Trump Trends: Leftwing Political Violence

The huge upswing in leftwing political violence is the second major long term trend that has been with us since Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election.

This was already well established during the campaign with the leftwing violence and riots at Trump events in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Dayton, OH, Salt Lake City, UT, Costa Mesa, CA, Burlingame, CA, San Diego, CA, Albuquerque, NM, Anaheim, CA and San Jose, CA. In one case, a well known leftwing fanatic attempted to rush the stage at a Trump rally in Dayton. In another case, a British national attempted to seize a police officer’s gun and kill Trump during a rally in Las Vegas.

Generally speaking, the violence in 2016 was between Antifa, Black Lives Matter and MAGApedes. They would disrupt a Trump rally and pick fights with Trump supporters. In particular, this is what caused the chaos at the two ugliest Trump rallies in Chicago and San Jose. It also happened in viral videos at Trump rallies in North Carolina and Arizona. The surge in leftwing violence on college campuses wasn’t any different with Antifa and Black Lives Matter disrupting MILO’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” in 2016 and 2017. There were riots at UC Davis and a shooting at the University of Washington.

In 2016, the only real clash between Antifa and White Nationalists occurred at a Traditionalist Worker Party event at the California State Capitol in Sacramento. It was stormed by Antifa and BAMN. The result was multiple stabbings and arrests. Both of these leftwing groups were behind virtually all of the violence against other groups in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2017.

As we entered 2017, Antifa rioted at the Trump Inauguration, attempted to disrupt the Deploraball, punched Richard Spencer and disrupted MILO events at UC Davis and the University of Washington. The violence climaxed at the MILO event at Berkeley on February 2. In January, I wrote an article about how the Left was debating the legitimacy of political violence.

I launched a tweetstorm about it:

Until the emergence of Based Stickman on March 4, both the Alt-Lite and Alt-Right had been absent from these events. For over a year, the violent Left had been the sole aggressor at these events. Antifa ignited a massive backlash after shutting down MILO at Berkeley on February 2. In light of everything that has happened since, we have forgotten how fed up everyone was with them at the time:

In hindsight, the backlash was purely reactive. It took place in the backdrop of tens of thousands of leftists engaged in violent and non-violent protests against Donald Trump. Most people were just sick and tired of seeing Antifa smashing things and beating other people up on television.

In studying the last year, it seems clear that Trump’s victory in 2016 presidential election has caused a psychic break on the Left. We saw early examples of this in the Women’s March, the Russia Narrative, #TheResistance mentality, etc. The polarization is much more intense than it was a few years ago. This is what has caused both the surge in the violent Left and social media censorship.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, we saw how these two long term trends have interacted. The violent Left’s efforts to disrupt the #UniteTheRight rally was used to justify more social media censorship. There are two other long term trends at work here we will get to next.

Note: It is stunning to review what the violent Left has gotten away with over the past two years. The strongest criticism was a mild reprimand from Nancy Pelosi after the Berkeley in August.

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  1. If antifa, anarchists, black bloc and even ISIS are all wearing black with black flags – does it make such sense for the right to have similar optics.

    The optics of Berkeley and Huntingdon Beach worked because it looked like a band of brothers from different backgrounds standing up against violent lunatics. Nathan Damigo in a pair of jeans and a shirt showed courage when he rescued a guy with long hair and a metal t shirt from a kicking. Optics and courage. As well as women respecting.

    The LOS at Charlottesville looked good when they stood up to antifa. But overall the uniforms and unusual flags perplexed people and allowed the left media to control the debate.

    • But — but — you’re just “cucking on optics” if you don’t look exactly the frickin’ same as your enemies! Not one successful movement in history has ever tried to make itself stand out from its adversaries by adopting a different look, no sirree bob!

      If Black Bloc dresses in Black and waves weird commie flags, that means we dress in black and wave weird flags, too, it’s the smart thing to do to be absolutely indistinguishable from a vile commie rabble! Practical, too — /ourguys will know exactly who to smack in the head when some guy in black they’ve never seen before appears in front of them in the split-second environment of a fistfight!

    • We could have done a better job of filming and editing our version of Charlottesville. We did have a lot of streaming video, some photos like the one of the 350 lbs heart attack Leftist martyr. But, I didn’t see any great propaganda video, movie showing our side. And of course the Truth is the best propaganda. We could have shown:

      Antifa, BlackLiesmatter looking dirty, dishonest and criminal
      The System cops and state police looking and doing dishonest things to force our legitimate protesters to get run in to Antifa Mobs.
      Our side looking good, clean, honorable and courageous – League of the South warriors rescuing Senior Citizens from being beaten by Antifa, BlackLiesmatter mobs.

