the Alt-Right, Nick Fuentes, Mike Enoch, Andrew Anglin, Hard Right, Shelbyville: Cultural Vanguardists vs. Cultural Mainstreamers, The Future of Southern Nationalism

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 057 – White Lives Matter

October 30 – Paul Manafort and Rick Gates indicted by Mueller, Federal judge blocks President Trump’s ban on transgender soldiers.

October 31 – Status quo continues to drag on

Articles: Take Note Trump Cucks: This Is How You MAGA Like A Boss

November 2017

The story of November has been the Republican Congress passing tax reform which passed the House and has moved on to the Senate. Mitch McConnell and the Republican establishment have attempted to sabotage Roy Moore’s campaign. The Alt-Right continued to debate optics and tactics with the It’s Okay To Be White campaign and has been preparing to be purged off Twitter. NPI closed out the year by holding its 2017 conference in a cold barn in Maryland. Eli Mosley resigned as the head of Identity Evropa. Poland inspired nationalists worldwide by holding a 60,000 strong Independence Day march.

November 1 – President Trump proclaims National Native American Heritage Month, 2017

November 2 – President Trump signs the Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commission Act

November 3 – It’s Okay To Be White campaign

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 058 – It’s Okay To Be White

November 4 – Patriot Front holds torchlight rally on University of Texas campus

Articles: Patriot Front Torch Rally In Austin, TX

November 5 – President Trump sends his condolence from Japan over the Sutherland Springs church shooting

Articles: Sutherlands Springs Shooter Was A Baby-Beating Atheist, Tried To Pay Underage Girls To Date Him, Texas Heroes Chase Down, Shoot, Kill Sutherland Springs Church Shooter

November 9 – The Washington Post publishes the story which creates the Roy Moore scandal

November 10 – Vice President Pence urges Roy Moore to abandon his Senate campaign

Articles: Roy Moore Swats Away “True Conservatives”, Roy Moore Dindu Nuffin: Cuckservatives Rally Behind Slanderous Media Offensive

November 11 – 60,000 Poles Celebrate Polish Independence Day in huge march in Warsaw

Articles: 60,000 Polish Nationalists March On Warsaw, Poland’s Hard Right Inspires White Nationalists Worldwide

Podcasts: Southern Nationalist Radio Episode 059 – Poland, Hard Right, Roy Moore

November 16 – House passes Tax Cut and Jobs Act which cuts the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% and abolishes the estate tax

Articles: The Twitter Purge, Twitter vs Jason Kessler

November 19 – 2017 NPI Conference held in a cold barn at Rocklands Farm in Poolesville, MD

Articles: Hail Trump: A Year Later

November 20 – After an extension earlier in the year, the Trump administration announces end of the temporary residency program for survivors of the 2010 Haitian earthquake

November 22 – GOP Congress Authorizes $705 Million For Israeli Missile Defense, GOP Congress Authorizes $500 Million In Security Assistance For Ukraine

November 27 – Eli Mosley resigns as head of Identity Evropa, President Trump gives speech honoring Native American Code Talks for National Native American Heritage Month

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