Trump Trends: Alt-Right Alienation

In reviewing the past year, I identified four long term trends which were set in motion by Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. The first three were social media censorship, leftwing political violence and Trump’s shift toward a conservative agenda. The fourth long term trend is how the Alt-Right has become alienated under the Trump presidency.

In hindsight, Unite the Right in Charlottesville was the culmination of these trends. When Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election, it triggered a massive backlash on the Left. In my speech at the Arkansas state conference, I predicted that regardless of whether Hillary or Trump won the inevitable result would be intense polarization. This has come to pass and now we are living with the consequences. The Left has radicalized and is fighting back in the streets and online.

From 2015 to 2017, the Alt-Right had a single goal during the campaign. The goal was to defeat the cucks in the Republican primaries, defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump president. There wasn’t any street activism at the time. It was e-activism with spreading memes on social media. It was so successful that Hillary Clinton felt compelled to address the subject and David Brock’s post-op concluded that “generally speaking and simply put, Democrats got clobbered in the digital space.”

The key to understanding what has happened over the last year is that the Alt-Right achieved its goal. It got what it wanted when Donald Trump was elected president. As a result of that, our culture became more polarized, the Left became more violent and the Democrats decided that what happened in 2016 with social media could never be allowed to happen again. Also, Donald Trump ceased to be a candidate, shifted to being a president and we got to see his real priorities.

The road from Hailgate to Charlottesville was paved with disillusionment. Simply put, Charlottesville would have never happened if the Trump administration hadn’t proved to be such a massive disappointment. As Steve Bannon said in his 60 Minutes interview, “In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment.” Bannon is right because everything that followed over the past year has flowed from that decision.

Donald Trump isn’t an ideologue. He is a marketing genius. There is no ideological core to the man. He wants to be adored. He wants to be important. He wants to win. The Trump administration reflects the personality of the man himself. He surrounded himself with family and people who he perceived to be useful or winners. It just so happens that many of these winners were drawn from the political, corporate and military establishment. As a result, they staffed the government with other people with conventional views about important matters and muscled out everyone else.

At every critical juncture, I can imagine what it must be like behind the scenes when the big decisions were made in the Trump administration: daddy, you got to disavow those white supremacists, we can’t afford to allow the NATO alliance to crumble, we can’t afford to allow Luther Strange to lose his Senate seat, we’re this close to winning in Afghanistan, and so on. President Trump is surrounded by people giving him advice like that and everyone else has been systematically purged from the administration. He also gets all his news from watching FOX News and reading the mainstream newspapers.

As this past year has unfolded, the Alt-Right hasn’t been sure how to respond to this. The door was slammed shut on having influence over mainstream politics within the first few months of the Trump administration. We’re being systematically purged from mainstream social media platforms. We seem to have gravitated toward what MILO was doing with his Dangerous Faggot tour and what the Alt-Lite was doing after Berkeley with street battles. The turning point was the Syria strikes in April which vividly illustrated how little had changed under the Trump presidency.

From Charlottesville I to Unite the Right, the shift toward real world activism was going well. Everyone was feeling great over the summer while healthcare reform was dying in the Senate. Antifa was on the ropes after Berkeley 3 in April. Far from being black-pilled, Unite the Right wouldn’t have generated such a huge turnout unless everyone was feeling extremely positive about the future. We held the biggest political rally in a generation and it shook the establishment to its foundation.

Charlottesville was misinterpreted by the Alt-Right. The Unite the Right rally itself changed very little. It had no effect whatsoever on attitudes toward Confederate monuments. It had no effect whatsoever on the public’s view of the Alt-Right, White Nationalism and Neo-Nazism. It was used as an excuse to accelerate social media censorship, but the ADL was already taking over YouTube and Twitter. We were already being purged from mainstream crowdfunding platforms too. I used Rootbocks to finance my trip to Charlottesville because I had already been banned by PayPal.

The biggest consequence of Unite the Right was the optics debate and the division it caused. While there are three pending lawsuits against Unite the Right organizers and several people are rotting in the Albemarle jail, we’ve been all but exonerated by Tim Heaphy’s independent review. The upcoming state review is also going to exonerate us. As we said all along, it was Charlottesville that failed to uphold free speech and public safety and now that it has been proven that the Charlottesville Police Department stood down on August 12th it has opened the city up to devastating lawsuits. The whole Charlottesville narrative has crumbled under the weight of the truth in the last week.

It gets even better. The FBI is investigating Antifa and a federal grand jury has served Antifa who were at Charlottesville with subpoenas. This seems to be related to a nationwide criminal probe into Antifa violence. Suddenly, the worm has turned on both Charlottesville and Antifa and this could rapidly turnaround when the blame is rightly assigned to where it was always due. The feds probably know by now that it was Antifa and Charlottesville PD that caused the violence on August 12th. The latter stood down and allowed the former to attack to justify declaring a “state of emergency.”