      Who’s the best at editing videos?

      I think Paul Joseph Watson does a great job with his Youtube videos.

      • PJW dresses like a woman to much. I know he is trying to be funny but it comes off as creepy. But his vids are usally good but he is like Alex Jones controled by yids.

    • It does when It’s time to infiltrate, the attack these seditionists com within and without at the same time. Spetznatz soldiers infiltrate wearing civilian clothes so they can attack Russia’s enemies from the rear or seize airfields, ports and bridges. They also kill enemy leaders, key military personnel, and create mayhem behind enemy lines. There is no reason for southern whites to do the same, we are already in enemy controlled territory. We must use any and all tactics to crush them completely when civil eat erupts. I think that day may arrive before the 2020 elections

  2. That rabble are rather brazen when they have numbers on their side, but would be pretty bloody pissweak in a one-on-one with one of us. Why? These fairies are either as skinny as a stick insect and look like they’ve just had a heroin hit, or they look like a rinosaurus. Granted, some of the nignogs are fit and fast, so we must at all times be toned, healthy and ready for the unexpected. A Western diet of food grown by whites sure makes some of those dindo’s big and strong…

  3. Respecting the Left is so ingrained it’s become unconscious . Despite his talk about “enough PC”, it’s always pro-Whites that bear the brunt of our overlords’ wrath. If Trump really meant business he’d defund Mommy Professor, ban Soros’s NGO’s and confiscate their assets, weed out the antifa leadership and subject them to long prison terms. But that’s so disrespectful so on it goes.

  4. Speaking of Soros, I had a dream last night that he was arrested by secret police somewhere in the world and taken away never to be seen again. And then i woke up! Why is this turd still at large? He should be made to pay for his treachery and constant meddling.
    What gives one morally bankrupt man the right to just go around destroying the white race anywhere in the world where it exists?

    • Soros worked for the nazis and is also jewish. He is part of the (((TRIBES))) plan to wreck goy nations. So western (((GOVERNMENTS))) let his treason and insurrection slide by allowing the most evil man alive do the devils bidding.

  5. Nobody wants to come right out and say it but if White America is going to survive then the “alt right” has to get politicized and militarized. The police are not our friends, the Government and the kike press are against us and the nonwhite scum want to kill us because they are enraged like caged chimps over our natural superiority to them. “Let’s wait until 2024, then we can send the people we want to Congress”, “We can’t do this and we certainly can’t do that, because it’s too dangerous and someone might get hurt or start calling us names.”

    BULLSHIT. It’s time to rock and roll. I’m as ready as I reckon I’ll ever be.

    • Well said this is the fight of our lives. I dont want my daughters growing up in a climate that ressembles Mexihell or Bloody Brazil. We as WHITE men must realize what is really important helping our own people or getting flooded with turd world refuse. Native Americans and whites are the only people who should be here. Only because this is our homeland. I trully feel for the native peoples. Natives went through way worse than slavery. They only have been American citizens for 100 years. The only problem is they cant handle alcohol and have been ghetto-fide and try to act black which the jew culture has caused.

    • White will survive but america probably will not last much longer. Publishing the names and addresses of the central bank directors and treasonous judges would certainly be more more effective than going after Antifa scum. Jews are cowards. When outed and confronted with real justice they will flee.

  6. A Civil War in America 2017=A Race War in America 2017…

    MAGA!!! won’t prevent this from happening..

    MAGA!! was always Donald Trump’s Boomer Normie Adult Diaper load of shit…

    The jobs were already here…but they were given away to the Asian “Americans”


    Nov 3…2020…The Asians take control of America….it’s COMMING…

    2020 AG Preet Bharara is Comming after the Alt Right….

  7. We need to stop dressing black. I have attended rallies (not cucking) – the reason – black is considered an evil color by 99% of American psyche. We want to be the group that Americans run to when SHTF. Right now they can’t visibly tell us apart. It’s evident when you talk to people, they don’t know there are two opposing groups clashing. Antifa wears black, let’s dress blue or brown.

    And all this “we’re ready” talk is a load of garbage. We need organization badly. We don’t march, no communication on the fields, we need more people especially, a clear line of leadership succession. We actually need drills.

