Jared Kushner Addresses 2017 Saban Forum

It is a big week coming up for the Trump administration and Israel:

Tuesday: House Republicans will vote on defunding the Palestinian Authority.

Wednesday: The Trump administration will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Thursday: Hanukkah party at the White House.

Meanwhile, Jared Kushner recently attended the 2017 Saban Forum and discussed his big plans for Middle East peace with Israeli billionaire Haim Saban. Starts at 52:00.

Note: Boy Wonder Jared Kushner recently got in trouble for getting caught illegally funding Israeli settlements through his family foundation.

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  1. Ivanka likes em dainty huh ? Just look at that milk toast mama’s boy ! Malnutritioned as a kid I guess ? Just think who the NEXT puppet president will be 🙂

  2. Previous and presents Administrations choke full of hebes. Dubya Bush had the most,they knew 9/11 was in the works.Paul Wolfwitz,Tennet, did nothing to round up the middle easterners.FBI were too busy surveilence the white supremacist,kkk.Timothy Mc Veigh type, were top priority.

  3. We’ve been jewed for over 100 years. There was just a report on Fox Jews that Trump is trying to figure out how to “word” the announcement that the Apocalypse is about to begin. The Evangelipsychos are CREAMING themselves. Unreal.

    • I think the English Civil war was their first power move outside of mainland Europe. Every time we go to war they close their grip on our populations, often backing both sides of the conflict and buying up the spoils with fiat currency like after Napoleon and the collapse of the USSR.

    • The Hebrews of the bible are not the Talmudic Jews of Israel and the Scofield bible is a fraud published as religious propaganda. It would seem that those two facts would be enough but then Evangelicucks are either in it for the perving opportunities or are functionally retarded.

    • “Christian Zionism must be exposed, and exposed with quickness”

      I think they are too stupid, they are mostly very simple people.
      They fall for “end of time” nonsense every few years.

  4. “We’ve been jewed for over 100 years.”

    HAHAHA…….try at least 2500 years. Jews were slaving Whites from the Danube to India in 350 B.C.

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