This is the most likely scenario:

1.) The Charlottesville black cloud that has been hanging over us goes away. These lawsuits against us go nowhere. The people who are in jail are released except Fields. We sue Charlottesville and win because our case against them is far stronger than their case against us.

2.) This criminal investigation into Antifa has a chilling effect on their violence.

3.) We get purged from mainstream social media platforms and crowdfunding platforms. We land on Alt-Tech platforms like Gab, Bitchute, Wrongthink, etc. After a rough transition period, we rebuild our platforms, become more self reliant and less subject to arbitrary censorship.

4.) President Trump continues to do boring conservative shit.

There is no consensus on what to do next. The Hard Right wants to soldier on and continue to do activism to build our own movement. The Identitarians want to continue to do activism separately while preserving their own brand. The MAGAists want to stay involved in mainstream politics. The American Nationalists seem focused on producing internet content while doing the occasional American flag rally. The Alt-Right seems to be doing internet content and activism.

This is a fluid situation. Everyone has been reacting and overreacting to Charlottesville. The next thing will come along and there will be a reaction to that which will reshuffle things. The 2018 midterm election cycle is coming up, but I can’t see that becoming a unifying force. It is possible the Trump administration could reverse course and do something dramatic because of flagging enthusiasm. There’s always the possibility that some loner could go full tactical bowl cut.

A million things could happen over the next few years but we aren’t going back to candidate Trump or the days when social media was relatively free of censorship. It seems that ship has sailed.

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  1. 1) Don’t EVER apologize or “explain. We are RIGHT. We are MORAL. Our enemies are wrong, evil, and SICK.

    2) It’s THEIR fault. Period. The END.

    3) Keep moving forward. The MAGApedes do their thing. The Identity Europas’ do theirs. We can help each other. We must not trash each other – excepting those that do trash our own kind.

    4) Keep going forward. Period.

    • We are mostly right. I have some issues with education and fundies like Mormons. I can see the conflict brewing already. The entire education system needs to be revamped. I want something Werner von Braun would be proud of not fundie anti-science garbage.

      • “anti-science garbage”

        You mean like macro-evolution? To me, that’s garbage. Where do you think modern science came from? It came from bible believing scientists.

  2. Of COURSE they’re wandering aimlessly … there’s no strong BRAND and BRAND IDENTITY to belong to. Just a bunch of marchers and protesters, “whistling Dixie.” Now, if someone(s) were to step up and create THE CONFEDERATE PARTY … well that would change everything !

    • Unless that party has the ultimate goal of Confederate secession from the Union I am not interested in joining it.

      • Obviously that party THE CONFEDERATE PARTY would have as it’s agenda secession from the failed state known as AmeriKa. The NEW Confederate States would have to be at least 1/3 larger than the original for many reasons + we’d TAKE all the islands except Trinidad, and RELOCATE the inhabitants. Likin it so far there … Spahnranch ?

        • It sounds good, JJ. I think you guys are on the right track. The new CSA should have OK, WV, KY and MO in it. As for Maryland? Well, after we get rid of the coons it’ll be a nice state again.

  3. Hunter,

    Unfortunately, the gullible who consider Trump some sort of real populist and nationalist or much less white advocate were just that… to gullible and needy to see the glaring truth about the man.

    When you write:

    Donald Trump isn’t an ideologue. He is a marketing genius. There is no ideological core to the man. He wants to be adored. He wants to be important. He wants to win. The Trump administration reflects the personality of the man himself. He surrounded himself with family and people who he perceived to be useful or winners.

    And do not address the ELEPHANT in the room, the jew, then you are missing the entire control matrix.

    The Trump Administration represents the jews that tell this asshole what to do.

    What is so difficult to understand about this OBVIOUS truth?

  4. The irl life activism since the election that best reflected the spirit of the Altright of 2015/16 was:
    – You Will Not Divide Us. Hilarious trolling irl.
    – Huntington Beach. Colourful flags, a band of brothers seeing off black clad antifa.
    – It’s Okay to be White fliers.

    The attendees and spectators of UNR expected humor and cleverness but saw stodgy WN 1.0 rebooted. People couldn’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys – they were both in black. Which fit the agenda of the ADL/SPLC perfectly.

    • Very good point about the lack of humor and cleverness at the UNR rallies so far, Rob O. It really is just more of the same old Jared Taylor/Amren stuff. Now if myself or madam were involved it would be a totally different story. Enoch and Azzmador are good, though. They have what it takes to get a crowd of angry young White guys all riled up and ready for action.

