Tim Wise: If Roy Moore Wins, It’s Time To Destroy White Alabama

Uncle Tim, who has a verified Twitter account, probably had a few and is letting it all hang out tonight. He has been known to get animated about politics from time to time:

Maybe you were under the impression that Tim Wise is an “anti-racist activist.” No, he is simply a vile Jew who hates White people. In his own words, he wants to “destroy white Alabama.” Not “hate groups.” Every White person who supports Roy Moore in Alabama.

Note: Is Uncle Tim coming to your state? Take a look.

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  1. Not to be misunderstood but IF he wins it wont help our current climate. Say he does win thats great another republican but our entire agenda will bog down with the senate spending what little time left on kicking out one of there own. Republicans better realize this might be the last year (due to immagration) they have a majority.

    Not a republican not a demoncrat. Just Minnesotan.

  2. The Timster is a Jew. Although usually billed as an ‘anti-racist’ educator on the Jew U lecture circuit, he is actually an anti White bigot. Although he usually keeps his genocidal hatred for people of European heritage bottled and corked, from time to time he spews his Jew and lets it all hang out.

  3. A quick Wikipedia check indicates that Tim Wise is 1/4 Jewish, and 3/4 Euro. I was expecting a full-out Jew based on the vitriol of his anti-White comments.
    Ironically, Roy Moore is not even a open “racist” and yet they hate him. Moore even bows to (((that tribe))) on his positions website, stating the following: ” We must remember that Israel is the United States’ most important ally and partner in the Middle East and should reject agreements or policies that undermine Israel’s security.” I guess that even Israel worship is not always enough to expunge the fact that one is a straight White male.
    More important is that, as Mr. Wallace noted, Tim Wise aims his hate at ALL White people in Alabama, not just Zio-Moore. The Juden hates us. All of us. Even if you worship the Z.O.G. Perhaps the biggest mistake America ever made was to lets Jews in the door.
    America was not intended to be a “melting pot”; that was a Kike idea. But we have degraded toward that point. https://godkinandsoil.wordpress.com/2017/11/10/merica-the-melting-pot/ Love your people, the White race will go on. When Imperial America inevitable collapses, will Dixie be free again?

    • JOE – ALL IT TAKES IS ONE ALLELE. JUST ONE. One K allele and they are NOT WHITE. It a tiny little turd, in a bowl of vanilla ice cream, OK? “Well – most of the ice cream in that bowl is good ice cream. That one little turd is just on one side, and doesn’t affect the rest of the ice cream….”.



    • The Jews who have committed the worst genocides and atrocities against whites are Jews who are half or three quarter white. Tim Wise is as far as I am concerned a full blooded Jewish demon who may be reunited with Satan in Bell’s disco underground sooner than later.

  4. I’d say this racist wanker wants an end to not just white Alabama, but white America, white Europe, white Australia, white Canada, N.Z.
    Throw it at the front of the que…for the oven!

  5. Alabamian have a right to exist, as well as the U.S 19th century.Israel will be a distant memory if the parasites kill the host.

  6. The origins of anti-Semitism are probably an unsolvable mystery to Timmy Boy.

    Anti-Whites deny White Genocide, then treat Whites as pure evil.

  7. It’s nice to see the Jews be so honest and open about their intentions at last. I guess they think they have victory wrapped up?

  8. I’ve had people on this blog insult me and excoriate me, because I’ve flatly stated, for YEARS, that it’s ALL OF THEM. I’ve heard Southrons say that “Theyr’e not all bad. Our Dixie Jews are OK. It’s the YANKEES”.

    Are you finally getting over that suicidal delusion, Dixians? It’s not “Yankees”. It’s JEWS.

    It’s ALL of them. Every. Last. ONE.

    • And he would at least somewhat qualify as a Southern Kike.

      Doesn’t matter if his White blood has been here for a thousand years – the Jew genes override all.

        • Well, technically no Jew can be Southern like Whites can, but his Goy side has supposedly been around for quite a while – so he says.

          But yeah, it goes to show that even Mischling Jews cannot be trusted one bit – their Tribal blood will almost always win out.

      • There is no such thing. A Jew like a poisonous snake can only be what a Jew is. Namely a pervert, thief, liar and murderer.