  8. Unless the Alt-Right unite, grow and agree on the desired outcome, all this talk about an ethno state free of our multiple enemies is just pie in the sky stuff. Bitching with each other over minor issues and remaining behind a keyboard isn’t conductive to achieving our ideal goals. I’m not a strategist or politician but I think the key is unity, growth, and being out there in the public arena, highlighting wrongs that the mainstream media cover up. We need perhaps articulate spokespeople. We need the means to overthrow the government if ultimately required. Reversing all the fuckups of past governments will be complex and slow but with the numbers and the will, is possible.
    Remember, the alternative is complete extinction.

    • @john

      At your ethnostate being pie in the sky comment.

      Totally wrong, geography is all we are fighting for because it is the first line of protection for our race. In other words, an ethnostate is the ultimate end all and only goal. So will we try to reclaim all of American soil or any part of America soil? When I look around I see a very good case for us just trying to get a piece of soil as our territory now because almost the entire country is “enemy territory.”

      • I have noticed that john contradicts himself fairly chronically, has changed a major part of ‘his story’ at least once, and subtly seems to undermine an ‘anglo’ ethnostate in both direct and indirect ways.

        Always remember we’re on the internet with no verification that any alias is real. I have yet to have in person encounters with most of the personages I talk with but there are various ways I can be verified and have been. By in person I mean in the flesh, as opposed to just offline. I have meant to ‘show up’ even if it takes a long drive to at least put some money where my digital mouth is, but so far most pro-white in person activism that would welcome (or simply tolerate!) someone like me has been more self destructive than productive. Still, it’s not as if living in NYC/NJ functions as some legitimate excuse.

        You have to ask yourself why some very concerned parties with certain personal platforms, as it were, conveniently live where avoiding ‘showing up’ would seem legitimate somehow for all their pedantry.

      • @Professianal,

        If an ethnostate is the best outcome the whites can achieve, then it MUST be properly walled off, otherwise the inferiors will just keep invading for a better life. They’d be incapable of producing a stable, peaceful, productive nation of the standard we make possible, so, over the border they come-and it starts all over again.
        The key I think, is tall , rigid walls, loyal unyielding government and key institutions free of Jews and leftists to prevent brainwashing.
        Thank you for your comment-constructive criticism and suggestions is healthy for the movement.

          • @Onceler
            Errr…..the Alt-Right and pro-whites. Those that can see the abyss we’re heading toward, and want to speak out against it. I think my position on every issue has been clearly stated. What are you having trouble understanding?

          • Neither the Alt Right nor some vague nebulous ‘pro-white’ specifies exactly what kind of polity they’re lobbying for.

            An ethnostate is a different issue altogether than either umbrella term.

  9. I engage people in controversial conversation. I try to use words that don’t cause people to recoil, but are still strong enough to get my point across. I make it a habit to argue my case with facts, rather than merely stating what I think or how I feel. I often speak loudly in public places, so that those around me can hear. I know that this is a little rude and it may be upsetting to someone who is just trying to enjoy their meal at a restaurant, but I do notice that I get reactions; some good, some bad. The whole idea is to spread the topic around, to get others talking, and to demonstrate that you can say whatever you want as long as you don’t use certain terms or spew profanity. I also engage in guerilla pamphleteering. I print out fact sheets with bullet points and distribute them to individuals with whom I have contact; people on the streets and clerks in stores, etc… A lack of finances and scarce resources are my only inhibitors.
    I am also a lone wolf. Having operated in conjunction with others in the past, I find that I can have as much, possibly more, success going solo. I’m not suggesting that course for everyone, because joining together is important. I still have many connections to other groups and individuals, but I seem to be geared for individual action. I protested a Michael King parade with a sign that said “Life Doesn’t Matter to N.W.A.” following the release of the film, “Straight Outta Compton.” I attended an Anti-Trump rally with a sign that said “Si Trump Puede” and a Confederate Battle Flag. I confronted the pastor of the African-American church responsible for the Southern Baptist disavowment of the Confederate Flag inside his own sanctuary, right after the Dylan Roof incident. I was wearing a T-Shirt with a depiction of J.E.B. Stuart’s Cavalry with the caption “Rebels With A Cause,” in a church full of Negroes. These are just a few examples of my individual activism.
    I’m not bragging, but as far as getting out from behind my keyboard and engaging in confrontations, I’ve been doing it since 2004. Love me, or hate me, noone can say that I haven’t been doing my part.

  10. John,

    Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support. I have suffered insults, injuries and ostracization for my conduct and my methods (the price of exercising your 1st amendment rights) but, I have also gained a few trusted and valuable adherents, and I have managed to prove myself to those who doubted my sincerity. May God bless and keep you and your family in these troubling times.

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