    • None of these other events had meaningful media coverage, so people’s opinions of them were formed from blogers/vloggers and other friendly media. No one outside of the Alt-Right would even have a clue as to what the fuck you are even talking about because no one knows these events even happened that doesn’t follow Alt-Right news created by the Alt-Right.

      Basically we have a movement and then movement spectators whose opinions on things is just uncritical acceptance of media narratives. So long as we have zero competition on narrative crafting, which is the case on a great number of subjects which are radioactive to the mainstream, we can get these people to believe or repeat anything. On any subject which we have competition these same people will just go with whatever narrative is the most supported by the mainstream source.

      You are an example of this phenomena as every one of these previous whimsical events of yore prominently featured people with clearly visible White Nationalist tattoos, but the media wasn’t in spin mode yet, and what coverage was available was mostly local sources posting footage without comment. There was nothing about UTR on the part of the attendees which was fundamentally different than any other public engagements except that the same more outre members of the group who have always been present and will always be present attracted every hostile camera whose crews had decided upon an auspicious angle of attack beforehand.

      The Alt-Right Spectators viewed hostile sources uncritically and simply repeated a narrative which they were handed. Nothing really extraordinary happened at UTR and what did happen before it was shut down was in the same whimsical spirit as everything else we had done to date.

  5. There is a law of diminishing return. And so when there reaches a critical awareness as to the particular nature of one’s “superiors,” it is necessary to reiterate that said “superiors” are anti-(S)upremacists. Anti-white (S)upremacists, in particular. Literally, these “superiors” PUBLICY ADMIT to being anti-white (S)upremacy.

    If one’s only reaction is to exclaim, “Jew, no! Who?”

    One has submitted to the Law of Diminishing Return, ie., annihilating regress.

    The solution is actualizing wS locally, memetically propagating wS globally.

    And confessing that “jew just don’t care.”

  6. “Donald Trump isn’t an ideologue. He is a marketing genius. There is no ideological core to the man. He wants to be adored. He wants to be important. He wants to win. The Trump administration reflects the personality of the man himself. He surrounded himself with family and people who he perceived to be useful or winners. It just so happens that many of these winners were drawn from the political, corporate and military establishment. ”
    Amen Mr. Wallace. So many of us on the Alt-Right were desperate and tried to imagining Trump to be someone that he was not. Now it is clear to all who he really is. Good. We can now move forward from here in the struggle to save our people without Trump. If only I could get my normie friends to awaken to Trump’s betrayals of White America, and of his service to (((that tribe))).

  7. The alt right needs to move past Trump, who is really just a showman and an entertainer. I think his administration represents the last gasp for America rather than making it great again. He buys us a few years of extra time to prepare, train and arm ourselves for Helter Skelter, that’s all.

    • He’s both respite and trigger, you’re right. He’s giving us an “Indian summer” during which we can arm up, store food, and hopefully network with each other to start making groups rather than just isolated individuals.

      At the same time, he’s kicked our enemies into overdrive with their rage and hate, which they can no longer hide. This is probably good because Whites aren’t totally outnumbered yet; better to get everything out in the open when we’re still a bare majority, or at least somewhere around equal, rather than when we’re an ornery minority.

    • Someone has written it here numerous times. It’s not going to be resolved with the ballot box but the ammo box. Enough said!

  8. IMO, intensified polarization is the best consequence of Trump’s election. It’s caused anti-Whites to become so blatant and open to the point of openly calling for White Genocide. The mask is off for everyone to see how psychotic and hateful they are. White Genocide can’t be denied for very much longer.

    When in doubt what to do keep the Mantra memes coming any way you can.

  9. The situation America is in today was set in motion by a hostile jewish elite over decades. The election of one man cannot reverse decades long trends.

    • I think it started with Constantinople. Then they rode the Crusades back into Europe through female Jews. I suspect this is where they started pretending the Old Testament was somehow common to Jews and Christians when in fact the Talmud contradicts everything important in it.

  10. Trump’s Warsaw speech.

    ‘We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers. We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honour God. We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success. We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the centre of our lives. And we debate everything. We challenge everything.’

  11. Trump is hated for his lack of outside animosity for white (S)upremacy.

    He is also rather intimate with Jewish anti-white (S)upremacy.

    So Trump is in a unique position where “elite” no longer assumes a desire for (s)upremacy.

    And he is still just a man.

  12. Well it seems we all agree this thing is about to erupt.

    What kind of time frame do we think we have to prep?

    I am calling it now, the 2020 campaign trail.

  13. >There is no consensus on what to do next.

    I think we should all just give up and go home. I read this blog everyday and it has pretty much convinced me there’s no point to any of this. I’m going to just enjoy the time I have and try to eek some pleasure for myself rather than try to participate in politics. Thanks for setting me straight, OD.

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