  9. When a POS like not so Wise says such genocidal trash as he does that a mysterious death does not soon follow.

    • By relentlessly agitating the coloreds against their White superiors. And by advocating for the importation of endless numbers of mestizos. If and when the Whites are annihilated then the scheming jew will pit the coon and the greaser against each other. King Kike is the master of destruction and the embodiment of pure evil.

    • (((Tim))) salivates at the prospect of White genocide. He fantasizes daily with his BFF (((George Ciccariello-Maher))) about ways to get White women raped by niggers. You have to understand the genocidal Bolshevik mindset to understand ol’ Timmy.

  10. They’ve been telegraphing their intentions for some time now but every so often the mask slips. Tim Wise wants us exterminated with extreme prejudice.
    When someone is telling you that they want you DEAD take them at that word.

    If you’re not stockpiling rifles and ammo you’re behind the curve.

    With all due respect to Hunter, we’re not tweeting our way out of this.

    • At some point, the (((commissars))) are going to lead their mud horde for an actual program of extermination and enslavement of whites. Every bunch of communists has done their damnedest to wipe out a good portion of their own country’s population. These are unlikely to be an exception.

      You can see it in their poisonous, boiling hatred, the inexhaustible frenzy of malice they show, and their increasing program of infuriating the browns against the Whites (“you holy brown people did everything and the Whites stole it!”). This has only one end. (((They))) will not allow this to end quietly. It’s going to come to an explosion, probably quite soon. Not sure who will win, but a knock-down drag-out seems inevitable at this point.

  11. Wait til the entire system collapses and these “soy boys” have to defend themselves without the dark satanic system standing behind them.

    • That’s the day when Tim WEISS will be found hiding in a stall of the ladies’ bathroom at the Anne Frank Center, curled up in a fetal position and trembling like a whimpering little FAYGEHLEH.


    THIS is how you respond to Jordan Peterson:A photo of a Canadian town before 1966…a photo of the same Canadian town in 2017…

    And then post a photo of the severed body of the 11 year Swedish girl after she was hit by a truck by a Muzzie “Swede”

    Jordan Peterson is either a liar..or he is insane….

  13. Its so entertaining to see libtards openly and bluntly express their hatred of us when its only supposed to be about ‘fighting racism.” More and more of us are starting to wake up to the fact that we are being hunted yet instead of softening their anti-white “muh oppression” routine they double down and are becoming more brazen. I think another civil war or widespread anarchy is not that far away. As for this shylock, he can fuck off back to Israel and be amongst his Tribe if he has a problem with us.

  14. Just more evidence that Germans had it right. Tim Wise would be a Mischling of the 2nd degree, but with his political activism he would be deemed a Jew.

    To possess the Lesser Aryan certificate you must prove your parents and grandparents are white. Tim Wise would fail this as he has/had a Jewish grandfather.

  15. Treat Tim Wise as a very likely domestic terrorist. BTW I hope the POS tangles with a Patriot CC’er real soon.

  16. I first saw this story on DailyKenn, last night, and when I clicked on the Twatter link and beheld all of the “nazis” going off on this greasy kike I couldn’t stop laughing! I don’t know if it’s still going on, but people were GASSING AND CREMATING this jerk, reducing him to a little lump of jew-soap screeching “nazi! nazi! I’m whiter than you, nazi!” It was sssoooo nice to see people coming out of the wood work, from apparently all walks of White America, male and female, calling this kike out for his “fellow whites” shtick!

    Now, Alabama is letting thousands of felons vote, hoping to stop Roy Moore…

  17. The only thing surprising about this statement is that a Jew was truthful enough to say it. A kike being honest is an extremely rare occasion.

    However, acting upon it is entirely different equation. I doubt the good white people of Alabama are going to lose a minutes sleep over possible attack by Jews and their nigger minions.

  18. Jews and their Black minions are really getting out there with the anti White hatred and pro-White genocide.

    This is protected First Amendment speech of course. No sanctions for the anti-White Haters. Like this Motha Night taking her anti White hatred to her job on the hospital ward

    Indiana Nurse says every White male baby should be killed

    Riley Children’s Health in Indiana is giving Motha Night a pass on her genocidal racism.

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