President Trump Celebrates Rosa Parks In His Weekly Address

This video is symbolic of where are now.

Last night, it was the big corporate tax cut. This afternoon it is paying homage to Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement. The story of the last year has been Trump’s conservative agenda. The OD Timeline (Part I, Part II, Part III) illustrates how Trump has celebrated the multiracial calendar. Aside from the Twitter feed, this has been an underwhelming conservative presidency.

Just look at the presidential proclamations: Native American Heritage Month, National Historically Black Colleges and Universities Week, National Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s Equality Day, African-American Music Appreciation Month, National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Asian-American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Jewish American Heritage Month, National African-American History Month. Is this what you call moving the Overton Window?

God Emperor or ZOG’s Emperor?

Note: I should have voted Walls/Tracey 2016.

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  1. The problem is not so much what Rosa Parks did by her refusal more than half a century ago, but the refusal of most whites today to imitate here by refusing to give up their seats to a minority because they are being told to and are scared of being arrested.
    Even if you say there was a lefty/commie/whatever support system around her, why isn’t there one around us?

  2. I think you will find she was picked for that job because she was lighter skinned and they felt she would be more likely to tug on white America’s heart string because the original woman they were going to use was too black.

  3. Oh g_d – it’s coming – pass the barf bag. Why is it that the only Blacks that ZOG can honour are Communists or race hustlers for the Jews?

    I’ll bet no one has ever heard of the Roman Catholic religious orders founded by Blacks and for the service of the Black community. This would have been back in the day when the Church was the Church before it fell to its enemies in the 1958 Conclave.

    Check out the Sisters of the Holy Family of New Orleans 1899. Now there are some women who are going to do some good in this world

  4. I watched the Trump video lionizing Rosa Parks. I puked. Then, Trump brought up communist agitator Michael King. In thus piece Mr. Wallace asks: “God Emperor or ZOG’s Emperor?” I think it is now clear to everyone in the the Alt-Right that Trump is a front for Z.O.G. Good. We can move on from here.

  5. Well folks, looks like history is just repeating itself. Let’s go back to 1968, a tumultuous period in our nation. Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon wins the presidency on basically the same platform as Trump. Says he’s going to end the war in Viet Nam by the end of ’69. In early ’70 starts escalating the conflict by invading Cambodia & steps up bombing North Viet Nam. Everything finally comes to an end for the US, during the re-election victory in November, ’72, what a coincidence! By mid ’75, Viet Nam falls to the Commies. About 30 years later, U.S. firms like NIKE & MicroSoft actually star setting up manufacturing facilities there. Plans on reducing government but gives the nation the EPA, OSHA, EEOC, expands LBJ’s Great Society program, increases Federal control over agriculture, education & health care, etc. Looses control over the CIA & literally gives it cart blanche. Remember what happened in Chile, on yes, 9/11/73, with the agency’s help? Appoints Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State, who just instigates more Anti-Americanism with his disastrous foreign policy. Loads the administration up with members of the Council on Foreign Relations including plenty of (((them))). Fails to due anything positive about the ensuing 1969-71 recession which actually was the impetus for de-industrialization. By 1975, half of all the consumers products, i.e. autos, electronics, etc. are now being imported. Plus early in the administration, gives the nation Executive Order 11490 (October 29,1969), which could literally turn the US into a Soviet style dictatorship. I could go on, but by now, I’m sure you realize there’s not one damn difference between either party.

  6. Was it really necessary for Trump to mention that nigger bitch? Does he really think he’s going to score brownie points with the coloreds or the liberals by doing that?

    BTW, the “white” man whom Parks refused to give up her bus seat for was no white man at all, he was a no good jew-commie rat-bastard who was in the same Red organization that Parks was in. What they were doing was a performing bit of Marxist street-theater. Sneaky, deceitful scumbags. And the kike press laps it all up to this very day.

    • Interesting how Jews mimic white when it suits the purpose, then back to Jew again. Yeah, the whole thing was a set up. We could use a Rosa Parks today. Not to get us a front row bus seat but to get us free speech.

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